One Month Agreement – Episode 16

Hey guyz..
I m happy coz somehow I completed 15 parts of my fan fiction..
I will end dis story in few parts.. 🙂
May be 20th part will be my last part..
Recap- sanskar knws d reason …
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*12th day of agreement*
Sanskar’s pov-
It’s morning .. Swara is still sleeping so without disturbing her sleep I woke up.. And after doing breakfast and tea I called her.
“Swara wake up, here is ur tea and breakfast.”
She grabbed d plate and started eating it..
Oh god dis crazy girl! How she can eat fastly..

Swara’s pov- while eating d breakfast in hurry.. I choked up.. Sanskar grabbed d glass of water and gave it to me..
He is 2 much caring, Isn’t he?
He took my plate in his hand.. And starts to feed me.. slowly..and dat too small bit…
Oh god! If he daily starts doing dis, den it will take half hour to finish breakfast..
So to avoid dis, I bite his finger and winked at him ..
He was angry but dnt wanna to give d plate to me so he started feeding food wid spoon.. Too clever na? 😉
After sometime we headed towards d hospital..
He was holding my hand firmly..
He was sweating.. So to assure him that nothing bad is gonna happen, I rubbed my other hand on his..
He looked at me.. He smiled.. But I knw dat he was pretending to be OK..

Sanskar’s pov-
I m 2 afraid.. I dnt wanna loose her. But if I lost my hope,den who will support her.. So I was trying to be OK.. At last we reached to d hospital.. After some time doctor called us inside d cabin.
He checked her.. And her previous reports too..
While seeing me in tension , she signed me dat she is fine and dnt wry.. She signed me 2 smile.. I smiled towards her.. But I knw dat smile was not whole heartedly ..
I felt like restless..
I was just walking from here and der..
Whn she came out of d checkup room, I hugged her tightly..
She whispered into my ears, “sanskar , dis is hospital.. All r watching at us.. ”
I asked her stubbornly , “so wht ? I m hugging to my wife.. ”
She hugged me back wid smile..
Doctor told us, ” u will get report in 5 days.. And dnt wry der is chances of surviving people from 3rd stage also.. ”
After listening dis, I was relieved..
I knew she will become fine .. Nothing is gonna to happen her ..
I told her ,” swara ,w8 in car! I will come back in 5 min”
She nodded and left..
I asked doc, ” doc how much % d chances are?”.
Doctor told me,”Mr. Maheshwari 50% chances r der . but if her will power is strong, den chances will be high.. Just encourage her..”
I nodded and in excitement I hugged dat doc..
i knw its embarrassing for dat doc.. But she gave me hope.. And now I will encourage her(swara) , we both will fight wid cancer.. And we will live our remaining life happily..
(Background song- Jane nhi denge tuze)

Swara’s pov-
I was waiting for sanskar in d car.. Whn he comes back I asked him , ” wht r u talking wid dat doctor ha? ”
He asked me (wid smile), ” u r jealous of her. Aren’t u? ”
I shook my head in big no..
He continued,” doc is so cute, isn’t she?
I said angrily, ” hmm.. Dats y u were hugging her na?”
He said in questioning tone, ” swara, u was spying on me???”
I said(dnt wanna say dat I was watching him) ,” no I was bore so I was just watching at u..”
He smiled..
So in angry tone I said him, ” dnt u observed dat she is married?”
He asked me stubbornly, ” so wht swara?”
I hit him..playfully.. Wid my hands.. On his chest..
And scolded him, “dnt u dare to look at any other girl, till I m alive”

Sanskar’s pov –
After listening dis sentence.. I was sad..
Just to encourage her dat she will be OK. I asked her,
“Swara, after ur treatment , wht u r gonna to do?”
She told me, ” we will go on trip.. Long journey.. Hurre!”
I told her dat, ” no ! I m not gonna come wid u!”
She asked me (while making her eyes wide,) “why sanskar?”
I told her, ” coz its ur wish na dat I hv to marry wid kavita. So I will be busy in my marriage. And why to waste ur precious time wid ur ex-wife”
I said dis in teasing tone..
She said angrily , ” we r not divorced yet sanskar.. And dnt u dare to marry wid kavita.. How she can marry wid my love.. U r mine .. Only mine..Understood? ”
I just smiled at her expressions..
Wanna listen dis sentence from few month 😛 (u r mine)
She continued , “I m going to be fine.. Nothing is gonna happen to me .. How can I leave u alone ?.. And u, i m not going to give u divorce so easily.. Dont u knw my wish ‘to torture my husband’.. So how do u thought dat I will leave u so easily”
I laughed..
She was fuming in anger..
And I m enjoying dis…
She continued, ” if accidently I died before u, den I will become ghost but I wont leave u.. ”
I laughed , “u r already ghost swara! Look at ur eyes. Scary eyes . dat long nails.. I think dis is sufficient sign to describe ghost.. ” I said dis in teasing tone.
After listening dis she started to ignore me.. As usual..She was looking outside from d window of car ..
Her phn rings.. And at d same my phn also .
After talking on d phn we both shouted, “wht? ”
We looked at each other ..
Laksh called her.. And ragini called me.
And dey invited us on d sangeet ceremony of der marriage..
And d most shocking news for me and swara is d dress code..
D dress code is sari for girls.. And dhoti for boys..
We both said in unison (remembering d trip incident) , “oh god not again.. ”

Laksh’s pov-
I dnt knw whether d misunderstanding between dem is cleared or not..
But in our marriage we(raglak) decided to bring dem closer..
So plan no. 1 is started..
We will repeat d scenes from der(swasan) love story ..
So we decided to keep dress code on sangeet ceremony..
Dhoti n sari..
Dat will recall dem abt der sweet moments in d trip ;)..
So lets see in d evening how does dis plan works… 😉

*Flashback *
Whn swasan joined der grp dat too in totally new attire..
All grp teased dem as couple..
And dey(swasan) were scolding dem but more Dan dat dey were blushing..
*Flashback ends*
So I hope, we will enjoy our sangeet ceremony.. Wid dis stupid couple..

Sanskar’s pov-
In d evening
Swara and me decided to help each other while wearing those clothes .. (Coz still we dnt knw abt how to wear ? 😉 )
We searched on d Google..
After watching tutorials we thought dat we can do this..
So we started..
It’s swara’s turn.
She was wearing blouse and skirt..
And now its my turn to help her .
D sari was too long . (oh god y dis much length).
I started to revolve around her by taking one corner of dat sari .
And result is we both tied in knots .. We r 2 close..few inches apart.. We shared cute eyelock. And after looking dat what we did, we burst out into laugh.
Somehow we managed to open dat knots..
Swara told me ,” sanskar! I dnt wanna ur help! I will help myself!”
Somehow she wear dat sari..
Now it’s my turn..
Swara helped me.. While helping me she was too close to me..
Whn she helped me.. I held her hand And pulled her towards me..
And I whispered into her ear, “if u gonna help me like dis den i m ready to wear dis outfits daily.. ”
She blushed hard and moved away from me..
we reached to d venue after some time ..
I was staring at her. In dat red and black color net sari , she was looking like angel..
she is my angel.. 😉

Precap- may be about sangeet ceremony 😉
Actually I m confused abt dis story..
Actually tell me do u wanna simple story or wanna villain in dis story?

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