One Month Agreement – Episode 18

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Recap- sangeet ceremony..
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*13th day of agreement*
D day is pleasant…
N swara is sleeping in d embrace of sanskar…
She wakes up.. Without disturbing sanskar..
She reminded d incident of yesterday..
How he was feeding her…
And taking care of her…
She thinks “oh god! Dnt wanna be late on ragini’s mehendi ceremony.. ” (thinking abt how sanky feed her slowly.. 1 hr will be waste if he feeds me again ) πŸ˜‰
And goes to d washroom..
She becomes ready.. N prepares breakfast..
N she is just taking her 1st bite..
Sanky- “swara i will feed u”
Swara-” no sanskar.. I will”
Sanskar snatches plate from swara..
Sanky- ” no.. I will.. U hv d habit to eat fastly.. N u end up wid choking on..”
And tries to feed her..

N she runs from der..
Swara- ” feed me only after catching me” (wid :p )
Sanakar runs behind her.. (Due to long steps of sanskar)
He catches her in his strong arms..
Sanky- “now u hv to eat breakfast ”
Swara comes close to him. And wraps her arm around his neck ..
Swara- ” actually wanna do something else instead of eating breakfast”
And puts her finger playfully on his chest..
Sanskar looses his grip..

Swara (smirkingly)- ” so r u ready Mr.senior?”
And pushes him back.. And runs from der.. And laughs.. N locks d door.. (Sanky is inside d room.. )
Swara(loudly)- “Mr. Senior wht were u thinking abt ;).. N its not easy to catch me. ”
Sanskar- “Ms. Junior u hv to pay for dis”
Swara eats fastly.. And after eating d breakfast..
She slowly opens d door.. N peeps inside d room.. But der was no one.. So she stepped inside d room.. And sanky grabs her from behind.. And holds her hand tightly..(lol! Sanky was behind d door.. He heard d sound of her steps. So he hides behind d door)
And stands infront of her.
And comes closer to her. Swara is scared coz of his intentions.. And closes d eyes..
Sanky rubs her lips wid his thumb.. N leaves her hand..
Swara comes into d senses..
Sanky shows her d thumb( some food particles at d corner of her lips.. Coz our swara completed her breakfast in hurry na!)
And laughs..

Sanky- ” oh god! Ms. Junior is thinking abt romance in morning.. Dirty mind!”
And winks at her…
Der nok jhok continues like dis..

In d evening
Swasan becomes ready..
dey both heads towards venue..
β€’β€’mehendi ceremonyβ€’β€’
Swara helps ragini to be ready.. N sankar is helping laksh.. πŸ™‚
Swara(puts kala tika behind ragini’s ear)- “ragini u r looking too beautiful today.”
Ragini- “thanks swara! (Making pout face)but u r looking more beautiful Dan me.(winks) actually looking at u n sanskar, I felt like u r newly married couple..”
Swara( blushes)- “oh really! But laksh is gonna to be flat on his fiance.let’s go.ur laksh is waiting for u”

Ragini-“and ur sanskar is w8ing for u” πŸ˜‰
Both comes down…
Sanlak looks at swaragini…
N both plays whistle..
Swaragini blushes coz of der partners behavior…

mehendi designer draws mehendi on d hands of ragini..
Swasanlak dance on d song, “mehendi lagake rakhna.. Doli sajake rakhna.. Lene tuze o gauri aayenge tere sajna”
Ragini also joins dem..

Laksh feeds her(ragini) meal..
Coz she is not able to eat(coz of mehendi ha).
Sanskar signs swara, “sikho inse kuch to.. ”
Swara – ” tum sikho.. Slow motion sanskar ”
Sanskar makes faces..

Swasan had der dinner.. of course wid cute nok jhok..
Sanskar says to swara -“I knw wht lucky is thinking now ..after looking at beautiful girls in d mehendi ceremony”
Sanskar -” ‘ye sundar ladkiya kaha gayab thi? Jb maine ragini ko propose kiya tb kaha gyi thi ye’ (whr were all those beautiful girls, whn I m going to propose ragini?).. I knw nw he is regretting abt his decision to marry ragini.. Even I m also regretting abt my decision”
Swara shouts on him- “wht? U r regretting abt ur decision of marrying me?”
Sanskar (smirkingly)-“yeah”
Swara ( angry)- ” u r d one who proposed me.. I didn’t.. ”
Sanskar (in teasing tone) – ” wht to do? I love to be ‘khatron ke khiladi’.. I invite dangers coz I like dem..and u trapped me in ur love.. N I knw why girls don’t propose to boy”
Swara – “why?”
Sanskar – ” coz jb koi zagda ho to vo keh sake tum mere piche pade the.. Mai nhi.. And now u r saying d same”
Swara -” u….. ”
And avoids him…

Someone tells ragini dat if color of mehendi is dark den ur partners loves u a lot”
After Listening dis, swara forwards her hand and says, ” I too wanna check my partners love..”
And smiles..
Here sanskar also tells mehendi designer to draw mehendi on his hands..
And says, “me too wanna check… N I knw ur mehendi will be dark Dan mine.. Coz I love u… (Making pout face) but my wife dnt love me as much as I do.”
Swara- “no ur will be dark.. Coz I love u more Dan u”
Sanky- “no no.. I love u more..”
And der cute nok jhok continues like dis..
Raglak smiles ..looking at dem..
Sanskar whispers something into d ears of mehendi designer..
She smiles at him..
Swara is jealous looking at dem..
After mehendi..

Swasan goes to der home..
Swara is angry at sanky..(actually jealous)
N goes to sleep directly..
Sanky understands dat she is angry.. So he goes behind her..

Sanskar comes and shows his mehendi to swara..
And says -” pagal.. I ws just saying dat designer go write ur name on my hand”
After listening dis..
Swara tries to find her name in excitement..
Swara founds her name written in d mehendi.. N becomes happy..
‘Swara sanskar’ written on his hand in beautiful design..
Swara becomes happy..
She cups his face .. N says u r so shweet hubby… (Unaware abt her mehendi )
he hugs her n sleeps..

Wht will happen whn swara’s mehendi designs will be on sanky’s face…

Do comment guyz.. Wanna ur comment..
If u give d huge response den I will post my next epi today only… So w8ing for ur comments …
Love u all..
And once again sry 4 late…

Credit to: ambika


  1. Sasha

    Ohho, time for some fun huh? Nice epi. Updt soon n ues u still didnt speak up regarding ur changing names!!!!!!

    • ambika

      hi sasha.. my real name is rabiya..
      n here i write wid name ‘ambika’
      actually i like dis name ambika..
      some connection wid dis name.. n all d best dear 4 ur board exams

    • ambika

      hehe.. i m imagining sanky’s face..
      and u can .. coz my best frnd tej also calls me as rabs…

    • ambika

      yeah navi… πŸ˜‰ .. i read ur comment on fb..sry i didnt gave any reply.. but ur comment motivated me… thank u 4 motivating me πŸ™‚

  2. naina

    Tq tq tq so much for updating. I was waiting. Nw plz dnt tak another break and update daily plz

  3. Shagun

    Ur ff is awesome
    Plz don’t end it
    I read all all the eps in one day and unable to comment because of my school and exams

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