One Month Agreement – Episode 9

Coz of u guyz ,
I m not able to sleep yar..
It’s 6 am and I m writing dis story coz of ur 2 much response..
Thank u guyz..
Love u all.
I knw u want me to clear d misunderstanding 1st between swasan but I m writing raglak marriage part to reveal past..
And trust me swasan will come close in dis function…
I m just writing der marriage part only.. If u wanna der love story den I will tell it after clearing d misunderstandings.. Ok?
And 1 more thing , actually tell me d names of event I.e. haldi, sangit …

Recap- sanskar is jealous.. And swalak’s shopping..

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Here we go..
*7th day of agreement *
In d morning sanskar wakes up..
And goes to office in d early morning.
He is just restless.. Wht to do? He recalls something ..
And evil plan comes into his mind..
Ragini (in excitement)- “our clg trip is going to forest (suggest me name) .. Yeah I m too excited. Swara r u coming na?”
Swara (in sad tone) -” no yar! Not possible! Dnt have dat much money. Sry rags.. U enjoy !”
Ragini-” its OK swara ! I will give d money for trip”
Swara- ” how can I take dis money? No rags.. I cnt..”
R(in sad voice , she knws dat swara will not take help in d form of money) -” ok swara!”
S(for consoling her)- ” we will go for next time”
R-” promise”
S(smiles)- ” yeah promise!”
Sanskar listens d convo between swaragini..
Sanskar thinks ,’ wht? She is not coming to trip. Oh sanskar do something! She won’t take money. Sanskar think something..idea!”
He called her from different number.

Swara, ” hello”
Sanskar (tries to speak in diff. Voice),” good morning mam, we r from customer care. U r d lucky one. U cn win d prize of 25000 rs if u give d answer of my few questions correctly.”
Swara (amazed ) ,” oh really? Wow ask me fast all d questions !”
Sanskar asks her 3 easy question.
1.who is prime minister of India?
2. Which is national game of india?
3. What is indicated by D orange color from our flag?
She answers all questions.
Sanskar(in praising tone)-“mam u r 2 genius. Tell me ur add., we will send u d check via courier ”
Swara- “actually I will collect it directly from ur office ”
Sanskar thinks ,’how u can?’
Sanskar- ” no !no !no ! Mam we will post it. Actually dnt wanna give u trouble. Coz u r 2 precious for us..”
Swara(tells him d add)- “ok!”
Sanskar (in relief )- ” thank u mam! Hv a good day! Bye!”
Swara (happily.. Actually dreaming abt d trip) cuts d call.
Sanskar to himself ,’hushhh .. M 2 excited for trip ‘
Flashback ends.
Now sanskar has evil smile on his face.
He says to himself, ”

It won’t happen. I mean I m going to break der marriage.. ”
And laughs loudly .
And he calls swara from unknown number again.
Swara-” hello!”
Sanskar (in husky tone)-” laksh is bad person! Dnt marry him. He will spoil ur life.”
Swara thinks dat ,’so dis person thinks dat I m rag. And wanna break marriage of raglak. It won’t happen. Thank god! He called me. If he has called ragini or her parents den der marriage wont happen. I will talk wid him as a ragini.. (Wanna knw d reason)’
Swara(in angry tone) – ” 1st tell me who d hell r u? And why u wanna break d marriage?
Sanskar – ” I m ur well wisher! Just wanna give u advice before its too late. ”
Swara – ” I trust him.”
Sanskar (irritated now)-” mine work was to aware u. And now its ur decision to marry him or not?”
And cuts d call..
Sanskar is restless now. Coz his plan no. 1 is failed.
Sanskar thinks , ‘ she trusts him. And not on mine ha. If anyone has called her and said dis things abt me den she believed easily on dat.. After dat she hv done fight (quarrel)wid me’
He is disappointed.
Now plan 2 has to be executed.
Sanskar calls laksh (from his own no.)

Sanskar trying to be frndly -” Hello laksh”.
Laksh (smirkingly)- “hello sanskar. Why did u call me today.. After so many days? ”
Sanskar (frndly)- ” i wanna give u advice . u r marrying na so.”
Laksh(controls his laugh) -“ok say!”
Sanskar -” why r marrying wid her?”.
Laksh- “wht?”
Sanskar-” I mean she hv 2 much attitude. Even she will spent ur all money on shopping”
Laksh -” I love her so i will bear her attitude and if she wanna spent my money on shopping den she can.. Coz I love her 2 much.. And she is mine (intentionally says dis sentence). ”
Sanskar (trying to be calm)- ” actually I did mistake by marrying. So I wanna aware u. I m ur best frnd na dats y!”
Laksh , ” thank u sanky for thinking dis much abt me . love u yar (in teasing tone)
Sanskar- “think abt it.. Bye laksh..”
Laksh- “bye sanky”
Laksh laughs after cutting d call and thinks, ‘ my plan is successful.. He is jealous. ‘
Sanskar is irritated now..

