She is the One Episode 16 (RagLak, SwaSan, Adeerti [ZaYa])


She is the One Episode 16 (RagLak, SwaSan , Adeerti [ZaYa])

The episode starts with the girls getting down and taking blessings from Dp and Ap.
Ap : Dayanita (Girl with anarakali dress)
Dp : Anindita (Girl with kurti)
Adarsh : What are you both doing here?
Ani : Bhai don’t we have right to come?
Adarsh : I didn’t mean it bhuddu I meant where is your ma and pa?
Daya : Vohh…They will be coming tomorrow. Only two tickets were available today as we were craving to see our bhais we came today.
Ani : But our bhais didn’t even hug us.
Adarsh, Sanskaar and Laksh three of them together come and hug Anindita and Dayanita. They share a cute sibling hug. After few minutes they break it.
Laksh : You could have called us to pick you both right?
Sanskaar : Haa Di, you could have called at least Ani could have called.
Ani : Sanskaar ki bachcha we wanted to surprise our brothers.
Daya notices Preeti and looks at her confusingly. She looks at her mangalsutra and sindoor.
Daya : Adarsh bhai don’t tell me you got married.
Ani : Whaaaaaaaat? Di are you out of your mind? Adarsh bhai and marriage (She turns and sees Daya staring at Preeti while Preeti is looking at the ground)
Adarsh : Haa I got married. (Ani and Daya looks shocked) Preeti this is my chachcha’s daughters Dayanita and Anindita, and my beloved sisters this is Preeti your bhabhi.
Ani and Daya under their breath : Bhbhaaabhi…….

Preeti looks at them tensely.
Suddenly both of them screams : Bhaaaaaaabhiiiiiiii;
Ani : At last we got a bhabhi but very bad you didn’t even invite us.
Daya : Haa bhai very bad but Ani our dream, prayers and wishes came true.
Ani and Daya moves towards Preeti and hugs her tight while Preeti hugs them back.
Laksh : Ma I’m leaving now and will come tomorrow after lunch.
Ani and Dhaya break their hug.
Ani : Bhai don’t tell me you are going to stay tonight.
Daya : Are you mad Ani? bhai and staying out won’t happen in this life…
Laksh interrupts : Yes princesses I’m going to stay out. (Ani and Dhaya puts their mouth hung open) I know I have never stayed out of the home but at times things change. So I’m sorry princesses I’ll meet you’ll tomorrow.
Daya : My brothers have started doing things that we thought they will never do.
Ani : Haa Di I’m shocked.
Laksh leaves to his room and gets some stuff and comes down. Laksh leaves along with Sanskaar.

Scene shifts to GM
Ragini screams Laksh’s name. Swara quickly runs and comes towards Ragini’s room.
Swara : Ragini…
Ragini : Where is Laksh? I want my Laksh… (She starts crying)
Swara : Relax Ragini Laksh is on his way and will be back very soon.
Ragini : I want to speak with Laksh dial him…
Laksh just then enters with Sanskaar.
Laksh : There is no need to call jaan.
Laksh walks towards Ragini and Ragini hugs Laksh. Laksh caresses her hair and asks Swara what happened by raising his eye brows. Swara says don’t know.

Laksh : Swara ask daadi whether the dinner is ready and Sanskaar can you bring my lap top which is in my car.
Sanskaar and Swara leaves. Laksh breaks the hug and sits near Ragini.
Laksh : Jaan now stop sobbing. Tell me what happened.
Ragini : I had a bad dream. You came and that is enough for me now leave it, again don’t leave me Laksh.
Laksh : Tell what you dreamt?
Ragini : I dreamt you slapping me and leaving me. I was pleading you but you didn’t listen to me. I saw your family members too. You were telling that I chose you over…
Laksh gets shocked as it is not a dream but whatever happened in the past.
Laksh : Over…
Ragini : Over her…
Laksh : Her…? Who is her?
Ragini : Don’t know whom did you mean but you didn’t mention her name.
Laksh : Ok now forget it. It is just a dream and it will not happen… again (He says ‘again’ softly)

Ragini rests her head in Laksh’s chest and hugs him tight. Swara enters with the food plate. Daadi brings a glass of juice and a glass of water.
Daadi : Ragini beta how do you feel now?
Ragini looks at her sacredly and the looks at Laksh. He nods his head and Ragini smiles.
Ragini : Daadi I’m alright now.
Daadi : I’m going to a mandir tonight to pray for your health and happiness.
Ragini : Daadi pray for our health and happiness (She tightens her grip and smiles looking at Laksh and then Daadi)
Laksh : With whom are you going?
Swara : With me and Sanskaar.
Sanskaar enters.
Sanksaar : Bhai here is the lap top. Daadi, Swara shall we leave?
Swara : Ragini have your dinner
Daadi : Ok then take care of my Ragini we will return tomorrow evening.

