She is the One (Episode 9) (SwaSan, RagLak, Adeerti [ZaYa])


She is the One Episode 9(SwaSan, RagLak, Adeerti [ZaYa])

Recap : Swara and Sanskaar go on a long drive. Maheshweri family members come to GO

The episode starts with Ragini opening the door. Ap is shocked to see Ragini.
Ap : What is she doing here?
Adarsh : Ragini won’t you call us in?
Ragini : Ah..ahh yeah come in.
Everyone comes in. Ragini is tensed and looking at Laksh and Laksh looks at Ragini worriedly.
Dp : Beta, where is your Di?
Ragini : Ek minute uncle.

Ragini goes and knocks Preeti’s room.
Preeti : Come in Laado
Ragini : Di, Laksh’s family has come. I don’t know what the reason is.
Preeti : Don’t worry. I’ll get changed and come.
Preeti and Ragini comes. Preeti has worn a white anarkali. She greets everyone and takes blessing from everyone. Daadi comes there and she too greets and sits. While Preeti and Ragini are standing. Preeti orders the servent to bring chai to drink. Ap introduces everyone in their family to Daadi.

Daadi : Regarding what have you come to speak?
Ap : We have here to ask your daughters hand in marriage.
Daadi knows about Ragini’s relationship.
Daadi thinks in her mind : Even they have an elder son who is unmarried and we too have and daughter unmarried. While they are unmarried how come Ragini and Laksh marry?
Daadi : Are you speaking about Ragini’s marriage?
Ap smiles : Arey nahi ji. We want Preeti’s hand in marriage for Adarsh.
Adarsh smirks while Preeti, Ragini and Laksh are shell shocked. Preeti feels that the whole world is rotating. Some incidents and words are echoing in her head.

Ap : And Ragini’s……
(Laksh is now stunned as he didn’t expect everything to happen this fast. He has not cleared up anything. His heart starts sinking and he started sweating he closes his eyes, he prayed god for one minuted to make him deaf. How could her listen that his mother asking his jaan’s hand in marriage for his brother. In one side he felt that she won’t ask but still he was not ready)

A voice from behind : Adarsh, Laksh
Everyone turns to the entrance. Sanskaar is standing. He gets stunned seeing Adarsh and Laksh.
Ap : Sanskaar…What are you doing here?
Sanskaar : I should be asking…..(He realizes everything what’s going on)
Swara come running with some sugar cane which she bought for Preeti and Ragini.
Swara : Sanky we almost forgot the suuuuuuuuuugar……(she sees everyone staring at her. She grins)….cane (She says it softly)
Dp : Sanskaar who is this?
Preeti : She is my sister.
Swara greets everyone and walks near Ragini and Preeti.
Swara whispers : Why are they here?
Ragini : Wait and watch.
Daadi : Ji, you were telling something.

Ap : Ah yeah, We wan’t Ragini’s hand in marriage for……(Laks’s heart started rising and Sanskaar widens his eyes in shock)……Laksh.
Laksh and Sanskaar gets really happy.
Laksh in his mind : Thank god… Did here it wrong? No no no, can’t be I heard my name. I’m the happiest person on this earth… But wait how come ma know this?

Laksh looks at Adarsh and Adarsh winks back.
Daadi : I’m really happy Ap ji but before that I want to ask my daughter. Ragini beta, Preeti beta. What do you think?
Preeti in her mind : Why didn’t I think it before? What am I going to do? Baghawan ji please help me. (She looks at Ragini who is really happy and blushing looking at Laksh and Laksh is also happy that he smiling looking at Ragini) I will have to do this for Laado.
Adarsh : You don’t have to give the answer in hurry. If you want you can speak with me personally.
Daadi : Haa beta if you want go and speak.

Preeti nods. Adarsh and Preeti go to the terrace. Adarsh with a dark smirk on his face. Both of them are standing for a while. Preeti’s hair is moving to the wind. The sun as not yet set, it’s in its last line. Adarsh breaks the silence.
Adarsh : So Ms. Gadodia this was unexpected isn’t it?
Preeti : Don’t be over smart. Don’t think I’m a fool to easily get caught in this trap.
Adarsh : Achcha, but you have no any other option other than this. Your poor sisters have helped in trapping you.
Preeti shouts : Adarsh

Adarsh : Shshshshsh…I won’t think twice to break your sisters’ relationships which means your sisters’ hearts. My brothers won’t step a step if I say no to them as we are that much attached and most probably they will listen to me as you will be the reason for their marriage not happening.
Preeti with anger looks at Adarsh.
Adatsh smiles : Plus you have grown you sisters with all comfort and they don’t know what is the meaning of pain like you same with my brothers. Don’t make me show it to both of our siblings as you and I both know how much it hurts. Better give a positive answer.

