My one mistake (Part 3)


My one mistake

Nandini is waiting, a lady well dressed came to her.
“Are you Nandini?”
“I am Rita receptionist. You are appointed as Manik sir’s personal assistance. You have works like send him files, coffee, persons who want to meet him, and whom he want to meet, lining up his schedules and from morning to night his daily work list. In short you will totally handle him. It’s Raj sir order that as a PA you should know his each second moments, when ever Raj sir, Geetha mam, Druv sir, krishna sir calls you, it’s your duty to inform them where Manik sir is. If you are late at work company be hole will drop you home. You have to wear formats only.” Rita explained everything in detail.
Nandini understood everything
“Tomm morning sharply at 9am you have to reach office. Here is the list of works you have to complete in two days as Manik air is coming today from London after two days he will join office. Till he enter you have to keep his cabin ready with renovations done”
“Ok!” Nandini took papers and returned home.
All the family members felt happy that Nandini got job.
First day of office, Srikanth took Nandini to office on his bike. He checked the surroundings, bus stop, came to her place and talked to some people there. Once he felt it’s safe and perfect then he went home back, instructing Nandini how to return back and gave her mobile with all numbers feeded as important. So that with one touch she can reach them.
Next twodays Nandini is totally busy with works in office.

Manik came back to India with MBA certificate. Alone with Manik Soha came. She is khurana’s daughter khurana is Rajs factory distributor. Soha, Druv and Manik are classmates. Soha went to Oxford along with Manik.
Krishna arranged a big party on Manik’s arrival. Soha along with family came to party
“Krishna! Is this needed?”Manik asked
“Yes my friend! This party is to show to all of the guests that our factory is having next generation ready. Our enemies to know that they have tough one to come on the way”
“You are strategic as always”
“Manik mammu already planned something for you” Druv said
“Krishna! I want to construct a hotel. Max five star hotel”Manik said
“Now a days hotel business is best as we have food factory it’s best for us. We will have restaurant, banquet hall, rooms and nice place to hang out like games zone, swimming pool etc everything will be found”
“Idea is good”
“Mammu! Show me your legs I will take ashirwad from now it’s my place” Druv said
“Manik mammu also have same praposal”
“What? Really?” Manik said happily.
“Yes! We already started your work, we appointed your PA, your cabin is ready and from tommorow you can come to office”
“Waw! At last my keys will be working aaaaahhhhh! Manik screamed
Raj Malhotra gifted keys to Manik when he born. Geetha and all shocked and asked “what are this keys about? And why for just born kid?”
“These keys are for his cabin in my office. It’s only his and I am gifting them now. He is my heir, not only kandani, but also to my work. ”
All laughed but Manik is having those keys with him in a golden box , from childhood, Raj always reminds them and motivate Manik to grow up in such a way that he should be capable for that keys. Manik had urge of those keys from very tender age, it made him more obsessed for studies. Now he is eligible to those keys.
Krishna laughed
“Manik when you dad gave those keys to you on your birth we all laughed. But now I agree with, you became as we all dreamt. I am proud of you”
“Mammu me?”
“You too” he hugged both.
“Manik and Soha….” Krishna asked
“Just friends forever” Manik completed.
“Ok I am glad, I don’t like that khurana” Druv said frankly
“I too” Manik smiled.
“I want to know about that girl, whom I saw before going to London. Why I don’t know but still I remember those eyes”
“My god Manik, it’s not movie that hero will see heroine again after ten years and recognise her then love starts its life be practical” krishna said
“I don’t know krishna! But I want to see her”
“By this time she may got married if not atleast have a boy friend”
“If that happens may be I may become Devdas” Manik said
“O majunu! Stop it, be practical as mammu said” Druv daddi seriously
Manik why don’t know but felt disappointed.
After party Manik went to his room and opened the small golden box. He opened it, a bunch containing a pair of same keys.
“Finally your going to be mine”
Manik touched them.

Nandini is in tension. It’s her first meet to her boss. She checked each and everything. The door lock which Raj personally said, then his chair, background shelves with files neatly placed. A flowerwase with beautiful white Turkish lillies, along with orchids. A water bottle. Laptop everything ready. His name plate on his door and on his table.

Manik came to office with family. All the staff invited him with smile and happiness. Manik is saying hai to each and everyone. Enquiringly about them personally as most of them are old staff. They all congratulated Manik and gave gifts to him. Manik accepted all. Geetha came to Manik’s room and lighted the diyas placed each sides of door .
“Manik come on its yours now open it”raj said with a smile
Manik felt emotional. A dream which is dreaming from childhood came true now. He took the box out and removed keys and opened the lock. All clapped.
Manik walked in, along with him all entered.
Krishna made Manik to sit in his chair Druv took snaps. Manik looked arround he got tears with happiness
“Thank you thank you very much dad” Manik hugged Raj.
Geetha distributed sweats to everyone. Nandini helped her. Rita made other arrangements like cool drinks and some hot to eat.
All the celebration are till evening.
Nandini came home by 6pm.

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