She is the One (Episode 2)


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She is the One Episode 2
Recap : Two girls are angry at Sanskaar and Laksh… Another girl is shown in her room

The episode starts in the airport
A guy with a white shirt, gray trouser and gray blazer is walking with a travelling bag speaking through the phone.
The guy : Mr. Krish, what are you saying? It is an important meeting and you are telling me that no one has still come to office.
Krish: Sir, I tried calling everyone but no one is answering the phone…..
He was cut with the guy’s words: What do you mean ahh?? I have left Kolkata and it’s being a year, how come I handle the meeting? Give me the dealer’s number, let me postpone the meeting.
And he cut the call.

Scene at Maheshwri Mansion
Ap(Annapurna) : Sanskaar, what is happening? Who is she?
The girl : Me? I’m Ragini Gadodia, aunt ask your son how am I related and he will tell you’ll everything.
Sujatha : Sanskaar for how long are you gonna shut your mouth? (She comes closer and speaks softly) before your papa speaks, you better open your mouth.
Sanskaar : Voh maa, chachchi ji……….

Scene shifts to the college
Laksh : Swara what’s your problem? I have to continue my practices. Swara you know how lazy I am to awake but I woke as this drama is imp……
Swara cuts his words : Important ?? Important than your love?? Someone promised two months back, he will always cherish his love and gave an emotional speech and proposed. Now he is nowhere to be seen.
Laksh : Swara whatever it is, don’t drag it like this…As I promised I’m holding it tight.
Swara : Ahhh…. Really? Then tell me what the date today is?
Laksh : Voh Swara……

Scene shifts to mandir
Preeti has finished her prayers she is coming out of the mandir and gets back to her car she reaches the office.
She directly walks to the conference room. Her PA comes to the conference room.
Preeti : Hmm, tell Mira.

Mira : Madam, Adarsh Maheshweri, the elder son of Maheshweri and Sons’ Company had called….
Preeti : Continue
Mira : He has asked to postpone the meeting as….
Preeti cuts her words : I can’t postpone any meetings, I have my own commitments. Tell them either they reach on time or cancel the deal.
Though Preeti is a soft natured girl when it comes to work everything should be proper. She hates people who are not punctual, truthful, honest and loyal. She is very strict too. She will never escape from her duties and responsibilities.
Mira is about to leave.
Preeti : Mira, give a call to laado and let me know where she is.
Mira nods and leaves.

Scene shifts to MM (Maheshwari Mansion)

Ap : Kya voh voh Sankaar, speak up fast
Sanskaar : Maa she is my friend
Ragini widens her eyes and in her mind : Friend?? Still they don’t know about me….
Sujatha : Dosti? Then why is she so mad at you?
Sanskaar : Chachchi ji I have no idea why is she angry with ME (he pressed the word me)
Ragini : You will automatically remember it once you come to college.
She takes blessings from the elders and leaves giving a sharp look to Sanskaar.
Ap in her mind: She is not only beautiful and cultured but also brave and smart.

Scene shifts to College
Swara : Check it fast. Its 14th of July and at least now do you remember.
Laksh widens his eyes and bit his tongue…..

Scene shifts Gadodia Sisters
The conference room door knocks
Preeti : Yes, come in.

She is checking her files her face is covered and Adarsh enters.
Adarsh : Good morning Miss. Gadodia, I’m Adarsh Maheshwari.
She looks at him and he is shocked to see her and she is too stunned.
Adarsh under his breath: Gadodia, Preeti Gadodia

Screen freezes on shocked faces of Preeti and Adarsh.

Precap : Adeerti moments, The pairs are revealed.

Credit to: Dafsi

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