She is the One (Episode 13) (SwaSan, RagLak, Adeerti [ZaYa])


She is the One Episode 13 (RagLak, SwaSan , Adeerti [ZaYa])

Recap : Laksh breaking ties with Adarsh and Preeti. Ragini breaks relation with Preeti. SwaSan tryingto unite Raglak

The episode starts with Ragni sitting on the bed with a confused look.
Ragini : What does Mira has to speak with me?
Swara : I have no idea, get ready fast we’ll go and see what she has to speak with you. Drink the coffee and get ready. I’ll also get ready and come.
Ragini : Ok Shona.
She goes to her wardrobe and takes a purple kurti and a blue legging and goes to the washroom. She comes out wearing it. She stands in front of the mirror and remembers Laksh complementing on it.


Ragini gets down out of her car and is walking towards her lecture room. Laksh notices her and come towards her. He couldn’t move his eyes out of her. She was looking so cute with the messy bun and the same purple kurti and the blue leggings.
Laksh : OMG jaan you are looking beautiful today.
Ragini : Jaan? Yesterday only you proposed me and now itself jaan.
Laksh : Haan get used to it, only I have full right on it not only that many other cheesy names are awaiting.
Ragini : I never knew the college topper was this cheesy.
Laksh : Don’t forget, this college topper is also a boy.
Ragini : OK ok forgive me.
Laksh : Forgiven
Both of them laugh.
Flashback ends…

Ragini is having tears; she hears footsteps and quickly wiped her tears. She started doing a light make up.
Swara : Come to have breakfast.
Ragini : Ok Shona babaa I’m coming.

At college Laksh is coming out of the Library. Their lectures are over and they are on their study holiday. Laksh goes to a lecture room which was empty and starts pulling his book out of the bag. He started studying with full concentration.

At MM everyone are seated in the dining table Preeti brings milk cake which she made as the ritual and serves to everyone. Everyone eats as they don’t want to hurt her. Dp and Rp gives her money. Ap gives her two bangles and Sujatha puts a ring. Everyone is waiting until Adarsh gives something.
Adarsh : Hold on, I’ll bring your gift.
Preeti looks on.
Adarsh comes back and gives Preeti a file.
Adarsh : Open it
Preeti : Opens it and is shell shocked
Adarsh : It is your wedding gift

Scenes shifts Gadodia office
Ragini : Why did you ask me to come Mira?
Mira : Read this file
Ragini and Swara looks at each other. Ragini takes the file and starts reading it.

Scene shifts to college. Laksh is studying all alone in the lecture room. He hears ambulance siren sound and goes remembers his first hug with Ragini.

Ragini and Laksh have finished dancing and are lost in each other’s eyes. They come back to their senses when Ragini’s phone ring. Ragini goes to a corner and answers the call while Lakah with a smile goes near Aaditya.

Ragini : Shona bolo
Swara : Laado come soon to City hospital as soon as possible.
Ragini : Why? Everything is okay right? What are doing in hospital with whom? Shona speak
Swara : I’ll tell everything, you bring our college president along with you
Ragini : You mean Laksh
Swara : Ha ha Laksh only, soon

Ragini goes near Laksh and drags him out.
Laksh : Help…help… this girl is trying to kidnap me
Ragini : Will you stop you drama and come with me
Laksh : Do you think that only girls get kidnapped by boys? Now a days girls are more dangerous.
Ragini gives him a killer look.
Ragini : Be practical, even if I’m going to kidnap a boy it will not be you. Have you ever looked at your face in mirror? (Laksh widens his eyes)
They reach the parking lot.
Ragini in her mind : I know I lied that you are not handsome. Any girl would fall for you but to not make me fall for you I will have to say something like this.
Laksh : Whaaaaat? You call me not handsome?
Ragini bit her cheek and nods yes.
Ragini : Get in
Laksh : Can’t
Ragini : Hurry up and get in, I don’t have time to play with you so get in fast

