One Month Agreement – Episode 10 Part 1

Hey guyz dnt wry I m nt ending dis fan fiction .. I m thinking to write episodes of dis fan fiction as much as possible..

And this is 10th part of my fan fiction.
Excited 2 much…
Thank u guyz
Love u all.. And der r still some twists in my story .. So stay tuned…
Recap- sanskar plans to separate swalak. And at last he knws dat it was prank played by laksh ..
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Swara is totally lost in thoughts.. And she is walking on d road.
She thinks , ‘ how can sanskar thinks like dis abt me? He knws dat I love him only. ‘
She is lost in thoughts. She didn’t noticed d car coming fastly towards her. Car driver has lost his control on d car. He is continuously blowing d horn but swara is lost in thoughts so she didn’t heard it.
Sanskar who is just coming to swara to say sry to her abt his misunderstanding watches dis ..
D car is going to hit her.
Sanskar rushes to swara and pulls her towards him.
Dey r in d middle of road.
In each others embrace.
He cups her face.
Dey r lost in each other.
Tears r flowing through d eyes of both.
Dey r talking through der eyes.(eyes r best in conveying msg)
Sanskar, ‘swara! How can I live if anything happens to u?’
Swara, ‘ its better if dat car hits me.’
Sanskar , ‘ no swara dnt say dis! I knw u r angry wid me. U hv right to be angry on me and only I
hv d right to convince u. No one can snatch dis right from me’

Swara, ‘I knw u will save me. But.. ‘
Dey comes into senses by d sounds of horn.
Der is 2 much silence is between dem.
But der eyes conveyed der msg to each other.
Dey drove to d home.
Silently dey did dinner. And slept facing opposite.
Swara and sanskar reminds something.
(I m just writing dis whole trip as flashback ..I knw its stupid idea..dey r going to dehradun .i m just writing dis flashback as pov of both )
1st day of trip.
Sanskar was really excited for trip. It’s just like treat for him 2 spend 5 days wid swara.(dey r going wid clg frnds but sanskar is least bothered abt dem . he is only thinking abt swara).
Here swara is also excited. She is going to trip finally. She didn’t knw why she is feeling 2 gud
abt it.. But she ignores her feelings.

In d morning..
It’s 4 a.m.
All students r gathered and talking abt der plan.
Here sanskar is waiting eagerly for swara. And ragini is helping swara to be ready.(coz swara has d habit of sleeping till d 8 a.m. so its difficult to wake up her early in d morning )
So swara n ragini comes to clg.(almost running )
Sanskar is relieved after watching her and thinks , thank god! She came.. Love u god’.
Luxury is arrived at 4.30 am.
All students took der place..
Swara and ragini is seating adjacent to each other. And laksh and sansar is seating adjacent to
each other and to d opposite of swaragini.

So luxury starts. It’s morning and still students r excited and decided to play d games.
Sleepy swara didnt participated in d game. She just wanna to sleep for some time.
Swara is not taking d part into d game so sanskar also didnt take.
Laksh and ragini wanna to take part. So raglak asked sanskar to exchange d seat wid ragini. sanskar agreed happily but didn’t showed his happiness.
Here swara in sleep thinks dat ragini is beside her and sleeps on his shoulder.
Sanskar stares lovingly to swara. And after sometime he also sleeps .
8 a.m.
Swasan is sleeping in uncomfortable state. Laksh and ragini smiles looking at dem. And shakes dem. Both are awaken now .
Swara (shocked to see sanskar by her side) – “u? ”
Sanskar (smirkingly)- “yes i m d one whose shoulder u r using as a pillow from last 4 hrs. How much heavy u are! My shoulder is aching coz u kept just ur head on it.”

