She is the One (Episode 6) (SwaSan, RagLak, Adeerti [ZaYa])


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She is the One Episode 6 (SwaSan, RagLak, Adeerti [ZaYa])

Recap : Sanskaar proposes Swara with a cake and Ragini’s agrees to marry Laksh with Preeti’s approval. Adarsh and Preeti meets again

The episode starts at GM.
Adarsh : What are you both doing here?
Laksh : Adarsh we should be asking you that.

Sanskaar : Haa bhai, what are you doing here?
Preeti is shell shocked.
Preeti mummers : Bhai… Adarsh Maheshwari…Laksh Maheshwari…Sanskaar Maheshwari.
For a moment she couldn’t realize what happened.
Swara : Is everything okay Di? Aren’t we supposed to cut the cake now?
Adarsh understands everything. Preeti looks confused.
Ragini : Laksh who is this?
Laksh : Voh, He is my elder brother Adarsh.
Adarsh smiles : Let me guess the birthday girl. Is it you? (He points toward Ragini) Just a guess, she has the same eyes of Preeti and who else she would throw such a grand party other than to her own sister.

SwaSan and RagLak are shell shocked. Adarsh understands what he did just spit out.
Sanskaar : Bhai do you know her before?
Adarsh : Arey Sanskaar, this Preeti Gadodia the great business tycoon. I too told you in the morning that she is our business partner. The young woman who carries the Gadodia Sisters
Sanskaar : oh yeah, I totally forgot.
Ragini : Wow, Laksh you have such a smart brother and you never told it to me (She makes a pout face)
Laksh : I’m sorry jaan (He is used to call her like that) Now shall we cut the cake?
Adarsh : Jaan? Lucky are you hiding something from me?
Laksh : Arey no Adarsh, I’ll tell you everything in detail.

After the party, the guests are leaving. Laksh comes to Ragini.
Laksh : Jaan, I need to ask you something.
Ragini : So ask.
Laksh : Alone
Ragini : Don’t joke Laksh, there is no one around……(Before she could completes he drags her to the room close by)
Ragini : What are you doing?
Laksh : Shshshshsh

RagLak are speaking very softly.
Ragini : Now what?
Laksh : So how was the surprise?
Ragini teasingly : I expected more.
Laksh : Really? Then forget whatever happened.
Laksh is about to leave. Ragini hugs him from behind.
Ragini : It was not as I expected but more. You proved me wrong today. I love you and will love you forever.
Laksh : I love you too (he turns and makes her look in to his eyes) did you think I really forgot my jaan’s birthday.
Ragini : I thought but couldn’t digest it.
Laksh hugs her tightly and she too hugs him back.
Ragini : How did you know I was born at that time? How come Di accept you?
Laksh : That’s called Laksh Maheshwari

Sanskaar goes towards Swara who was licking her fingers after finishing the chocolate cake Sanskaar bought for her.
Sanskaar : Shona, do you love chocolate cake this much?
Swara looks at his eyes : No, not more than the one who bought it.
Sanskaar hugs her from behind.
Sanskaaar : You just only gave me a bite.
Swara : It was bought by my love, how will I share it with anyone.
Sanskaar : Achcha. What will you give me back for this?
Swara : It’s a surprice. Now tell me who gave you this idea? How come Di accept you?
Sanskaar : That’s called Sanskaar Maheshwari

RagLak and SwaSan break their hug.

In the hall, all the guests have left. Adarsh is seated and Preeti still can’t digest what happened. Adarsh is staring at Preeti’s tensed face.
Preeti in her mind : Did I do wrong by accepting Laksh and Sanskaar. Now what will I do? No this can happen. They are not like Adarsh. They really love my sisters. What did you do Preeti? What if they hurt Swara and Ragini, just the way you got hurt?
Her thoughts are broken by Ragini’s voice.
Ragini : Di, thanks a lot for accepting (She hugs Preetis and Swara too joins)
Swara : Thanks a lot Di.
SanLak are smiling while Adarsh is still confused.

Adarsh : okay, then we are leaving. Btw Ms. Gadodia we will have our next meeting at our place, tomorrow at 8.00 a.m.
Adarsh, Laksh and Sanskaar leaves. Preetis is still not in this world. She is thinking whatever just happened.

