My one mistake (Part 7)


My one mistake

Malhotra family is a prestigious family. Raj manohar Malhotra is the founder of Malhotra industry. At the time independence he started food processing unit. At that time he made it at cost of 20,000rupees.
His wife was the one who encouraged and helped him in his business. They had only one son vishwak Malhotra. Who did his graduation and joined his father business and expanded with more two industries. A textile and a company to do business for their products. His wife died at early age, they had only son raj Malhotra. All forced him to remarry but vishwak Malhotra denied. He raised his alone.
Raj Malhotra did his engineering in ceramic branch. He added ceramic industry to other both industries. He married Geetha, who is his classmate. It was love marriage. For what reason they don’t know but they to had only child Manik Malhotra.
Manik did his engineering in textile department. After that did in MBA in industrial management. Now he want to start a hotel. After completion of hotel he will go to his textile industries and starts new techniques and implement new machines for production. Hotel will help him to provide all his business dealings and business parties and meetings to happen in his own hotel. Manik’s strategy is totally new and fresh. He just discussed with Druv, krishna, raj. They all impressed by his ideas and are waiting to happen.
As Malhotra industries are growing their rivals also started growing. There are many companies which are in competition with malhotra’s but no one in market can reach malhotra’s.
Now everyone are in surprise why Manik want to construct a hotel by himself, to him a single word is enough to get a hotel constructed in months, then why is he? All textile industry competitors are alter from two years about Manik’s arrival in business but Manik gave shock to them planing for s hotel.
Everyone’s only question is what Manik is upto?

Here krishna is relaxed. He know that whole industrial market is waiting for Manik’s entry. Manik plan of action is much more different. Manik is sitting in his chair doing works of hotel construction, but his ideas are been implemented in his textile industry. This hotel construction is a distraction of people arround him for sometime to implement his ideas and to make them success

Textile is very big industry in India. Till now Malhotra industries supply yarn and clothing but from now are they are planing to make some garments also. Even silk production and silk clothing is also implemented. For all this they need one year time. In this one year Manik will distract total market. So that krishna and raj will make these things happen.
Druv arranged a large scale of silk worm production unit in Bangalore. Krishna and raj are employing garment production unit employees. Everything is done silently.
Malhotra’s rivals came together and are spying on Manik.they are confused by his daily routine.

Manik is in his swimming pool. His mind is occupied totally by Nandini. Her sharpness, those big eyes, her sensibility everything. Manik decided to say everyone about Nandini

Manik came dressed up to hall. Raj is talking to his PA. Geetha is in kitchen cooking breakfast. Though they have many cooks she loves to make food for raj and Manik. She made Manik’s favourite aloo puri.
“Dad! I need to talk”
Raj looked at Manik seriously and sent PA away
“You can”
“Wait krishna and Druv are coming, mom I need you too”
“Don’t panic me Manik, last time you gathered all of us and said about your MBA course. It took five weaks to convince your mom. Now what?”
“That was your problem dad, as a businessman you should be wise enough to convince her”
“Acha bachu! Let’s see when your wife comes howmuch time you will take to convince her”
“I think I don’t need to convince”
“Ha ha ha! Manik Malhotra wifes are always wifes they are not different from one another when comes to a husband.”
“Why early in the morning wife and husband lecture started?”Geetha asked
“Your son is saying that I am not wise enough to convince you”
“What happened bhai! I was romancing with my wife and you people call me urgent, I hate this” krishna said in frustation
“Bhabhi said that from two years you are doing nothing at bed then how come today?” Raj said seriously
“Shut up raj! Look arround! Children are there, you are shameless”
“Where is Druv?” Manik asked
Krishna searched all his pockets and said”o my god some one had stolen him from my left pocket, I need to give police report”
All laughed
Manik is in tension.
Druv came”sorry guys! I was struck in traffic”
“You all are my life makers and have all rights in me, so it’s my duty to tell you all my feelings. Before going to London, I was messed on road with Druv, I said I saw a girl ther”
“Twinkling eyes” krishna said
“Yes, I found her, when I saw her again I was happy and excited, but Druv and krishna’s words made me to observe her before taking big step. I want to know her, is she engaged or married? How is she? Only looks can’t judge a person so I observed her, I spent time with her, I talked to her”
“Wait Manik! I strictly ordered you that you will never go alone any where with out me or Druv then how come all these days you went some where and no one knows about it, our rivals are waiting like a hungry lion to get a single chance to finish you. This is rediculous wait first let me talk to your security” krishna took his mobile
Manik snatched mobile from krishna
“Let me finish please, I am really in love with her”
All are looking at Manik and waiting to know the name of that person
Manik paused
All shouted at a time “who is she?”
“Nandini murthy”
All looked at each other’s face
“She is very sharp, intelligent, good looking, sincere, hard working, very attractive, sensible and more over she was the one whom from two years I am searching for”
“She too loves you?” Druv asked
“I don’t know I did not speak to her, but I think she is attracted to me”
All sat down in sofa, as they all stood up when Manik is saying about her unknowingly.
Now Manik is in tension waiting for there reaction.
“What are you thinking for next?” Geetha asked
“I will just be arround her, on my hotel inauguration I will prapose her, if she says yes then we will marry”
“Why this long ten months time?” Krishna asked
“She should know the real Manik not boss Manik”
“Do you think that she loves you not your Money fame status Malhotra tag line?”raj asked
“I don’t think so, but if so in this ten months u can even calrify that”
“If we deny?”
“Ha ha ha” Manik took his seat
“It’s rediculous Manik atleast try to convince”
“No! I am Manik Malhotra I can’t do that it’s better all four of you discuss convince among yourself”
Geetha took his ear and said “besharam badmash, you are forcing us to accept your praposal?”
“Correct your words not praposal its my decision” Manik clarified
“Krishna! You are responsible for all this” raj shouted
“Drama over? Let me talk now” Druv said
“What? You too are giving shock?”krishna asked
“No! Listen our silk worm production needs Malabar plantation which may expose our work what should we do?”
“In that silk production area we already planted Malabar plants then?”
“We need more”
“Do one thing keep a board of GM silk production unit and grow Malabar in beside land which we already kept a side, now on you don’t go keep a person as manager and look after it closely” Manik said
“What about our machine when is it coming?”krishna said
“So it’s one month completed, aa plan our one unit is kept dead so machine is coming by this weak. It’s already shipping”Raj said
“Fine! Mom next weak our new garment unit is going to start”
“Ok! This time I will take care of it” Geetha said
“Madam! Are you sure? Why to strain yourself?”raj asked
“Yes mannu! I will”
“Great then” all clapped.
“One more thing, this time Radha will be my partner”
Krishna shocked
Radha is krishna ‘s wife. She don’t come out generally. Lack of children Druv . She is reserved and conservative lady
“Are you sure? She want to…?” Krishna asked
“Yes, I convinced her last weak” Geetha confirmed
Krishna got tears. “In these 25years I tried a lot to make her normal take her get out of her own circle atlast she is trying, Geetha she is good enterpratanour.she can do it”
Raj hugged him

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