One Month Agreement – Episode 1

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Here we go…

“Wait for me”(” tum meri rah dekho!”)
Sanskar always used to say this words to swara while going to office. He always kissed her on the forehead while saying bye..
Now the time(relation)is changed still both of them have habit of this thing.
All peoples know that swara loves sanskar too much. But sanskar doesn’t . he is always angry with her and he yells on her. Sometime swara also yells on him.
Sanskar entered in room in drunken state. He yelled at her, ” why you are not leaving me? Please sign the divorce papers and free me from this unwanted relationship!. What do you want? Money?? I will give u but please free me!”why u dnt leave me alone? ”
Swara-” u knw why I dnt?”

Sanskar-” u evil woman! U knw kavita will not marry me if u dnt give me divorce. Please go away from me!”
But instead of going away from swara he held her. And pulls her towards him.His hands are on her waist. And he starts to tracing her lips by his finger.
Sanskar-” I dnt remember anyone. But only kavita. I love her! ”
And saying this he goes away from her. He feels dizzy. Swara supports him. In the unconscious state also sanskar uttered word, “kavita?”
Swara feels like heartbroken after hearing her name from his mouth. But still she controls her emotions and takes him to his room (they are living in 2 separate rooms)
In the morning, sanskar wakes up. Swara comes in the room and gives him his favorite coffee. Swara(trying to control her tears)- I will sign on those divorce papers but…
Sanskar (irritated by her terms and conditions) -but what swara??
Swara- u hv to spend quality time with for 1 month. U have to behave with me as good husband in this month. Ok?

Sanskar(nods)- ok(in thoughts thank god she is ready to give me divorce) I will tell this news to kavita . she will become very happy.

Swara’s heart broken totally..

In the same day swara meets her best friend ragini.
Swara-“I am signing divorce papers”
Ragini- “wht u r divorcing him?
But u both loved each other. U guyz were perfect!Wht happened that he carries to much hatredness for u in his heart.”
Swara( composing her self)- “nothing.”
Ragini- “Give some time. Everything will be fine.”
Swara- “I hope so. Bye ragini!”
Ragini-” bye swara! Take care !”

Guyz actually I will not write precap of this story. Is that OK for u? Plz tell me..
Read it and plz comment.
I want to know abt how’s dis episode..
Love u all..

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  1. The episode is way too short….make it longer….n i like it till now

    1. thank u kiara. and I will make it longer ..

    1. thanks bresh

  2. very nice write precap that’s very interesting

  3. nice….

  4. yarr u have interesting storyline but pls write long one.

  5. Awesome but short plz make it lengthy

  6. Quite Interesting…but make it a bit long

  7. Interesting

  8. Interesting n short

  9. Hai ambika ur ff is interesting I just gets attracted to it when I saw the name ,I was scrolling to fictions I got it.wanna know next story.,when r u going to update?

  10. what might be the reason for sanskar’s hatred towards swara?

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  12. Intresting stry make it longer…..

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