Scene at MM
Adarsh, Laksh and Sanskaar all three reach at the same time.
Ap : Arey you three, where did you’ll go?
Adarsh : Maa for a birthday party.
Ap : Who’s birthday party?
Laksh and Sanskaar look at Adarsh.
Adarsh : Our friends.
Laksh and Sanskaar get relieved.
Ap : Ok beta, you go and change your dress and come. Laksh even you get changed and come. I and your papa have to speak something important.
Sanskaar : Maa me?
Ap smiles : It doesn’t matter to you so you can stay in your room itself.

While going upstairs.
Adarsh : Laksh, are you both going to tell me or not?
Laksh : Ok, come lets go to my room.

In Laksh’s room.
Adarsh : Now say.
Laksh and Sanskaar say something which is muted.
Adarsh : I’m so happy for you both.(He hugs both Sanskaar and Laksh)I’ll change and come.
Sanskaar : Even me.

Adarsh goes to his room and sits down on the bed. I can’t let them suffer as I did. After all they are that Preeti’s up bringing obviously they will be like their sister. I have to break this as soon as I can. He calls someone.
Adarsh : Hello Veer, you have to do me a favour. I want it to happen as soon as possible
Veer : Tell me what sir.
Adarsh : I want to get the numbers of these two girls. Ragini Gadoda and Swara Bose (He gets to know Swara’s surname because of Sanskaar told everything to him)
Veer : In 10 minutes time I’ll find and message you.
Adarsh : Do the work, I’ll pay you.

Sanskaar in his room and Laksh in his room think how they convinced Preeti.

Sanskaar and Laksh both gets ready. Laksh calls Preeti, that when Preeti gets a call while drinking tea with Swara and Ragini.
Laksh : Hello, Is this Ms. Preeti Gadodia
Preeti : Haan bole.
Laksh : I’m Laksh, Laksh Maheshwari (Preeti doesn’t take the surname into her mind)I have to speak something important regarding your sister Ragini.
Preeti gets tensed : What do you have to speak about her.
Laksh : Can I meet and speak regarding this?
Preeti : Yeah, sure. Where do you prefer to speak?
Laksh : Your house.
Preeti : Ok, no problem
Laksh : But on one condition. You should not tell anything about this call to Ragini. Please.
Preeti : Amm ok.

While Ragini and Swara left upstairs to unwrap the gift Laksh gave. Laksh and Sanskaar reach GM. Preeti sees Laksh and Sanskaar entering.
Preeti : Are you Laksh?
Sanskaar : No, he is Laksh. I’m Sanskaar his brother.
Preeti : Oh sorry. Come let’s speak in my Office.
Laksh : It’s ok, yeah sure.

Preeti takes Laksh and Sanskaar to the office room in the house. Preeti makes them seated.
Preeti : Yeah, so what did you want to speak regarding Ragini?
Laksh : I and your sister are loving each other. I’m a law student and soon I’ll graduate and become a qualified lawyer and also I think you already know my family background……
Preeti is damn shocked. Before Laksh could complete Preeti interrupts
Preeti : What? Ragini in a relationship?
Laksh : Don’t panic. It’s being two months since I proposed her and she did accept. Until now she was hesitating to speak with you regarding this, so today it’s her birthday and she got angry with me not wishing her but I know that she really loves me and more than that I sincerely love her.
Preeti looks on
Laksh : I have an older brother as soon as he gets married I’ll talk to my parents and officially we’ll ask your sister hand in marriage. Before that as convincing her and to make her sure that I really love her and want to get married to her I want your permission to propose her.
Preeti gets up from the chair: I appreciate your way Laksh but how can I make sure that you will look after my sister and how can I trust you? If you back out?
Laksh and Saskaar looks at each other.

