One Month Agreement – Episode 10 Part 3

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Recap- dehradun hills trip.
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Flashback continues.
Sanskar is very happy coz he is gonna spend whole time wid swara. But he dnt wanna show his happiness.
Swara is also feeling happy but unaware abt her feelings.
Sanskar sees d scratches on her hand.
But he dnt wanna show her dat he cares for her.
Sanskar- “Wipe d blood coming from ur hands. Coz here r lots of hungry animals dat will search u through d smell of ur blood. dey will come to eat u. And I m wid u. So dnt wanna risk my life .”
Swara(angrily) – “dey will eat u first coz u r sadu. I m so sweet so dey wont eat me”
Sanskar (in teasing tone ) – ” ants will kiss u coz ur too sweet na.” And laughs..
And holds her hand and bandages wid handkerchief.
And he says , “god I dnt wanna die now. Dis is to early. I m nt married yet. I wanna enjoy my life. I wanna torture my wife. How can I die without completing my dis wish?” And laughs.
Swara is angry on him so she started to ignore him.
Both r walking silently.
Just to make her talk,
Sanskar starts talking loudly wid him” why m i here wid dis monkey? Why God? I thought dat I will spend my whole time wid beautiful girls in these 5 days. But I m spending time wid ms. Junior”
Swara (in angry tone) – ” yeah u will spend time wid those girls after 1 day. U will be washing d utensils and dat girls were surrounding u”
Sanskar – ” why? Y will i wash those utensils ?”
Swara- ” coz u r from looser team. Dnt u remember u hv to do all d work. And now coz of me, u dnt have to do any work. So say thanks to me.”(hehe. He was wid her coz he saved her. But widout saying him thanks she is expecting thanks from him). 😉
Sanskar- “oh really ”
Swara -“yeah! And I will go alone. I dnt wanna force anyone to spend time wid me”
And starts walking alone.
But after few minutes,
(Sanskar makes sound of animals)
And hearing dis, swara run towards sanskar and hugged him tightly. Sanskar smiles.
Sanskar (in teasing tone) – ” why did u come back? U wanna go alone na?”
Swara (dnt wanna show dat she has fear of wide animals) -” actually I come back to company u. I thought dat u may need me if any wild animal comes here. U knw na I m 2 brave ”
Sanskar (wide grin)- “yeah I knw dat u r tooooo brave ”
Swara (in sad tone) – ” I am feeling hungry now”
Sanskar checks d pocket of his jacket and gives her chocolate.
Swara is too happy.. Eats chocolate alone. sanskar is looking at her lovingly .
After some time,
Swara (stops )- “I can’t walk now. My legs are aching”
Sanskar -” plz swara! Walk for sometime.”
Swara (making faces) – “no I can’t ”
Sanskar – “ok I will carry u!”
Swara (happy) -” but u hv to give me piggyback ride. Coz u called me as monkey na? So I will behave as monkey only .”
Sanskar nods. Swara’s hands are around his neck. And legs r tucked around his waist.
She starts tickling sanskar at d shoulder wid her hand.
Sanskar (trying to not to loose balance )- “stop swara! Dnt do dis! Otherwise I won’t give u ride. ”
Swara(nods ) and says ,”ok. ”
She kept her head on his shoulder.
After some time,
Swara(showing her little finger)
“Sanskar I wanna go for pee.”
Sanskar -” not now swara! ”
Swara -“its emergency yar!”
She goes into d bushes. And while coming out d thrones of tree injected into her body.
She called him, “sanskar!”
Sanskar goes near her and removed d thrones..
He yelled on her, “who told u to go inside dis. If anything happens to u, wht I will do? “.
Looking his concern for her, she smiles.
He understands wht he said just and says ,” I mean how m I going to face all? “.
She says (while holding her ears ), ” I m sorry”.
He smiles.
Sanskar talks to swara, “I m worried now. It’s going to be dark soon. Whn we will reach out if dis jungle”
Swara-” why to worry whn ur gf is here? ”
Sanskar asks,”wht.”
Swara reminds wht she just said and point towards d monkey seating on d branch. And laughs ,”ur gf”.
Sanskar points towards d sky and says ,” ur bf died after listening to ur wish of d torture only”
And laughs.
Swara runs behind him. And stumbles. Both falls on each other and rolled down till some distance. Swara is on top of him. Dey shared an intense eyelock. Dey r lost in each other.
Both comes to d senses after some time and moves away from each other.
Der is awkward silence between dem.
Sanskar goes towards d tree and collects fruits and goes towards swara and offers her.
Swasan eats d fruits.
Sanskar tells to swara ,”its dark now. We hv to stay here only.”
Swara is not worried at all coz whn sanskar is wid her den y to worry?
Swara nods ok.
He collects d broken branches of tree and ignites d fire wid d the help of spark of stones.
Dey seats while talking with each other.
Sanskar asks her, ” u r sleepy, aren’t u?”
Swara, “but I can’t sleep without pillow”
Sanskar, ” oh dats y u used my shoulder as pillow in d morning?”.
Swara nods.
Sanskar, “now also u cn use it as ur pillow.”
Swara asks him, “seriously?”
Sanskar nods.
And she sleeps on his shoulder.
Sanskar is mesmerized wid her beauty(beautiful swara in moon light)
Precap- no!
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