One Month Agreement – Episode 12

Yeah I m sry guyz for focusing more on trip..
From now I will focus on present also.

Recap-flashback abt trip.
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*8th day of agreement *
Swasan wakes up in d morning.
But swara is not talking wid him. he tried to seek her attention but no use of it.
Der is 2 much silence between dem.
He knw swara is hurt coz of him.but wht to do..?
He just tried d trick of lucky.
In d trip,

While doing fun, swara was doing fun wid d frnds. And she returned to her seat while talking(not looking at d seat). So lucky pushed sanskar and sanskar seats on swara’s seat.Without looking at the seat, swara seated in sanskar’s lap. And all were laughing at her..
Even some classmates showed her d empty seats.
*flashback ends*
So while taking d breakfast , sanskar done d same incident. But instead of laughing swara wakes up from his lap silently and goes to other seat..
Sanskar is thinking, ‘oh god! She is too angry ! Wht to do now? I think I hv to talk wid kavita. May be swara will become jealous. and in anger she will talk wid her. I m ready to bear her anger but I don’t wanna dis silent between us.but no use of it also. U knw na she didn’t have any problem wid u and kavita!’

Sanskar reminds,’ how he did flirting wid kavita to seek swara’s attention. He knw dat he was angry wid swara (coz of her behavior) but still he was expecting one sorry from her. But she didn’t say dis word. Even she didn’t give any attention towards him. Even she was not bothered abt him and kavita. So he proposed kavita in d business party (swara was also der) but seeing at her face he felt like dat she dont have problem wid kavita and him. ‘
Here swara thinks dat ,’ swara only 22 days r remaining. U kept dis condition of agreement coz after 1 month ,u wanna live wid d memories of dis days. Now plz behave as normal! No! Not early. He hv to convince me den only I will talk wid him’
Sanskar goes to d office.
And he was thinking abt how to say sry to her.
He got d idea of sending voice mail.
He reminds after arguments how dey stop talking wid each other. But still dey was not able to live without talking with each other so dey used to send voice mails to each other.
So he opened voice mails.
He has not checked voicemail from few days.
Whn he checked it.
He got one voicemail.(unread)

He opened it.. It was from swara..
It was a song.
‘ mai rahu ya na rahu tum muzme kahi baki rehna..
muze nind aaye jo aakhari tum khwabo me aate rehna.
bas itna hai tumse kehna.
mai rahu ya na rahu tum muzme kahi baki rehna.
kisi roz barish jo aaye, samaz Lena bundo me mai hu.
subah dhup tumko sataye,
samaz Lena kirno me mai hu.
kuch kahu ya na kahu tum muzko sunte rehna.

bs itna Hai tumse kehna.
hawao me lipta hua mai,gujr jaunga tumko Chuke.agr man ho to rok lena, theher jaunga in labonpe.
mai dikhu ya na dikhu.. tum muzko mehsus krna.. bs itna hai tumse kehna.. bs itna hai tumse kehna..
mai rahu ya na rahu tum muzme kahi baki rehna.’
After listening dis voice mail sanskar was restless.
He wanna knw d reason behind sending such voice mail.

He grabbed key and he drove to d home.
He grabs swara and shakes her.
Sanskar (in angry tone)-” why do u send such type of voice mail? Tell me swara!”
Swara -” actually d meaning is (stops) after divorce u hv to live alone na (stops ) so after divorce also (stops) whn I will leave u, plz miss me as she was my best frnd.”
Both r crying.
Sanskar hugged her tightly.
Swara hugged him back.
Both r lost in each others embrace.
Sanskar (in tears)- ” promise me dat u won’t leave me. I won’t ask u d reason why u was not der but plz dnt leave me.”
Swara -” I promise ”

Both had der dinners and dey slept while hugging each other. Der is no pillow wall between dem.
Sanskar was holding swara tightly in sleep coz he dnt wanna leave her at any cost. Now he understands dat he can’t live without her .. He can’t…

Precap- no

So do comment guyz..
And tell me abt d review of dis episode.
Love u all.

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  1. I think I m diverting from my story line.. sry guyz.. and I think u dnt like dis story.. so thinking to end it in 2 episodes..

  2. A bit emotional it is di mainly d voice mail

    1. yeah jolly.. I love dat song and I think it’s perfect.. dats y..

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  6. Hi Ambika,

    Y do i feel that Swara is hiding something. She is suffering from something. Some life taking disease.. Please dont separate them….

    Its a request

    1. I won’t separate swasan yar . dnt wry..

  7. I have tears in my eyes ur story is awesome I just read ur whole episode its fav I mean ur best writer n I think u should write novel

    1. I don’t think like dat yar.. I can’t write novel etc.. I dnt hv dat ability dear. I just uploaded dis story as a fun

  8. Awesome yaar…please update next part also today only…well i wish u post all episode today only .but its not possible…please i need one more episode of urs today

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    1. plz w8 for 2 more parts.. I will reveal dat secret 🙂

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    1. dnt wry abi I will reveal all d secrets in dis 2 parts.. I think I m diverting from my story line . and I think u guyz r not liking d track of fan fiction so ending it..

  15. No don’t end it and the epi was amazing. ..I feel swara has some kind of disease or something so she’s doing all of this
    And u also posted it on FB na but by other name…..

    1. yeah shabrin .. my real name is rabiya attar.. while writing d 1st part, I thought dat people will throw tomatoes , eggs on me.. coz in 1st part only I showed d divorce scene.. dats y .. I submitted dis story as ambika…

  16. Awesome yaar i have ter in my eys lm also agree with swara suffering 4m sm desis.plz dont separate swasan n plz update nxt prt soon yaar.n ur writing skills r superb

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    Plz dont end it..plzzzzzz after saba’s ff I love urss..plzzzzz

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    1. oh dhara! thank u for ur support.. but i think I m diverting from my story line.. dats y!

  21. Nice and emotional

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  24. Is swara suffering from some life taking disease??dont do that my heart will break and yes am a very light hearted person my friends always you to make fun that fact
    But I don’t wanna become like that I want to smile , cry or whatever feeling comes to me ..and dear ur ff med me both cry and cry and BG song choice was superb I love it?

  25. I am a silent reader but when i came to know that u r ending this ff, so i was compelled to comment.its brilliant yaar . Quite different and interesting.i love the way u chose to convey this beautiful story.No vamp , no negativities.its just about how we ourselves complicate the relationships.i love it.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dont end sis.

  26. Hi Ambika,
    You are an amazing writer. Don’t stop and don’t end it so soon. Please continue. But please give us daily updates.

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  32. Hi ambika,
    I was a silent reader but as u mentioned that u want to end it so I had to reply….plz,plz,plz,plz,plz,plz,plz,plz,plz,plz,plz,plz,plz…….don’t end this…..I love this ff…… plz continue writing

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