She is the One Episode 19 (RagLak, SwaSan, Adeerti [ZaYa])


Hello everyone Dafsi here with another episode of my ff and yeah i was suppose to upload this on first along with my other ff Rahul : Papa… Lavnya : Mama… (RagLak) but after so many requests I have uploaded this chappy and yeah I wil; make sure that I will upload my next episode along with that ff on 1st of August 🙂 and yeah here we go…

She is the One episode 19

The episode starts with Ragini and Laksh speaking through the phone.
Laksh : Just today we met.
Ragini : But still I miss you.
Laksh smiles.
Laksh : Ragini it is now late night go and sleep jaan tomorrow it is the mehendi.
Ragini makes a pout face. Preeti enters the room and keeps the milk on the table and smiles looking at Ragini. Preeti walks to her and takes the phone.
Preeti : Dewar ji your jaan’s face is fading what is the reason?
Laksh laughs.
Laksh : Maybe because I asked her to sleep.
Ragini : I’m going to sleep he doesn’t want to speak with me.
Ragini angrily lies on the bed.
Preeti : You have made her super angry. I have lots of work you or your jaan deal it with each other.
Laksh : Okay bhabhi aur saali ji.
Preeti laughs and hangs up.

Scene shifts to MM Sanskaar was helping with the decorations. Daya comes with tea and places it on the table. Everyone is looking tired with wedding preparations. Laksh comes downstairs and sits on the couch.
Ana : Bhai you look so tired so go and sleep early. You have to look fresh.
Sanskaar comes and sits beside Laksh.
Sanskaar : If bhai is speaking with bhabhi day and night obviously he will look tired.
Sujatha : Haa chore what do you have to speak so much?
Laksh : Arey chaachi she has lost her memory and is blank so to fill that blank I have to speak with her or else she will be thinking too much about her past.
Ana : Wah what a caring husband?

Sanskaar : I have a lot to learn from you bhai.
Adarsh comes down angrily and sits on the couch Ap comes out of the kitchen.
Ap : What happened beta?
Adarsh : What is she thinking in her mind?
Sujatha : Who chora?
Ana : Who else bhabhi only.
Sanskaar : What did she do this time?
Adarsh remembers Preeti throwing ink on his face. Dp and Rp comes out of the study.
Dp : I think it is better all of you go and sleep.
Sujatha : But bhaisaa there are a lot of work to get done.
Dp : Is that so? Then Laksh beta you go and sleep you can’t look tired.
Laksh : But papa if I also help it would be easy.
Adarsh : No way Laksh you go and sleep. All of us are there and we can finish doing the work.
Sanskaar : Haa bhaiya is right.
Laksh sighs and makes a cute puppy face.
Ap : You go beta.
Laksh nods and runs upstairs. He goes to his room and jumps to the bed but he doesn’t get sleep. The only face which appears is Ragini’s face. He keeps on changing sides but is unable to sleep.

Scene shifts to GM.
Preeti : Swara all the works are done. Once again check all Ragini’s jewels.
Swara : Di relax, go and take some rest. I already rechecked everything.
Preeti : I’m excited Shona after it is my Laado’s wedding.
Daadi comes out of the kitchen and stands.
Daadi : If it was Ragini’s birthday itself she is excited after all it is Ragini’s wedding. I’m sure she will not sleep.

Ragini in her room is looking at Laksh’s photo in her phone.
Ragini : I hate you. (She makes a cute sad face) Here your jaan is unable to sleep and you are nicely sleeping.
She turns the other way along with the phone and finds Laksh standing.
Ragini : I have started imagining you also.
Laksh : Aww mera bachcha has started imagining also?
Ragini : Haa
Ragini then realizes that her imagination spoke she sits up and switches on the light and Laksh laughs and comes and sits beside Ragini.
Laksh : In films and Dramas only you can imagine people not in real life.
Laksh holds her cheeks and pecks her forehead. Ragini and Laksh share an intense and lovely eye lock.
Ragini : Why did you come? You didn’t want to speak with me right?
Laksh : I hurt you so much that I couldn’t sleep.
Ragini looks at Laksh lovingly.

