She is the One Episode 17 (RagLak, SwaSan, Adeerti [ZaYa])

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She is the One Episode 17 (RagLak, SwaSan , Adeerti [ZaYa])

The episode starts with Sujtha fainting.
Ani and Daya : Mom……….
Rp holds her while Ragini looks at her confusingly. Preeti runs to the kitchen and gets a glass of water. She brings it and splashes it Sujatha. Sujatha opens her eye.
Ap : Sujatha what happened?
Sujatha : Jiji I think it is because I didn’t eat anything and also confused with what is happening.
Rp : Sujatha don’t make people scared by doing this sort of things. Daya go and make her rest in the room.
Daya : Ok dad.

Everyone turns back to Ragini. Preeti bends towards Ragini and hold her hand while Laksh has encircled his hand through Ragini’s shoulders.
Preeti : What did you call me?
Ragini in a scared tone : Di…
Everyone looks at her shockingly.
Ragini : Can I call you Di rather than bhabhi? As I don’t have any sibling and you are somehow going to be my sister in relation so…
Preeti gets shocked as she thought Ragini gained back her memory.
Preeti : Sure why not?
Ragini : Whenever I see you I feel like you are my own sister.
Preeti : Even me.
Everyone smiles including Laksh as Ragini looks happy. Preeti and Ragini hug.

Scene shifts to Mandir where SwaSan and Dadi has gone. Daadi is seen sitting near the lake while SwaSan are sitting in a park near the mandir. They see a girl standing and boy kneeling down.
Swara : Can you remember something similar to this?
Sanskaar : Haa, bhai proposing bhabhi
Swara : The way we planned
Both of them laugh. Sanskaar side hugs Swara.

Flashback… (No one is thinking I’m narrating it)
Scene at college.
Laksh is looking at Ragini with teary eyed while Ragini smiles and leaves.

Scene shifts to MM in the evening Sanskaar enters Laksh’s room with a walking stick. Laksh is seen sitting on his study table chair lost with Ragini’s thoughts bitting his pen tip.
Sanskaar : Bhai.
Laksh jerks and gets up.
Laksh : Sanskaar what are you doing here? Any problem?
Sanskaar : I don’t have any problem but it seems like my bhai has. What is bothering you so much that you forgot to meet your loving brother after college?
Laksh : Voh…Sanskaar nothing like that
Sanskaar : Then where are you lost?
Laksh : I think I hurt her Sanskaar
Sanskaar under his breath : Hurt her? Hurt who?
Laksh : I saw pain in her eyes though she smiled and went away. How come I forget to ask how her leg was? It was because I played the fool that night without rushing to hospital she got her leg sprained but I was blaming her for not coming to visit you. Even she was not the reason for your accident but still as I wanted to talk to her I chose this topic without even realizing she is not well.
Sanskaar is still confused. Laksh sits on the bed and bends his head.
Laksh in a cracking voice : I’m sorry Ragini. You only helped me all the time while I always hurt you.
Sanskaar looks shocked.

Scene shifts to GM in Ragini’s room.
Swara : So do you think that this will work out?
Ragini : Of course. By now he would have realized that he loves me.
Swara : Whatever you are doing is wrong Ragini.
Ragini : What wrong? I am making him realize his love for me. (Ragini grins)
Swara : Ragini don’t tell me you are trying to prank on that innocent creature.
Ragini gets angry and teary.
Ragini : Are you out of your minds. I’m seriously in love with him and you are asking whether I’m playing a prank.
Swara : Sorry baaba.
Ragini : Hope he loves me back too. I know my Laksh loves me but he is a duffo that he won’t realize or force himself to accept it.
Swara : My Laksh…
Ragini blushes.

Scene shifts to MM Sanskaar walks to Laksh.
Sanskaar : Bhai…
Laksh suddenly gets up and looks at Sanskaar confusedly.
Sanskaar : Ragini? What…
Laksh tensely : I’m in love with Ragini.
Sanskaar gets more shocked.
Sanskaar : Love?
Laksh : Haa Sanskaar I fell in love with her the first time I saw her.
Sanskaar shakes Laksh and laughs.
Sanskaar : My brother is in love. (He screams)
Laksh smiles : Shshshsh…don’t shout kiddo.

