One Month Agreement – Episode 21

Part no.20
Hi frnds I m not adding any characters from swasan n raglak’s family..
Coz I wanna focus on swasan n raglak only..
And I think u noticed it..
Hope u dnt hv any problem wid dis..
Precap- raglak marriage.

*16th day of agreement*
Swara wakes up in d morning..
She stares lovingly at sanskar who is sleeping peacefully..
Swara talks to herself,
‘Dnt knw wht will be d results of test.. I m happy now.. And I m not afraid of result.. D time I spent wid sanskar is memorable one.. His love encouraged me to fight wid blood cancer…”
And goes to become ready without disturbing his sleep..
Here ragini also wakes up..
And after becoming ready , swaragini goes to kitchen.. To make something for breakfast..
As its 1st rasoi of ragini ,swara is helping her..
Ragini prepares sweet dish..
Sanlak comes in kitchen..
Dey stares lovingly to swaragini..
And smiles..
Dey imagines as dey r helping der wife into kitchen.
Laksh holds sankars hand.. (Imagining ragini 😉 )
Sanskar dnt understands wht laksh is doing..
Laksh hugs sanskar..
Sanskar tries to free himself from his grip..
Sanskar-” wht r u doing laksh? Stay away 4m me”
But laksh holds him tightly..
Laksh-“no ragini.. I won’t”
Due to Noise of sanlak ,swaragini looks at dem..
Laksh is going to kiss sanskar, just den swara comes n throws water in his face.. Swaragini laughs loudly
Laksh is embarrassed to see him too close with sanskar..
Swasan teases laksh..
Swasan- “oh u r imagining ragini in everyone.. Effect of last night ha ;)”
Swara-” let’s go sanskar! I think love bird needs privacy ;)”
Sanskar- “ok swara”
Raglak (in unison)- ” ok.. U cn go to ur house.. But at least do breakfast wid us”
Swasan- “hm to guest room me chalte hai bol rhe the.. Pr tumne to hme ghar jane ke liye kaha” (we were talking abt going in guest room.. But u told us to go to our home)”
Swasan had der breakfast.. Of course wid teasing to ragsan..
After breakfast swasan headed towards hospital..

Ragini’s pov-
Sanskar told us(raglak) abt swara’s health.we were shocked..
Swara is suffering from blood cancer .. Oh god!! I cnt believe..
I recalled d incident..
Whn she refused to meet sanskar whn he was in coma..
And den d incidents whn she indirectly supported kavita…
How can she think like dat?

Sanskar told us that not to react in front of swara..
Sanskar(in tears)-” swara ko ye bat kabhi pata nhi chalni chahiye ki tumhe pata hai ki vo bimar hai blood cancer se”(swara shouldn’t knw dat I u knw abt her health condition..)
Raglak -“but y sanskar”
Sanskar- “dnt wanna remind her abt dat..i Wanna give her all happiness.. So dnt talk wid her abt dis..muze use thode dino ke liye Hi sahi pr ye bhulana hai ki use blood cancer hai.. ”
Raglak- “ok promise sanskar..she will be OK..”
And trio shares hug..
*flashback ends*
Sanskar cares abt swara too much.. We knw dat today dey hv appointment of doctor.. Sanskar told us abt dis..
Hope everything will be OK..

Raglak prayed for swara’s health ..

Swara’s pov-
Sanskar is driving d car.. He is in tension.. He is sweating.. I kept my hand on his hand.. He looked at me.. He smiled.. But tension can be seen through his eyes..
He parked d car..
He opened door of car for me.
And he held my hand in his to assure me everything will be all right.. But …

Sanskar’s pov-
I m assuring to her dat everything will be all right.. But I can’t assure dis things to myself.. Y??
we reached towards d cabin..
Doc greeted us..

Doc- “gm Mr and mrs maheshwari.. Take seat.. I will be back in few min”
We seated der restlessly..
D silence in cabin was killing us..
D minute were passing like hours..
At last doc came wid d report..
Doc- “Mr. Maheshwari ur wife is not suffering from blood cancer..
Swara is shocked..
Sanskar(shocked)- ” wht”
Doc-“yes..and dis reports r fake..”(pointing towards d previous report )
Dis sentence is just like shock for swara..

Doc-“yes.. I m cancer specialist and I knw d names of all doc n hospital.. And d name of doc n hospital r also fake..”