Ragini goes to the driving seat and gets in. Laksh doesn’t get in. Ragini gets pissed off with this nautunki. He goes toward him and pushes him and closes the door and come and gets in by then Laksh again gets down. Ragini for few times did this and gets angry and burst out.
Ragini : You mental Laksh Maheshwari will you please get in to the car we have to go the hospital
Laksh widens his eye in shock : Whaaaaaaaaaaat? Who is hospitalized? I’m not mental or psycho that you are going to take me to the hospital
Ragini : Uffo you are such a drama, get in Laksh
She starts getting tensed and tears start falling. Laksh sees her and gets in.
Laksh : Ragini stop crying. I was joking
Ragini : You have no idea what a life is. I don’t know why Shona asked me to take you and come. I hope she is fine.
Laksh looks at her and gets emotional. They reach the hospital. Ragini calls Swara.
Ragini : Shona where should we come?
Swara : Laado 5th floor ICU
Ragini goes to the lift and it doesn’t work. She runs to the staircase and runs up faster along with Laksh. Ragini can’t run properly as she is wearing a sadi she stumbles and her leg gets sprained. She shouts with pain
Laksh : Are you ok?
Ragini : Yes, you go faster. I’ll come.
Both of them reach and sees Swara tensed. Swara sees them and comes and hugs Ragini.
Swara : Laado, Sakskaar met with an accident.
Laksh and Ragini are shocked.
Laksh : Accident????
He can’t hear anything and feels dizzy but manages himself as he should be with his brother. Laksh loves Sanskaar a lot that is how they grew up.

Swara : Haa,
She narrates how he made him smile and then suddenly told I love you and the way how she got angry and went out, how Sanskaar ran behind her and got knocked to the car.
Swara : It’s all because of me, only me. Doctors are telling his saving chances are 50% only. I’m scared Laado.
Ragini : Don’t panic Shona everything will be ok
Laksh comes towards Swara and hold her by her shoulder.
Laksh : If something happens to my brother and I’m not gonna leave you for sure so better pray god to save him
Ragini : Laksh leave her.
Ragini removes his hand from Swara shoulders and makes him sit.
Ragini : Relax, I understand. Nothing will happen to him trust him.
The doctor comes out. Laksh gets up
Laksh : Doctor how he? Nothing is serious right?
Doctor : Voh Mr..
Laksh : Laksh Maheshwari
Doctor : Laksh Maheshwari your brothers condition is critical. I can’t tell anything unless he gains conscious
Laksh is speechless and goes and stands near the window as he knows its not the time to panic or fight.
Laksh : No Sanskaar nothing will happen to you my chotu, I know you won’t leave your bhai alone. Come fast, who will be my partner in crime?
Ragini sees him and walks slowly as her leg is sprained; she goes to him and holds his shoulder. Laksh turns and hugs her tightly and cries his heard out. Ragini gets shocked at first but understands his situation and hugs him back.
Ragini : Your chotu will come, nothing will happen.
Laksh realizes what he did and composes himself. Ragini moves back and her leg hurt so she shouts. Laksh makes her sit and he too sits. Swara is sitting and crying hardly. The doctor comes out.
Laksh : How is he now?
Doctor : Survived Mr. Maheshwari.
Laksh : Thank god. Can I meet him?
Doctor : Yeah sure.

Ragini’s phone rings.
Ragini : Haan di bolo
Preeti : Where are you Laado?
Ragini : Voh.. Di I’ll be there in a while.
Preeti : Theek hain, no any problem right?
Ragini : Na na di. Don’t worry
Preeti hung up.

