She is the One (Episode 5) (SwaSan, RagLak, Adeerti [ZaYa])


She is the One Episode 5 (SwaSan, RagLak, Adeerti [ZaYa])

Recap : Adarsh hurts Preeti, SwaSan and RagLak mock each other.

The episode starts with Sanskaar calling Ragini.
Sanskaar : Bhabhi…

Ragini cuts Sanskaar’s words : Don’t try to butter me Sanskaar. Whatever you brother did was unforgivable. Don’t try to change my mind and waste your time…..
Sanskaar cuts Ragini’s words : Voh bhabhi…. Listen to me first. I’m sorry that whatever had happened today. I’m really sorry for hurting you along with bhai. I remembered my promise too. I promised to meet you today at the park early morning, but as I was tired I couldn’t meet you. Hello, hello bhabhi
Sanskaar didn’t realize when the phone got cut; he was much more bothered about Swara that he didn’t even realize it.
Sanskaar’s monologue : Poor bhai, I have no idea how is he managing her or going to manage her.
A voice from behind : Sanskaar as if you are managing Swara very well. (In a teasing tone) I know how to manage Ragini but do you know how to manage Swara? You have been asking help from Ragini
Sanskaar : Bhai…..

Laksh : I was just kidding you, so do you have lecture in the evening. (Sanskaar nods no) ok then let’s go home. Tonight there is a party in my jaan’s house.
Sanskaar in a surprised tone : Did she invite you?
Laksh : Nop, arey bro ji, I’m going there for something else. It’s a surprise for everyone.
Sanskaar : What surprise?
Laksh : Can’t tell you kiddo, you will spit out everything to Swara in the name of cooling her down.
Sanskaar makes a pout face.

Scene at GO
Adarsh leaves Preeti’s hand.
Adarsh : Let’s postpone the meeting, what say? I don’t think you in a mood of continuing this either. And from now onwards I will represent on behalf Maheshwari’s… So send me the files tomorrow and I will speak with Papa too.

Adarsh leaves the place, while Preeti breaks down on the floor and cries bitterly. The she receives a call. Preeti wipes her tears and answers the call.
Preeti : Haa laado bole. (Preeti’s voice is cracking)
Ragini in a tensed tone : Everything is okay right Di?
Preeti : Haan laado everything is fine…Where are you?
Ragini : I’m on my way home. Where are you? How was the meeting?
Preeti : I’ll be home in a while. For today’s party I have to invite a little more guests. I’ll be inviting them and coming home.
Ragini : Hmm ok Di… Take care
Preeti : Take care. Bye

Ragini reaches GM.
A voice : Laado
Ragini turns : Shona, what are doing here?
Swara says nothing just walks inside in anger. Ragini follows her.
Ragini : Shona, now what happened?
Swara : Laado what promise did Sanskaar gave you? And why did you want to meet Sanskaar today at park?
Ragini : I’ll tell you everything later Swara? We have to get ready for the party.
Swara : When will you tell?
Ragini : Tonight

Swara : Pakka? (Ragini nods)…I brought my dress, so I’ll get dressed with you so I can help you too. Where is Di? What is box? (She points at the box Laksh gave Ragini)
Ragini : One question at a time shone, how can you speak without leaving space in between. Di went invite some guests and this is given by Mr. Laksh Maheshwari.
Swara : I told you he really loves you.
Ragini blushes
Ragini in fake anger : I don’t think Swara, he still didn’t wish me.

Scene shifts to MM
Adarsh’s car enter. He comes inside.
Ap : Adarsh (She has tears in her eye)…you never told me you are coming to Kolkata

Adarsh smiles and is about to speak.Laksh and Sanskaar enters at that time.
Laksh : Maa it’s a small surprise for you. (He comes and hugs Adarsh)
Sanskaar : Haan maa, he asked us not to tell you and chaachi ji. Maa where is chaachi ji?
Ap : Chaachi ji went to mandir. Ahh Sanskaar, come beta. I think you forgot what happened today morning.

Laksh and Adarsh are confused. Sanskaar panics.
Sanskaar : Maa…voh…voh, now everything is fine.
Ap : Who is she Sanskaar? I liked her very much… Such a brave girl and traditional too.
Sanskaar looks at Laksh and thinks : I forgot to tell bhai what happened today. Now what am I going to do.

Laksh : Ma you mean the girl from our college? (He thinks that she is talking about Swara)…Maa she is your future little bahu (He winks at Sanskaar)
Sanskaar is shocked while Adarsh is still confused.
Adarsh : Wait I don’t get anything what’s going on. Can someone explain me everything clearly.
Ap : Haan beta : Your little brother is very faster than you’ll both. (Laksh get uneasy) he has found his future wife in such a small aga. How beautiful that girl is. I will find someone like her to my Adarsh and Laksh too. Sanskaar, you will have to wait until both your bhai’s get married. I think she was angry with you in the morning. Now is she ok?
Before Sanskaar could say anything Laksh speaks out : Haan maa everything is ok. Okay Adarsh come let’s go up. I need to speak something important with you.
Ap : What important. Ok ok I won’t interfere in to these brothers’ problems.

Scene at GM
Preeti has arrived; Ragini and Swara are having tea with her. Preeti’s phone rings.
Preetin in her mind : It’s an unknown number, is it Adarsh? (She answers and gets up and goes from there.)

