One Heart,With Two Owners – Chapter 2


One Heart,With Two Owners

|| Chapter 2 || ~~ Vidai?

Recap – Swasan meet. Swara’s shy behavior. Sanskar falls for her at first sight. She is slightly attracted to him. Raglak reception.

The reception got over and it was dinner time. The newly wed couple sat together and were feeding each other a tradition delicacy which was an old custom. They played and enjoyed.

Laksh: Sanskar did you have dinner?

Sanskar: Nooo…woh I will go home and eat.

Laksh: I said we have separate food for vegetarians na! You are not the only vegetarian here. We have so many vegetarians in the family itself. Go eat! Saale.

Sanskar: Okay I’m going. You continue you romance. No need of break in this.

Sanskar went searching where the veg food is served and was finding it when he bumped into someone.
Aah! It as Swara indeed. The kheer she was holding spilt over and fell on his shirt.
Swara’s round eyes bulged even more and she le out a sign seeing it a drop had fallen on her dress but the image in front of her shocked her. Sanskars shirt had gone for a toss.

But sanskar wasn’t in this world. He went into his own imagination and dreams. His mouth half open with kheer dripping. Swara was smiling.

Swara: Sanskar ji. Sanskar ji!!
No response.
When it him on the shoulder when he came back. He saw his shirt and shouted!

Sanskar: What the hell. Who did this?

Swara : Actually I am sorry. I had kheer in my hand which spilled out. I will show you these to the washroom. Please come.
Sanskar saw that there was huge line of people standing there. He felt suffocated. Swara now realized that he was pissed with it. She called him somewhere and got another jug of water. She took him to the balcony and carefully poured water to his hand making sure his hand didn’t touch hers. She gave him her hand kerchief to wipe his face.

Swara later got another shirt and gave it to him.
Swara turned her face other side holding the shirt toward him.
Swara: You change into this shirt and give me yours. I will wash it and return it to you.

Sanskar: It’s ok….

Swara: Mistake was mine. I will do it. Please.

Sanskar removed his shirt there while her face was turned other side. He changed. Swara took his shirt and kept it aside. They both left the room.

Sanskar: Swara Ji. Can you show me where the veg food is kept? I don’t eat non veg.

Swara: Actually I am going there. You may come. Call me swara.
She said with a smile showing her pretty face.

She went ahead and Sanskar followed her and finally they reached the place. Very few people are there as most of them are non veg food.

Sanskar: Don’t you eat non veg?? I am shocked. Laksh eats so much. Sometimes he buys in my money. Mom doubts if I ate non veg.

Swara: I do eat. I just don’t feel like eating today.

Well why didn’t she want to eat? Was it to give company to sanskar? Was she also falling for him?

They finished dinner and went to the main hall. Guests had started dispersing by then. And it was time to say adieu even for Sanskar. He looked at the flowers arranged and took a beautiful white one.

Sanskar: Swara this one is for you. Don’t think why I am gifting it. Just as a friend…hehe but white suits you!

Swara took the rose in hand and didn’t even life her head up. She was shy to speak up.

Swara: Thank you sanskar ji.
and she ran away.

Sanksar and all of laksh’s friend left the hall.

Vidai had begun. Swara went to her sister and comforted her.
Ragini: Swara you have always acknowledged the thoughts of my heart just by reading my face. You have always kept me happy. But I am unable to do it. So if there is anything troubling you never think I got married and went away. Just give me a call and I’m always there with you okay? Don’t you dare hide it from me. Keep smiling.

Swara: Aapi what’s there to hide ha?? I am happy only. You just give me a call if jijaji doesn’t take care of you okay??

And they laughed and cried. They hugged each other. Ragini’s mom and swara’s mom blessed her with a long married life and they left. Swara was left crying and she ran to her room.

The elders sat for a discussion. It was Ragini’s mom Janki and shomi and Shekar. Ragini was a fatherless child. Her dad passed away due to health issues and from then on janki and Ragini stayed along with shekar in a joint family. Shekar was their father and there was no bias in it.

Shekar: My responsibilities have lessened now. I should marry swara soon too…I should find a perfect for guy for her now.

Shomi: Find? Did you forget? We have promised to get her….

Janki: Shomi you still think we should abide by it? We were thoughtless then. But how can swara marry him? He is..

Shekar: Bhabhi! Shomi is right. I never take back promises. I always keep them right. Swara shall get married to the one we chose for her. Sahil Khan. He is after all a prince. Won’t he keep her happy?

Janki: But he is 9 years older to her. How can they?

Shekar: No. I will talk to Saab and if he still remembers his word then we shall get our swara married there. Else we shall not ask them at all okay? This would be fine.

Janki: Ya I am sure they would have forgotten about the promise shekar.

Shomi: I just hope so! Ya Allah! Please keep my daughter’s happy.

They settle down at the matter and go to sleep remembering the day.

In her room swara put the white rose into a glass of water so that it doesn’t wither away soon. She washed and ironed his shirt. But how will she return it to him now? Is there any clue? Will they meet again….or is it Swara’s destiny to marry someone else?


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