My one mistake (Part 6)


My one mistake

Manik will take nandini to a near by restaurant and ask her to order food.
Nandini says, “Its your wish sir.”
“Nandini don’t be formal as always. You can order by your choice.”
Nandini accepted and ordered food of her own choice.
Mainik asked, “Say something about you.”
“My dad is a bank manager, mom is a homemaker, my brother is doing his and I recently completed my graduation.”
“Say something about yourself.”
“Yes, your likes, dislikes, any boyfriend..??”
“No sir, I don’t have any. My likes and dislikes. I like music, spending time with my family.”
“Are you engaged to anyone??”, Manik asked out of curiosity.
Manik wants to clarify himself that nandini is the one whom he wants in his life.
“No sir, I may take two more years for that. My brother should settle down, then we’ll think of marriage.”
Manik in heart had gooseberms. He is so happy that he wants to dance and shout and show his happiness to the world. He wants to scream to the world that he loves Nandini.
But he was silent and maintaining peace with mind and mouth.

They had lunch and while returning, Manik’s face was glowing like a bulb.
Nandini is calm as she already gave warning to her heart to keep quite.
Manik asked, “What is your favourite color?”
“Your favorite music?”
“I love old melodies.”
“Can you sing?”
“No sir. Sir at what time will you daily take lunch?”
“Generally I forget taking lunch.”
“OK. Sir, When we were talking about architectures, I got an idea. Can I share with you?”
“Sure Nandini.”
“My bhai is an architect. He’s doing his in interior designing. Can I bring his drawings?”
“Always welcome Nandini.”
“Thank you sir. Nandini said with happiness.
Sir can I take the land description along with me while leaving, in my Mobile.”
“Ok Nandini.”
When they reached office, Soha was waiting for Manik.
“Hii Manik. Where were you??? I’ve been waiting for you since long.” Soha hugged Manik.
Why she don’t know Nandini felt uneasy.
Soha sat infront of Manik.
They both were chatting.
Manik’s eyes were struck on Nandini. Seeing them for few seconds, Nandini went to her place.
She sent two copies to Manik’s room.
Rosy came to Nandini’s cabin.
“Nandini… Soha ma’am has been waiting for long time. Where were you both? Give me your no. so that I can call you during emergency.”
Nandini gave her no.
“You know, Soha ma’am and Manik sir are friends from long time. People even say that they both are getting married.”
“Ohhhh I see.”
Nandini felt sad.
Her mind stopped working.
Why she didn’t know but she was feeling annoyed and lonely.
She just wanted to run away from this place.
She looked at watch. It is just striking four.
She felt ohhhhhhh two more hours… My God!!!!!”
Nandini got a call from Manik.
Nandini goes to Manik’s room.
Looking at Nandini,
Manik felt numb.
He wanted to tell many things and ask many things from her. In short he wanted to share everything with her.
Soha said “Manik do you have any work with her?? You called her. She’s waiting.”
Manik said “Yeah, Once again I want to check the land papers. Along with that we need builders so, give me a list if builders.”
“Sure Sir.”
Nandini ran out of the room in such a way that someone is throwing her out.
She came to her room,
Checked all the details of builders made a list.
While she was checking the list
Manik again called her.
She came to his room.
Nandini is dying to go in but its her duty.
She went in.
Manik says, “Where are my land papers?”
“Sorry sir.”
Nandini ran to her room, got the land papers.
Soha stood up, “I think you’re busy Manik.
See you soon.”
“Yeah ok. See you soon.”
Manik greeted her bye.
Nandini is also following Soha.
Manik said “Wait.
Did you complete the list if builders?”
“No Sir. I’m doing it.”
“What happened Nandini. Why are you feeling low? Is everything ok?”
“Nothing sir. I’m fine.
I’m absolutely fine.
Nandini said with a broad smile.
“Look Nandini whenever this Soha comes please inform me early while even giving her appointment. I need to run away.”
Nandini got confused.
“Sorry sir I didn’t get you.”
“Look Nandini, You are my P.A whomever I feel annoying and boring, you shouldn’t allow them to meet me. In the list of that… Soha is the first one… Ohhhhh she’s tooo boring. Make sure that she can’t meet me.”
“But Sir, I heard that……”
“No never.. Dont even think about that.
I know that everyone thinks the same but its not true. She’s my friend and little annoying. She’s a chipkuuu yaaar!!!”
Nandini felt happy she wanted to dance.
Her fake smile faded away and her true smile cane into form.
Butterflies are dancing on her face. Those two twinkling eyes are sparkling.
The difference in Nandini’s face was clear to Manik.

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