Swara and Ragini also finished tea and go upstairs to open Laksh’s gift. The open it and it’s a beautiful royal blue long dress with a long sleeves, with a silver strap on its waist along with a silver yearing and a note written : ‘Wear it tonight, with love your jaan’. Ragini was blushing while Swara was looking at the dress.
Swara : Laado its beautiful, I’m so happy for you. (She hugs Raagini in happiness)

Ragini smiles but her smile fades away.
Ragini : Shona… Di might have already bought my dress, I can’t wear this and hurt her.
Just then Preeti enters Swara and Ragini are shocked thinking whether she heard or not.

Scene at MM
Adarsh and Sanskaar are sitting on Laksh’s bed while Laksh walks from one corner to another corner of the room. Adarsh is changed in to a casual dress.
Adarsh : Can one of you tell me what is going on at least then I can react on it.

Laksh stops and gives a killing look to Sanskaar.
Laksh : Sanskaar ki bachcha, you could have told me everything what happened today morning like I did.
Sanskaar : Voh bhai…
Laksh : Chup, I don’t won’t to hear a word from you. Now what will I do, just now I made one side is okay then you made the other side upside down.
Adarsh : Lucky relax……
Laksh : Relax? Now what am I going to do Adarsh?

Adarsh in his mind : I have no idea what these two are talking about and he is asking me to help.
Sanskaar : Bhai (to Laksh) first you make everything clear from one side. I’ll handle everything at home (Just then Sanskaar gets a messege) get ready, even I’ll come with you
Laksh nods and Sanskaar leaves.
Adarsh : Lucky don’t tell me that both of you’ll are going somewhere
Laksh : Yes we are, it’s a birthday party don’t worry Adarsh we’ll be back.
Adarsh nods and in his mind : I have all my rights to get to know what my siblings are upto. (He too leaves)

At Gm, in Ragini’s room.
Preeti : Laado I’m really sorry that I couldn’t get you a frock this time. Please forgive me meri maa.
Ragini is really happy that she wants to scream with happinessbut she pretends to be upset. Ragini turns as she couldn’t control her smile.
Ragini in a worried tone : Di this is the first time you did like this. Go I won’t talk with you.
Preeti : Laado I’m sorry, (she held her ear and goes towards Ragini and Ragini turns away again as she is still smiling)…I had an important meeting Laado… (Preeti sees the frock which Laksh gave)…Wow Laado who gave this frock?

Swara who was enjoying the sister fight and Ragini’s acting panics and gives an answer : Me Di, I gave it.
Preeti : Oh! It is so sweet, but why Shona it must be expensive.
Shona : Di can’t I at least buy a gown for my Laado? You made me live a comfortable life after my parents death. You are my family (she gets teary and hugs Preeti) you gave me home, you gave love, you gave me everything.
Ragini : Both of you forgot me (She too joins the hug and they have cute and lovely group hug)

It’s evening all the guests have arrived for the birthday party. Two girls get down from the stairs. One is Swara and the other one is Ragini. All the guests are stunned to see the two angels. Swara has worn a white tube dress with her hair in a messy bun and curls are left randomly, she has worn a silver thin chain, and a stud. She looks gorgeous. Ragini who has worn the frock which Laksh gave she has worn the earring too, her hair is in a French braid which was put in front from right side with some hair left randomly. She just looked like a princess. Preeti too comes and join them; she is no less to them. She has worn a black long sleeved net handed long gown; her hair is curled up and left open. All of them are busy with gusests. Ragini is continuously looking at the entrance as she knows that Laksh surely will come but there is no sign of him. All the lights go off everyone panics.

A voice : 10 seconds more. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1……. Happy Birthday Meri Jaan

Aspot light spots a guy who is on top of the stairs, Ragini is shell shocked
Ragini : Laksh !!! (He has worn a white suit)
Laksh : Exactly twenty-one years ago a princess was born on this time. 7.58 p.m (He is getting down step by step). That princess entered in to my life and changed me. She herself made me tolerate things (He winks at her), she made me realize what is love, she made me realize what is a promise, she made me realize what a relation is and how to cherish it, she made me realize what trust, she made me realize who Laksh is. She brought happiness along with love and care. She showed me what life is and she became my life. She is the One I want to cherish.

He comes near Ragini who has tears in her eyes and he kneels down.
Ragini : Laksh

On the other side Sanskaar comes with a chocolate cake and kneels down in front of Swara and a spot light spot hime too.
Swara : Sanskaar
Sanskaar : I’m sorry, will you be with me forever and accept this chocolate cake?

Ragini : What’s wrong with you both? Laksh don’t tell me you bought a chocolate ice cream which is my favourite. (She makes a pout face)
Laksh laughs and nods no he takes a blue velvet box and opens it. A white gold ring with a diamond stone on it, and RagYa is carved.
Laksh : Will you marry this Idiot and bear all the trouble he does?
Ragini gets shocked hearing the word marry, she then looks at Preeti who is eyeing her angrily who eventually smiles and nods at Ragini.
Ragini : Yes, I’m ready to marry my Idiot and I’ll try to bear.

Both of them laugh, Laksh slips the ring in to Ragini’s ring finger and he hugs her and she too hugs him back.
Swara too looks at Preeti and Preeti nods back

Swara : Yes I’ll accept the chocolate cake and the boy who is holding my chocolate cake.
Sanskaar gets up and feeds a piece of cake to Swara and Swara too feeds him back. They hug each other.
Both the couple break the hug.

Adarsh enters the GM house and is shocked to see Preeti and the he sees Laksh and Sanskaar is also there.
Adarsh : Laksh, Sanskaar.
Preeti : Adarsh.

The screen freezes on the shocking face of RagLak, SwaSan and Adeerti

Precap : Adarsh is speaking with Swaragini and Preeti speaks with SanLak

Credit to: Dafsi

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