Ragini : Sorry to trouble you…
Laksh places his index finger on her lips and shakes his head.
Laksh whispers : You can never be trouble to me.
Ragini places her head on Laksh’s chest and Laksh wraps his hand around her waist.
Ragini : Laksh
Laksh : Mmm
Ragini: Why do I feel that something wrong is going to happen?
Laksh breaks her hug and makes Ragini look in to his eyes.
Laksh : What wrong?
Ragini : Nothing but I’m just having a feeling
Laksh : You are thinking too much, I asked you not to worry or trouble yourself right?
Ragini looks at Laksh with cute sad face. Laksh carries Ragini and takes her out near the pool. (Note : Ragini can’t walk and yeah she is living downstairs and there is a veranda behind her room with a pool) He makes her sit on the swing and kneels down in front of her. She was wearing a short and baggy white t shirt with her hair loosen messy bun. She had no makeup done yet she looked pretty and the moon light was adding more beauty to her, her eyes were filled up with a layer of tears. Laksh makes her look at her they share an intense and a lovely eyelock. Laksh held her face and caressed her soft tender cheek and ran his hand in to her messy hair.
Laksh : You look beautiful jaan.
He tucks the hair which was dancing for the wind behind her ear. Their eyes were locked in to each other’s eyes. Laksh very slowly leaned to her lips and Ragini was just lost in Laksh’s dazzling yet soft eyes. Laksh pecked her lip and Ragini came back to her sense and she stayed numb as he never acted out in this way. Laksh felt Ragini’s nervousness and he moved back taking his hand from her hair but Ragini kisses on his lips leaving Laksh shocked. He wraps is hand around her waist while the other one held her cheek. Ragini had one of her hand behind his head running her fingers through his hair and the other one on his chest. It was a very soft and passionate kiss and both of them were lost in each other. Ragini felt as if butterflies along with dragon flies, rats and the clumsy creatures were running all over her body. Ragini broke it after lacking breathe she breathed heavily but Laksh dragged her back. He tightened his grip on her waist and the lip lock lasted for few minutes and Laksh broke it when his phone starts vibrating. He sat beside Ragini while Ragini just smiled inside her mouth and blushed she looked up and then touched her lips and smiled. Laksh answered the call and got busy speaking while Ragini stayed staring at Laksh lovingly while Laksh tried to avoid eye contact with Ragini. Ragini smiles and understands that he is embarrassed as he never behaved like this before. Ragini rests her head on his chest while Laksh releases his embarrassment aside and he wraps his hands across her shoulder and drags her closer and caresses her hair while Ragini wraps her hand around him and hugs him tighter. Laksh was still busy speaking while Ragini was closing her eyes and was still on his chest. Laksh hangs up after a long time and finds Ragini resting on his chest and has a cute smile on her lips, she had her hands wrapped tightly around him. Laksh slowly releases himself from the grip and carried Ragini and she awakes and looks at him, he places her on the bed.
Laksh : Didn’t you sleep?
Ragini shakes her head still smiling. Laksh locked the windows and the veranda door and pulled off the curtains.

Laksh whispers : I have to leave jaan.
Ragini : Please stay with me, I’m scared Laksh.
Laksh sits beside her and caresses her hair.
Laksh softly : Just a day more mehendi and then wedding only, then you will be safe in my arms.
Ragini : I already told you I’m getting scared that something bad is going to happen.
Laksh : Nothing bad will happen trust me baby.
Ragini : I trust you but there is some kind of fear in me. I feel as if I lost my loved ones and I don’t want to lose you too. Please Laksh.
She pleads him and he could clearly see the hidden fear in her face. He smiles and sat and leaned to the wall and she rested her head on his chest. Laksh wrapped his hand around her.
Laksh : I will never leave you and it is a promise.
Ragini cuddled and hugged him tighter and she pecked his chest. Laksh caresses her hair.
Ragini : Love you.
Laksh : Love you more.