After listening dis , sanskar gives angry look to swara. And he leaves from der. Swara also leaves behind sanskar..
Swara dnt knw how to react?
(To become happy coz she is not suffering from blood cancer or to become sad coz sanskar is angry on her)

@parking zone
Sanskar(holds her shoulders tightly)-“shut up swara. How many times u will lie wid me”
Swara-“plz listen”
Sanskar-“no I dnt wanna listen anything now.. If u said once dat u were busy in work whn I was in coma and now u wanna live wid me, den I hv accepted u.. But u played wid my feelings.. Why swara”
Swara-“sanskar trust me.. I dnt knw how dis happened?”
Sanskar(shakes her)-“u did everything .. And now u r saying dat u dnt knw anything?”
Swara(crying miserably)-“plz give me one chance sanskar.. I will prove dat I m not telling lie”
Sanskar-“enough swara.. I gave u one chance.. But wht u did ?u played wid my emotions.. So now I won’t.. ”
Swara(wipes her tears) -“ok fine sanskar.. If u dnt believe me den I will not live wid u..I m going away 4m u”
And tries to escape from his grip..
Sanskar (holds her shoulder tightly )(rudely)-“yes go wherever u wanna go.. But just complete d deal of 1 month.. Our One Month Agreement.. Den go”
Swara-“der is no need of such agreement now.. M ready to sign on those divorce papers.just take d sign n free me”
Sanskar-“now m not ready to give u divorce .. U played wid my feelings na.. So now I will take revenge from u.. Only 14 days of our agreements r remaining.. So dis 14 days will be full of punishments.. So be ready swara.. ” and smiles evilly..
Swara is shocked …
Swara(in tears) – “so u dnt believe me right.. But u will regret for dis..”
Sanskar-“m not going to regret for anything .. Seat in d car” and he goes to seat in d car..
Swara-” dnt wanna any favour from u.. ” .
And starts walking on road..
Sanskar blows horn of car ..
But she ignores him.. And tries to stop auto.. But her bad luck..
Sanskar again blows horn of car..
Swara is irritated by his behavior..
Swara seats in d car..
Sanskar smiles ..
Sanskar-“dnt think Mrs maheshwari ur punishment will decrease by dis drama.. It will increase now.. Coz u wasted my time..”
Swara avoids him.
Swara is reminding abt all incidents..
She checked her call list..
D phn no. of hospital(fake one)
Swara dials d number.
But phn is switched off..
She tried for many times.. But every time same ans..

Sanskar is observing her every activity..
Sanskar-“so u wanna prove me dat someone is taking revenge from u.. Dat person created ur fake report.. Bla bla.. Hehe.. I won’t believe on u..”

His words r hurting to swara..
She tries to not cry infront of him.

Swara thinks( why to waste tears for d person who dnt believe on u.. Dnt cry swara.. Be strong)

Laksh calls sanskar and asks him abt d report.
sanskar puts phn on speaker..
Laksh-“hey tell me abt reports”
Sanskar-“some people do the drama to catch attention.. And dey can do anything to catch attention”
Laksh-“dnt talk in puzzle ”
Sanskar-” she is not suffering from blood cancer.. She did drama”
Sanskar-“yeah .. She thinks dat I m fool..”
L-“may be she is not saying lie.. May be someone wanna create misunderstanding between u”
Sanskar-“laksh.. U r too innocent.. Dnt came into her trap.. ”
Sanskar-“I will talk to u later”
L-“come to my house.. We will talk abt dis”
Sanskar-“no .. We will come on another time.. U both enjoy ur married life.”
Sanskar-“ok bye laksh”
Laksh-“bye sanskar”

Swara listens d convo.
She talks to herself thank god .. At least laksh believes me. I will take his help to find d person.. Who did dis things..

Laksh n ragini r discussing abt dis..
Ragini-“I dnt think dat swara lying ”
Laksh-“me 2”
Ragini-“den whose dat person..? Who is creating misunderstanding between swasan”
Raglak(in unison)-“dnt knw whose dat.. But we will find dat person.. And we will punish go him/her”
Both shares hug..
Laksh-“but ragini dnt tell dis things to sanskar.. He will become angry wid us.. We will secretly help swara”
Ragini smiles and says yes.. .

Here swasan reaches home..
Sanskar prepares lunch..
Swara dnt wanna eat anything, so she goes inside d room..
Sanakar gives her plate..
She puts it on d table..
Sanskar grabs her neck by one hand.. And feeds her angrily..
Sanskar- “u will get ur punishment.. Eat dis.. Coz u hv to survive till 14 days”
Swara is shocked by his behavior..
And eats it silently..

D day ends like dis..
Sanskar sleeps on bed. Swara sleeps on floor..
Sanskar didn’t care abt her..

Swara dnt understand..
Y he is behaving like dis..?
Y dnt he believe on me?
But she dnt get any answer..
And while thinking she sleeps..

So guyz tell me.. Swara is lying?
Or someone is creating misunderstanding between dem?
If yes den who?
If no den y swara lied?
Tell me ur reviews..

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