One Month Agreement – Episode 7

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Recap- water fight. :p

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*5th day of agreement*
Now here we go.
Sanskar wakes up. And stares at swara who is tight ly hugging him. Her hairs r disturbing her face. He tucks them behind her ear. He stares at her lovingly. And says to himself ,’ I knw I forced u to say yes for divorce. But plz dear say for only one time that u dnt wanna leave me. U will be always der for me.plz ‘
. his eyes r filled with tears. One tear drop falls on swara’s face. Swara wakes up( coz of that tear drop)
She asks him, ” sanskar why r u crying? ”
He didn’t wanna show her dat he is crying , ” no .. I m nt crying. Ms junior I m nt crybaby like u to cry for small incident..haha. Something is gone in my eye”
Swara(angrily) -” oh whn did I cry for small incident?”
Sanskar -” I think someone had cried coz teacher scolded her. Dnt u remember? ”
Swara – “yeah ”

Swara is seating in d class. But her mind is not present in the class. She opened her sketch book (swara is too gud in drawing sketches) and pencil in her hand is automatically starts to generate someone’s face. Whn her sketch is finished she is shocked coz it was d sketch of sanskar.
Ragini (in teasing tone)-” so this is ur prince charming? Mr. Sanskar ”
Swara -” no rags. I really dnt knw why I drew his sketch. I think I drew it coz he troubles me daily na.. So his face is printed on my brain ”
Ragini (smirkingly)-” brain or heart? ”
S(anger)-” shut up rags ! Der is nothing like dis . ”
Lecturer notices that swara is absent in class(by mind).
He asks her, ” ms. Swara do u submitted ur project? Today is last day for submission of project.”
Swara-” yes sir. I brought it today. ” and starts searching in the bag but didn’t found it anywhere.
Swara(in tears) – ” sir its not in d bag. ”
Lecturer (shouts )- “ms. Swara, u r too careless. U knw that projet is taken as separate subject. If u dnt submit ur project today itself den u r gonna to fell in this semester”
Swara is crying badly. And thinking ” how can I forget to bring the project! I know I hv taken it with me in the morning. ”

Suddenly sanskar enters into classroom and says , ” sir I wanna give this to ms. Ju… Ms swara”
He comes near her bench. And puts the project book on desk. And his attention goes towards sketch drawn by swara. He takes that page and goes out .
Swara is relieved . and submits her project.
she is thinking that, ‘ wht he will think abt dat sketch? And I should say thanks to him. No I won’t say . I knw he is d only person who hv stolen my project. Now he hv to pay for dis. ‘
After d lect, she searches for sanskar and founds him into the study room. He is d only person in study room so swara gets good chance to shout on him.
She shouts on him , ‘ how u dare to touch my bag? I m here to study only and u r troubling me daily without any reason. Today I m going to fail in my exams .. Why ? Just coz of ur revenge. ”
She is shouting continuously . but sanskar’s gaze towards her rosy lips only. Suddenly he grabbed her by waist and pulls her closer to him.

Swara is amused by his act. But she feels like weaken in d legs. And he whispers into her ears , “dnt shout on me without understanding d situation. I m d one who helped u. And instead of saying thank u u r blaming on me.U cn check my mobile der is 1 video in recent folder just watch that”. He puts his phn is her hand and walks away from her.
Swara is still in shock. Her fingers r on her lips just thinking abt wht happened in recent few minutes. But she composes herself and plays the video. Her 2 classmates (who called her thief ) r d one to trouble her. Her classmates hv stolen her project from her bag and threw into the dust bin. And sanskar hv recorded it.
Sanskar thinks ‘How anyone can touch swara’s bag without her permission . I m d only one who hv dis right and records d activities of her classmates into phn’
Swara thinks (after watching video) ,’ oh god ! I shouted on him without knowing d situation . i want to say sry to him. But how ?’
Sanskar decides that he will not wid her now. He is angry on her.
Flashback ends.
Swara asks him, ” so in which eye ?”
Sanskar shows her right eye.
Swara goes towards him and again she asks, “in which eye?”
He shows the left eye.
Swara (laughs )- ” so r u lying ? Accept that u was crying !”
Sanskar(innocently)- ” its gone out of my eyes dats y I m confused abt which eye”
Swara smiles.
Both becomes ready.
Sanskar eats breakfast n goes to office.

Swara is also working on her assignments.
In office,
Kavita asks him (excitingly )- ” tell me sanskar! Whn our marriage will be going to be and how?”
Sanskar (irritated by her questions)- ” u decide it. Dnt ask me dis questions.”
Kavita( sad by his response )- ” ok sanskar i will decide it. ”
And goes happily..
Sanskar thinks ‘how I m going to do dis dnt knw! I wanna only her but dnt wanna forgive her so easily. ‘
He comes to home and from door he looked inside and shocked to see laksh and swara .
Laksh is bending on is his knees and asking her, ” will u marry me?” Holding swara’s hand in his hand.
Sanskar fumes in anger and goes to office again.
He thinks ‘so for laksh she is ready to give me divorce, isn’t she? My best frnd knws that how much I loved her ! Still he is doing like dis.’
Sanskar is broken completely.
He breaks d things in anger.
His leg falls on the broken glass. It’s bleeding .

But still he dnt care abt that.
Coz the pain is given by swara was more than the glass piece.
He sleeps in office.
Swara is eagerly waiting for him.
She calls him again and again but he didn’t respond to her calls (coz phn is on silent mode and he thinks that swara will be having nice time with laksh so why to disturb dem? )

Precap- suspense :p

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Credit to: Ambika


  1. lata

    maybe laksh was practising with swara before he could propose ragini!!!!!…. or maybe they were just having fun u know like swasan 1 month to divorce then in just a joking way he proposed swara for fun….. and sanskar saw it and misunderstood this all…..

  2. Suspense kills me ambika… may b she is practicing for sanskar.. he has misunderstood her…
    nw in this fustration sanki is gonna say ok for marriage nd fix date with kavitha…

  3. shabrin

    I think laksh is practising with swara to propose ragini….just a guess…and update fast…waiting for the past come out

  4. Neha

    Don’t know about suspense and shock bcoz it is enough shock knowing swalak pls end this only swasan and give the reason asap

  5. ambika

    hehe guyz … I m gonna finish dis suspense today only.. I will update episode as part 1 and part 2.. ok?

  6. I have a suggestion.
    Swara was with sanskar only when he was in coma..but after 1 week she came to know that she has cancer so she decides to leave sanskar for his happiness..she tells kavita to take care of him n tell him that she I.e.kavita took care of him all those dayz he was in coma..
    Then after some days of the agreement , sanskar comes to know that swara is going to die in 3 months so she did this..he confronts her..truth is out..but when she went to check up next time in thw same hospital, she came to know that the reports were exchanged with another Mrs . swara as surname was not written in the reports.
    So this is it…
    Im sorry for extra long comment.but I loved this ff sooo much na..yesterday I was thinking about this only.

  7. Nita

    I luv ur ff ambika….its awesome
    Yesterday u mentioned that u will finish this in 15episode. Plz dont do this. Atleast write 30episodes for 30 days.

    U write till 30 till then we will find some other reason for u to continue…..keep writing

    All the best for exams

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