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Hey guys i am back with an o.s.
So its the birthday of the most soecial person who made this world of writers and we are bonded so well that we would definitely cry if parted ways …
Thank u dii for making such a page …u r the king of the jungle our tiger
Love u so much??
Miss u!
So i start with my story
Title: One indian girl
I am trying something entirely different
So lets start the story
Main leads are swara ,sanskar ,neha and parth
Swara played by helly shah
Sanskar by varun kapoor
Neha by obviously our neha di??i e. Neha sainani
And manik by parth samthaan
~~scene 1~~
Third person’s pov
Neha sainani was indeed a happy go lucky girl …
She loved to write and her stories were everyone’s favourite .19 yrs old
She had a cousin named swara who lived in U.S.A. Swara same her age used to spend most of her vacation in neha’s house.They bonded so well that while they were with each other they forgot to think about others
Partying ,watching horror movies and ending up making fun of each other. Both applying colgate on other’s face while sleeping and finally fighting with each other , clicking hundred of selfies but then too both were toppers too .studies was their part of fun in vacations too
And other days apart from vacations they skyped each other talking about their present life
One day
Neha too applied in one of the famous colleges in america for her further studies .She did not tell swara as she wanna give her a surprise but she knew the consequences of not telling her .Last time when she did not tell her of she visiting her she took revenge by not letting her eat even 1 chocolate till she was there but she knows how to handle her
after many days neha got a confirmation about her admission she was soo happy that she danced whole day in her room .she would get to meet her bestie cum.sis plus stay with her at her apartment .
She got there after a month and after landing america she called swara to go to airport and lied that someone is coming and she has to collect parcel
When she reached airport someone closed swara’s eyes ..swara knowing that neha always does this so she couldn’t control her happiness and hugged the person tight.
“Swara see i would faint if you hold me this tight”neha says winking at swara taking her hands back while swara realised that she didn’t even inform her and started running after her for about 10 mins to beat her after 10 mins both started laughing and duo went to swara’s apartment where she was leaving on rent and
Now neha too will accompany her at her apartment though their streams were different
Like neha was doing mba and swara c.a.
Swara and neha were in different clgs
Next day
It was neha’s first day in college of america
She neither was nervous nor confident just happy to get to learn more experience
Swara did not leave a chance to irritate her she even fed her curd and sugar instead of dairy milk silk which swara promised to buy one for her
Sighing neha went towards clg and then when she entered the college
Some boys were already waiting for someone to whom they can rag
But she entered confidently she did not even gave them a damn
Just as she was going someone put leg in her way and she stumbled resulting in falling
She looked up to see who it was and there he was
Manik malhotra the great devil
She stood up rubbing her hands and then gave a big punch to him and said
“Never mess with a indian girl..hope to see you again ” and she went
“Cool i am feeling that i am having a good competitor but you have to pay for it miss”
“Hey can i occupy the seat beside you and she looked up to find a handsome guy but see just smiled and shifted aside to give him space”
“Hey i am sanskar you would have heard my name”
“No i haven’t” neha replied
“Haha you really made waste of my flirting”
“Then why you even try on girls like me”
“Its good for health you know like yoga”
Neha started to laugh
“You mr are srsly mad but i would love to befriend you ..hi i am neha”
“Sanky for friends and you are soo cute “he said pulling her cheeks
“Aoww sanky i will not leave you acha would you like to join me .today i and my friend are planning to see a horror movie see you are my friend so today i will not leave a chance to irritate her
Pls pls sanky ”
“Anything for you young lady”
“Mad fellow you could have replied in only yes or no why to say these big dialogue huh acha meet me after the clg after this lec i have to go for other classes”
“Nehu i am thinking to play a prank on your friend don’t tell her that i am coming ,we will leave early today so that we reach first and then i will hide nd then boom”
“Haha theres benefit befriending you hhaha”neha says and both attends the lecture
After clg they both leave for their destination
~~scene 2~~
Swara’s apartment
“Ting ting ting !! Ting ting ting “swara rings the bell continuously
“Nehu open the door yaar”swara says
“Haha coming coming”neha says while opening
Neha was grinning widely seeing swara
“What’s on my face nehu “swara said glaring her
“Nothing”neha said shrugging
“Uff today all are seeming me mad that kavita too i was thinking to strangle her”swara says while showing demo of strangling kavita but here it was neha’s neck
“Shona i am too young to die!!”
