One Month Agreement – Episode 19


Here is part 19 frnds…
Credit of dis topic – # nidhi
Precap- mehendi ceremony..
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One Month Agreement – Episode 18

*14th day of agreement*
Pleasant morning..
Sanky wakes up slowly..
He wanna prepare breakfast for her wife so…
Without disturbing her sleep.. He goes to washroom to be ready..
And whn he looks in d mirror..
He shouts… (Coz of mehendi design on his face)
He washes his face wid water…
But mehendi designs r still on his face(d color is dark coz der love is 2 much na 😉 )
Listening his scream swara wakes up..
Here sanskar comes out of d washroom. While covering his face wid his palms..(coz he thinks dat if swara will watch his face, den she will make fun of him)
Swara dnt understand why he is behaving like dat..
Swara- “sanskar wht happened? Why r u hiding ur face?”
Sanskar(lies)- ” nothing . m suffering from cold dats y”
And turns his face..
N becomes ready..
Swara dnt understands his behavior..

She goes to become fresh.. And comes ..
She founds her breakfast on d table with note, ” dear wife.. Eat dis breakfast(slowly) .. N I m busy in my work.. I m in our guest room.. And d work is 2 imp so dnt allow anyone to disturb me”
Swara is thinking abt his weird behavior..
After eating d breakfast swara goes to guest room and enters directly into d room..
And sanskar is watching in d mirror n thinking abt how to remove dis mehendi..
After watching at dis swara laughs loudly…
Sanskar gives her angry look..
So for convincing him,
Swara(trying to control her laugh)-“oh sanskar u r looking too cute ..coz of dis color ur face is looking like red tomato.. Someone will think as u r blushing .” and pulls his cheeks..
After looking at his sad face..
Swara-“ok ..we will try to remove it..”
And goes to kitchen n comes wid d lemon..
Sanskar- “wht is dis swara?”
Swara-“dnt u watch TV? In all advertisement dey show dat lemon cn clean anything”
Sanskar gives her look..
Swara takes handkerchief n takes juice of lemon on it.
N rubs sanky’s cheek with it..
Sanky(screams) – “but its burning .”
And goes to wash d face immediately..

He looks into d mirror.but mehendi was not gone.. 🙁
And sanky gives disgusting look to swara.
Swara -“dnt wry sanskar.. We will take d help of Google ”
She googles it…
And after reading d post..
She goes outside n comes wid some bottles (ingredients of cloths washing 😉 )and
After looking at her,
Sanskar- “whts dis?”
Swara(assures him)- “sanskar believe me.. It will work”
She rubbs his cheek h arshly(like brushing d clothes)
Sanskar(impatiently)- “swara.. Color gya kya? ”
Swara- ” its gone..not completely.. but”
Sanskar(frustrated)- “but wht swara?”
Swara-“now we hv to remove dis red color also”
Sanskar looks into d mirror n shocked to see his face..
His face is red (d reaction of dat ingredient )
Sanskar-“Shona ye kya kiya tumne.. ”

Swara-“I am sorry.. Muzhe nahi pata tha uss ingredient se aisa reaction ho jayega..(I dnt knw dat ingredient will react like dis) . Ruko main kuch aur dekhti hoon net pe.. (W8 I’ll search on net)”
Sanskar-“Chup chup stay there agar tum ne uss laptop ko haath bhi lagaya na to i will kill u(if u touch dat laptop again, den I will kill u)
Swara- :O
Sanskar- “No iss post ko jisne net pe dala he main uska murder kar doonga.. (I will kill d person who posted dis post on net)
And suddenly his gaze goes towards d screen of laptop..
And d name of post is ,’how to remove mehendi from clothes’
After reading dis, he gives disgusting look to swara..
Swara also reads dat..
Swara(holding her ears)- ” sorry, sholly sanskar.. I didn’t read dat”
Sanskar(looking at her face)- “its ok swara.its not ur fault”
Suddenly phn rings..

Swara attends d call .. Caller-
Ragini..sanskar asks her who(wid signing her).so swara puts it on d speaker..
Ragini-“swara , whr r u? u r coming for haldi ceremony ,aren’t u?it will start in few min and u r still not here”
Swara-“yeah I m coming.”
R-“is sanskar Is der? Lucky wanna speak wid him”
Sanskar indicates her to say no..and tells her dat say dat sanskar is not in town..
Swara-“sanskar is saying dat he is not here.he is out of town”
Sanskar gives her look..
R-“Sanskar.. U der?”
Sankar-“yes ragini say!”
R-“R u coming na today?”
Sanskar-“no rags I can’t come.. I hv some urgent work”

