My one mistake by Sunitha.k


My one mistake by Sunitha.k

Guys I promised with the next ff, from the options I gave but now I want some other story which is brand new not my old novel.

Manik Malhotra, Raj and Geetha malhotra’s only son. Raj is a businessman. He has a food factory where many varieties of food products are manufactured. Geetha is home maker. Raj loves her madly. Both are idol couple.

Krishna is Raj’s friend and partner. Though he is Raj’s friend he is much closer to Manik. Krishna have a wonderful brain and his net work is extra ordinary. He is childless.

Druv is Manik’s one and only close friend. Son of krishna’s sister.

Nandini murthy is Murali and Rekha’s daughter. She has a elder brother Srikanth. Murali is a manager in a bank. Srikanth is an engineer. Nandini is in her graduation.

Manik completed his engineering and applied for MBA in Oxford university and achieved it. Today all his classmates had a party. Manik and druv had full enjoyed and returning to home.
“Manik! Why are you leaving me alone and going yaar?”
“I forced you to come with me but you dumbo didnot get seat. Now doing drama”
“Who on the earth asked you to pass through???”
“Achaaa! It’s my mistake?”
“You rascal I should be the one crying, leaving mom, dad, krishna, you. Staying alone”
“Don’t cry Manik! Don’t cry”
All of sudden a big sound came it’s car tire punchered.
“Manik bomb!” Druv scared
“No druv it’s thunder” Manik replied
“Oooo then it’s ok”
“Why car is not going?”
“I think petrol over?”
“No I made it tank full, I think driver drank it”
“What??? Petrol?”
“No beer”
“Then why are we dizzy?”
“We had pertol”
“It’s soooo good” druv said
Manik started to hiccup, he got down.
His hiccups are increasing.
Then a bottle with cool water arrived infront of his face, Manik smiled and took it and drank fast
“I love you” Manik said and turned
It’s a girl in yellow Punjabi suit and pink chunny. Had full of silver bangles. Hair left free, her face is fair in color, lips are naturally pink. She has little bulged cheeks who ever sees want to drag them and kiss. Her eyes, they are like a twinkling stars, the lowered eyes, planet face and shevering lips.
“Are you angel from heaven?” Manik asked
“What?” The girl asked
Manik started to feel more drowsy.

Manik is seeing the same face again but this time it’s not that clear, he is trying to see but failed. Manik opened eyes, it’s morning.
He sat in bed. It’s his room. Druv is besides him sleeping. Manik is having heavy head ach.manik pressed a buzzer.
A boy of 17years came running
“How did I come home? Who brought me?”
“Krishna Saab! Down Saab and memsaab full gussa hai, you are kalas today” boy said
“Chup kar, birju! Aaaa my head is paining”
“Aaa yes it is, I forgot who said where we are?”
“A phone came, they said address you both were full and drowsy”
“Acha!” Manik thinking. “May be its she”
“Ignore, bring me some black tea”
“Ok” birju went away.
“So it’s not dream I saw her” Manik smiled.

Manik freshen up and came down with druv.
“So, both got up?” Geetha asked
“Ma! I am sorry! We had a farewell party. We shouldn’t do so”
“Manik! Now you are not child! Grown up, going to London to study all alone. Parties and friends should be healthy not indecent. You both did two mistakes, you are drunk and driving after drinking. Both are wrong and last night a road side people called me and said that you both are…. Anyhow I don’t want to repay it”
“Ok come on eat now”
Both went.
“Geetha you also na! Bichara! In this age happens”
“Bhai! If anything happens then??? Not only for them for anyone on road?”
“All will say bade baap ki bigiida beta” Raj said
“Raj u also! Stop it both, tomm he is going to London”
“Krishna! Don’t pamper him so much”
“Oooo it’s you saying, who will pamper him always?”
“You both and making him useless” Geetha said in anger
“Ok! Ok we both but don’t forget you also do the same”
All laughed.
Manik and druv seeing them smiled “I will miss you all a lot”

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  1. It’s superb and fantastic yar…….
    I just loved it…….❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  2. IS this the 4th story which u said that u will write. Or some new story

  3. Its also nice. Gud choice suni. Suni in ur next story can u change something? What if nandu is very modern n bold n manik too.. Just an idea. Not for this my mistake one, may be for more future stories of urs:-) .

    1. Sunitha.k

      In this story Nandu is different
      She is not bold bull wry active and expresive
      Here we find Nandini’s charecter a strong one

      1. Thats great. Actually i m a very bubly person,so i like to see bubly nandu. Tnx for strong nandu. Can u plz add fav 5,navya,aryaman too plz?

  4. Nyc story
    but why u always add new characters a lot lot
    Cant imagini sooo much,i feel sad i cant read this story
    plzzz if u start new story plz new characters thoda kam karo
    plzzzz it a request
    best of luck fr this story

  5. Hey what abt dream girl ??

  6. Plzzzzzzzzzz yaar why r u always add new characters a lot
    its difficult to imagine n understand the character
    plzzz atleast new story me zyada new characters mat do
    Ur storylyn is awsm

    1. Sunitha.k

      Every story can’t revolve on only friends according to story line I have to add some charecters
      Don’t compair my story with kyy
      It’s unique and superb my story not that best.
      Just hero heroine are same not others

  7. It was very good sunita aunty…gr8 going…update soon

  8. Sindhu_Varma

    Super Akka..!
    All the best for this story

    1. Sindhu waiting for ur epilogue

  9. Mahi13

    Amazing start di. Waiting eagerly for ur next epi.

  10. Anandi

    Really goood….took good dii….u are awesome…I loved the start…that girl must definitely be our nandu….waiting for more from you….?

  11. awesome start aunty

  12. superb suni akka…………..storyline is nice …………..and generally we girls will do like this when anyone give water while hiccups or coughing we will say I love u casually………. but manik saying is lil different ah…….eargerly waiting for next updates…… all the best ………..keep updating

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