One Month Agreement – Episode 20


Part 20
Hi frnds..
Y low response..?
I think u all r angry on me..
Coz of ur low response m thinking to finish dis story as early as possible…

Here we go..
recap- swara’s mehendi designs on sanky’s face.. Funny tricks.. N haldi ceremony..
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*15th day of agreement*
Swasan wakes up in d morning ..swara becomes ready..
Swara in beautiful cream colour lehenga..
Lehenga is simple.. But she is looking so much beautiful..
Wid curled hairs at d end ..
And wid minimal makeup..
Sanskar becomes ready…
In cream color shirt (matching wid swara’s lehenga)
And black color blazer..
After looking at each other..
Both r stunned ..
Sanskar is mesmerized wid swara’s beauty.. Swara also…

Both shares cute eyelock..
Sanskar holds her by her waist..
Swara puts her hand around his neck..
Sanskar whispers huskily in her ears..
Sanskar – “is dat necessary to attend marriage? ”
Swara-“y sanskar? Y r u asking dis question”
Sanskar- ” tumhe dekhne ke bad irade badal rhe hai..(after looking at u, my intentions r changing)”
Swara(blushes n naughtily)- “sanskar its necessary.. If we don’t attend marriage, raglak will not do any ritual. U knw na how stubborn dey r?”.
Sanskar (in sad voice)- ” yeah but I wanna spend some quality time wid my wife :(”
And he makes faces..
Swara(smiles at him )- “how r u going to spend quality time..tell me.. I wanna knw”
Sanskar- ” i dnt like to tell such things..I will show u practical”
And stares lovingly at her lips..
And tightens his grip on swara’s waist..

Swara is lost in his eyes..
Dey comes closer..
And sanskar kisses softly on her forehead..
Swara smiles..
And says, “wanna to put ‘kala tika’ (black spot)behind ur ear. Coz u r looking too beautiful today.. ”
Sanskar-“do wht u want wife ”
Swara (smiles naughtily) and keeps her lips on his shirt.. Now der is lipstick mark on sanskar’s shirt..
Sanskar(yells) – “wht is dis swara? Now I hv to change dis dress coz of u”
Swara (winks)- “dnt change sanskar. Coz of dis girls will knw dat u r engaged..and will not dare to look at u”
Sanskar- “ok den me also wanna put dis ‘red tika’on u”

And smiles evilly..
Swara shows her mangalsutra..
Swara- “coz of dis thread all came to knw dat I m married.. But der is nothing na ,which will show dat u r married..”
Sanskar- “oh..ok baba I won’t change my shirt “.
Swara smiles..
••raglak marriage ceremony••
Swasan reaches to d venue..
Swara goes to ragini to help her in becoming ready..
Sanskar goes towards laksh..
Laksh smiles at him.
Laksh(while pointing at lipstick mark)-” sanskar, do u wanna change ur shirt?I hv many.. U cn change”

Sanskar -“no yar”
And narrates everything abt how swara told him to not to change dis shirt..
Laksh laughs..
Sanskar-“agar aisi biwi nhi chahiye to abhi bhangle mandap se..abhi bhi waqt hai tere pas ”
Laksh nods..
Laksh- “krke bhi pachtana hai aur na krke bhi.. Isliye krke pachtana accha” and winks at sanskar..
And takes one rose n pins it to d sanskar’s shirt.. So that d mark will not be seen.
Sanskar thanks him..
Raglak becomes ready..
Laksh in beautiful sherwani of cream n red color..
And ragini in cream n red color lehenga..
Both r looking awesome..
Both seats in mandap.
Swara ties d knot .

Pheras started..
All r throwing flower petals on bride and groom..
Background song- “aaye ho mere jindagi me tum bahar banke”
Sanskar is throwing flower petals on swara.
Swara is irritated..
Swara-“wht r u doing sanskar”
Sanskar-“I m ready to complete ur wish”
Swara-“which wish sanskar”
Sanskar -” u wanna marry wid Christian religion na.. Dat one”
Swasan decided to marry..
Swara-“sanskar I wanna marry wid marwadi+ Christian religion also”
Sanskar-“y swara?”
Swara-“I wanna wear dat white gown.. ”

Sanskar- “only for dat?r u sure swara?”
Swara-“yeah sanskar .. Y?”
Sanskar-“coz acc to Christian marriage, u hv to kiss to ur partner in front of all”
Swara(innocently)-“so? ”
Sanskar (in teasing tone)-” so r u ready to kiss me infront of all people ”
Swara-” I will kiss u on cheek”
Sanskar- “but I wanna…” And indicates at his lips wid finger..
Swara-“u r so shameless sanskar.. I will kiss u on cheek only”

Sanskar-“ok .. Dats also ok.. Something is better Dan nothing.. ” and winks at her .
Sanskar-” swara show me dat how will u kiss me on cheek?”
Swara- “y”
Sanskar-” dnt wanna do any mistake at marriage time”
Sanskar -“yeah.. Practice makes man perfect swara..”and shows his cheek to swara..
Swara slaps slowly on his cheek..
And sanskar kisses her palm..and winks at swara..
Swara runs from der..
N sanskar follows her..
*flashback ends*.