Laksh’s POV.
I fell in love with her at first sight; just a second was enough for her to drag my heart. She is the first person I fell for. I hurt her without understanding her, I left her when she needed me the most, and from her point of view she was right. If I get to know that because of me my brother is going to fall in problem I would have done it too. Preeti was not only her sister also her both her mother and father. Do I deserve her? She is too perfect for me. Ragini, she is the one who made me brave. (He chuckles) she is the one who made me tell “I love you”, she is the one who made me talk with girls, and she believed me, trusted me and love me unconditionally. (He pecks her head) but now I promise that I will never leave her for any reason, I will love her and give the happiness all what she deserve, I will take care of her and protect her. SHE IS THE ONE who I have treasure.
Laksh’s POV ends.

Preeti is seen sleeping and someone is seen entering her room. The person slowly closes her nose with a chloroformed hanky and carries her. He places her on a car and closes the door and rives off the GM.

Adarsh is seen entering in to house, he walks up and finds Dayanita on a call.
Dayanita : I know he won’t leave me Swara bhabhi. He will keep on torturing me and I’m scared he will torture you too.
Adarsh enters the room and grabs the phone while Dayanita looks at Adarsh shockingly.
Swara : Don’t worry I’m there with you, again if he does anything to you I will break his limbs.
Adarsh : Really? Are you that brave to break a man’s limbs?
Swara : Adarsh bhaiyaa?
Adarsh : Who’s limbs were you going to break? If you tell me then it would be better than any further problem occur.
Dayanita : Bhaiyaa I will tell. (Adarsh looks on) A boy is troubling me in my college and yesterday he came here. (She says rest of the things what happened) I’m scared bhai.
Adarsh : You don’t worry I will take care of you and btw Swara mera choti bhabhi I must say you are too brave to slap a guy and I’m also now sure that you will break his limbs.
Swara : Haa and if you really need my help call me.
Adarsh : Daya stop worrying, you have a bhaiyaa and a bhabhi to protect you. Now go and sleep.
Swara smiles.
Swara : Haa bhaaiya, ahh btw don’t tell Sanskaar as he is already stressed up with laksh’s wedding and yeah don’t tell Laksh as he is bothered about Ragini.
Adarsh : They are my brothers and I will never let them suffer. Good night and take care.
Swara : Good night.

Ragini was already asleep in his chest clutching his t shirt. Laksh dozed off while Ragini was continuously cuddling in to him. It was indeed a long night for both of them. They felt reviled in each other’s embrace. Ragini felt safe in his arms. They had no idea what the destiny has planned for them. Laksh awakes and finds Ragini very closed to him while his hands are wrapped around her and she is still clutching his t shirt. Laksh caresses her cute face, he smiles looking at her. Ragini slowly opens her eyes and looks at Laksh and hugs him.
Ragini whispers : I thought you would have left.
Laksh breaks the hug but Ragini doesn’t break.
Laksh whispers : Promise is a promise.
Ragini pecks his cheek and breaks the hug and looks at him.
Ragini : Will you come tonight also?
Laksh chuckles.
Laksh : No (Ragini makes a cute sad face) But tomorrow you will come.
Ragini : I’m just waiting.
Laksh : Love you jaan but now I have to leave.
Ragini nods with a smile on her face.
Ragini : Love you too.
Laksh pecks on her forehead, Ragini holds by his neck and kisses on his lips and he gets shocked but reciprocates to it. Laksh clutched her waist while Ragini encircled her hands over his shoulder. It turns out to be a soft at the beginning but turns out to be a passionate one with minutes. Laksh breaks the lip lock and pecks her forehead and stands up.
Ragini : Take care.
Laksh : You take care too.
He leaves while Ragini smiles and remembers all her moments with Laksh. Suddenly she remembers someone slapping her and pushing her. She holds her head tightly and she comes back to normal.

