She is the One (Episode 7) (SwaSan, RagLak, Adeerti [ZaYa])


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Sasural Swaragini Ka and She is the One – Spoiler

She is the One Episode 7 (SwaSan, RagLak, Adeerti [ZaYa])

Recap : SanLak convincing Preeti. Laksh is shocked hearing about his marriage. Adarsh meets Swara and Ragini to make somethings clear.

Adarsh to himself : Am I wrong? These two girls answered me very fast and found truth in their words. May be I am wrong. Shall I help them or not? I have to think a lot regarding. Wait if they really love each other there is no fault in making them together for my brothers’ happiness I would go for any extent. But….
Adarsh gets interrupted by his call.

Adarsh : Haan bole Krish
Krish : Sir, your meeting with Ms. Gadodia
Adarsh in his mind: How come he know about that my meeting with Ragini (He has totally forgotten about the meeting at his office with Preeti)
Adarsh : What meeting? And how do you know?
Krish : Sir, meeting with Preeti Gadodia. She is here and told that you fixed the meeting here in MO.
Adarsh : Oh ! Ask her to wait; I’ll be coming in a while.

Scene at MM

In Laksh’s room his phone rings.
Laksh : Hello jaan (sleepily)
Ragini : Laksh are you still sleeping? It’s already 8.30. What about your practices?
Laksh : Am I dreaming? That my Ragini is reminding me of what she hates the most.
Ragini giggles : No, You are in your reality.
Ap enters.
Ap : Laksh awake beta.
Laksh : Haan ma I’m awake.
Laksh whispers to Ragini : I’ll meet you soon jaan. Take care.
Ap : Laksh, got get changed. I have kept breakfast on the table. I and chachchi ji are going to Mandir.
Laksh : Okay ma.

Scene at college
Ragini and Swara are seated in the open study area.
A girl comes : She is the one who is going to get married to Laksh Maheshwari (she points Ragini and shows to another girl)
Girl 2 : Tina, you mean Laksh Maheshwari. The heir of Maheshwari and Son’s Company?
Tina : Yes of course Sunaina
Sunaina : It must be a hard trap. I don’t know what she did to him to fall in to her trap. I heard that Laksh Maheshwari has never fell in love with anyone, he was a person who would anyone fall for but he never did.
Tina : Exactly, she must be really tricky.
A voice : Better keep your tongue in your limits.
Ragini who was hearing this girs talk has tears in her eyes. Swara was about to speak up then Laksh enters.
Sunaina : OMG its college star Laksh Maheshwari
Laksh : Exactly and soon to be husband of the girl you were talking about (In angry tone) and also I would like to inform you that she is too a heiress of a leading company in India.
Swara and Ragini turns toward them.

Ragini : Laksh
Laksh : I have never seen you around the college. Aakash who are these two?
Aakash who is Laksh’s friend who is standing with him
Aakash : New to the college.
Laksh : Achcha, then let me clear up something. The first girl who I fell in love with ,the first person who attracted me on the first meet itself, the first girl I waited for with patience is My Ragini, My Jaan (Ragini smiles in happiness while continuing to cry)

Flashback is shown 10 months ago.
A professor (1) is shown teaching to some students. Another professor (2) comes there.
Professor (2) : Excuse me Mr. Sinha can I borrow your student Laksh maheshwari please?
Mr. Sinha : Mr. Maadhan, can’t the college committee let that boy study? He is already bundled up with his missed work because of the cricket practices. Now what is the college up to?
Mr. Maadhan : I’m sorry, but what to do. He has being elected as the college president, so it is his duty.
Mr. Sinha nods : Laksh, you are excused.

A boy stands up and come near the professors. It’s none other than our Laksh.
Mr Maadhan and Laksh go out, both of them while waking in the corridor.
Mr Maadhan : I think you already know that we have to welcome new comers and we should prepare for their party. As you are college president, as usual you have to take up all the responsibilities. And give me the name lists of all the committee members by evening.
Laksh nods.

The bell rings for the lunch break. Laksh and his friends are in the canteen.
Laksh : Aakash, make sure you get all your notes written properly. I’ll copy them later. (He is a bit frustrated)
Aakash : Lucky your brother is joining this year right?
Laksh : Haan, he should have joined last year but he was not well while the entrance exams were going on.
A boy arrives.
The boy : Hey Lucky
Laksh : Aditya, how irresponsible you are. Being the secretary of the college, you don’t even help me.
Aditya : I’m sorry Lucky. You know right, how our department works are. Don’t worry I am here to help you.
A girl comes near Laksh.
The girl : Are you going to accept me or not? Why don’t you understand me?
Laksh : Shanaya, I have no time for this and remember you can’t get love by force. There would be someone born for me and I will meet her soon. Aakash handle her.
Laksh and Aditya leaves.

