My one mistake (Part 2)


My one mistake

“Krishna! Who called you that we where …”
“Fully drunk and furrrrr” krishna completed laughing
“Don’t laugh krishna! I am guilty. Yesterday actually we didnot notice how much we drank”
“It’s ok! Actually a girl called said that you are not well, till I came to you she and her brother where sitting there taking care of you both. Her brother na, he made you sleep on bonute as you are drowsy. When I came they both helped me carrying you both to my car. They are very sweat.”
“Did you see her?”Manik asked
“Yes, but why are you asking so much?”
“I saw her before I went to sleep, her face I am unable to forget it”
“Wait Manik! Are you ok? I mean London Jane ki ghum ma Pagal Hogaya kya?” Druv shouted
“Chup yaar! Seriously those two twinkling eyes they are haunting me”
“Is she hot?”
“I don’t mean that she is different”
“How?” Druv asked
“I am always getting those two eyes infront of me”
“Geetha! Raj!” Krishna shouted
“What happened?” Both asked coming fastly
“Your son grown up! He needs a girl now”
“Yes! Two twinkling eyes ….” Manik closed krishna’s mouth and said in ears”please! Don’t make me joker, please”
“Are haunting Manik always” Druv shouted
“He love that girl” removing Manik’s hand from mouth and said
“The girl who called us yesterday”
“What is her name? Where did you meet? Where will she stay?”
“Wait wait! I just saw last night, who, where, what name I don’t know , haaaa! Yes she is beautiful and attractive different from girl I look arround” Manik clarified
“Oioooooo” all said with dull face

Manik went to London for two years! Two complete his MBA.
Two years later;

Nandini got results, she passed in first class.
“Bhai! Today we will have party”
“Yes! It’s done we will”
“Arey! What is done?” Murali asked while coming to house
“Dad! Nandu passed in first class”
“Oooo great!” Murali hugged his daughter and kissed her forehead
All together enjoyed a lot.srikanth brought cake for Nandu, Murali gave her money to buy new dress, Rekha prepared Nandini’s favourite food,
All nite they watched movie together.

Nandini got ready and came to hall.
“Choti! Where are you going?” Srikanth asked
“Going for an interview”
“What? Why?”
“I completed my graduation so I am going for job”
“No need you are not going any where”
“Dad! You say to bhai”
“Choti! Bhai is correct you better do your MSC”
“No! This month bhai will get result and gets seat in MTech. So, no higher studies for me. I have completed my graduation, even I have done some computer programming, on this we will find job for me it’s final”
“Nothing doing, we will get you married” Rekha said
“Mom! Please don’t raise dads tension. We all know our situation and we all already decided, when we are constructing this house. Once bhai completes MTech and earn job then we both will marry at a time. Till then I will work”
“Do anyone object I will stop eating”
“Choti! This time your ziddi not allowed. I will work, we will marry you, before that you join in MSC”Srikanth said firmly
Murali hugged both emotionally “in all families, children fight for demands here both are fighting for duties, in my life I would have done a best for some one that I have children like you both.”
Both hugged Murali back
“Bhai! Please… Not only to support dad but also to know how much worth I have to get a job and do it successfully. Let me get confidence in myself please”Nandini begged Srikanth
“Aunty!” Called a young girl who is almost Nandini’s age.
“Navya! Come in”
She is navya, padosi, Nandini’s friend and loves Srikanth deeply. Everyone in the house knows it but Srikanth does not react for her.
Once Nandini asked straight to Srikanth “bhai don’t you love navya?”
“Bhai tell na”
“Ok listen, she is like you a girl, until and unless I get settled and your marriage is done then I will say here but before if her parents want her to get married, she should be free to move on. If I express my feelings, it becomes drama. We are middle class people we have to adjust for everything even for love also. That’s why I ignore her.”
Nandini felt it’s true.
“Aunty! Mom asked whether you are joining her for market today?”
“Yes navya! I will tell her that by4 we can go”
“Ok aunty”
She said bye and went away looking at Nandini asking “what?” With eyes
Nandini smiled. Which means nothing serious
“Ok! Choti! But listen if job is good then only”
“Thank you thank you so much. My bhai is worlds best bhai”
“No my sister is sweatest”
Rekha is happy with this, but she knows the situation. This year they constructed house in which all their life time saving went away. Education is also a big investments now a days. Get Nandini married is one more big thing.

Nandini went to a office. It’s Malhotra industries office. In news paper they gave a advertisement, “a secretary wanted” so Nandini came for interview.
There are almost 20members already waiting. Nandini felt depressed. Still to test her luck she sat there.
One after the other going in and coming out. It’s Nandini’s turn. She went in
“Hello sir, Iam Nandini murthy” Nandini said softly
“Hello please have your seat” Druv said.
“Do you have any experience?”
“I think you didnot ask for any experienced candidates”
“Yes, still question is same”
“No, I just completed my graduation in economics”
“For this job you may get late,is it ok?”
“Ok sir!”
“What salary you are expecting?”
“If I offer you 15000/-?”
“I will not join your company”
“As I am not a fool to join such a company which will drown soon”
“Why? And how?”
“Giving less salary or more salary both shows the company status, if you give me less then it’s decided that company don’t have profits, if offering more either they are asking me to do some illegal works which are not in my working profile or, the owner is a fool who is wasting money which may lead to drown in business. Both are same so I will not join”
“Wonderful, what if I don’t give you this job?”
“You will loose a dedicated employee”
“Over confidence???”
“It’s confidence if say you won’t get an employee like me then it will be over confidence”
“I am totally impressed. You are selected. Our receptionist will explain you everything. You just wait outside, she will join you in five minutes.”
“Thank you sir”
“Welcome to our company” Druv smiled.
Nandini came out.

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  5. Mahi13

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  6. Tash

    Awesome…Nandu gave a superb interview… Super awesome…I loved it..n ur new ff is soooo interesting…the cover pic is very beautiful…n units aunty…Tq once again for commenting on my ff.. M really very happy

  7. Interesting akka….But she just want 10k as salary……and what does she mean secretary job offering more than 10k is giving illegal work……not at all …a company like Infosys providing salary to all the fresher’s keeping them on doesn’t mean owner or CEO is a fool to pay them for free of work……..confidence,overconfidence
    defining is nice and sorry if I hurt u…..keep updating

    1. Sunitha.k

      Work difference always makes salary difference
      She is only graduate in economics
      And she not working in any multi nation company, it’s just an industrial sector
      So 10,000 for that company is max
      As in my MBA I read it which I wrote
      More over its story everything is just imaginary.

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