“Acha now lets come fir the movie i have prepared dinner too now come lets see movie break mein dinner??”
“Acha ohk ohk let me change ”
“Arey haan change and come fast swaru”
They started seeing the movie but suddenly voice of creepy door openinig slowly was heard
Swara shivered but pretended that she is not afraid
Neha was laughing at her antics
Then suddenly lights went off and a person came in front of swara’s face from backwards
Swara being hell afraid shouted aaaaaa but the next second 2 person were laughing holding their stomach and they fell laughing
Soon swara switched on the light and said crossing her arms and said pointing at sanskar who was looking like a ghosr
“Who’s this?swara said glaring neha
“Umm he is my friend sanky”
“Haa then make sure that he goes happie because i am not leaving this person”swara said while taking a broom sanskar took out his costume and saw swara looking double cute in her night suit with pink cheeks ..he was enchanted
“Aoww “he screamed as swara started beating him
“Aooww”now it was neha
“You wait neha ki bachi and you idiot i will make u show hell”
“Swaru i am srry srry i brought you thus but you don’t want then its okay”she said pointing at a silk bubbly
Swara took that angrily from it and started having it silently
After some time she saw both of them eyeing bubbly licking their tounge
Swra said”you too can join”they hugged her tight and started having bubbly with her
“Btw idea was too good”swara said laughing
Sanskar was clean bowled by her beauty
“Yeah it was mine idea”sanskar said praising himself by raising his fake collar
“So swaru!”sanskar said
“Its correction its swara for you mr.stranger and after your ghost act i will never think to allow you to call me by other name”swara said
“Nehu she is your master in making my flirting trys a waste”
Neha laughs and sanskar too and soon swara joins in
These three become besties from that day
But there was something more to it
Swara and sanskar and SOMETHING SOMETHING
After neha going to sleep
Swara and sanskar talked whole night eventually making swara sleep in sanskar’s embrace
Sanskar was flirt but seeing swara his heart pounded loudly as if it would come out anytime
He too hugged swara and slept
Friendship is not a day book its bonding that makes frnds into besties not time
Spending quality time with a person is said friendship not quantity time
Next morning
Swara and sanskar wake up by alarm both woke up and looked at each other they were so close …the moment was heating up and soon swara kissed sanskar
it was a short kiss where swaras hamd were still hugging him nd sanskar’s under her top carressing her belly
Swara too came in her sense and was shocked as to what did she do ..
She got up and ran from there to wake neha up
Sanskar ran his hand in hair and punched the wall
~~scene 3 ~~
Neha’s clg
“What the hell get me out of this creepy place “neha said as she was fidgetting with her tied hands trying to open the rope but it seemed of no use
“What happened miss tiger shocked to find urself here then let me tell you my motive revenge from you miss for the punch”manik said
“You coward i didn’t know you would stoop so low get me out of here”neha said
Manik then opened her hands nd hold her face and was about to kiss her but neha kicked him and he stumbled and neha said something that shocked him
“The punch was for loving you at first sight idiot but i will not allow you to do anything which can destroy my dignity its hate vs hate and love v/s love mister and i hate to love you”
“This is going to be so fun miss ”
Manik comes and announces
“Boys and girls there is a girl here who loves me unconditionally that she can take revenge from me too
See her properly ” he says while pointing neha
Neha smiles and says
“Indeed i love a idiot like you but but but correction ……you are into revenge just get out of it and see how beautiful the world is .some or the other day you will regret about it for sure”
She continues”i give you a bet spend just 1 day with me but don’t fall in love with me it will hurt you when i part my ways with you”
“Manik never falls in this shitty love and ok bet accepted you show whatever you want to..but 1 day only 1 day “after saying this he whispers “but you have to spend night too with me ”
“Meet me tomorrow”neha says
She goes manik stares her disappearing figure
~~other side~~
Swara was rewinding the kiss in her mind but now there was no guilt it was replaced by sweet memory of the kiss
That touch of sanskar made her go crazy
“Hello san…ky.. voh umm can u meet me at the cafe coffee day”
“Haa i also wanted to meet you”
“Sanskar umm i don’t know what’s thus feeling but i like u your touch ..your

Embrace ….i want to know you!”