After a week, the new comers have started coming. Laksh who was busy reading the list was walking in the corridor. A girl who has worn a long yellow skirt with long sleeved white t shirt comes running from the other side she didn’t see Laksh and they collide. The girl is on Laksh.
Another girl who was running behind her arrives there. She has worn a long black skirt and a sky blue kurta. She has plaited her hair in fish tail and left it on a side.
Girl : Shona are you okay?
The girl who was on Laksh composes herself : Haan laado I’m ok. I have no idea whether this man has eyes or no.
Laksh still didn’t see the other girl. He gets up and composes himself and he sees Ragini who is dusting Swara’s dress. He just can’t move his eyes from her. Something was attracting him.
Laksh in his mind : Who is she Laksh? What kind of beauty she has? What is happening to you? You have never looked at a girl in this way?
His thoughts are broken when Sanskaar comes there and shouts.
Sanskaar shouts : Bhai, at last I’m here.
Swara : Is he your bhai? Ask him if he is blind or what.
Laksh : Do you know her Sanskaar?
Sanskaar : No
Swara : You don’t have to know people to request.
Ragini : Shona it would have been an accident. Come let’s go. Our introduction class will finish.
Swara : Today you got saved because of her or I would have taught you a lesson.
Laksh is looking at Ragini a smile appears on his face.
Sanskaar : Bhai are you okay?
Laksh : Haan haan, yeah I’m fine. Now go to the main lecture hall. It’s in the first right turn.
Sanskaar too leaves.

In the hall Swara and Ragini are sitting together. Sanskaar sees them. He sees Swara is still angry at Laksh. Sanskaar goes towards them.
Sanskaar : Hello I’m Sanksaar Maheshwari.
Ragini smiles : Hi I’m Ragini Gadodia
Sanskaar looks at Swara who is still angry. Ragini notices it and hits with elbow to Swara.
Swara : Laado I don’t want to talk with strangers.
Ragini : I’m sorry…
Sanskaar : I understand, anyways sorry my brother was frustrated about today’s event and he is tired too. He didn’t even have time to have his meals.
Ragini : It’s ok.
Sanskaar : Let’s become friends.
Ragini : Yeah sure.

A professor comes and the entire introduction gets over. Then Laksh enters the lecture hall along with Aditya. He sees Ragini is writing something while Swara is speaking to her without even breathing. Laksh clears his voice to get Ragini’s attention. Ragini looks at Laksh and Laksh starts speaking.
Laksh : Hello everyone. I’m Laksh Maheshweri, faculty of Law and I’m in my final year. I have been elected as the college president for this year. I’m here to invite all of the new comers to the fresher’s party which will be held at college auditorium. Our secretary will inform the rest. Thank you.

He looks at Swara who was looking at him with widened eyes then he looks at Ragini who has a warm smile. He smiles back at her.
Aditya : Hello everyone. I’m Aditya Shivaraj, Faculty of Medicine final year. I’m the Secretary of the college for this year. Today at 6.30 p.m. we are having our fresher’s party today at our college auditorium. The dress code is simple, the girls have to wear a saadi and boys have to wear suits. I hope all of you will be present. Thank you.

Both Laksh and Aditya leave the hall. Swara and Ragini arrive home with dulled face.
Preeti : What happened girls? Both of you look so upset?
Ragini : Todays it’s fresher’s party. We have to wear saadi.
Preeti : So what? Let’s purchase two saadi’s
Swara : Di we won’t look that good in saadi.
Preeti : Both of my sisters will look beautiful in saadi.

Swara and Ragini come down wearing saadi. Swara with a pink saadi with gold works on it and matching simple jewels.her hair is curled and left open. Ragini in a turquoise saadi with silver works on it and she has worn only a long silver earring. Her hair is left open and had curled in the edges. They look gorgeous as usual.

In the college auditorium Laksh and Aditya are in the entrance to welcome the guests. Laksh has worn a black suit. Laksh’s eyes are continuously searching for Ragini. Aditya notices the strange behavior of Laksh.
Aditya : It’s seems like you are waiting for someone.
Laksh : What nonsense? Whom will I wait for?

He feels something strange in his heart. Then he sees an angel approaching towards him. He could clearly see his Ragini walking towards him. He is awestruck to see her. Ragini smiles and goes inside with Swara.

