One Month Agreement – Episode 6

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Recap- reason for sanskar’s hatred towards swara.

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*4th day of agreement*
In the morning.
Swara wakes up and finds her on the bed. She thinks’ how I come here? I was sleeping on sofa na? ‘
Den her attention goes towards sanskar who was sleeping on the couch. She stares at him lovingly. And thinks ‘I cnt tell u why I was not der wid u when u needed me most. But I m happy that u r happy with kavita. And she is with u, when u need someone. Be happy sanskar .’
Sanskar wakes up after some time. He is still angry with swara’s behaviour. So he thinks to avoid her.
He becomes ready for office.
And drinks coffee and eats breakfast without talking with swara. He acts like she is not present in home.
Swara understands that he is avoiding her. She thinks. Plan comes into her mind. And she smirks and says to her ,’ so lets see Mr.senior how u will avoid me?’
Swara takes marker in her hand and goes near the wall( calendar is hanged on the wall)
Sanskar is watching her but still pretends that he is not paying attention at her. He sees on calendar 3 crosses are marked on previous dates.
Swara says loudly , ” so Mr. Senior if u will avoid me like dis den I will not count it. U hv to behave nicely with me. How many times I hv to repeat dis sentence? And if u r avoiding me like dis for full 1 day den in punishment u hv to spend 2 more days (+30days ) wid me.. So think before avoiding me :P”
Sanskar (furiously goes into der room and takes her mobile n comes out n gives it in swara’s hand)- ” if u wanna this den do one thing 4 me also. Plz msg me while going out anywhere. And try to receive my call. Den only I won’t avoid u”
Swara(smiles) -” so u r caring for me ”
Sanskar(hides his feelings) – ” why should I? If u will disappear again den people will think that I hv kidnapped/killed u coz u r not giving me divorce. And I dnt wanna that people will think bad abt me ”
Swara (in teasing tone)- ” oh really! But I won’t do that. If I m going on date with my new bf then .. Wanna some privacy na”
Sanskar (angry after listening the word bf) – ” do whatever u want! Bye ”
Swara – ” bye hubby !”
Sanskar goes to office.
Swara is also busy in her work.
And she remembers something.
Swara is seating in the classroom. One girl becomes her frnd and she is none other than ragini.
Ragini- dashing and cute girl. She is not like other girls (d girls who obey sanskar and always try to catch his attention ).but she secretly loves someone(lets guess frnds ;-))
so she is swara’s only frnd in her class.
Ragini asks swara- ” where was you yesterday? Y u didn’t come to clg.”
S -” actually ragini I didnt knw that yesterday was extra classes ”
R-” give me ur phn no. I will inform to u.”
Swara-” ragini, i dnt hv phn”
R-” this is my phn no. U call me from someones phn”
S-” thanks ragini”
R-” mine pleasure swara!”
Next day,
she founds smartphn on her desk. She thinks that someone has forgotten it.
She thinks ,’I will return it’
She asks everyone abt phn. But all tell that no it does not belong to them. She checks the details in the phn. But it seems that someone has purchased it today only. No call details . nothing in the phn.
She heard that one girl is saying to other girl that,’ she is thief yar. I think she is just pretending tht she found it on desk. Let’s ignore her ‘
Suddenly sanskar approaches swara and says that, ” ms.junior. it’s mine phn”
swara – ” give me penalty den only I will return it”
Sanskar-” I won’t”
Swara- ” den I won’t return it”
Sanskar (in anger) – ” keep it to u only. Coz u hv touched it. And now I m sure coz of ur touch my phn will start blabbering like u, it will start asking foolish que like u. my phn will start beating me. And more than that it will hang for 2-3 times in a day”
Swara (irritated now) – ” mr.senior now I will not return ur phn at any cost . i touched it na den I will keep it with me. ”
Sanskar-” dats good! Bye!”
Swara thinks ‘how rude he is! I think he is still angry with me coz I slapped him. Let’s say sry to him. No I won’t say sry. It was his mistake totally.’
Here sanskar also reminds abt same incident.
‘How he listened d convo between swara and rags. He just wanna that she comes to clg daily so he kept new phn on her desk. He is enjoying abt how she is asking everyone innocently that this phn is related to dem or not? But whn 2 girls calls her thief. He is out of control that time. Just wanna to slap them. But he controls him n goes to swara and tells her truth. But she won’t take the phn if he will gift her so he fights with her and says his phn will start blabbering like her. So in anger she kept d phn. His plan is successful.’
Laksh who knws abt dis asks him, “so u gifted her phn ?”
Sanskar- ” no actually.. coz of dis phn she will come to clg daily. And I will trouble her daily. ”
Laksh (smirkingly)- ” so u gifted her phn to trouble her. Ryt?”
Sanskar (in fake anger) -” yes! Do u hv any doubt?”
Laksh – “no yar”
Flashback ends.
Sanskar in office thinks, ‘ that day also I gifted u mobile coz I was worried for u. And today also I handed ur mobile to u coz i m worried for u. U r ryt swara I care for u. Plz try to understand me’

@ evening
Sanskar comes to home and founds that swara is in garden. And she is giving water to plants. He ignores her.
Swara also looks at him.seeing at hose in her hand one evil plan is popped into her mind.she quickly turn the water on. . Once she had the knob turned pretty high she grabbed the hose and started to move towards him. Getting closer she bent the hose so it would build up pressure. She tries to keep neutral face.his expressions shows the curiosity that wht she is doing now. Placing her thumb at the tip the water sprayed out fast towards him. He didn’t have time to move away as he got hit with the water.
He comes closer to her with smirking. Looking at his wide grin she stepped back and he stepped further to come closer to her.he pins her to the his arm was wrapped around her waist.
And in determined voice he said, ” now ms. Junior splash the water in my face”
Swara felt like hypnotized and takes the hose but he twisted her hand and water is splashed on swara’s face.
He laughed loudly and swara understands his plan. Both r still close to each other. And both r completely drenched. Dey share an intense eyelock. And hose is in between them and still spraying d water on both.
Suddenly sanskar comes too closer to her. Der lips are few inch apart. She feels like jello. And he snatched the hose from her and starts spraying water on her. Swara starts running. And sanskar is behind her wid hose.
D water war goes till dey become completely drenched and exhausted by running.
Both had der dinner while laughing abt d water fight.
And dey sleeps peacefully.

Recap- 5th day of agreement and swasan cute arguments.

Yeah sry guyz ! I will tell u after few episodes y swara was not der whn he needs her most.. but for that u hv to wait .. Suspense :p.
Enjoy dis.. I knw I m writing stupid scene but plz spare me.
Do comment.
Love u all
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