My one mistake (Part 5)


My one mistake

Manik came to office. His room is neat and clean smelling fresh. Table is kept organized. A laptop, flowerwase with fresh flowers, glass of water some files.
“So she does her work perfectly, even the temperature of room is perfect as I needed.”
Door knock sound touched kiss ears and mind alarmed may be Nandini
“Come in” he said with smile
It’s a office boy with black tea
Manik dissapoited.
Manik called Druv and discussed about land. Both decided to go to see some places.
While they are leaving Manik called Nandini
“Sir!” Nandini came in
“Nandini we are going to check some places will you join me?”
“Ok sir”
“I asked you can refuse” Manik explained
“It’s your generosity sir! And it’s my duty”
“Your so soted girl, ok come with us, we will leave you at your place while coming back”
“Thank you sir”
Three started to go. Manik is driving, Druv is sitting besides him, Nandini sat back
Manik started observing her front mirror
Nandini is wearing a dark green tight fitting sleeveless punjabi dress with golden lass, and gold chunny. A bracelet on right hand with ‘n’ letter. A wrist watch on her left hand. Nothing more than that. Her simplicity is her aligency. She is so dignified.

Nandini is sitting back of Druv, her looks are on Manik.
Manik is wear white shirt and brown jeans. He is so handsome and attractive. His hair style, those sharp eyes my god they are so deep that when ever I look at them I feel I may faint in his eyes. May be after my bhai it’s only Manik sir I feel handsome. May be more than handsome.
“Nandu! What are you thinking? He is just your boss, multimillionaire. Look at yourself, a ordinary middle class girl, his employee, be in your limits its not love it’s lalaj. Love????? No only attraction”
“Druv which side to go?”
“Go left”
Nandini came out of her thought.
“Manik you forgot the route?”
“No but… I am confused the road here was different before”
“Yes, now a days construction business is going these new buildings”
“Yes, Druv Mumbai and its constructions never stops. Ok here we are” Manik stopped the car. All three got down.
Manik is impressed of land. Druv and Nandini checked about land in laptop. Nandini talked to revenue officer and took details.

Next day the land owners and Manik along with krishna and Druv had meeting. After two hours of very high drama rate of is fixed and Manik paid half of the rate.

“Finally it’s done. I am relaxed. I felt I am strucked.”
“Yes Manik now a days land is like a hot cake. I think me and raj should buy some land it’s better”
“Good idea mammu”
Nandini came in with tea and snacks.
“Yaar Nandini! Your are so good! Your timing is marvellous.” Druv taking tea praised her.
“Next what?” Krishna asked Manik
“We need a archetech”
“Here is the list of architects all over India who are good at hotel designing” Nandini gave the file she brought
All looked at surprise.
“Miss broad band. You are as speed as broad band” Druv said
“You are too fast” Manik smiled
Krishna smiled.
Nandini smiled them back.
All started to discuss about howmuch area for construction, requirements etc
Manik called Nandini “Nandini by tomm evening I want all these architects in my office. I need a best guard service at construction site.”
“Ok sir!”
Manik is admiring her.

Manik became busy, same Nandini
It was a day when they all started for hotel work in proper way. Manik and Nandini are going to the construction place. Next day is bhoomipuja.
Manik checked everything personally.
While returning Manik stopped car at a restaurant.
“We will have lunch and go”
“Ok sir”

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