One Month Agreement – Episode 11

So here we go.

Precap- swasan sending full night in jungle.
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Flashback continues.
2nd day of trip
In d morning swara wakes up in d morning and founds herself in d arms of sanskar.
She is staring at him.
May be he was just slept coz der is still fire in d woods.
D birds start chirping.
Swara dnt knw wht she felt but she gave peck on his cheek.
He wakes up.
He smiles and says ,” dnt take advantage of situation ha?”
She was embarrassed.

And moved away from him.
He said, ” oh dnt wry! I won’t tell my frnds abt dis. I won’t tell dat wht i got in d reward of saving u”
And smiles.
Swara was blushing.
Dey both starts again d journey.
But now awkward silence was der.
After some time dey reached to d village.
Dey wanna to fresh up.
Sanskar told swara , ” stop for some time , I will ask dem”
He goes inside d house and tells dem dat ,’he and his wife came here to enjoy d trip but dey separated from der family. Wanna ask abt d timetable of bus and wanna become fresh’
D housewife gives permission to him.

Sanskar comes to swara and tells her, ” give me lipstick yar!”
Swara-” how do u knw dat I hv lipstick in my side bag? Did u checked it?
Sanskar-” no yar! I knw that girls will live without food. But without makeup no way! Dey can’t ! Thank god dat u do make up. Otherwise u will be looking like ghost more than human”
Swara (while making faces)- ” I look dat much bad?”
Sanskar(in teasing tone)- “now give me lipstick yar!”
Swara gives him d lipstick.
Sanskar did d mark as sindoor on her forehead wid d help of lipstick.
Swara asks him ,” wht r u doing ?”

He shows her face through d mobile screen!
Swara feels something something :).
She asks her, “why ?”
Sanskar tells her d reason.
He listened from his frnds dat in village people thinks dat girl and boy can’t be frnds so..
Dey both goes into d house.
D women greets her.
Sanskar goes into d washroom to become fresh.
Here woman calls swara and gives her sari and dhoti.
And tells her to give that dhoti to her husband(sanskar).
Swara takes d dhoti n goes towards washroom and banged d door of washroom.
Sanskar comes out. He was shirtless.
Looking at him swara gulped..

He was looking hot.
Swara turned her gaze and gives him dhoti. Sanskar smiles looking at her expression and goes to take bath.
Here swara also becomes fresh.
But she didn’t know how to wear d sari. So d woman helped her to wear it.
While helping she asked swara, ” whr is ur mangalsutra?”
Swara said, “I hv..but I didn’t wear it daily. ”
W-“modern girls! Dis girls dnt knw abt d importance of mangalsutra. Just wear it beta. It is for ur husbands safety.”
Swara nods.
Whn both looked each other in entirely new attire…
Swara laughed at sanskar.
But sanskar is mesmerized seeing her beauty.
D woman offers dem lunch.
After having lunch,(+charging to phn) dey left to join der classmates.
Dey thanked that lady for helping dem.
Der was no bus coming to dis village.

So dey hv to go by bullock cart to near by village and from der dey hv to catch d bus.
Dey r travelling in d bullock cart.
One farmer and his wife travelling through d Bullock cart passes dem.
Swasam imagined dem in der place. (In love u start to imagine dat person everywhere )
Both smiled.
After some time,
Dey reached to d village.
And dey took d bus for der destination.

Precap- swasan wid gang. Laksh will tease dem.

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