Next day Swara is driving the car with full speed.
Ragini : Shona where are you taking me?
Swara pretends as if she didn’t hear. Suddenly she applies break Ragini moves forward and then backward. She composes herself and turns towards Swara with full rage and finds no one beside her.
Ragini : Shona…
Then she turns her face and finds herself in the middle of a jungle. Ragini gets down and walks ahead. She hears weird animals’ noises and a sound of a waterfall. She walks ahead and finds a beautiful place which is next to the flowing river and the waterfall where beautiful flowers are surrounded. She just can’t move her eyes from the eye catching scenery.
A voice : It is beautiful hena?
Ragini nods, she realizes a man is behind her and footsteps approaching towards her. With the courage she has and belief of knowing the person she turns and finds Laksh staring at her. Both of them get lost in each other’s eyes but Ragini shakes her head and breaks the eye lock.

Swara and Sanskaar are seen hidden behind a bush.
Swara : Hope this plan works out.
Sanskaar : This is after all my idea.
Swara : Stupidest idea ever.
Sanskaar : It was better than yours that is why bhai chose it.
Swara makes a weird expression.
Sanakaar : I wonder why did I propose you that day?
Swara : What do you mean?
Sanskaar : You are not that pretty or cute to get proposed by a handsome dud like me?
Swara : Handsome and you? (She smirks) Stop kidding and me let me focus.

Laksh : How is the environment?
Ragini stammers : Bbbbettter…
Laksh moves towards her and she moves backwards.
Laksh : Ragini stop moving back…
Ragini slips in to the river but before that Laksh holds her and again the gets lost in each other’s eyes.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh : Shshshshsh… Today only I will speak and you will quietly listen okay (He says softly dragging each word)
Ragini nods. Laksh makes her stand.
Laksh : Ragini (Ragini gives a strong yet loving look) Stop giving me that look. I brought you here so that you can think very well and give me an answer. Ragini (He is super tensed that his legs and hands are not in rest)

Swara : Why is your bhai dancing like this? He is dragging so long.
Sanskaar : Even I’m wondering the same. He is nervous I guess that is why he is not at ease.

Laksh : Ragini you don’t have to hurry. I know it is sudden (He turns) but…
Ragini : Are you going to propose me or let me propose you?
Laksh turns with his eyes and mouth both wide open.
Laksh : Voh…
Ragini : For how long are you going to drag? Uffo senior hurry up na? Come on…Now kneel down (Laksh kneels down) Now propose…
Laksh smiles : I love you and… (Before he could complete Ragini runs and hugs him tight. Laksh gets shocked but then he hugs her back) will you be my princess?
Ragini : You took too long to ask this? And my answer…
Laksh : I already got it.
They break the hug. Sanskaar and Swara scream in happiness and both of them hug. Laksh makes Ragini wear a flower tiara.
Flashback ends…

It is the next day. Sangeet preparations are going in swing. Ragini is seated in her room. Preeti and Swara come in.
Preeti : Ragini why haven’t you got ready yet?
Ragini : Why do I need a Sangeet when I can’t dance?
Laksh enters.
Laksh : Who told you can’t dance? You will dance so Jaan stop worrying and get ready.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh : Arey mera jaan now are you going to get ready or I’ll not speak with you hereafter.
Ragini : Don’t even tIhink of doing such thing I’ll get ready.
Preeti, Swara and Laksh leave the room.
Laksh : Preeti… (Preeti turns)I’m sorry…I’m sorry for behaving rude and I’m sorry for everything.
Preeti : It’s ok Laksh and I’m really happy right now. Thanks a lot for being with my sister.
Daadi : Shall we leave or else we will be late for our own Sangeet.
Laksh : Ji Daadi.
Ragini comes out wearing a bottle green and red half sari. Laksh just gets lost in her beauty. Swara comes and shakes Laksh.
Swara : Where are you lost Laksh?
Laksh : Swara stop pulling my legs.
Ragini : I’can’t even walk here, do you want to have…
Before she could complete Laksh carries and goes out.
Laksh : If you can’t walk I will be your legs so shut your bak bak mouth.
Ragini makes cute pout face. Laksh places her in the car in front and makes her waer the belt and gives her a soft kiss on her cheek. Ragini widens her eyes while Laksh smiles. He comes and gets in the driving seat. Preeti, Swara and Daadi get in Preeti’s car.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini : Hmm…
Laksh : How has created you so beautifully?
Ragini laughs.
Ragini : Have to ask god only.
Laksh : Once I meet him I’ll surely ask how did he create my angel.
Ragini : Aww Laksh so cheesy.
Both of them reach MM along with Preeti, Swara and Daadi. Laksh carries her and goes in. All the guests have already arrived. All of them look at Ragini and Laksh in a weird way. Ragini feels embarrassed Anindita and Dayanita comes.
Ani : Aww look at my bhai and bhabhi they are made for each other.
Daya : Ha Ani they are heaven’s couple.
Laksh comes and places Ragini in the chair.
Lady 1 : Look Ap ji’s bahu can’t even walk.
Lady 2 : And she is having a sangeet when she is even unable to dance.
Lady 3 : She is a beauty without legs.
All three of them laugh. Ragini over hears them and feels bad and she starts tearing. Laksh comes and sees her crying. Laksh bends and asks what happened.
Laksh : Jaan what happened?
Ragini wipes her tears and smiles.
Ragini : Nothing, I’m fine.
Laksh : Stop lying to me and tell me what happened.
Ani comes and sits near laksh.
Ani : That women over there were bad mouthing bhabhi.
Laksh tightens his fist. He gets up in rage but Ragini holds his wrist.
Ragini : What they told was right Laksh, I can’t walk and it is my sangeet and I can’t dance.

