She is the One (Episode 8) (SwaSan, RagLak, Adeerti [ZaYa])


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She is the One Episode 8 (SwaSan, RagLak, Adeerti [ZaYa])

Recap : Laksh and Ragini dancing. Sanskaar’s proposal.

Flashback ends.

SwaSan and RagLak are in the canteen.
Laksh : I’m sorry jaan (in a sad tone)

Ragini hold his hands : You don’t have to be sorry. You believe me and it’s enough.
Sanskaar : I don’t know from where are these girls getting words to badmouth others.
Swara giggles : Obviously from their mouth only Sanskaar (She pinches Sanskaar’s cheeks)
Sanskaar : Wah what a smart answer. Swara you are genius.
Swara : I know Mr. Genius
Laksh : I have to tell something which your Mr. Genius did.
Sanskaar : Bhai, No bhai.
Ragini : Laksh you tell.

Laksh : This fool didn’t tell me that you came to our house. Mom thought that you Sanskaar’s friend and she asked how she is now. I thought she was speaking about Swara and I told mom that she is not his friend but soon to be choti bahu. Mom really is happy about it and she told that she will make Ragini her bahu through Sanskaar (Laksh laughs)
Swara laughs while Ragini starts beating Laksh.
Ragini : Are you both out of your minds? Baghawan ji please help me. How come you just wait Laksh?
Laksh : Jaan relax. I’ll clear it up with Mom, we are waiting until Adarsh gets a bride.
Swara : Wait then what will happen to me?
Swara starts beating Sanskaar.

Scene shifts MO (Maheshwari Office)
Preeti is seated in the conference hall. Adarsh enters and sees Preeti frustrated. He gets happy to see her frustrated.
Adarsh : Good morning Ms. Gadodia.
Preeti : Oh, I think you are too early. (She walks toward Adarsh) Remember one thing if you have forgotten. This Preeti hates people who are unpunctual.
Adarsh : I didn’t forget anything, not a incident is forgotten. It’s just some important work came. Ms. Gadodia today I’m really happy to see you and your sisters’ frustrated faces.

Preeti gets shocked while Adarsh smiles evilly.
Preeti : What did you do to them Adarsh?
Adarsh : Don’t get tensed. I didn’t do anything. I just asked them whether they really love my brothers and after all they’re your upbringing. But they really do love. Until now I didn’t do anything but I might do something to reduce my hunger of revenge.
Preeti gives a tight slap to Adarsh
Preeti : Let me tell you something. To harm my sisters you have face me before them. Don’t you dare to do anything to them, understood? And about the deal I’ll speak with your papa. I don’t want to any dealing with you.
Preeti leaves while Adarsh fumes in anger.
Adarsh monologue : You did wrong by slapping Adarsh Maheshwari. You will have to pay for this and everything else.

In the college.
Laksh comes out after lecture. Sanskaar is standing near the car.
Laksh : Shall we leave?
Sanskaar : Bhai, I need the car today.
Laksh : What for?
Sansksaar : I want to take Swara on a long drive. Bhabhi will drop you home.
Ragini and Swara come to the parking lot.
Laksh : Ragini come lets go.
Ragini : Go where?
Laskh : Today you will drop me.
Swara : Then Sanskaar?
Sanskaar : We are going on a long drive.
Swara : Long drive? Wooooow Sanky…Come let’s go.
Ragini : Ok guys enjoy.

Laksh drives Ragini’s car with Ragini and Sanskaar drives Laksh’s car with Swara.

RagLak’s side. Ragini is looking out of the window.
Laksh : Do you also want to go on a long drive?
Ragini : No, why?
Laksh : I just asked. Shall we go now?
Ragini : No Laksh, you look tired. We’ll go on a another day.
Laksh : Sure?
Ragini : Haan. This tiny time I spend with you is more than enough for me to be happy.
Laksh stops the car in front of MM and holds Ragini’s cheek with one hand. Ragini holds his hand which is on top of her cheek.
Laksh : Love you jaan. (He kisses on her forehead)
Ragini : Love you too.
Both of them get down. Laksh hugs Ragini and goes in while Ragini leaves taking her car.

Scene at MM.
Laksh enters and sees Ap staring at him. Adarsh is also sitting with her.
Laksh : What ma?
Ap : Go get ready we are going out.
Laksh : Going out where?

Dp : Where is Sanskaar?
Laksh : Papa he has gone out with his friend.
Dp : Ok, now you go and get ready and come.

After a while Laksh comes down and sees all the family members except Sanskaar are ready.
Laksh : At least tell me where are we going.
Dp : All get in to the car.
Laksh goes near Adarsh.
Laksh : Adarsh at least you tell me where are we going.
Adarsh : Surprise.

SwaSan scene.
Swara : Sanskaar don’t drive this fast.
Sanskaar : Don’t be afraid Swara I’m there with you.
Swara : I know that and I also know that you will be with me forever.
Sanskaar : I love you
Swara blushes : Hey Sanskaar stop the car. I want to drink sugar cane drink, please.
Sanskaar stops the car. Both of them gets\ down.
Swara : Bhai, two sugar cane drinks
Shop keeper : Here beta (He hands over it)
Swara : Thank you. Sanskaar pay for him.
Sanskaar pays.
Swara : here drink this.
Sanskaar : Don’t know whether it is hygienic.

Swara : Oh come on drink it. You will forget hygiene and all when you drink.
Sanksaar makes a ewwww face. Swara forces him to drink. Swara drinks her very interestingly. Sanskaar looks at her lovingly. Swara asks what from her eyes. Sanskaar nod no and smiles.
Swara : How was it?
Sanskaar : Hmm tasty.
Swara : I told you.

All Maheshwari’s ream GM. Laksh is shell shocked.
Laksh in his mind : Oh! God. Did Ma and Papa are going to ask Ragini’s hand for Sanskaar. No no no no this can’t happen for sure.
Everyone gets down. They go and ring the door bell and Ragini opens it and she gets shocked to see everyone including Laksh.

Screen freezes on shocked face of Ragini.

Precap : Ragini says I don’t want to get married. Swara, Ragini hugs Preeti and cries. Sanskaar is shocked to see Laksh and Adarsh.

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Credit to: Dafsi

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  1. niceeeee….can u plz revael y aadarsh is behaving so rude to preeti

  2. Superb epi i can’t wait for the nxt one wht happened to them

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  4. In the title you’ve mentioned ZaYa but they still haven’t been introduced in the story. Why?

  5. Its actually the pairs are zaya in the name of Adarsh and preeti….hope you understood dear

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