The entire students were busy on their own conversation. Swara had got a bruise after falling on Laksh which she was moaning all the time. Ragini tried her best to make Swara ok but she failed. Sanskaar sees Swara’s upset face. He drags Swara to a corner while Ragini looks on. Ragini tries to move but then Laksh comes and stands infront of her.
Laksh : Hello, I’m Laksh Maheshwari
A girl : OMG, it’s the first time seeing him speaking with a girl.
Ragini hears it. She kinda feels proud but doesn’t show it.
Ragini : Hi, I’m Ragini Gadodia.
Laksh : Are you a heir of Gadodia and Sisters’
Ragini : Haan (She is continuously looking at Swara)
Laksh : Are you ok? You look worried.
Ragini : Haa, I’m ok
Laksh understands that she is not concentrating

On the other side.
Sanskaar : Why do you always keep your face like this?
Swara : What bothers you?
Sanskaar : Nothing bothers me but your friend.
Swara : Ha really? How can you tell me that I bother her?
Sanksaar : Looking at her face. How pretty is she? If you keep on moaning her face will be like squeezed lemon. She reflects on you. Can’t you even understand it?
Swara looks at Ragini who is speaking with Laksh, but still she is eyeing Swara as she is worried for her. Swara realixes it and looks at Sanskaar.
Sanskaar : If you want your friend to smile then you have to smile first. If you don’t know how to smile then let me teach you.
Swara still has a pout face. Sanskaar shook his head in frustration of` this crazy girl. Sanskaar moves his hand on her lips and stretches her lips with his finger again she makes a pout face and again he did the same thing and again she made the pout face and again he did the same thing. After so many attempt Sanskaar gives up and turns to go Swara hold his wrist and Sanskaar turns.

At RagLak’s side.
Laksh : Do you want to drink something?
Ragini : Yeah sure.
Both RagLak go to the drink desk. Aakash comes there.
Aakash : Lucky are you serious?
Laksh smile and nods while Ragini looks confused
Aakash : All the best bro.
Aakash leaves. While Ragini looks still confused.
Ragini : Are you planning something against me?
Laksh : No why?
Ragini : As I’m rich and beautiful if you kidnap me and….
Laksh : And….what?
Ragini realizes what she said. Laksh is smiling.
Ragini : And… if you ask demand for money.
Laksh laughs : I’m not less richer than you Miss. Ragini. I might kidnap and do something else instead (He winks at her)
Ragini : Really? Let me inform you something then. I have a black belt in Karate.
Laksh : Ok ok… I was kidding back for you ridiculous thought.
Ragni mumbles : Why am I talking to a stranger for this long?
Laksh : I heard it…Why don’t we become friends?
Ragini thinks and nod no.
Laksh : You can trust me yaar. I won’t do something silly like you thought unless you are beautiful.
Ragini : Then am I not beautiful?
Laksh : Who told you so?
Ragini gets up and walks then Laksh holds her hand and she turns. They have an intense eye lock.

At SwaSan’s side.
Swara smiles
Sanskaar in his mind : I fell for it. OMG I just fell for that smile. Not only her lips were smiling, her eyes, cheeks, eyebrows, ears, nose evry part of her face was smiling. It was so genuine and true. I never knew her smile is strong or I would have never asked her to smile.
Swara : Anything for my laado. Thanks for making me realize it
Sanskaar : I love you
Swara widens her eyes in shock and she couldn’t move. Her while body went numb as it was unexpected. She had Goosebumps. Her heart beat raised high that literally she can hear it. Swara hardly gathers words to speak.
Swara : What did you say ?
Sanskaar : I love you
‘Patas’ Swara’s five fingers on Sanskaar’s face. Sanskaar realizes what he just told. Swara runs out of the party. Sanksaar runs behinds her.

At RagLak’s side.
Ragini and Laksh are lost in their eyes. When they hear everyone cheering for Laksh. Aditya come there
Aditya : Arey Laksh ki bachca. What are you doing on the dance floor without dancing even after the announcement?
Laksh : What announcement?
Aditya : Start dancing or it would be a shame for your fame.
L aksh nods and pulls Ragini close to hime which make Ragini’s back hit Laksh’s front.
Laksh mummers: I don’t know when we stood on the dance floor I’m sorry I have to dance with you. Please cooperate with me.
Ragini nods and Laksh feels happy.

SwaSan side.
Sanskaar : Swara I’m sorry. I didn’t mean anything like that.
A Car is seen coming
Sanskaar : SWAARAAAAAA!!!!!!!

At RagLak’s side
Ishq wala love from student of the year plays. They dance so intensely. Each and every step seemed perfect. Their eyes spoke while they danced. Laksh’s every touch made Ragini shiver.
Ragini thinks : Why don’t I get angry? Ragini he is dancing with you? Why do I feel comfortable and secured in his arm? Why does his look affect me so much? Why do I feel something for him whom I never felt for anyone?

Screen freezes on RagLak’s face.

Precap : Ragini is shocked to hear something and Preeti slaps Aadarsh. Swara and Sanskaar go on a long drive.

Credit to: Dafsi

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