Swara(in angry tone) – ” I m not fat. ”
Sanskar (in teasing tone)- “yes u r !”
Swara (shouts)- “no!no!” And keeps her hand on ears (not wanna listen sanskar’s talk)
All laughs looking at her childish behavior.
To avoid dem, swara starts looking out from d window. Sanskar smiles and goes back to his state.
Laksh (in teasing tone )- ” so wht r u planning sanky?”
Sanskar(behaves as he dnt understand what laksh is saying)- ” abt wht lucky?”
L- “dnt behave as u dnt knw anything”
S-” I m nt going to ask her. Dnt wry”
L(smirkingly) – ” whn did I say that planning related to ask her?I was asking abt d planning related to today night. Oh o! So u r thinking to propose her ”
S(blushes)- “stop it laksh! I was saying dat I m nt going to ask her for company.. Yeah who will endure her torture for long time. I wanna enjoy trip. I m nt here to enjoy wid u ”
L-” oh really! Let it be I will propose her. Romantic place.romantic mood.. And romance wid swara. Wht a idea laksh ” and pats his own shoulder.
S(jealous)says quickly- “how cn u propose her? I mean she is total crack. She behaves like kid. So u wanna to be in relation wid dat kid?”

L(wide grin on his face) – ” whtever”
S( totally furious now) – “lucky (stops) actually I (again stops for few seconds ) knw she is engaged wid someone. So better luck for next life.”
L(gives evil smile )- ” u propose her otherwise I m gonna propose her for sure.. ”
Sanskar nods only and he is lost in thoughts (how to propose her?)
Laksh laughs looking at his behavior.
10 a.m.
Luxury stops for sometime at hotel.
For breakfast .
Swaragsanlak becomes fresh and goes to give order for breakfast.
Swara- ” I wanna coffee and upma”
Sanskar lovingly looking at swara. Waiter asks him abt his order. He says same as her.
Swara-” so r u copying me?”
Sanskar (1st nods and den shakes his head as no)- “why will I do that? Here are a lot of beautiful girls. I would love to copy dem but not was already in my mind ”
Swara (jealous) -” so what r u doing here ? Go and spent some time wid dem”

Sanskar (smirkingly)- “ok! Good idea. Thank u so much swara ” and takes his plate and takes back his chair.
Swara (angry)- “no dnt go!”
Swara-” actually my mom says dat dnt leave ur place while eating”
Sanskar (smilingly) -” ok for ur mom I m nt leaving my place.but I will eat lunch wid dem only.” (he thinks if u dnt say dis still I won’t hv left d seat )
Raglak r focusing on der breakfast only. Coz dey knw dat d nok zok between swasan will continue like dis. No one can stop dis..
Raglak (in unison)- “if ur fight is over den eat ur breakfast coz tea break will be over in 5 min”
RaglakSwasan finished der breakfast.
All got energy after eating .. So

Dey decided to play truth and dare.(dey r using spin d bottle application to play d game )
Bottle spins and stops at ajit.
All asks him- ” so truth or dare? ”
Ajit replied, ” truth”
Someone asks him , ” so tell us d name of ur crush from our class ”
He replied (stammering)- ” swara!”
All tease him. Sanskar fumes in d anger but controls it. Swara was just like aww! Wht to say.
Again bottle spins.its Laksh’s turn.
And all cheers,” laksh tell us truth or dare?”
Laksh, “I wanna dare only”
One boy says him,” I knw u do pole dance better Dan girls. So do d pole dance”.
Laksh does d pole dance wid d pole of luxury. Swara gives him her scarf. And laksh does d pole dance in d luxury (luxury in speed. Now imagine d pole dance :p) all laughs.. And claps for him.
After sometime its swara’s turn now. She chooses dare.
All (in unison) – ” 1 slap to sanskar”
Sanskar (shouts) -” not again”
And tries to move away from swara.
Swara goes near him.
Sanskar closes eyes. And opens one eye to watch dat swara is coming to slap or not.
Swara slaps him softly on his cheek.

Sanskar thinks, ‘how soft her touch. I m ready for it. Just coz of it she touched me. I m ready for another slap’
Bottle spins again..
Its ragini’s turn now.
Ragini chooses dare .
Someone told her, ” propose d one, whom u think as handsome. But propose using names of d films”
Ragini goes near laksh. She bends on her knees and says, ” ‘mere priyatam’ tumse ‘maine pyar kiya’ .’kayamat se kayamat tk’ tumhara sath dungi .’hr janam me”hm hai rahi pyar ke’.’muzse shadi karoge?’
All claps for her. But laksh is lost..(something something 🙂 )
Here sanskar is waiting for his turn but ..
Luxury stops..
Reached to Destination.
Deharadun hills.

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