Adarsh turns to leave.
Preeti : I’m ready to marry you. I’m ready to bear all the pain by myself as you told it is not new to me. I’ll go to any extent for my sisters’.
Adarsh : Smart and brave in your voice. I like it but it won’t stay for long.

Both of them come downstairs.
Ap : What is your answer beta.
Preeti gives a fake smile : I’m ready to marry.
Both Ragini and Swara hugs Preeti.
Dp : Ap, did you forget something else.
Ap : How can I forget Ji. I’m so happy to get my sons married to the same family. We want Swara’s hand in marriage for Sanskaar.

Daadi : Swara beta, give your answer too.
Swara : Yes. (She blushes and winks at Sanskaar)
Daadi : Even I’m happy that our daughter are getting married to the same family. We’ll talk about the engagement after matching the kundils.
Dp : What about tomorrow?
Daadi : Theek hain
Ap : Swara beta I think your wedding let it be done in few years as Sanskaar is still small.
Swara smiles : I’m ok with it aunty
Ap : I prefer Ma than aunty.
Swara smile and nods ok. All the Maheshwari’s greeted and leave GM.

In the night in MM at breakfast table.
Ap : I’m very happy today. I fulfilled all my duties at once.
Sujatha : Even I’m very happy. (She hugs Ap and Ap hugs her back)
Laksh’s phone rings. He finished eating fast and excuses himself. He runs to his room.
Dp : This Laksh will never change. When it comes to food he doesn’t care much.
Sanskaar : Papa, complain to Ragini bhabhi. She knows how to handle him.
Rp : At least we got him a wife who can control him.

Laksh’ Room.
Laksh : Hmm tell.
Ragini : It was surprising. Why didn’t you inform me? I would have got ready beautifully.
Laksh : Beautiful? No matter how much you try, you can never become beautiful.
Ragini : Laksh I don’t want to speak with you.
Laksh is smiling : Hey ugly, don’t get angry.
Ragini widens her eys : Haaaaa, what did you say? Ugly?
Laksh : My ugly girl….
Ragini cuts his words : I’m keeping. Bye. Never ever call me.

At GM. Ragini gets down from the stairs her face has turned in to red in anger.
Preeti : What happened laado? Why do you look angry?
Ragini : Di that Laksh told that I’m ugly.
Preeti and Swara laughs.

Preeti : So what? He has told the truth.
Ragini : You started to support your dewar?
Swara : Laado cool baaba, maybe he was kidding.

All three sit to eat. Daadi comes with chapatti.
Preeti : Shona
Swara : Haa di
Preeti : Why don’t you live here with us forever. I asked you so many times but you told that it will be a trouble and we also didn’t want to force you but now I think you better come and live with us as Kamala aunty is going back to her hometown tomorrow as her daughter’s wedding and I don’t think she will come back.

Ragini : Haan shona, why don’t you come? Such big house but only we three are living. You can’t stay alone for sure.
Swara : Okie, from today Swara will be living with Di and Laado.
Daadi who went to bring more chapatti comes back.
Daadi : You forgot your daadi?
Swara : How will I forget our queen?

Preeti’s phone rings and she answers.
Preeti : Hello, who is speaking?
Caller : Adarsh Maheshwari.
Preeti : Adarsh? Why did you call?

Adarsh : I was curious what to be Mrs. Preeti Adarsh Maheshweri is doing.
Preeti can’t tolerate her name with his name.
Preeti : Don’t dare…….(She realizes where she is, Ragini and Swara are looking at her with widened eyes. Most probably they are shocked).. to call me Preeti Gadodia hereafter. I’m Preeti Adarsh Maheshwari.
Ragini and Swara smiles. Swara raises here eyebrows.
Ragini : What an improvement?
Swara : Too fast di.

Preeti gets up and go. Swara and Ragini bursts out in to laugh.
Swara : It’s good to see her like this.
Ragini : Yeah shona. I’m so happy today.
Swara : Laado, I’ll go get my things and come.
Ragini : Shall I come to help you?
Swara : No it’s ok. I can manage.
Ragini : At least call Sanskaar, he will help you to move things.
Swara : Ok, bye
Ragini : Bye.

Ragini goes to her room. She switches on the light and finds balloons all around her room and each balloon it’s written a ‘sorry’. Ragini wonders who did it. She looks around and finds no one. Suddenly someone comes and hug her from behind. Ragini realizes who is it.
Ragini : What is all this Laksh.
Laksh : This is all for my ugly to be wife.
Ragini : Leave me.
Laksh : What is this asking me to leave…(He laughs)…that easily I can’t leave.
Ragini releases herself and marches to her bed. Laksh turns and locks the door. Ragini hears the lock sound and turns.
Ragini : Now why did you lock?

