She is the One Episode 18 (RagLak, SwaSan, Adeerti [ZaYa])

Hello Everyone Dafsi here with another episode of my ff and yeah sorry for the late and here we go…

She is the One Episode 18

The episode starts with Preeti applying Haldi to Ragini. Ragini has worns a yellow short top and patiala trouser. On the side Laksh’s haldi also happens. Haldi cermony get over. Swara makes Ragini sit on the bed.
Ragini : Can you get me something to drink? I’m really thirsty.
Swara : Sure Rago.
Ragini takes the walking stick and goes near her cupboard. Just then she hears the door locking and turns. She looses balance and vefore she falls two strong arms hold her.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh gives a warm smiles and carries Ragini.
Laksh : Can’t you be careful? What if you would have fallen?
Ragini : I know you would never let me.
Laksh : Aww cheesy.
Ragini : Btw what are you doing here? Look at you, you haven’t taken bath also.
Laksh : How come our haldi completes without I applying to you.
Ragini : Daadi said we shouldn’t meet after Haldi.
Laksh : Yeah but still it is not over.
Laksh places her on the couch and kneels down. He gets closer to her while Ragini’s hearts starts beating really fast. Laksh slowly rubs his cheek with Ragini’s cheek while Ragini shivers abit and then he shifts the cheek. Both of them places their forehead and Ragini let’s her tears fall. Laksh gets tensed and sits beside her.
Laksh : Jaan, why are you crying? Are you okay?
Ragini : I feel lost, I’m scared that you will leave me.
Laksh : Arey mera baaba, I will not leave you. I wilk always be there with you and protect you.
Ragini hugs Laksh really realky tightly and Laksh hugs her back.
Laksh : Just another few days more and we will be together. Now I have to leave jaan.
Ragini : Five minutes.
Laksh : Jaan.
Ragini ; Okah another few seconds. I want be in your embrace forever. I feel secured and protected.
Laksh breaks the hug and kisses on her head and wipes her tears and kisses her eyes. He shakes his head in a ways of showing ‘No more tears’

Scene shifts to MM Anindita was helping Ap in wiping plate.
Ap : Ani, where is Daya?
Ani : Badi ma she was cleaning Laksh bhai’s room. His graduation also happned and now the books won’t be needed so she is packing them.
Ap : Where is Laksh, isn’t he in his room?
Ani saw Laksh leaving to GM after haldi ceromony.
Ani : Voh badi ma, bhai is in guest room as di is cleaning.
Sujatha comes scolding the worker.
Sujatha : Arey jiji these people are not doing what I’m asking to do.Tomorrow it is the mehendi…(I dont know the ritual orders so Im sorry)
Ap : Calm down Sujatha, everything we can do so don’t stress youself too much.

Swara comes to MM along with Preeti. Laksh comes downstairs.
Preeti : Devar ji I think a bit of haldi is remaining behind your neck.
Laksh touches his neck, while Swara and Preeti laughs.
Swara : Jeth ji, it sees like someone has touched your neck with haldis hands.
Laksh realizes that they are pulling his legs.
Preeti : Don’t think too much we saw you entering our house.
Laksh bends his head down.
Ap : Swara and Preeti what are you both doing here?
Preeti : Ma we thought of coming and helping you.
Ap : Arey you both of you go home Ragini will meed you. Here we have enough people beta.
Laksh : Maa maybe they are missing their guys.
Ap looks at Laksh shockingly as he never speak like this. Laksh realizes what he told.
Ani comes down.
Ani : Badi ma look how changed bhai is.
Ap : Haa, everyone can’t remain the same even my innocent son has to be aa bit naughty or people will keep on pulling his legs. Ani keep this flower basket in the store room I have work in the kitchen.
Ani takes it and just then she remembers something. Ap leaves.
Ani : Oh no my phone would get over charged.
Swara : You go check it I will keep this in the store room.
Preeti : I will go get some files in my room Swara you keep and then we will go home.
Just then Laksh’s phone ring and he gets billion dollar smiles on his face.
Preeti : Look someone is blushing.
Laksh laughs and runs up answering the phone. Swara takes the basket goes to store room and she returns. She sees Dayaninta on a call and is tensed. She is standing near the window. Swara goes near her.
Swara : Are you okay Daya?
Daya then looks out and Swara also looks out she finds two guys standing. Dayaninta says something which is muted. Swara rushes downstairs and goes near the boys and slaps hard on one’s face.
Swara : Try to blackmail her againa dn you will not have your teeth in your mouth. She has three bhai’s if I telk one word three of them will break your limbs.
Swara comes in while that guys fumes in anger.

Preeti takes some file and just the Adarsh enters.
Adarsh : Ohhh Ms. Preeti oops sorry Mrs. Preeti is going to her so called sister. The sister who forgot her, the sister who left her. I have no idea how are you hoing to earn your place l.
Preeti : Shut up Adarsh.
Adarsh : Bitter truth anyways leave soon as possible and better not return.
Preeti : I will return as it is my right. Don’t think I will shut my mouth forever.
Adarsh : What will you do? I mean what can you do?
Preeti get angry and sees the ink bottle she takes it throws on his face.

The screen freezes on their face.

Precap : Ragini and Laksh romance…Ragini gets flashes of her memory…Adarsh and Swara joins hand to save Dayaninta…Preeti gets kidnapped…

Adarsh – Harshad Arora
Preeti – Preetika Rao
Mira (Preeti’s PA) – Mouni Roy
Anindita Ram Prasad Maheshwari – Pragati Chourasiya
Dayanita Ram Prasad Mheshwari – Sonal Vengurlekar

Hello everyone after a very long time…I know I’m not at all forgiven for cheating you people so many times…I have already explained you the reason…Please do comment you reviews and keep supporting me through comments….I have planned to post this daily along with my other RagLak ff…How is the story line and todays episode?

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