One Month Agreement – Episode 3

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Recap- sanskar gives the good news to kavita( divorce) but intentionally he didn’t tell her about the agreement.

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Now here we go,
Swara is trying to sleep thinking about the past incidents. She is smiling while remembering them.
(Swara and sanskar’s 1st encounter )
It’s swara’s 1st day of her college. Sanskar is senior to swara.
Sanskar – he is rich. Dashing. Handsome. And famous in girls. Got admission in clg coz of management quota seats..
Swara- bubly girl. Book worm. Not that much rich nor famous. Got admission in clg coz of scholarship.
Swara wearing simple dress and carrying books in hands enters into the college.
Sanskar ( laughs) and says to his frnds – “typical girl.! On the 1st day of clg she is carrying books n all stuff. Lol.If we will do ragging with her den she will not complain to anyone.”
His frnds calls her.
Sanskar tries to snatch books from her. Swara loves and cares for her books 😉 .
She slapped him hard on cheek n says to her ,” how he dare to snatch my books? And now a days this books r costly . what if anything happens to them ? If he told any work to me , I had done it without any complaint. But he snatched my books thats y he deserve this “.
Sanskar helds her hand. N pulls her towards him. They share an eyelock full with anger. She jerks away his hand.
And goes towards class.
Sanskar’s friends laughs on him coz till this day no one has slapped him. They appreciate about the courage of the girl..
They said smirkingly ,” she is really brave sanskar, isn’t she?There are lot of girls who r dying to kiss on ur cheek and she slapped u… Hehe”.
Sanskar in anger ,”Ms. junior u have to pay for dis”.
Swara enters in the classroom.
All girls r staring at her. She seats on the bench and tries to talk with the bench partner but that girl totally avoids swara. (Coz all girls got strictly warning from sanskar to avoid Ms. Junior .tit for tat. And all girls r fans of sanskar so dey r obeying his order. )
Swara (in thoughts )- wht happened to her?why all girls r staring at me. Let it be I m here to learn so dnt care abt anything. Focus swara !dnt bother abt others”
D class started and day ends like dis.
Sanskar is furious after knowing that she is not affected by her classmates behavior.
Sanskar to himself, “I have to do something related to her study. She have to pay for slap ”
Flashback ends.
Swara sleeps thinking about how there hate converted into love and now there love is converted into hate again.

1st day of agreement-
In the morning.
Sanskar is still sleeping.
And he wakes coz of the noise in the room.
He thinks,” how she can enter in his room?”
Sanskar yells at her, ” how u dare to enter in my room?”
Swara- ” so Mr. Senior u forgot about our agreement? ”
Sanskar reminds n thinks (oh god now for 30 days I hv to tolerate her presence in my room. How I m going to control on myself ? Control sanskar ! U cnt fall for her. Coz she was not there when u need her most. There was only kavita who stands with me. So focus sanskar) he says to her (reminding about there clg days) – “so ms. Junior u r here to steal my room from me. But u won’t able to steal my heart again ”
Swara while smirkingly – ” lets wait and watch who will fall for whom.”
Sanskar- ” ok done!”
Swara- (in teasing voice)” ok so dear husband plz help me to shift my things to our room .”
Sanskar- ” ok my lord.. As u say .” and thinks this girl will going to make him as servant of hers.
Den 1 evil plan comes into his mind.
Sanskar says to him, ” I will make it difficult for her to live in my room.. She will leave this room today only ”
He carries her favorite show piece from her to their room and throws it in his room.
Swara yells at him, “sanskar wht r doing ? U knw na dat one was my favorite one”
Sanskar (smirking)- ” oh dear wife! U only told me to shift ur things from ur room to our room but u didn’t mentioned der state. U didnt say that u wanna them in good state. ”
Swara understands his plan (after she has experience of clg days )
Swara trying to be sweet -” ok den I will not sign on those papers coz u r not behaving as good and sweet husband”
Sanskar is angry now but still tries to behave as sweet husband. And he helps her to shift her things to their room.
The last thing to shift is the couch.
Swara is applying full force but couch dont move. While seeing this sanskar smiles and says, “Ms. Junior! May I try?”
Swara nods.
And he applies full force but he slips and falls on couch. Swara laughs at him. And comes towards him. Her legs stumbled and she falls on him. Swara is on top of him.
Dey both shares intense eyelock. Her hairs r disturbing her eyes. So he tucks them behind her ear. And der lips are few inch apart from each other. He looks at her. And she looks down. He takes it as positive signal and kissed her lips.. Der kiss turns from soft to demanding one. Dey ends it coz of need of air. And den sanskar thinks , I cnt cheat on kavita. Guilt of cheating comes into his mind and he moves away from her.
The morning passes.
They r fully exhausted coz of work.
They both get ready.
Swara- ” r u nt going to office today?”
Sanskar -” how can I? It’s 2 late now (coz of shifting things) . I hv informed them that I will not come today!”
Swara- ” so wht do u wanna for lunch?”
Sanskar says -” dnt prepare anything swara. We will go to restaurant today!”
Swara- ok. Give me 2 min I will come.
Sanskar waits for her. She comes out. She is wearing red shirt and jeans that hugs her body perfectly.
Sanskar is mesmerized by her beauty.
She comes nears him. He helds her hand. Swara thinks how there hand fits into each others hand perfectly. Everything related to them is perfect.
They both goes to restaurant. And did there lunch.
Here in office kavita is furious coz she is waiting for sanskar. And sanskar didn’t come to office and he didn’t inform her abt dis.
She calls him. But he dnt pick her call. (Sanskar’s phn is on silent mode)
Swara and sanskar comes to home. Dey r happy.
After coming to home swara gets busy in her assignment (dnt forget that she is fashion designer). And sanskar also becomes busy in his work. (Wid laptop) so he completely forgets abt kavita.
In evening
Swara makes his favorite coffee.
And dey both takes sip of coffee while asking abt each others work. Dey r talking freely (in few months dey have not talked like dis. (Except yelling towards each other))
Time passes on..
Sanskar helps her in preparing food.
Dey both had there dinner.
Sanskar helps her in washing dishes.
Suddenly sanskars phn rings (its kavita again )
Sanskar sees 50 miss call n msgs of her and thinks she is gonna kill me.
And receives her call.
Kavita ,” where were u sanskar from morning? U didn’t replied to my msgs and calls also.”
Sanskar -(lies) “actually I am not feeling well from morning.”
Swara laughs. Sanskar gives look to swara. And signs her to stay quiet.
Kavita -” oh sry dear ! Take care. Good night”
Sanskar- ” ok kavita. Good night”
They goes to their room (not rooms).
Sanskar makes pillow wall between them (dnt want to cheat on kavita ) and dey both sleeps peacefully.

Precap- 2nd day of agreement. And flashback of der clg days..

Guyz I wanna one suggestion from u. Do u wanna knw there love story(past) ? If yes tell me.. Otherwise I will just finish der past(love story) in few sentences. I will not explain it.. Need ur comments coz it motivates me.
Love u all..
Good night.

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