She is the One (Episode 14) (SwaSan, RagLak, Adeerti [ZaYa])


She is the One Episode 14 (RagLak, SwaSan , Adeerti [ZaYa])

The episode starts with Ragini, Preeti, Swara, Meera and Adarsh standing.
Mira : What is going on?
Swara : Let me explain you. Adarsh has taken Preeti’s signature to transfer the property in to Ragini’s name. He took the sign while he was taking for their marriage registration and now unless Ragini transfers all the property back Di doesn’t have any connection with Gadodias.
Ragini rudely : I’m fine with it (All of them looks shock) By the way Mira how did you work as PA without understanding this simple thing. OK let it be, I’m leaving to college now and from tomorrow onward I’ll be coming to office. I’ll shift my time according to my lectures and I want the file regarding the employees right now.

Swara : Laado do you know what are you doing?
Ragini : Shona please…If you don’t understand try to understand. Stay for five minutes I’ll get the file and let’s go to college.
Swara : Laado…
Ragini leaves while Preeti looks shocked. Adarsh smirks and comes towards Preeti.
Adarsh : Mrs. Maheshwari you have no reason to stand here so shall we leave.
Preeti turns and points her index finger.
Preeti : Whatever you have done is not good Adarsh she is still small and doesn’t understand what is this.
Adarsh : She is smarter than you Mrs. Preeti. Now you better be a good bahu as you have no work to do. This office gave you a big head.

Saying this Adarsh leaves just then Ragini comes with the file.
Swara : Laado what have you done? She is your sister how can you feel to do this?
Ragini : Which sister are you talking about? Ohh yeah I remember I had one but I don’t know where did she go.
Preeti : Laado I’m sorry. I don’t want the property but tell me that you have forgiven me.
Ragini nods her head in NO
Ragini : That will never happen. You have no idea what I’m going through. There was no fault in any question which Laksh asked you two.
Swara : Did you chose Laksh over Di
Ragini laughs and nods NO

Ragini : I have nothing to chose Shona… I have nothing because of her stupid decision I lost my Di and my Laksh both… Do you both know that how soft heart Laksh has? Do you know that his parents never wanted to see him in pain? He was not strong as Adarsh or Sanskaar but because of me he became a stone.
Swara : We undersatand…
Ragini interrupts : No Shona you will never understand my pain or my Laksh’s pain. I will never hate him but I’m dying with pain for hurting him.
Preeti : Laado please…
Ragini : I told you not to do anything let it be as it was but you thought of being a super hero and saw what happened? I know how Lkahs will react…I thought of giving him less pain but you, just because of you and your husband threw us to the hell…Along with love you took our humanity…
Swara shouts : Enough Ragini whatever you have spoken is enough…She is your sister who looked after you from your childhood…She threw her love for you, she gave you comfort, she gave you love and care which even a mother would not give…You have no idea what has she sacrificed for you and now she has sacrificed her life and her earning for you and it is just for you…but you what have you done for her until now? You are hurting her for someone else…It’s just because of her you are standing here or else……

Ragini : Or else…continue Ms. Swara Bose… I agree with whatever she has done and it is true that she sacrificed everything for me… Bit has she ever asked for my opinion before taking any decision? If she would have shared eberythignwith me, her problems, her pain, her sadness I wouldn’t have ended up like this…I don’t put the blame on her until I broke up with Laksh but what she did when everything was going to be normal within few day she ruined it… I know that is also for my betterment but she was wrong it only brought pain… You patched up with Sanskaar and I’m happy Swara you would understand what I’m going through only if he would have rejected you…Thanks for whatever you have done Mrs. Preeti Adarsh Maheshwari but I will never forgive her giving such pain for my Laksh…

Saying this she leaves. Preeti and Swara looks at each other with teary eyes. Ragini goes in to the car and drives it faster it shows her anger and pain both. She parks her car with a rage she sits there for a while and cries her heart out remembering all the conversations happened a while ago. She wipes her tears and gets down and dashes the car door and locks it. She turns with a rage and collides with Laksh she loses her balance and falls while Laksh hold her. They share an intense eye lock. Another car comes and horns they come back to their senses. Laksh is having tears while Ragini starts crying. Laksh leaves getting in his car; he is looks at her from the side mirror.

Laksh reaches home just then Preeti gets down out of her car. They share an eyelock which is full of anger, disappointment, pain and sadness from Laksh’s side and guilt, pain and sadness from Preeti’s side. Laksh directly goes in to his room and falls in to bed and sleeps. Ap comes and caresses his hair, she gives peck on his forehead and she removes his over coat, shoe, sock, watch and goes out from there.

