One Month Agreement – Episode 14

Sry guyz..
I knw u won’t like my story coz of dis twist ..
But believe me I m nt going to separate swasan..

Recap- swara and sanskar’s pov.
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One Month Agreement – Episode 13

*10th day of agreement*

In d morning,
Swara and sankar becomes ready.
Der is silence between dem.
During d breakfast,
Suddenly swara asked to sanskar, “hey so whn r u going to be marry wid kavita? ”
Sanskar( was shattered by her question )- “why swara?”
Swara(trying to show , she dnt care abt him)- ” casually asking.”
Sanskar(he just wanna show his pain to her.. He can’t marry kavita coz it was just like drinking poison for him)- “ok! But u hv to attend my marriage..” (Mai zehr (poison) to pi lu shouk se Teri khatir ….

Pr shart ye hai ki tum samne baith kr sanson ko tutata dekho..)(i m trying to convey sanskar’s feeling through dis shayari)
Swara(hesitantly) – “yeah I will.. If possible..”
Sanskar(stubbornly) – “wht do u mean by if possible..if u won’t come then I will not marry wid kavita ” (he is saying wid d hope dat she will say dat dnt marry wid kavita).
Swara (trying to control her emotions) -“ok! I will”
Sanskar is thinking dat ‘why is she behaving like dis? If any problem u had. Tell me . I will help u from dat problem. But dnt leave me.. I can’t live without u.. I can’t” (tu zaroori sa hai muzko jinda rehne ke liye)

Here swara thinks,’no sanskar! I cnt tell u my problem! I knw u hv helped me to come out from every problem. But u can’t save me from dis problem. U cnt do anything. I hv to suffer wid dis problem alone. I dnt wanna u hv to suffer too.. My life is for u only. I love u. And I will always love u’ (ye jindagi aapki Hi amanat rahegi, dil me sada apki Hi mohabbat rahegi.. In sanson ko aapki jarurat rahegi)
He leaves for d office..
Both r crying..

Sanskar is in his office..
He was lost in thoughts..
He opens d folder of voice mail..
Swara’s 1st voice mail, “sanskar i m sholly! Plz forgive me. I won’t repeat d mistake.. Dnt leave me.”
Sanskar’s pov-
‘After listening dis, i recalled how she was not able to live without me for 1 min also..
Even it was my mistake she used to say sry to me.
But now she is saying me to marry wid someone else. I knw dat I can’t live without her. But she is able to live without me? (D sentence he asked in questioning tone). Plz swara say dat for once u also dnt wanna leave me.. I will correct all things.. I m just begging for 1chance to u.. Plz’

He puts is face into palms.. And he is crying badly …

Kavita’s pov-
I was entering into d sanskar’s cabin. I was shocked.. He was crying..
I listened d fact from my grany dat whn man cries den his tears r true. He was in deep pain..
I want to console him .. But I knw I can’t .. D person he wanna now is swara not me..
I knw, from clg days ..
I had crush on sanskar..

But for him ,i was just frnd.. Actually only classmate.. I come to knw dat he was engaged wid swara.. Whn he was happy wid her, I m also happy.. I was happy wid his happiness..
Sanskar & swara come to knw dat I had crush on him. But dey behaved wid me frndly. After dat swara become my best frnd coz of her frndly nature ..
Sanskar’s choice (swara)was best .both was perferct for each other..
Unfortunately I joined d company of sanskar..
I m not married yet.. Coz I knw I m not able give d place of sanskar.. But I dnt wanna to force him to love me.. I m happy wid his frndshp only..
On d day of accident,
From colleagues I come to knw dat, sanskar was in coma and no one was der to take care of him.
So I rushed to hospital..
I was der wid him for 1 week..

Whn he gain his consciousness, he uttered only one word.. And dat was ‘swara’.. He was disappointed coz he didn’t found her anywhere..
I was happy dat he was OK now..
After some days , he proposed me..
I knw der is arguments between dem.. And I knw dat arguments will finish after few days ..
I said yes coz I knew if I said no den he will propose to any other girl..and may be she will say yes.. And he will marry wid her coz he is angry on swara..
So I said yes..
I knw him.. His anger..
Dey both(swasan) has place in my heart.. And I dnt wanna dem to separate coz of stupid arguments ..
Even i knw dat he was lying wid me dat he is ill coz he wanna spend time wid her..
I know dat he called me for shopping coz he can spy on swalak..
Stupid sanskar..

But I love dis stupid.. Actually I m in love wid his happiness..
Now in last week I thought dat dey r coming close.. D misunderstandings between dem is clear . but today I saw him while crying.. And I was shattered..
Actually in d morning I saw swara coming out from d hospital so I wanna ask him abt it..
But wanna give him some time to be k..
So I come out of d cabin without any noise..’ Kavita was restless.. Coz she can’t see d swasan in pain.. (Sajde me yuhi rukti hu, tum pe Hi aage zukti hu.. Ban gye ho tum mere khuda…..)
It’s evening..
Before leaving d office kavita asked him dat , ” is everything is all right between u and swara?”
Sanskar (hesitantly) – “why?”
Kavita – ” in d morning i saw swara at hospital.. Dats y I asked!”
Sanskar (in fear)- “wht?”
He grabbed his keys and he drove to home fastly..
While driving d car he was lost in thoughts, ‘swara is OK na? Last day I found her such voice mail and today kavita told me dat she saw her in d hospital.. Is dat d reason because she used to disappear from home. I wanna ask her. ‘

He was trying to console his mind dat ,’ no sanskar! Everything is fine. May be she was der to meet someone .. Nothing is happened to her.’ But he is not able to calm his mind..
He entered into home fastly thinking dat today I will ask her abt this doubt.
But she was already slept..
She was sleeping on couch..
Sanskar seats on his knees and he stared at her .. D tears r rolling from his eyes..
He said dat ,” no swara u cnt leave me like dis”
He took her in bridal style.. Towards d bedroom ..
He kept her hand in his lap.. And caressed her face ..
While thinking abt past and staring at her , he slept in seating position only..

Precap- sanskar will come to know abt d reason ..

So guyz tell me dat , kavita is bad???
I told u that she is not..
And I will unite dem..
I won’t tell u abt how I will unite dem.. So stay tuned..
Love u guyz…

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