Swara- “shameless sanskar..dis is marriage of raglak .. N u r becoming romantic like dis is ur wedding”
Sanskar (naughtily)- “aadat se majboor”
Here 7 rounds of raglak r completed..
Laksh fills sindoor.. N ties thread around her neck..
Rags becomes emotional+ she is happy..
Raglak looks at each other.. Dey shares cute eyelock..
Elders blesses dem..
Swasanraglak takes selfie..
Here ajit comes n greets swara..
Swara becomes busy in talkng wid him..

Sanskar is little bit angry on swara.. How swara can forget him totally whn her clg frnds r wid her.
Sanskar pacifies himself, ‘sanskar be calm.. Her every day is urs. If she gives some min from those days to her frnds, den whts d problem yar.. And u hv swara as ur wife.. Ajit is her just frnd only’
He becomes calm..
Sanskar calls doctor..
Doctor-“hello Mr. Maheshwari..”
Sanskar-“hello doc.. Whn will we get results of our test”
Doc-“tomorrow. u come tomorrow wid ur wife at 11 am ”
Sanskar -“ok doc”
And cuts d call..
Suddenly fear occupied some place in his heart..
He was thinking abt d result of tests..
He assures himself.. ‘Nothing is gonna happen her.. She will be fine.. Dnt wry’
He sees swara is coming at him..
So he wipes his face wid handkerchief . and smiles at her.. (It’s difficult for him to hide his fear.. But he wanna be strong in front of his wife.. Swara is happy dats y he didn’t wanna spoil her mood by reminding abt reports.. )
Swara thinks,’I knw u were talking wid doc abt reports.. Dnt knw wht will happen tomorrow.. But dnt wanna spoil dis moment .. So i plastered smile on my face.. ‘
Swara smiles at him..
Swara helds his hand..

He stares at her lovingly..
sanskar feeds her slowly..
And she eats without complaining abt d speed..
She agrees wid one condition..
Dat she will also feed him..
Both r feeding each other slowly n lovingly..
Raglak( in unsion)- “sweet couple”
Raglak had der lunch..
After lunch..
Swasan plans something n laughs..
Rags cries while saying bye to her parents ..
Laksh assures her parents dat he will take care of her..
And swasanraglak headed towards laksh’s home..
(Dnt forget swasan hv invitation from both side)

Swara wid ragini her room..
And laksh wid sanskar n frnds .. In hall..
Here raglak wanna meet each other..
But sanskar is not leaving laksh n swara is not leaving ragini..
(Swasan plan to irritate raglak)
Raglak understands d plan of swasan..
So ragini messages laksh..
And laksh messages her back..
Rag-“swara , sanskar wanna meet u on terrace”
Swara excitedly goes to terrace..
Here laksh tells to sanskar dat-“swara is waiting for u on terrace”
Sanskar rushes to terrace..
Here raglak meets each other .. Raglak hugs each other.
Ragini- “laksh let see wht lovebirds(swasan)r doing on terrace.. I wanna tease dem..its punishment for dem coz dey dnt allow us to meet”

Laksh (smiles)- “let’s go”
Swasan r holding each others hand..
Swasan r lost in each others eyes..
Raglak comes der.. N shakes dem..
But no response..
Raglak waves hand in between dem.. Still no response from swasan.. Swasan r out of d world..
So ragini helds swara and pulls her away from sanskar and laksh also helds sanskar and pulls him away from swara..
While applying d forces..
All 4 crashes wid floor..
And swasan comes into d senses..
Raglak teases dem..
Swara hides her face n runs from der. Sanskar (to avoid raglak(-“swara is calling me”
And runs behind her..

Raglak laughs loudly..
Laksh’s gaze turn towards ragini..
Ragini is looking so much beautiful in moonlight..
Both shares an eyelock..
Laksh kisses her slowly.. And der kiss turns into passionate kiss..
In guestroom swasan sleeps while hugging each other..
Both r in mixed emotions..
Happy as well as worried..

Precap- test reports..

So guyz do comment..
N guess abt d reports ..
Love u all..

Credit to: ambika

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