Laksh : My wish.
Ragini : Mr. Laksh Maheshwari this is my room.
Laksh : I don’t care, to be Mrs. Laksh Maheshwari ( Ragini blushes) Aww someone is blushing.
He walks towards her and give a peck on her blushing cheeks which makes red from pink and hugs her from behind.
Ragini : Don’t try to butter me like this.
Laksh : Ok then I’m leaving. (Sad tone)
Ragini tried hard not to turn and ask him to stop. She controls herself, Laksh goes towards the balcony. Ragini goes to her bed and finds a wrapped a frame. She opens it. It is a picture of Ragini in the blue gown Laksh gave; the picture is pasted with tiny pieces of papers (something like a collage). And there is Laksh’s signature in the right bottom of it. Ragini gets teary.

Ragini monologue : How foolish am I? I always do something like this. I hurt him always. Ragini I hate you to the core. Don’t talk to me foolish Ragini. How much hurt would he be? He loves you a lot but you…See how hardly he has done it for you. What have you done for him? Not a single thing. The how can you react like a big headed like this. I hate you, I hate you, I hate you……
A voice from behind : But I love you, I love you, I love you
Ragini turns : Laksh…
She runs and hugs him. She is crying for her silly anger. She hides her face in his chest. Laksh hugs her back and kisses on her head.
Ragini : I’m sorry Laksh…
Laksh : Shshshsh, I heard everything. How come you hate my Ragini?
Ragini : How can you forgive me every time? You have such a broad heart.
Laksh : It’s all because your love.
They break there hug. Laksh holds her face with both of his hands.
Laksh : Your tears are precious don’t waste it.
Ragini : Ok I won’t. Why do you love me so much?
Laksh : Jaan, I don’t know how much I love you. If you want an amount let me give you, then it’s infinite.
Ragini looks at him lovingly.

Laksh : Ok meri jaan, I’m tired. Hope to meet you soon.
Ragini : Me too. Love you
Laksh : Love you.
Laksh leaves. Ragini is really happy. She goes down and when she passes Preeti’s room she hears Preeti weeping. Ragini opens Preeti’s room door and sees she is crying.
Ragini : Di?
Preeti wipes her tears.
Preeti : Laado, why?
Ragini : Why are you crying?
Preeti : I didn’t cry.
Ragini : Don’t lie to me Di, I can see you face and tell that you are crying.
Swara comes.
Swara : Is everything ok?
Ragini : No Shona, she is hiding something. She was speaking with jiju and now she is crying.
Preeti : Nothing like that Laado. Go and sleep

Ragini : Without knowing why you cried I won’t leave.
Swara : What is so serious that you can’t tell us?

Ragini takes Preeti’s one hand and keeps on her head while Swara keeps the other one on her head.
Ragini : Now tell.
Preeti : What are you both doing?
Swara : You have no option Di.
Preeti : Once when I said no, that means no
Ragini : Di, then don’t you find us important.
Swara : Please tell us all the truth

Preeti breaks down and narrates something which is muted.
Swara : So this is why he wanted to marry you by emotionally blackmailing you.
Ragini : I know what to do.
Swara : I know Ragini what you are going to do.
Preeti : No Swara, no Ragini. Both of you are not going to do anything. This is my life and I will face it. I have all my rights to take my own descion .
Ragini : Achcha, you have your own right? Then we too have.
Swara : After knowing everything don’t think that we will put you in trouble
Ragini and Swara leaves.

At MM.
Adarsh : Laksh where did you go?
Laksh : I went to meet Ragini
Adarsh : Very bad you could have called me too
Laksh : OMG my bhai is becoming romantic.

Suddenly Ragini and Swara reach MM.
Ragini : Laksh…Laksh..
Swara : Sanskaar…Sanskaar…
Laksh and Adarsh comes down. Ap, Dp, Rp and Sujatha also come down.
Laksh : Ragini, what are you doing?
Ap : Swara beta, Ragini beta..Is everything ok?
Dp : Do you’ll have to say something.
Ragini with teary eyes shouts : Haan, I don’t want marry him. I don’t want to marry you Mr. Laksh Maheshwari.
Laksh shatters down. He could feel his heart breaking into pieces. He goes backward and looses balance and Adarsh hold him.
Ap : What are you telling Ragini?
Swara : Haan. We don’t want to be bahu’s of these house.
Ragini : If we have to marry Laksh and Sanskaar by sacrificing our sisters’ life. Then we don’t have to marry them.
Swara : I will not marry Sanskaar and Ragini will not marry Laksh. (Both of them are crying vigorously. They keep on wiping their tears)

Laksh : Ragini….
Sanskaar from behind : Swara…

Screen freezes on the crying faces of RagLak and SwaSan

Precap : Adarsh proposing Preeti. Ragini removes her ring which Laksh gave. Swara is crying vigorously.

Credit to: Dafsi

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