My one mistake (Part 4)


My one mistake

Nandini woke up at5am. She called Manik.
Manik picked the call
“Sir! This is Nandini murthy your PA. Good morning sir! It’s your jogging time sir.”
“Hai Nandini. Thank you. What are today’s works?”
“Sir! Morning at 9:30 you have meeting with krishna sir. Then you will decide further works”
“Ok! I want a list of land brokers. Try to fix a meeting with them”
“On which purpose I have to mention?”
“We need land to construct a hotel. So,”
“Ok I will, by 11 I will give you the list”
“Anything more sir?”
“All best.Have a good day sir.”
“Thank you! See you bye”
Nandini started her regular works. She helps her mom in household works. Then get ready to office. Srikanth dropped her at office.

She looked at watch and called to house keeping staff,she took flowers from them and kept in Manik room in wase. She ordered black tea. She called Manik and krishna to remind about meeting.
Both said they are reaching.

Manik arrived. Nandini greeted him.
“Sir Iam Nandini murthy your PA.”
Manik is starring at her with a pause button.
Krishna came “hai Manik am I late Nandini?”
“No sir!”
She walked towards Manik cabin. Both came in. Meeting started. Manik and Druv along with krishna are discussing about place where to construct hotel.
At 11 Nandini brought the list of land brokers. Manik is going through
“Nandini! Did we meet before?” Krishna asked
“May be sir I too feel same that we met before.”
Manik looked at Nandini again. “Iam right! She is the same girl I am searching for but no…, as Druv and krishna said things would have changed, I will take time” Manik thought
“May be” both exchanged smile.
Nandini went to her cabin.
“Manik! What happened? What are you thinking?”
“Nothing Druv”
Manik started to give a look on list.

At lunch hour Nandini came to Manik’s room
“Sir it’s lunch time, shall I order anything?”
“Call home and ask mom to send lunch to all three”
“Sure sir!”
“I prefer my moms kitchen max, call the brokers and invite them for a meeting either today or tomm”

That day went on calling all the land brokers.
Manik is silently thinking what to do?
Nandini after coming to house thinking where did she saw them?he is so attractive and handsome. More over he is something different , where did I see him before?”

Manik after a long thinking decided to first get closely see her, check on her, want to know her, make her feel for him.

As daily routine Nandini called Manik early in the morning, and said about his schedule to him.Manik is listening to her.
All the day land brokers meeting was going on
Nandini is searching for architectures in the city and even best one all over India. She made a list and kept a side.
Manik when decided three places to check for land Nandini took details and checked them in revenue office.
Krishna when came to Manik office, Druv and Manik are waiting for him
“Mammu! How much time you will take to come? We need to go to three places we are late”
“Traffic yaar! What will I do? Come on let’s go”
All stood up to leave Nandini came in
“Sorry sir! I have some information. The list of places which you gave me, look this data it’s from revenue office. The land owners and their details expected amount govt as fixed for that land. They will be useful for you people in when you proceed”
All three just astonished
“Nandini! I am literally impressed, even we didnot think but already got them ready?”krishna said
“It’s my duty sir, any how all the best sir”
“Thank you Nandini” Manik said
“This is my gift for your sharp brain and loyalty. Dedication towards work” krishna gave her money
“Sorry sir! If you want you give me ashirwad.”
“Take Nandini it’s almost impossible case for krishna to be impressed. I and Druv from childhood trying for this we never got it. You are really special”Manik said
“It’s ashirwad you think keep in your puja room” krishna said
Nandini hesitatingly took it.
“Nandini I need party” Druv said
“Sure sir! What you want?” Nandini asked
“I love sweats that too home made sweats bring for me”
“Ok sir!”
“Shameless bhukkad” Manik and krishna hits him on his head.
“Arey you won’t eat with me?”
All went out. While going Manik said to Nandini to go home.

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