Ragini comes back to home after college. As soon as she enters she find Daadi sitting in the dining room all alone.
Ragini : Daadi where is Shona.
Daadi : She didn’t come back yet.
Ragini : She didn’t come to college also.
Daadi : Ok you come I made your favourite. Guess what?
Ragini : Puri???
Daadi : Yes
Ragini sits to eat.

Its next morning in GO Ragini comes in walking. She has worn a black legging with a white long kurti and her hair left open. Ragini asks Mira to gather all the board members in conference room. Everyone is gathered and Ragini enters.
Ragini : Good Morning everyone. I’m you new GM I’m not new to this place but post. So I want a summary from each of you individually until now what have you done to this company. I personally know what you have done for the company but want to know it from you too. Now all of you can leave and start doing the report.
All of them nod and leave.
Ragini : MiraI don’t know what I am doing is right or wrong but my mind and brain both are telling what I am doing is right and you are not a employee for me but a friend hope you will help me.
Mira : Ragini…
Both of them hug for a while and breaks.

Mira : I promise to help you just like I helped Preeti madam. Whatever the help I’m ready to do.
Ragini : Thanks…Ahh now I have lectures so I will leave and return in noon, keep all the meeting files on my table I’ll be back…Bye
Mira nods : Bye

Ragini drives faster as she is getting late for her lectures…

Scene at MM Laksh comes down stairs and sits in the hall.
Dp : Laksh come to have breakfast.
Laksh : I don’t want.
Ap : Beta…
Laksh : Ma first let everyone and then I will.
Ap brings the food and places it on the living room coffee table. Laksh looks at her with glittering eyes. Ap sits and starts feeding him. Preeti serves food for everyone, Adarsh purposely make the food fall on him.
Adarsh : Are you blind Preeti? Where are you lost? If you are still thinking about your sister who hates you then think it in your room not when you serving.
Preeti : Voh… I’m sorry
Laksh is looking at them then he is frustrated so he switches on the TV.
Ap : Beta you have studied all night now go and rest I’ll get you something to dring.
Laksh : Ma don’t bother yourself I’m fine.
Laksh is changing channels and suddenly he pauses while he hears the name of Ragini. Ap leaves before that.
News reporter : The victim was Ragini Gadodia the younger sister of Preeti Maheshwari the leading business woman of India and bahu of similarly leading company. This accident was happened to be a few meters away from Kolkata College. She has been driving the car very faster and has hit another car. She has been admitted in Kolkata City Hospital.

Laksh’s body started freezing and numb he couldn’t move. He closed his eyes and the reporters words were echoing.
Laksh screams : Raginiiiiiiii…………………

The rest of them Run and come while Laksh has already left home and is driving faster. Preeti sees the news and is shocked. All of them leave. Sanskaar calls and informs Swara.
Sanskaar : Swara where are you? On the news channel and see.
Swara switches it on and is shocked. Daadi who was going passing Swara’s room hears Ragini’ss name and goes in and is shell shocked.
Swara : Ragini…
Sanskaar : Come to the hospital.

They reach hospital and sees Laksh sitting on the chair in front of ICU
Preeti : Laksh what did the doctors say?

Laksh gets up and closes his eyes and remembers what the doctor said.

Laksh reaches the hospital. Laksh goes near the receptionist
Laksh : Ragini Gadodia??
Receptionist : ICU, it’s in the second left room
Laksh runs to ICU just then a doctor comes out of the room
Laksh : Doctor Ragini?
Doctor : Can I know how are you related?
Laksh : I’m her fiancé. How is she doctor?
Doctor : I can’t tell anything right now.

Laksh is crying : Please give an answer.
Doctor : For now I can tell that she is in danger. I think she was in too stress and depressed so when the accident happened with the shock of getting accident and the stress she already had brought a damage in brain. Because of this she might fall in coma, get a memory loss, paralyzed or we won’t be able to save her. Gettinf rid of any of this there are only 90% of chances.

Laksh is shell shocked. He sits there with the shock
Flashback ends

Laksh opens his eyes and looks at Preeti and gives a tight slap on her face which makes everyone shocked. Just then Swara reaches.

Recap : Swara and Sanskaar pray god… Adarsh consoles Preeti… Laksh is seen falling down with teary eyes…Two girls enter MM…

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Credit to: Dafsi

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