She is the One (Episode 3)


And here the pairs are…..Read to know the pairs 😀 …And thanks for the comments people. If you are not satisfied with the pair I’m really sorry I can’t change the story line , If you are really happy I want to know it so please do comment ….Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GM – Gadodia Mansion (Barakat Villa of Beintehaa)
She is the One Episode 3

Recap : The girls are revealed…Adarsh and Preeti meets

The episode starts with Ragini coming to GM. She sits on the sofa in anger.
Daadi : Laado, everything is okay right? You look upset today. (She hands over the juice glass to Ragini)

Ragini : Yeah daadi everything is ok. Btw where is Di? Ahh I forgot my phone and went today (She face palms). She might be really mad at me. I’ll call her later.
Daadi : Haan laado, she was upset while leaving the house.
Ragini finishes the drink and go to her room, goes near the bed and sees a box. She opens the box; there was a peach baggy top, a black legging.
There was a note written: A small gift from your loving Di <3
She smiles and goes into the washroom. She comes down dressing her Di’s gift. She is speaking with Mira (Preeti’s PA) through phone.
Ragini : Thank you so much Mira, did Di reminded you?
Mira: No laado, is this a thing to forget? After all you are like my frind.
Ragini : Not like friend, I’m your friend

Ragini in her mind: Even she remembers it and made a sad face.
Mira : Haa, your Di asked me to ask your today’s plan.
Ragini : only college nothing much. Ok Mira, ask Di to give me a call after the meeting. Bye!!
Mira : Yeah sure, bye!!

At Gadodia Office
Preeti : Hello Mr. Maheshwari
Adarsh : I prefer Adarsh my own name better than my family name Preeti.
Preeti : Yeah sure Adarsh, but I prefer my family name than my own name. ( She gives a strong look to him )
Adarsh’s phone ring
Adarsh : Excuse me. Haan, papa tell.
Dp : Adarsh, where are you?
Adarsh : I’m in Gadodia Sisters
Dp : Thank god beta, you reached on time. I’ll explain why we couldn’t come later. Will you be able manage:

Adarsh smirks and looks at Preeti who is staring at him.
Adarsh : Haa papa, I can manage and handle the deal.

Scene at college.
Swara is looking at Laksh while Laksh is walking one corner to another corner of the canteen the he stumbles with a girl.
Laksh : Sorry…(He turns to walk back then he realizes who the girl is)
The girl coldly : It’s ok Laksh…… (Laksh turns back to the girl)
Laksh : Voh Ragini, I’m really really sorry jaan…
Ragini : Sorry ? Still you don’t remember? (She gives a stern look)
Laksh : Jaan, I remember but….
Ragini : Don’t talk to me Laksh….
Laksh : Ja…. (Ragini walks away from there)
Swara remembers what happened in the morning

Swara is sleeping peacefully in her room and she get up for Ragini’s call.
Swara : Haan laado, tell (She had already wished Ragini by 12.00)
Ragini : At what time will you be going to college?
Swara : I’ll be going early today, as I have to get some books in the library.
Ragini : Okay, make sure that you don’t remind Laksh about my birthday
Swara : Didn’t he wish you?
Ragini gets teary : No Swara, he didn’t.
Swara : Okay I’ll not…Bye hoping to meet you soon birthday girl
Ragini : Bye, me too

Swara comes to college, she goes to the Library. She is walking very fast. She takes a left turn and stops. She sees the notice board and the name list of the drama group ‘Laksh Maheshwari – Main male lead’ written on top the list, Swara remembers Ragini’s weep through the phone. She marches to the auditorium where students were practicing for drama contest.
Flashback ends…

Swara : Laado……
Ragini cuts Swara’s word : Enough he forgot me and my birthday because of this stupid drama. It’s only two months that I accepted him and now….. (Laksh tries to speak up but Ragini is not letting him to)Even his useless brother wished me
A voice from behind : Useless? You call me useless bhabhi?
Ragini, Swara and Laksh turns.
Laksh : Sanskaar not now, please.
Ragini : Bhabi? Everything is on the edge and you call me bhabi? Carry on Sanskaar, both of you are useless, cheaters and betrayers. She walks from there as the bell rang for their lectures. Swara fumes in anger and follows Ragini.
Sanskaar : This girls are complicated bhai.

Laksh : Ha Sanskaar, you are right. Are we humans or robots?
Sanskaar : No matter how hurt they are, they won’t let their makeup blur away
Both of them shake their head in a ‘NO’ way.

At Gadodia Office
Adarsh : I never knew you are the owner of this large company.
Preeti : If you don’t mind shall we start our business dealing?
Adarsh : I do mind Ms. Gadodia. When there are so many things to sort out personally, I don’t feel to discuss about the deal. I know this not the place but remember I will sort it out at any cost.
Preeti looks on.

At the classroom after lectures
Swara : Relax Laado, he is far better than Sanskaar. Laksh really loves you.
Ragini : Please Shona…..
Swara cuts Ragini’s words : Laado, listen to me first. Lucky was really stressed out with his works. You know right that he is doing his finals this year, so there must be a great pressure on him and this drama is fame for our college nationally. If he is doing these things it’s not that he doesn’t love you, it’s just that his helpless.

Ragini : Then what about you Swara? What you are doing, is it correct?

The episode ends with shocking face of Swara.

Precap : RagLak fake fight, SwaSan’ flashback….Adarsh torturing Preeti

Credit to: Dafsi

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