She is the One (Episode 4)


Hello everyone, hope you’ll are doing well… SwaSan, RagLak and Adreeti (ZaYa ) will be the pairs… As the current track of Swaragini, RagLak fans are missing them so much (I’m one of them too )…So here is a treat!!!!!!!!! Hope you’ll enjoy 😀

She is the One Episode 4

Recap : The pairs are revealed to be SwaSan, RagLak and Adreeti…Misunderstanding between RagLak…Adeerti’s conflict…

The episode starts at Gadodia Mansion.
Preeti : I don’t care whether you sort it or no Adarsh…(She smirks)…anyways lt’s begin our dealing. Please take you seat.
Adarsh in his mind : I never thought that you will grow this strong because of our past. You have become a beauty with brave.
Preeti : Okay, let’s begin.
They have been discussing for few minutes. Adarsh’s phone ring and Preeti gets disturbed.
Adarsh : EXCUSE ME (He presses the word and answers the call.) Haa Sanskaar bole.
Sanskaar : Bhai, where are you? Did you reach Kolkata?
Adarsh : Ha Ha Sanskaar, I reached to Kolkata. As papa or chachaji didn’t come to office I had to meet Ms. Gadodia for business dealing.
Preeti murmmers : How ill mannered he is. He can excuse his self from the call right.
Sankskaar : Ms. Gadodia? Gadodia who?
Adarsh : Don’t you know child? The great business tycoon Preeti Gadodia.
Sankskaar : Haan bhai, I know… Ragini’s Di (He didn’t realize whose name he took)
Adarsh : Sanskaar, who is that? (With confusion makes his eyes small)
Preeti is annoyed so much and Sanskaar still doesn’t realize whom is he speaking about.
Sanskaar : Haa bhai, Lucky bhai……. (He at last realizes that he was gonna blur out about RagLak’s relationship and stops)
Adarsh : Lucky?? Sanskar what Lucky?

Its lunch break at college, scene at canteen. There is a usual spot where SwaSan and RagLak four of them sit together. Today SwaRagini are sitting in another table. Laksh’s come and sits in the table beside, while Sanskaar runs and come with the phone. Until now Preeti is staring at Adarsh in frustration.
Sanskaar : Vohh bhai, Lucky bhai wants to speak with you.
Laksh signs who, and Sanskaar Says bhai bhai without noise. Laksh takes the phone.
Laksh : Hey ! Adarsh, how are you?
Adarsh : Haa Lucky I’m fine. How are you? (He badly wants to drag the conversation to irritate Preeti)
Laksh : I’m fine to Adarsh
Adarsh : Lucky, I’m in a meeting now, I’ll meet you at home. Bye
Laksh : Bye.
They hang up.

Ragini : Shona have you done eating? Then come lets go.
Swara : We didn’t even start to eat Laado.
Ragini eyes her angrily. Okay then you stay I’ll go
Laksh and Sanskaar are laughing from the other table.
Laksh : Sanskaar, some people come to canteen to spy, not to eat.
Sanskaar : Exactly bhai.
Ragini : Shona good that you broke with this useless.
Swara : But Ragini, I don’t think what you did was okay.
Laksh : Swara no matter how much you explain she won’t accept that she is wrong (He laughs)
Swara : Laksh….
Sanskaar : Atleast bhabhi does it once in a while. But this jaansi ki rani….Ufff
Ragini : Shona I’m going, it’s getting late for lectures.
Ragini fumes in anger, tramples Laksh leg purposely and moves from there. Laksh screams in pain.. Swara gets up and follow her but Sanskaar holds her hand and drags her out of the canteen, while lucky follows Ragini.

Scene at GO (Gadodia Office)
Preeti is still staring with anger.
Adarsh : Ohh Ms. Gadodia stop staring at me. Are you going to stare the whole day? Am I that handsome?
Preeti : You? Handsome? You and Handsome are like sky and ground.
Adarsh gets angry. Preeti continues her meeting.
Adarsh : I’m hungry Ms. Gadodia its already lunch time. Is this the way you keep your business partners hungry. (He says it with a rough tone)
Preeti feels embarrassed but doesn’t show it.
Preeti : Ah yeah sure Adarsh. Let’s have lunch.
She gets up and turns to move. Adarsh drags her with her hand pulls her close to him. He is squeezing her hand which he is holding behind her.
Preeti : Adarh leave me my hand is hurting. Please leave me.
Adarsh : I’m hungry, hungry of taking revenge from you. (He tightens his grip while she cries with pain in her hand)

Scene shifts to College
RagLak’s side
Ragini is walking with anger, Laksh goes and hold her hand and makes her turn.
Laksh : Wait Ragini. You have to accept this. Understood? (He orders her)
She gets scared and looks. Laksh opens his bag and gives a box to Ragini and he goes from there. He smiles while walking.

SwaSan’s side
Swara : Sanskaar leave me
Sanskaar pins her to the wall.
Sanskaar : Don’t you find id childish? For a chocolate cake you broke up?

In college canteen
Sanskaar : So Swara this month what do you want me to get you?
Swara : Ammmm chocolate cake.
Sanskaar : Chocolate cake? But last month you asked for a bag
Swara makes angry face : Will you get me or not?
Sanskaat : Ha Ha babaa, I’ll get you
Swara : Pakka? When? (She jumps up and down like small kid)
Sanskaar : Pakka…Amm coming Friday?
Swara : Okay

After a week Friday arrived. Sanskaar was sitting with his friends and speaking about an important project. Swara comes and taps his shoulder. Sanskaar turns.
Sanskaar : Haan Swara tell
Swara with a grin : Where is my Choco…late cake?
She asks like a small kid, everyone laughs while Sanskaar feels embarrassed.
Sanskaar : I’ll get it tomorrow Swara.
Swara : you cheated me. I didn’t anything from morning to eat the whole cake by myself (she cries like small kid) I hate you Sanskaar.
Sanskaar couldn’t run as he has to finish the project by that day
Falshback ends

Swara : Chocolate cake is much precious than you.
Sanskaar : Ahh really? I can’t break the promise I made with Bhabi…. (Sanskaar is used to call Ragini as this as he gives respect for her because she is his elder brothers girl. In my fanfiction Laksh is elder to Sanskaar. Swara, Sanskaar and Ragini are same age)…. Bhabi Oh shit, I told her I’ll meet her today at Park but I forgot.
Swara : I told you are cheater…you can never keep a promise..
Swara leaves from there in anger. Sanskaar calls Ragini
Screen freezes on Sanskaar’s confused face.

Precap : Sanskaar is with a chocolate cake…Laksh is kneeling down with a ring and a girls back is shown…Preeti sees Adarsh and gets shocked.

Credit to: Dafsi

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