Laksh : But how can I prove it?
Preeti : I don’t want my sister to go through what I went. I don’t want even to make her feel the air of pain. She is softer than me. What if you cheat her? I can’t tolerate anyone breaking her heart and will not ever let it happen.
Laksh gets up from the chair too : I understand your pain. Not all the men are like the one who you got cheated by. I truly love your sister. If you don’t trust me then I give you a promise. I will never hurt her or leave her.
Preeti nods no and tries to go away saying : Stay away from her. The faster you break up with her the less pain she gets. I’m sure I’ll be able to heal it.
Laksh gets shattered hearing the word break up. He breaks down. He kneels down and pleads. Sanskaar couldn’t look Laksh crying.
Sanskaar : My bhai has not begged for anything from anyone until now. His love is genuine and true. Can’t you see the love in his eye? You ask me to do what he wants to do to prove it; I’ll do it for you. Like you can’t see your sister broken, I’ll not see my brother broken. Let me make it clear, one day you will have to make her marry what if that person cheats her after marriage? Your sister has accepted my brother as she saw true love in his eyes. If you can see the same love which your sister saw in my bhai’s eye the love for your sister that is called the real love.
Preeti looks at Laksh who is still kneeling down on his knees. Preeti looks at Laksh she studies his eyes.

Preeti in her mind : Yeah he really loves my sister. He and his brother have proved me wrong. But why do I remember Adarh’s eyes when I look into Laksh’s eyes. I saw the love from Adarsh’s eyes, then why did he cheat me. Yeah Sanskaar is right. I see his love for my sister.
Preeti : I’m sorry Laksh for hurting you like this. My past is still running behind me. I trust you because and I believe that you won’t break it.
Laksh smiles and hugs Sanskaar. Both of them are really happy.
Sanskaar : Thanks a lot.
Laksh : Thanks a lot Saali
Preeti : Saali?
Laksh : Haa (he smiles), Sansakkar now it your turn.

Preeti : What turn?
Sanskaar : Voh….Even I and Swara love each other. But last Friday she fought with me.
Preeti widens her eyes : Both the brother, did you’ll plan and love?
Sanskaar and Laksh laughs.
Preeti : Okay, tell me what happened between you both?
Sanskaar : I didn’t bring her the chocolate cake that I promised her to get.
Preeti laughs.
Preeti: Both of my sisters are smart. I’ll help you’ll. Laksh when comes to your case managing and convincing Ragini is really hard. You do what I say ok?
Laksh : Exactly, it is really hard, harder than my saali ji.
Preetis does a fake frown : I won’t tell what to do.
Sanskaar : Chup karo bhai, please tell
Laksh makes a pout face.
Preeti : Okay, Ragini was born at about, wait I’ll check and see (She goes towards a cupboard and
takes out a file and checks) yeah my guess was right. She was born at 7.58 p.m. your good time

Laksh. You can tell that you were waiting for this time to wish.
Laksh : Wow, you are a genius. She loves things to happen different.
Preeti in her mind : He knows a lot about Ragini. (She smiles)

Preeti : Sanskaar and you, you give her cake today and propose.
Sankskaar : OMG you are really a genius.
Preeti : Oh god, I forgot to give the frock I bought for Ragini. Ok now you two can leave.
Laksh : I already gave her frock can she wear it this year?
Preeting thinks for a while
Preeti : Yeah
Laksh and Sanskaar smile and leave.
Sanskaar and Laksh’s thinking is over.

Swara : Ok Di and Laado I’m leaving.
Ragini : Ok, take care. Drive safely. It’s already late.
Preeti : Go and give Laado or me a call.
Swara nods and leave. Ragini goes to her room. As soon as she enters a phone rings. She checks if it hers as it was the same ringing tone but no, it was Swara’s. It was a call from Sanskaar.
Ragini : Hello
Sanskaar : Thanks a lot for accepting me, my shona. (He starts kissing)
Ragini : Sanskaar wait, it’s me Ragini.
Sanskaar : Bhabhi you? I’m sorrrry, voh…Swa….Swara….Where is Swara?
While Sanskaar stumbles Ragini laughs
Ragini : She forgot her phone and went home I guess.
Sanskaar : I’m sorry bhabhi.
Ragini : It’s ok.
Sanskaar : Btw, can you tell me why did you ask me to come today to the park?

Ragini : To give you some idea to convince Swara. I’m sorry that I came shouted at your home. I was really angry at you and your brother. I wanted to burst it out.
Sanskaar : It’s ok, ok then I’m tired, so going to sleep. Bye.
Ragini : Me too. Bye Dewar ji.

Swara reaches home and searches for the phone but she couldn’t find it. So she calls to it through land line. Ragini picks and she says everything what happened.

