One Heart,With Two Owners – Chapter 3


One Heart ,With Two Owners

|| Chapter 3 || – He left behind it

Every morning Swara was an Early bird who got up and finished daily chores before leaving for college. She never liked delay. Despite her mom telling her not to work she would help her mom. Her college was 2 kilometers away. She was lucky if she would get a bus else she had to walk down to her college. It was her last year of engineering. No girl in the family had studied it. They were conservative people who made their daughters study a simple graduation and married them off. But swara had a strong mind and her parents had also encouraged her to study this. So she speaks even ready to walk this far to study.

That day as she finished all the work and was just about to leave she remembered the shirt and went to get it. It was neatly placed in her cupboard between her clothes. She took it and touched it. She smiled a sweet smile.

In Sanskar’s house he was sleeping like a log. He never woke up early. He had servants to do his work. Someone was trying to wake him up. A beautiful girl. Her deep brown eyes. She touched his face.

Girl – Wake up Sanskar…..
And she disappeared into the winds! But alas it was all his dream he realized when he woke up. Omg she was in his dreams now?? She was gonna kill him.

He got up and got ready to go to office. He was too distracted and kept thinking about her. She was in his thoughts,his movements and everywhere. She was his breath.

Swara on the other hand didn’t know how to return his shirt. She just kept the shirt in her bag and left her house to go to college. She was lost in thoughts. She just recalled what she overheard last night. Yes she had heard it her parents talking about her marriage being fixed! What would she do now? She had to control her attraction. With a strong mind she went to her college.

On the other hand shekar called Sahil’s dad. Sahil’s dad was shekar’s good friend and his classmate too. They were best buddies is young life. So they had promised to get their kids married and turn the friendship into relationships.

Sahil’s dad was a nawab in Gujarat. He had a huge palace and swara would be a princess and future queen if she married sahil. But sahil was not the prefect guy cause god had a different selection for her. The call connected and soon the good old friends were back. They talked about their current life.

Nawab – Shekar how is your daughter? Is she doing well?

Shekar – ( little tensed). Yea…she is doing good with her studies and all. Young girl. She has gone to college now.

Nawab – How can you send her to college? She is my would be daughter in law. She is a princess. She can’t be between common people.

Shekar- You still remember the promise? Well I….

Nawab- What? I am actually coming next month to fix the dates. Swara and Sahil will marry. I can’t wait any more bas!

Shekar – Swara is just young still. Don’t you think we should wait?

Nawab – Young well I think it’s the right age to marry! I am infact coming next month to take her as my DIL. Be ready. Ok bye now. And send me swara’s picture. Sahil was asking for it.

After the tensed up talk shekar cut the call and informed shomi and janki about this. They were disheartened but then they had to accept the fact that swara had to marry someone and indeed sahil was from a rich family and being a princess she would be happy.

When Swara went to her college she saw a familiar face standing on the road. A man was leaning on his bike and he was looking at swara with chocolatey eyes. He was sanskar.Swara was surprised as to what he was doing here. She being shy did not talk to him while he sensed her presence and came to her.

Sanskar- Swara aap yahan?

Swara- Woh…I study here.

Sanskar: What?? Seriously. Well I am your senior then. I just came to meet all my teachers.

Swara- Woh…actually I….I…have your….shirt.

Sanskar- Yaa I know. Shall I come to your house to take it back?

Swara- No…I have it with me now.

Sanskar was surprised when Swara said she had the shirt with her. He politely took the shirt and rubbed his hair. She felt shy and walked toward the gate of the college. Sanskar called out!

Sanskar- Swara!! Can I get your phone number?
And he ran towards her.

Swara- Number……

Sanskar- I mean it’s ok if you can’t give.
And felt dejected.

Swara- Hmm….wait here take the number. And she gave it.

He felt as if he was in 7th sky! That happiness knew no bounds. He was now going to woo her at any cost. And make her his! She was born to be with him by crossing all obstacles.

Sanskar: Thank you so much! I will call you pucca….

Swara: Call nooo.
She was shy and nervous.

Sanskar: Swara! Your just mine and I feel I left something behind with you.

Telling this he ran off. Swara wondered what he left behind while she shied even more thinking of his words but then she realized what she was doing was wrong. How can she, a Muslim marry a brahmin?
They were not at all made for each other. She had to get conscious of her feelings towards him and control it too. They were getting high now.

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