R-means ur work is imp for u Dan ur frnds marriage.. Right?”
Sanskar-“no ragini its not like dat.. But”
R-” I dnt wanna listen anything. U r coming n dats final. If u dnt come na, den we will not do dis haldi ceremony.. Even I won’t marry wid laksh”
Sanskar- “ok baba. I will come”
R-“thnk u sanskar”
Sanskar-“no sorry no thnks in frndshp”
R-“ok bye.. Come fast.. We r waiting for u”
Swasan-“bye bye rag!”
Sanskar is seating on bed wid his face covered by his hands…
Swara looks at him..she kisses him on d cheek.
Sanskar-“now I m feeling better ” and shows another cheek to swara.
Swara kisses him on dat cheek too..
And says -“I hv better idea to hide it ”
Sanskar(panics)-“not again swara”
Swara-“plz believe me dis time”
She goes to become ready..

Swara wears yellow sari..
Swara calls sanky..
Sanky comes in kitchen..
Swara facing her back to him.
Sanskar comes to her..
He asks her,” wht swara..”
Swara-“come here”
Sanskar comes near her. And swara turns.. (Wrong move)
Der nose r touching..
He stares at her..
Haldi marks on her face.
Sanskar-“whts dis swara”
Swara-“new style to go on haldi ceremony”

Swara slowly applies haldi on sanskar’s face..
Swara-“now we can attend d haldi ceremony.. And no one will tease u”
Sanskar looks into d mirror.. Red marks of mehendi r covered wid haldi..
He smiles..
Both helds each others hand.. And head towards d venue..
Raglak r waiting for swasan.
Whn dey looks at swasan.
Lucky whispers into raginis ear-“something is fishy ha.. Dey played haldi before us.”

All people r looking at swasan..
He(laksh) takes hose in hand.. And sprays water on both..
Swasan r completely drenched now..
Sanskar forgets abt d mark of mehendi .. And smiles at lucky..
Sanskar-“lucky ke bacche u hv to pay for dis”.
Looking at sanskar’s face ..
All starts laughing..

Sanskar den realizes abt mehendi mark..
N hides his face wid palms..
All starts teasing him..
Swara scolds all of dem..
Swara-“i am his wife.. And I dnt hv any problem wid his face.”
And all becomes quiet..
Sanskar stares at her lovingly…
Raglak takes swasan to side..
Ragini looks at swara’s mehendi
Ragini(winking her eye)-“so doing romance in night ha”
Swara(blushes)- “no not actually!”(dnt knw wht to say)
Sanskar(embarrassed)- ” actually swara was removing dust particle from my eye”
At d same time
Swara speaks ,” actually der was mosquito on his cheek so”
Raglak laughs seeing conflict between der statements ..
Sanskar (lie was caught by dem)-“yesterday night I slept wid hugging her so…”
Raglak teases dem..

••haldi ceremony••
Laksh dnt wanna dat anyone applies haldi to him.
Swara comes near him.
Swara-“u knw laksh if u will apply haldi na den u will become fair”
Laksh-“seriously swara”
Swara-“yes laksh”
After listening dis he tells swara to apply haldi on his hands, face n legs.
Laksh-“I wanna become more beautiful Dan her.. Apply haldi everywhere ”
Seeing his behavior, all laughs..
All family member applies haldi on ragini..
Sanskar tries to apply haldi on swara’s face..
Swara runs and says no..
Swara runs into d guest room..
Sanskar runs behind her..
Swara-“sanskar der is something on ur face.”
N comes near him..
He is mesmerized seeing her in beautiful yellow sari..
Swara takes haldi in her hand..

And slowly comes near sanskar and puts it on his shirt..
And laughs..
Sanskar becomes angry on his stupidity..
He goes closer to her ..
She steps back..
He pins her to d wall.
He applies haldi in his hands to his cheek.. And rubbs dat wid swara’s cheeks..
Again he applies haldi to his another cheek.. And rubs it wid another cheek..
Swara feels like weaken in legs..
She grabs his collar tightly..
Sanskar den applies haldi to his forehead n rubs his forehead on her forehead..
Sanskar whispers in her ear-“dis d right method to apply haldi ”
Swara understands he is teasing her..
And closes his eyes wid her one hand.. N goes near her .. She kisses him hard on his cheeks.. And runs away from der..
Sanskar is stunned..(actually out of senses)

Whn he comes into senses, swara was already gone into d hall..
He goes der..
He enjoys haldi ceremony..
RaglakSwasan plays wid haldi..
Just like holi..
Holi is played wid colors.. But dey used haldi instead of colors..
After haldi,Swasan comes to d home..
After becoming fresh both sleeps peacefully..

Precap-raglak marriage part..

Credit to: ambika

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