Ragini : Shona Di called an I have to leave, shall I drop you?
Laksh : You can’t drive with your sprained leg so first lets aid it and then Shona will drop you home
Ragini : No it is ok Laksh, and btw Shona doesn’t know to drive.
Laksh looks at Shona.
Laksh : Excuse me nurse her leg has sprained, can you please bandage it.
Nurse : Yes come in to the room.
Nurse dresses Ragini’s leg and looks at Laksh who is looking at Ragini with teary eyes.
Nurse : Madam you have got very nice and caring husband.
Ragini blushes while Laksh smiles
Ragini with fake anger : Husband? Are you blind? We are not married. See I don’t have mangalsutra or sindoor.
Nurse : I’m sorry madam, I didn’t notice it. Anyway you have got a nice caring boyfriend.
Laksh notices Ragini fuming in anger and he knows about her mouth very well so before she could tell anything Laksh interrupts.
Laksh : Voh…baby shall we go? Now it’s already late
Ragini widens her eyes.
Ragini under her breath : Baby? Am I looking like a baby for him?
Nurse smiles : Sir please pay the bills and you can discharge your brother tomorrow morning.
Laksh : Ok, anyway thanks.

Laksh carries Ragini while Ragini is shocked. He places on her in the wheelchair.They reach the parking lot. Laksh again carries her.
Ragini : With whose permission are you carrying me? And where is Shona?
Laksh : Whose permission should I have to take? (He tightens his grip and Ragini widens her eyes more)
Ragini : You are such a jerk? Do you behave like this with all the girls? (She remembers what the girls in the party told about Laksh)
Laksh : If you don’t have any diseases as forgetting then remind and see what the girls spoke today? If you still can’t remember then let me remind you. They told that you are the first girl, I by myself came and spoke. There are countless number of girls who came and spoke with me, but this Laksh (He nods his head in a no)
Ragini : Then why did you speak with me? And more over why are you carrying?
Laksh places her in the and leans towards her.
Laksh whispers : Everything has a reason princess.
Ragini blushes a bit and thinks : First he called me baby and that was probably to get out from the nurse but here? But why do I feel happy and when he call me as princess it’s nice to here
Ragini changes the topic

Ragini : Where is Shona?
Laksh while sitting in driving seat
Laksh : She is with Sanskaar. I’ll drop you home and then I’ll drop her too
Ragini : You know what Mr. Maheshwari, first time in my life I’m letting a complete stranger oops no I’m letting someone else sit in my seat. No one is dare to sit on it? I don’t why I let you and another thing first time in my life time I’m speaking with a Stanger.
Laksh : Ahh? So you never speak with anyone?
Ragini L Nop, My world has only three people my Di, Shona and Daadi. I neve have long conversation or any talks with anyone.
Laksh : Why?
Ragini : My di from small days taught not to believe strangers as they always bring you problems so I and Shona have decided that no strangers will enter our life without di’s permission. Whether it is school or college we had each other and we were happy too and we had no problem so we accepted what di told was right. Wait why am I telling you all this?
Laksh : Who knows? Tell me your address.
Ragini : So rude, Gadodia Mansion
Laksh : Ow ow ow, wait you are……
Ragini : Yes, I’m her sister only
Ragini and Laksh reaches GM.
Ragini : Thanks
Laksh : Anytime…
Laksh mummers : And anything for you.
Flash back ends.

Scene shifts to GO

Ragini : What is this?
Swara : This can’t be
Mira : Even I have no idea who did this
A voice form behind : Adarsh Maheshwari did this.
All three of them turns and find Preeti standing.
Preeti : he has taken my signature without my knowledge while he took our wedding registration sign…
Ragini interrupts : I have no any option and also I accept this.
Swara, Preeti and Mira get shocked.
Ragini : I’m ready to own all the properties of Gadodia. (She walks towards Preeti) It’s true that you earned them but this is the punishment for your sudden decision that you have no relation with Gadodias anymore until your sister breaks this agreement.

Screen freezes on the shocked faces of Swara, Preeti and Mira.

Recap : Ragini is entering GO as the new MD… A car hits her… Laksh slaps Preeti and Swara shouts at Ragini…Ragini and Laksh behaving rudely…

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Credit to: Dafsi

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