She is the One (Episode 15) (SwaSan, RagLak, Adeerti [ZaYa])

She is the One Episode 15 (RagLak, SwaSan , Adeerti [ZaYa])

The episode starts with Swara and Daadi entering the hospital.
Ap : Laksh whatever she is your bhabhi you shouldn’t have slapped her.
Just then doctor comes out.
Laksh : Is there any improvement?
Doctor : No there is not any improvement by the way you have to fill some formalities so come with me.
Preeti : Doctor my sister…
Laksh : Let’s leave
Preeti is crying Swara comes and hugs Preeti.
Swara : Di you have to be strong now. Your Laado needs you.

Sanskaar comes and hold Swara’s shoulder. Swara gets up and sees Ragini through the glass in the door. She looks all the machines and all the pipes connected to Ragini. She goes away from there while Sanskaar goes behind her.

Laksh comes back and doesn’t speak with anyone. He sits there tensely. All their happy moments were flashing in his mind. Somewhere in his heart he finds responsible too. Each and every one of them felt responsible for Ragini’s situation. No one was able to blame anyone. They knew that it’s not the time to fight. Preeti understood Ragini’s life is in danger or else Laksh wouldn’t have slapped her. Ragini is shown her heart is beating but her body is lifeless. Ap looks at Laksh and goes near him. She sits beside him and starts caressing his hair.

An hour has passed not a news came out of the room. Lakhs feels like his hear is going to stop. He gets up and sees inside and is shocked.

Swara comes to the nearby mandir. She startd praying god along with Sanskaar.
Swara : Until my Laado gets up I will not get (She kneels down)
Sanskaar : Are you mad?
Swara : Sanskaar please…
Sanskaar also sits along with her and prays.

Scene shifts to the hospital. Laksh sees the doctors nodding their head neagatively and removing the glows. Laksh dashes the door and shouts.
Laksh : Ragini get up… I said get up you can’t leave me Ragini…Your Laksh has come (He is screaming the rest of the family members come in) I’m sorry jaan I shouldn’t have left you alone… Why did I leave you Ragini? I know you have a big heart so that you won’t leave me Ragini get up… I said get up right now…What about your dreams, come let’s make it a live together?
Doctor : Calm yourself Mr. Laksh she has fallen in to coma…
Just then they hear a soft voice.
Ragini very very softly : Laksh…
Laksh kneels down and sadly smiles while tears are rolling from his eyes. Doctor walks toward her and checks the machine. She checks her eyes and pulses.
Doctor : Mr. Laksh I’m not surprised as it is something usual in medical science but I must say you are really lucky. She has gained her conscious back. Please don’t give any kind of shock or it would harm her health.

Doctor leaves, Laksh walks toward her and hold her hand. Ragini slowly opens her eyes and smile.
Laksh : You scared me

Ragini : Why am I here Laksh?
Laksh looks at her shockingly. The rest of the family members come and stands around them.
Ragini : Who are they?
This makes everyone shock. Preeti shatters down. She goes out while Adarsh follows.
Laksh : Do you know me?
Ragini : You are Laksh and I’m Ragini
Laksh : What kind of relation did we have?
Ragini : We loved each other.
Laksh : Did we get marry?
Ragini : No, why are you asking so many questions?
Laksh : Ok baaba one last question. Do you know them?
Ragini : No
He gets stunned and goes behind.
Ragini : Laksh don’t leave me.
Laksh : I will never leave you. Now you stay here I’ll go and talk to the doctor and come.
Ragini looks at everyone confusingly.

Scene at madir Sanskaar’s phone rings.
Sanskaar : Bhai bolo, did Ragini gain conscious?
Adarsh: Haa but (He explains him everything)

Scene at hospital Preeti is crying hardly. Adarsh comes and sits next to her.
Adarsh : I’m sorry Preeti
Preeti hugs him and he hugs her back.
Preeti : What is happening around me? I don’t get anything?
Adarsh : Everything is my fault and I promise to sort out everything.
They break the hug.

Swara and Sanskaar reach by then. Laksh is seen sitting in front of the doctor.
Doctor : That means she remembers you only but forgot the rest?
Laksh : Haan doctor.

Doctor : There are so many types of memory loses. Some lose it permanently some loses it temporarily. They might forget the whole past, they might forget incidents of few months, they might forget the important thing of life while remember the rest, they might forget the rest and remember what is important at that time. Ragini has faced the last kind.
Laksh : Which means she only remembers me? What if she regains her memory?
Doctor : Let her gain it on her own. Don’t force her to or don’t stress her too much.
Laksh: Thank you doctor.
Doctor : Welcome and take care.

Laksh leaves and find Ragini sitting on the bed staring at everyone confusingly. She sees Laksh and gets happy. Laksh walks toward her and she hugs him tightly.
Laksh : Jaan, let me introduce you to them.
Ragini looks on
Laksh : This your daadi, this is my ma, my pa, this is my badai bhai Adarsh and his wife Preeti, this is my chotai bhai and his fiancé Swara. ()He points and introduces everyone.
Ragini Folds her hands and greets. The nurse enters.
Nurse : You can discharge her after she is completely all right and one of you can stay.
Laksh : Ok thanks. I’ll stay with her today.
Sanskaar : Bhai your exam?

Laksh : I don’t care about it right now.
Ragini : What exam? Laksh if you have exam you have to study you go home amd study I can take care of my own.
Laksh : I won’t leave you this time. Sanskaar get my books, pair dresses and the coffee maker and Swara can you get Ragini’s dresses?