Scene shifts to MM, Laksh is seen jumping from his balcony. He goes in to the washroom and comes out having a bath, he remembers what happened last night and smiles but the guilt of slapping Ragini and she not remembering it kept running all over his body. The guilt of rejecting her for what she didn’t do. He wipes his hair and sighs.
Laksh to himself : I will have to somehow tell Ragini everything before our marriage but what if something happens to her? No Laksh whatever you did was wrong and yeah she has rights to know but this is not the right time, she needs you and you have to be with her. What if something happens after telling I won’t be able to live my life without her, I loved her and the decision what all I took was in anger and she will understand her Laksh.
His chain of thoughts just broke when he heard the door knocking. Laksh wore his t shirt and opened the door and found Adarsh and Sanskaar standing. Laksh looks at them with his eye brows raised.
Laksh : How can I help you both?
Sanskaar : Get ready at sharp 7.00 p.m today.
Laksh looks at them with a confused face
Adarsh : What are you looking at us like this?

Laksh : Today it is the mehendi.
Sanskaar and Adarsh laughs.
Adarsh : Mehendi is for Ragini not you.
Laksh : I mean Adarsh after mehendi it is dinner for all of you at Ragini’s place.
Sanskaar : Without our brother coming what dinner do we need? We can have a dinner after your wedding but you have to get ready today on time.
Adarsh : Sanskaar is right so be ready bro.
Sanskaar and Adarsh leave letting Laksh while Laksh is still wondering what went wrong with his brothers. He goes down to have lunch and finds Adarsh and Sanskaar sitting grinning at him he smiles back. Ap makes him sit and starts serving food.
Ap : You look so tired and exhausted Laksh, take rest beta you will not look fresh on your wedding. Go, go to your room and take rest and I will bring food to your room.
Laksh : Ma I’m fine.
Ap : Let me take care of my kid at least today by day after tomorrow your wife will be there to look after you.
Laksh blushes while the rest chuckles. Laksh nods, stands up and goes up and rests on the bed.

Scenes shifts to GM, Ragini is sitting on the bed and Swara comes. Ragini has worn a purples lehenga and looking at the time for a long time.
Ragini : Did di comes?
Swara : No, maybe she went to get something to you.
Ragini : Now it is already late where did she go?
Swara : All the guests and you Laksh’s family has also come, it is getting late.
Ragini nods and Swara helps to walk and she makes her sit. Ragini was looking simple and elegant. Ap comes and keeps a black dot behind her ear.
Ap : You look like an angel.
Ragini smiles and the mehendi girls start applying mehandi. They apply it beautifully. She sees the ‘Laksh’ written on her palm and blushes a bit with a deep smile. Swara notices how happy Ragini is and smiles. Dayanita and Anindita along with Swara comes and sits beside Ragini.
Daya : Bhabhi, bhaiyaa is just waiting for tomorrow. His brain is working upside down.
Ani : That is of course true.
Ragini : I have spent enough time with your bhai so I’m not coming to spend time with him but you people and talking about your bhai he is such a boring guy, he is not at all fun. Very shy and very soft (she chuckles) in fact when I’m with him half of the time I feel sleepy as he is so so so boring. (Ani, Daya and Swara look on) I’m very talkative but he is very silent, I’m always in fun mood he is always in study mood (Ragini giggles) now he might be in work mood. Everything is just opposite to each other (she makes a cute sad pout face) I don’t know how am I going to tolerate him for life time so I’m mainly coming to have fun with you people.
Daya : Aww our sweet bhabhi.
Ani : Yeah but our sweet bhabhi has to bear the punishment for talking like this from our sweet bhai.
Ragini : How come bhai get to know other than you two tell?
Daya : I won’t tell.
Ani : Even I won’t bhabhi but bhai already got to know.
Anidita takes out her phone from under her pallu and shows it to Ragini while she gasps in shock.
Ragini : Laksh…

Screen freezes on Ragini’s shocked face.

Precap : Adarsh hugs Preeti tightly…Laksh applies sindoor on Ragini’s maang…Swara is seen sweated in a corner while she shouts “Sanskaar”…Ragini pushes Laksh…
Adarsh – Harshad Arora
Preeti – Preetika Rao
Mira (Preeti’s PA) – Mouni Roy
Anindita Ram Prasad Maheshwari – Pragati Chourasiya
Dayanita Ram Prasad Mheshwari – Sonal Vengurlekar

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