Scene at MM. Laksh and Adarsh both comes to Dp’s and Ap’s room.
Dp : Come and sit here.
Adarsh and Laksh both of them sit on the bed.
Adarsh : Papa, mama what do you have to speak with us.
Ap : Now you are turning 27 and Laksh you are turning 26. Within a month you will graduate. So we thought of finding a proposal for both of you.
Adarsh and Laksh are shocked.

Dp : Your mother has already told about Sanskaar’s relationship. Even I like that girl. I know she was angry and what she did was in anger. But we saw kindness and culture in her behavior. So we thought to find a good girl for you both too.

Laksh shell shocked that he can’t gather his words as they are talking about Sanskaar and Ragini. Adarsh understands it.
Adarsh : Maa, it is ok to find one girl for me. But what is the need of finding a bride for Laksh? Let him graduate first and then let him find a good job.
Ap : Still Adarsh, if I start finding for him now I’ll be able to find a good girl for hime too.
Dp : Now both of you go and sleep.

It’s morning. Ragini who was having a peaceful sleep got awoken by a phone call.
Ragini : Who is this? (In a sleepy tone)
Adarsh : It’s me Adarsh, Lucky’s brother.
Ragini : Ahh, yeah tell.
Adarsh : I want to meet you and Swara, today at 8.00 a.m. in coffee Café.
Adarsh hangs up. Ragini wonders what is going on.

Ragini to herself : Should I have to inform Di? Let me inform Swara and then I’ll inform Di while I’m leaving.
Ragini Calls to Swara : Hello Shona.
Swara : Haan Ragini, why this early?
Ragini narrates everything what happened.
Swara : So what do you think we have to do?
Ragini : I think we should meet.
Swara : Then let me inform Sanskaar.
Ragini : No I don’t think it’s a good idea. If he wanted us to meet and if he wanted Laksh and Sanskaar to know, he would have informed us through Laksh. He wouldn’t have called us directly. You get ready; I’ll pick you at 7.45 a.m.

Ragini gets ready and come down stairs. She opens Preeti’s room door and find her sleeping. So she thinks not to disturb her.

Ragini in her mind : Maybe I’ll inform Di later.
Daadi : Arey laado, early morning where are you going dressed like this? Didn’t you go jogging?
Ragini : Nehi daadi, I’m going to meet someone. (She gives a peck in Daadi’s cheek) I’ll have my breakfast out. After that directly I’ll be going to college.
Daadi : I have no idea what these sisters do.

Ragini and Swara reach coffee café. Adarsh is already there.
Adarsh : Both of you are two minutes late.
Ragini : Sorry, we got caught in traffic.
Adarsh : I don’t like the word ‘Sorry’
Ragini and Swara looks at each other.
Swara : ok, now why did you want meet us?
Adarsh : I don’t want to drag. Let me come to the point directly. I know that both of you are in a relationship with my brothers and I accept it and I’ll promise you’ll that I will convince my parents for this.

Ragini and Swara smiles.
Adarsh : But before that you have to make one thing clear, that you will never cheat or hurt my brothers. (In a bit rough tone) If you do so then you will have to face the circumstances which will be more severe.

Ragini : Let us make something clear too. We love your brothers by our heart and trust them and I’m a lot surer that your brothers love us in the same way. We have trust in each other. So it is better if you stop worrying about our relationship.
Swara : Even if they dare to leave us by any chance we won’t leave them as we know our love is stronger than their weakness and we know that they would do the same too. If Sanskaar and Laksh would know this that they would be really hurt. So please don’t tell them anything.
Ragini : We didn’t mean to hurt you but when you made such a statement it was hard for us to even hear it.
Swara : We are sorry for speaking so harshly
Adarsh is stunned by their words.
Ragini : It’s getting late for us for the college so we will be leaving. Bye.
Swara : Yeah so we are leaving. Bye
Swara and Ragini leave. Adarsh couldn’t gather his words. He never expected such bold answers from Swara and Ragini.

Screen freezes on shocked face of Adarsh.

Recap : Swara collides with Laksh, Ragini and Sanskaar becomes friends. Laksh and Ragini dances while Sanskaar screams “SWARAAAAAA’

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