Thinks ,’ I m going to break der marriage. But how?’
Sankar gets busy in his meeting.
After office,
He is coming to home and sees laksh wid ragini.
He stops d car to see wht laksh is doing wid ragini.
He sees
laksh is holding rag’s hand. And he is flirting wid her.
Sanskar smiles and says , ‘ now ur marriage wont happen..’
He calls swara.
Sanskar – ” hello swara!”
Swara – ” hello sanskar”
Sanskar -” I wanna to tell u something ”
Swara- ” ok say”
Sanskar – ” actually how to tell u? I mean how can I will say dat? Laksh is cheating on”
Swara (cuts his sentence )(same habit as sanskar 😛 )-” wht? ”
Swara thinks ,’means d I got call in morning abt it only. Laksh is cheating on rags. How can he?’.
Sanskar -” if u r not believing ms den come here “(and shares location wid her.
Swara-” ok” and cuts d call.
And rushes to d place.
Sanskar was waiting for her.
She founds laksh wid ragini.

Swara (in anger)- ” so u called me to see dis?”.
Sanskar – ” yes! Look at that bastard! He is cheating on u!”
Swara -” wht? ”
Sanskar- ” u r going to marry wid him na dats why I am alerting u.and its my duty. Dats why I called u in d morning”
Swara -” 1 min sanskar! Laksh is marrying wid ragini. Not me. So it was u.. Well wisher. I m not going to forgive u abt dis. Bye ”
Sanskar is relieved after listening dis.
Sanskar thinks, ‘thank god! But I m gonna die coz swara is angry on me. She was telling u yesterday dat laksh is going to marry wid ragini. And u fool. Didnt listened d sentence fully! Think sanskar ! Think something! How r u going to confront her ‘
Swara angrily leaves from der.

Swara thinks, ‘how cn he think like dis abt me. I love him only. ‘
And thoughts she is going towards d car.
Here laksh comes from behind and puts hand on sanskar’s shoulder and says, ” I knw u love her! I played dis prank with u .. So that u will realize ur love”
Sanskar ,” I m going to kill u laksh”
Laksh (smiling )- ” kill me afterwards but now go towards her and tell her abt ur feelings. Go”
Laksh and ragini r smiling.
Ragini says, “Both r fool! Dey love each other 2 much ! ”

Recap- no.

I m just thinking to write d next episode abt forest trip ..
Suggest me d locations for trip..
Good morning ..
Have a nice day..

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  1. lovely reader LK

    Awesome epi. I liked it very much.
    Himachal forests would be great for romance . U can also take d forests seen in yjhd or soty. Once again marvelous work.

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    Locations – topslip, munnar, deharadun… nd post nxt epi fast….. im waitng eagerly…

    1. Sorry nw swara will nt accept sanski or forgive so easily… last comment i worte it wrongly..

      1. ryt navi.. swara wont forgive sanski so easily 😉

  5. U can take sundarban and the name of the trip can be A Trip With The Wilds?. By the way i love your ff

  6. ha ha ha.. Sanky is so fool.

    1. but he is 2 cute also, isn’t he? 🙂

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  8. Please don’t clear the misunderstanding so easily…at least take 1 month as it is your ff title….show some nok jhok…tashan and all

    1. all(except u) r suggesting me 2 clear d misunderstandings between swasan and u r telling me to not to clear… why neha? I knw u wanna read my fan fiction till 30 day.. but still asking.. 😉

  9. Jim Corbettt

  10. Nice episode dear 🙂 Can’t wait to read next episode.Thank you.

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    U can show d trip in dehradun….its my drm to go der….
    N ya functns are :-
    engagemnt crmny
    Mehndi crmny
    Sangeet crmny
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    N recptn…???????
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    1. yeah u can.. amu.. 🙂 .. liked it…
      I will also give u nick name..
      but give me some time to think ha.. 🙂 .. and thanks dear..

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    1. someone told me d jungle is centre of romance.. I think it’s true :p. and dnt wry I won’t disappoint u.. u will start loving forests 😉

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    1. dnt knw .. I was waiting from morning… 🙁 .. I thought to update d part of trip today itself.. but not possible now 🙁

  16. U shouldn’t have revealed this so soon, it was fun to watch sanskaar jealous. : p

    1. I thought to write that sanky will knw abt laksh and ragini’s marriage after reading d invitation card.. but changed plan on last moment..

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    1. yeah I m on fb. and I read ur fan fiction tu mera humsafar on fb.. and it’s awesome. ambika is not my real name..

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