“Swara i flirted with every girl but never had any physical relation wuth them but you are someone special ..i am desperate to know you
“Live at my place for some days”
“Ohk “he replied
Next day
It was neha’s last chance to prove manik wrong about love ..she told swara all story and swara was happy for her but what about her own story
She kept the thoughts about sanky to side
She wore a cute casual gown looking all adorable
She first called him to her house prepared his all favorites and fed him with her hands(she got to kniw favorites from manik’s friend)
Then she planned a cartoon movie fir which she had a hard time convincing mr manik with her cute out and expressions
All the movie manik was laughing heartliy as it was a shinchan movie anyone is sure to laugh
She was staring him seeing her staring manik turned his face to other side and neha come to her sense
After movie it was lunch time they had lunch
While neha was again lost in his brown eyes
He was asking her what raising his eyebrows
Neha replied nothing but manik had a smile by now.
Neha then had icecream treat from him .as usual she was eating it like a kid where she almost her cheeks were covered with it
Manik laughed at her she glared and applied to his cheeks too and licked his cheeks and winked at him
Manik was shocked but happie too
Finally they returned to house they were welcomed by sanky and swara cheerly
They had dinner and masti pulling legs if each other as sanky and manik knew each other fo llowed by neha taking manik to her room where all her stories cover were pinned on the board
“What the hell used to write this stories …no this can’t happen you cannot fall for her!”manik said to himself (yes manik used to read that stories he used to love her writings)
“What happened ?”neha asks come and she takes her to her bed makes him sit down and she sits on the bed
“Gid why are u so tall and hansome”neha blurts out unknowingly
And starts doing his massage
Manik feels grear pleasure after sge is done she is talking about herself but niw manik is staring her continuously
Neha notices it and about to say something but sees manik leaning closer to her but soon he comes to her sense nd was about to go
But”stay with me please one day on my name”neha says
He lays down with her and takes ger in embrace places a forehead kiss and within seconds neha sleeps but manik doesn’t get sleep
He has no diubt that now he loves her
But he was confused that would he love her like she loves manik
Manik gets up writes a note goodbye forever
He was going from there but was shocked to listen something
“Sanskar love is not about showing how much you love you just seem to care fir the oersin automatically and then its the most beautiful feeling …one should never let go it”
Manik felt foolish of himself and went to neh’s room again and hugged her tight
Nd other side.
“One should never let go of love”swara completed while she was making circles on his hands and she kissed his hands
She rose a little kissed him sanskar overpowered her this time and kissed her wildly and took off her top but then he made her wear blanket and got in the blanket and hugged her tight
They had lust for each other but love no they needed time
Neha and manik were the best couple now
They started getting into relationships but still they kissed each other like never before and both needed each other for sleep
Their failing relationships made them understand that they were madly in love with each other
“Meet me urgently “says text from sanky
“Coming “swara replies
“She comes at home to see house as it is but what was different were the 5 flowers which she did nit fail to notice because every flower had different flavour of silk
She was beyond happie seeing silks nit caring what that flowers had
Looking thoroughly she found chits
And every chit had the same word love
Just then sanky came there and saw swara keeping the chuts and eating the chocolates
“I manik malhotra have completely incandescently fallen in love with you my miss tiger u rule here …”he says pointing at heart
“Manik you don’t have to propose in front of all”
“No neha i insulted you infront my ego replaced my love pls accept me officially and do it fast or else cake icecream that is kept in my car will melt nd yaa happie birthdae “he says while pecking her and he goes leaving her behind
She runs after her
Scene 4
Sanskar seeing swara eating chocolates came infront of her nd took her in his arms nd made his way towards his room and placed her in bed
“So “sanky said
“I love u too and pls kiss me uff my thoughts
I don’t know when why hiw but i love you i can’t live without you ..”
“Me too and dare you eat that chocolate without me” he says nd kisses her
“Haha sanskar you know guys dnt like chocolate but you are different ???”swara says but sanskar was busy kissing her and having his chocolate flavour ..having no control on themselves they made love to each other
“Manik manik dare you eat that cake and what was that there?? That ??”
“Its called kiss”saying he again kisses her and pushes her inside the car and takes cake icecream and he too goes backside of the car

“Happie bdae my indian girl”manik says while feeding her
“Love you”
Live word is so special its not getting on those thousands of relationship and doing break ups
Just figure what is like and love


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