One Month Agreement – Episode 8 part 1

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Recap- laksh proposed swara. Sanskar watched dis and fumes in anger.

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*6th day of agreement*

Sanskar comes to the home in the morning.
Swara asked him ,” where were you for whole night? I was waiting for you. ”
Sanskar (trying to avoid her question)- ” why?”
Swara- “I wanna tell u one good news. Laksh is going to marry with”.
Sanksar(cuts her sentence) – ” I knw ”
Swara thinks,’ oh god ! How foolish I am! Laksh is best frnd of sanskar’
Sanskar (sees her lost in thoughts. And asks her)- ” so r u happy wid this marriage?
Swara-” yes I am 2 much happy dear”
Sanskar moves away from her.
She notices that he is walking in weird way.
Swara asks him(wid concern), “sanskar wht happened to ur leg? Let me check!”
Sanskar-” nothing swara. Minor injury”
Swara(takes 1st aid box )- “how can u say this as minor injury?”
And cleans his wound wid dettol.
Sanskar screams coz he feels like burning der.
Swara consoles him,” its done sanskar! “And bandages his leg.
Both shares cute eyelock ..

Suddenly laksh comes der.
Laksh asks her- “Swara r u coming with me na today?we hv to do lots of work today. Shopping, selecting of invitation card and booking of hall. Wanna give best surprise to my wife”
Both comes into senses.
Swara -“yeah ! I m coming! Sanskar do u wanna join us? It’s weekend so lets go”
Sanskar thinks ‘, so both wanna show me , how royal der wedding will be!’.
Sanskar – ” no I m ok here! U both enjoy”.
Swara -” ok sanskar! Bye! Take care! Lunch is der in kitchen take it on time ”
Sanskar- “bye swara!”
Laksh and swara both waves by to him and goes towards garage. Laksh opens the door of car for swara.
Sanskar is watching dis through window. He fumes in anger.

After sometime,
Swara sees from d mirror of car and asks laksh, ” why sanskar is following us? He told na he won’t come?”
Laksh remembers d incident from clg days.
Swara( goes to sanskar and holds her ears )- ” I m sry sanskar for yesterday. I blamed u without knowing d situation ”
Sanskar ( controls his smile. And in fake anger) -” dnt talk with me.”
And goes away from her .
Swara goes to laksh and asks his help.
Laksh(in teasing tone )- ” if he is angry on u den why r u affecting dis much”
Swara to herself – ‘how I will live without his cute pranks ?’
Laksh – ” did u said something? ”
Swara (in high tone)- ” no! tell me only r u helping me or not?”
Laksh (in loud voice) (notices sanskar is near) – ” so be ready at evening. We r going on date. Meet me at sharp 7 at sunshine hotel ”
Swara (lost in thoughts)(In low tone) – “wht?”
Laksh drags her wid him and says in her ear -” he was der. It will work.. Trust me. And plz wear fancy dress ” and winks towards her.
At 7 pm.
Swara in white frock(till her knees) wid white hills and straight hairs.. (She was looking damn hot and gorgeous!)
Laksh hugs her and whispers in her ear, “sanskar is watching us.”
Swara hesitantly hugged him back.
Laksh holds her hand in his. And dey heads towards d restaurant. Sanskar covers his face wid hat and goes to same restaurant and seats in d opposite corner.
Laksh orders dinner for dem.
Dey both had der dinner wid talking and mostly laughing.
Dey behaves like dey didn’t saw sanskar der.
After dinner laksh orders cake as sweet dish.
Sanskar watches this and thinks , ‘may be he will keep d ring in cake and will propose her’
So in hurry he goes towards der table and greets dem.
“Hi swara and laksh ! Wht r u doing here ”
Laksh (smirkingly )- ” nothing! We thought to spend some quality time wid each other so came here for dinner ”
Till .. Waiter arrives wid cake.
Sanskar eats d cake(coz thinks dat der is ring in cake. He dnt wanna see swara as laksh’s gf.. Coz swara is made for him 😉 ),” sorry guyz! I loved dis flavour .”
And founds nothing in d cake.
Swara (in fake anger) – ” why r u talking with me? U dnt wanna talk na?”
Sanskar -” who said dis! In morning I was in tension of submission. So sorry” (1st time sanskar said sry to someone 🙂 )
Sanskar – ” so frnds ! ” and shakes hand with her..
Swara nods smilingly..
Flashback ends.
Laksh(smirkingly ) – “dnt knw swara ! I think he is going to do his work. Let’s hv fun today!”
Swara (smiles )- ” yeah! Let’s go.”

Precap- laksh is gonna marry wid….. . suspense continue…

Hehe guyz! I knw I m dragging dis part !
Plz endure dis foolish episodes..
Love u all.

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  1. Amazing…….just love dis ……plz make ur epi lil longer

    1. actually I posted it in hurry .. so its small megha.. check d next episode 🙂 thanks …

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    1. one secret is revealed.. but main secret will reveal soon…. 🙂 thank u siya…

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  13. hey guyz! so tell me .. from my fanfiction which moment of swasan u liked most.. I m waiting for reply ha.. and I will update part 2 @ 4-5 pm.. ok?

    1. Loved the scene when he eats d cake to find the ring..haha..flash backs scenes r superb..dey r adorable , really enjoyed..
      Waiting for d next day of agreement

      1. I imagined sanskar in that scene.. and it’s cute … 😀

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  16. Its really awesome yaar…create more misunderstanding in sanskaar mind that swara is going to marry laksh …after that when he will not be able to control in emotion..then he will confront swara…and will tell her that u can’t marry somebody else…i will not let this happen …u can’t even think of any other boy till i am alive…and then swara will tell him then how can u marry somebody else ….she willtake advantage of the situation and make him more jealous so that sanskaar finally realise that he still love swara only….

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