Laksh nods. Swara, Sanskaar and Daadi leave. Laksh goes behind them and locks the door after they left. He comes and sees Ragini is trying to open her phone lock. Laksh comes and takes her and places his finger on the home button and gives it Ragini. Ragini looks at Laksh confusingly and smiles. Laksh takes the food plate and starts feeding Ragini.
Ragini : How come I forgot the password?
Laksh : You always forget your password for safety purpose before I gifted you the phone I added my finger print too. Now reset you password and put a new one.
Ragini grins and Laksh gives a peck on her cheek.
Ragini : I’ll tell you my new password so that if I forget you won’t right?
Laksh : Okay as you wish. By the way jaan we are getting married by this Thursday.
Ragini: Really? (Laksh feeds her and she speaks with the filled mouth) there is only three days more.
Lakah : Finish eating and then speak or you will choke.
Ragini swallows the food and Laksh makes her drink the juice.
Ragini : Then what about shopping? What about my dress? Wait…I can’t walk Laksh
Laksh : It doesn’t matter jaan. I’ll manage everything so stop worrying.
Ragini makes a cute sad face.
Ragini : It is my wedding and I can’t even walk.
Laksh gets sad too but doesn’t show. He gets up and goes near the window. He starts tearing while Ragini is looking at him confusingly.
Laksh in his mind : I’m sorry that I can’t fulfill your wedding dream jaan. You wanted to have a grand engagement, you wanted to dance with for our Sangeet with me, you wanted to apply mehendi and write my name on your palm then you wanted to wear white shalwar for your haldi. I don’t know whether I will be able to fulfill them.

His thoughts will be broken by Ragini’s voice.
Ragini :… Laksh (Laksh turns) for how long are you gonna make me shout? I’m sleepy but I’m scared to sleep as you will leave me if I sleep.
Laksh walks towards Ragini and makes her lay in the bed and he too lies beside her. She rests her head in his left arm and takes his right hand and plays with his fingers while both of them have some random talks. Ragini dozes off, Laksh makes her sleep on the pillow and covers her with the blanket and gives soft kiss on her forehead. He goes to the couch and looks at Ragini who is having a peaceful sleep. With the thought of Ragini he too dozes off.

Ragini gets up due to sunlight and finds Laksh staring at her with a smile.
Ragini : What are you staring at Laksh?
Laksh : I’m staring at my angel.
Ragini bluses.
Laksh : You can blush later sweetie now we have to go out somewhere.
Ragini : Where?
Laksh : Surprise and I got you a small gift.
Ragini : What?
Laksh gives her a walking stick.
Ragini : What is this for? Can’t you carry me?
Laksh carries her.
Laksh : Jaan I will carry you forever incase when I’m not around you.
Ragini : Drop me to the washroom. (She points at the washroom)
Laksh : As you say highness.
He leaves her down and gives the walking stick. She comes out wearing a pajama.
Laksh who was sitting on the couch comes and hands her a bag.
Laksh : Here wear this.
Ragini takes it and opens it. She finds a peacock blue anarkali shalwar. Ragini smiles and nods while Laksh smiles and leaves. After few minutes Laksh comes and knocks the door and Ragini doesn’t open. He gets tensed and tries to open but stops. He knocks again and still Ragini doesn’t response so Laksh decides to go and check.