It’s night Laksh is studying while Ragini is sleeping. Swara and Sanskaar are sitting on the couch.
Sanskaar : Is everything back to normal?
Swara : Don’t know. Shall we leave?
Sanskaar : Hmm, (both of them get up) Bhai we are leaving. If you need anything just give a call
Laksh : Ok…take care

Laksh goes near Ragini and pecks on her forehead. Ragini eventually smiles. Next day morning Ragini gets up and sees Laksh sleeping holding her and sleeping. She needs water so she slowly gets up without disturbing him. She tries to take the class but Laksh gets up before she could reach.
Laksh : Jaan what are you doing?
Ragini with uneasiness : Wa…ter
Laksh hurriedly gets water and makes her drink.
Laksh : Are you ok?
Ragini nods and smiles.
Ragini : Don’t you have college Laksh?
Laksh : We are having study holidays.
Ragini : How did I get hospitalized?
Laksh : It was an accident.

Ragini : Laksh I’m hungry (She makes a pout face)
Laksh smiles : They will get you food can you wait for few minutes or I’ll buy you something to eat?
Ragini : I’ll wait…

Two days after doctor comes to check Ragini.
Ragini : Doctor can I leave? I’m bored
Doctor : You perfectly alright to leave but don’t stress yourself or work too much. Speacially don’t even think of walking for two weeks.
Ragini : Sure
Laksh enters : Shall we leave?
Ragini : Ok I’m ready.

Laksh makes her sit in the stretcher and takes her to the car. He lifts her and places in the seat. Ragini slightly remembers something similar happened but ignores it (She thinks it’s a normal feeling…Even I get feeling like that that some incidents seems it has happened ). Laksh starts driving.
Laksh in her mind : Where should I take her? To my home or hers?
Ragini : What are you thinking?

Laksh : Voh nothing jaan.
Ragini : Where are we going?
Laksh : To your house
Ragini : But Laksh I can’t stay without you. (She makes a cute sad face)
Laksh looks at her lovingly.
Laksh : Very soon your prince will take you with him princess.
Ragini blushes : So cheesy.

Ragini and Laksh reach GM. Laksh comes and opens the car door and help Ragini to get down. Laksh takes the wheel chair and places Ragini on it. He takes her in. Daadi comes and does aarti. Laksh take to a room downstairs and places her on the bed.
Ragini : Laksh where is this?
Swara and Sanskaar enters the room.
Swara : This is your house
Ragini looks confusingly at Swara. Swara remembers that Ragini doesn’t know her. She sits near Ragini
Swara : Laado Laksh only told me.
Ragini : Laado?
Sanskaar : Voh…nice name Swara.
Ragini : Why do I feel like I’m lost Laksh? Why do I feel blank? Why do I feel like only you were there in my life?
Laksh sits near Ragini.

Laksh : Jaan don’t think too much. Take rest everything will be alright. Swara will take care of you I’ll go home and come back at night okay? If you want me to get something tell me I’ll get it for you.
Ragini : I want only you to be with me. I’m getting scared when you are not with me.
Laksh : You are my good angel right? Then listen to me I’ll be back soon. Swara is really good.
He kisses on her forehead and Ragini hugs him tight.
Ragini : I don’t know what is going around me Laksh it feels like I have lost many things. I don’t want to lose you too. Promise me you will be back soon
Laksh : Promise.
Sanskaar : Swara if she needs anything let us know
Swara : Ok
Laksh and Sanskaar leaves while Ragini looks at Swara sacredly but Swara smiles back.

Laksh and Sanskaar reaches MM. Laksh was about to go to his room.
Preeti : Laksh how is Ragini?
Laksh stops and gives her a killer look. Just then Ap comes from kitchen.
Adarsh : Laksh she has all her rights to know.
Laksh gets down and comes toward them.
Laksh : The day Ragini met with her accident she lost her rights. Now in Ragini’s world only I have place and only I will be in her world.

Ap : Laksh what you are doing is not good. Preeti needs her sister.
Dp : Haa Laksh your mom is right. After all she has more rights than you.
Laksh : Her rights are broken papa. Papa I’m not here to fight for whatever has happened. Past let be a past itself. I’m here to give you my decision.
Ap : What decision?
Laksh : I’m getting married to Ragini, I will transfer all the property back to bhabhi’s name and…
Sanskaar : And…
Laksh : I will tell my last decision once my marriage is done.
Preeti : I’m so happy that you are getting married to her but will you forgive me? I know Ragini is not the old Ragini but if you forgive me it is like she forgave me. Please Laksh…(She is crying)…Its true I didn’t give respect for her decision…

Out of MM two girls come and gets down from the car. One has worn a green Anarkali shalwar while the other one has worn a white legging and a yellow kurti. Both of them come in they are having a luggage in their hands. They enter the mansion.
Girl with anarakali dress : Badi maa
Girl with kurti : Badi papa
Everyone turn and look at them.

Screen freezes revealing the girls face.

Precap : Laksh says “I forgave you and everyone…Let it be a new beginning ”… Ragini calls Preeti “Di”… The two girls are teasing SwaSan… Sujatha faints…

Adarsh – Harshad Arora
Preeti – Preetika Rao
Mira (Preeto’s PA) – Mouni Roy

Thanks for the comments and suggestion. I’m sorry if this is not what you expected but  I didn’t want Ragini to forget Laksh as well as didn’t want to paralyze her too. Coma idea was awesome but thought it would drag the episodes….Please do comment if this is good or bad.

To find my previous episodes (Not only mine other ff too) please search in the search box which is on top of these pages… If you type the ff you want all the previous episodes will come (Some of you might know it this just a small help for those who didn’t try it out ) and I’m Sorry for not updating yesterday. My laptop again didn’t work 

Please do read and comment as I need it the most…Next update will be on Friday….

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