Laksh frees himself from his grip. He goes and the lights get off. A spot light gets on and Laksh is seen dancing. (I’m not at all good at selecting songs but just for a change I’m just suggesting a song if you are not that ok with it I’m sorry you can imagine a song you want – Dilwali girl friend from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani) In the half the song stops. Then the song stops and comes near Ragini and carries her. He goes near a slow music plays and a song starts (Love mashup 2016 by Kiran Kamath) both of them dance. Laksh doesn’t place her on the floor. He either places him on his feet or carry (I don’t know how to describe dance steps so I’m sorry ) Both of them finish dancing in a way where Laksh is carrying her in a bridal way. Laksh and Ragini share an intense and lovely eye lock. Both of them break it hearing the guests clapping.
Laksh : You danced beautifully. My bride danced.
Ragini is having tears in her eyes.
Ragini : You made me dance.
Laksh makes her sit. Ani, Daya and Swara come.
Swara : You danced very beautifully.
Ani : Haa bhabhi.

Again light gets off. A female voice could be heard.
The voice : God has always blessed me with so many things and the biggest blessing is my sister. My sister who is going to be my dewrani. (Ragini looks confusingly. Don’t forget she has lost her memory) If I don’t give her my second gift it is not going to be fair.
Spot light shows Preeti. She starts dancing to a song (Deewani Mastani from Bajirao Mastani) Swara, Anindita and Dayanita also joins her. Preeti comes forward and puts the second bangle. Four of them dance and Preeti sprains her leg in the mean time Adarsh holds her.
Adarsh : Are you ok?
Preeti : Haa…
Preeti stands but looses balance and fall. Adarsh makes her sit. Swara, Ani and Daya finish dancing along with Laksh, Sanskaar and Adarsh. All the guests leave, Sanskaar drags Swara to his room.
Swara : Why did you bring me here?
Sanskaar : Should I have to give you a valid and an approved reason?
Swara : Haa
Sanskaar : Okay then reason is to romance.
Swara : Chi Sanskaar, you have no shame even to you ankle’s height.
Sanskaar : There should not be shame in these things.
Swara : Sanskaar…
Sanskaar drags her closer and both of them share an intense eye lock.

Scene shift to Adarsh’s room.
Preeti : I’m fine.
Adarsh : Now who asked you dance?
Preeti : It is my sisters Sangeet.
Adarsh : Sangeet? Which sister are you talking about?
Preeti : What do you mean?
Adarsh : Your sister doesn’t remember you. Now she only considers you as her jethani (Adarsh laughs) this is better than I planned. I always wanted to ruin your happiness not others but you, you ruined all the others happiness. Now I’m thankful to god for taking your sisters memory. Now everything is back to normal and the only person in pain is you.
Preeti gives a disgusting look to Aarsh.

The screen freezes on Preeti’s face.

Precap : Ragini’s and Laksh’s haldi…Preeti throws ink on Adarsh’s face…Dayanita shocked hearing something over phone…Swara slaps a guy…

Adarsh – Harshad Arora
Preeti – Preetika Rao
Mira (Preeti’s PA) – Mouni Roy
Anindita Ram Prasad Maheshwari – Pragati Chourasiya
Dayanita Ram Prasad Mheshwari – Sonal Vengurlekar

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