Scene shifts to MM all of them except Sanskaar and laksh have gathered in the dining table.
Daya : Where is Sanskaar?
Ap : He has gone to a mandir with Ragini’s daadi and Swara.
Dayanita and Anindita look shocked.
Ani : Swara…
Daya : Ragini
Ani : Badi ma who are these people?
Ap realizes what she told. Anindita and Dayanita doesn’t know anything about Swara or Ragini.
Daya : Ani I’m feeling like faintish. In this one year so many things have changed. New people, new behaviors…
Adarsh : Swara is Sanskaar’s fiancé while Ragini is Laksh’s fiancé I mean soon to be wife and Preeti’s younger sister. Swara is Preeti’s younger adopted sister.
Ani : God please give me strength to accept this truths.
Dp : Drama beez if you all are done shall we start eating.
All of them sit. Preeti starts serving them and she too sits.
A voice : Arey jiji…
Everyone turns and finds Sujatha and Rp standing.
Ap : Sujatha…
Sujatha runs and hugs Ap.
Sujatha : These two chori’s left us and came. In the airport how much I suffered?
Ani : Ma stop calling us like that.

Adarsh’s phone rings.
Adarsh : Haa bolo Sanskaar.
Sanskaar: Voh bhai I couldn’t inform Ma or papa…
Adarsh smiles : Don’t worry bro your to be wife called and informed us.
Ani takes the phone and runs upsatai while Daya follows her both of them come to Ani’s room.
Ani : Sanskaar how is your honeymoon trip?
Sanskaar widens his mouth while Anis withes on the loudspeaker.
Sanskaar : Ani…
Daya : You are very bad if you can tell us after giving birth to a baby. By the way where is our bhabhi?
Sanskaar : Di you too? She is here next to me.
Sanskaar switches on the loudspeaker.
Daya : Hey Swara…
Swara : Hi Daya
Ani : Having fun with your would be husband hena?
Daya : Stop teasing her Ani. Ok love birds both of you continue we will cat you both later.
Swara widens her mouth in shock.

Laksh : Ragini…
He opens it and finds Ragini has plugged her ear phones and finding hard to tie her dori. Laksh moves towards her and ties it while Ragini blushes when Laksh’s hand touches her skin. Laksh bends to her.
Laksh : If you blush like this for each of my touch seriously in future your cheeks might burst.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh : Hurry up we have to leave.
Laksh carries Ragini and goes toward the car and places her in the car. He too gets in and drives the car. They reach MM and makes Ragini get down from the car and carries her. He takes her in by then all of them have finished eating was sitting in the living room.
Ragini : Laksh where are you taking me? (Laksh comes and stands on top of the stairs) Laksh…
All the Maheshwari’s sees him and gets shocked.
Ap : Laksh…
Laksh comes and places Ragini on the sofa. She looks at everyone sacredly.
Preeti : Everything is ok right?
Laksh : Haa. Today it is my and Ragini’s engagement. Unlike some people getting married without informing I thought of evenengaging after informing everyone.
Daya : Engagement?
Ani feels dizzy but holds Daya and manages not to faint.
Dp : Laksh but why so hurriedly?
Laksh : Papa I think she needs me the most and I have to be with her.
Preeti : Ma…Papa I think Laksh is right.
Ap goes near laksh and caresses his face.
Ap : My kid is grown that he starts taking his own decisions. I know whatever you do is right. You always have my blessings beta so exchange the ring.
Laksh sits next to Ragini while she looks at him lovingly. Laksh takes out a velvet box and opens it. Beautiful two couple ring is place in it. It is cute diamond ring. Both of them exchange the ring while the rest claps.
Ani : We got our second bhabhi too.
Daya : Haa Ani I’m so happy. By the way bhai she is very beautiful.
Adarsh : She is after all my brothers selection.
Ani : And your saali ji.
Preeti comes and gift her bangle.
Preeti : This is for my sister for her engagement gift.
Adarsh : Preeti why are you being stingy. Give her the whole set.
Preeti gives a killer look to Adarsh.
Preeti : She will have her, sangeet, mehendi, haldi so I will gift her each bangle each day.
Ragini : Di…
Everyone looks at her shockingly while Sujatha who was more shock and doesn’t know what is going on faints.

Precap : Ragini and Laksh dancing… Laksh kneeling down infront of Ragini…SwaSan are seen hidden… Adarsh scolds Preeti…

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Adarsh – Harshad Arora
Preeti – Preetika Rao
Mira (Preeti’s PA) – Mouni Roy
Anindita Ram Prasad Maheshwari – Pragati Chourasiya
Dayanita Ram Prasad Mheshwari – Sonal Vengurlekar

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Credit to: Dafsi

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