She is the One (Episode 11) (SwaSan, RagLak, Adeerti [ZaYa])

She is the One Episode 11 (RagLak, SwaSan , Adeerti [ZaYa])

Recap : RagLak and SwaSan break up…Adeerti’s past is reveales…

The episode starts with Preeti sitting on the sofa in the living room; she has not slept the whole day. Ragini comes down wearing a track suit. Her face completely shows how much she has cried as it is puffed up.
Ragini : I’m going jogging, if Shona asks say her.
Preeti : Laado wait, how can you act normal? Do you think that you can’t hide anything from your Di?
Ragini : When my di can hide things from us why can’t we? I’m ready to move on.

Saying this she goes out and gets in to her car. Preeti looks shocked at her behavior.

Scene at MM
Ap comes to kitchen and finds Sujatha lost in her thoughts.
Ap : What are you thinking Sujatha?
Sujatha : Nothing jiji, everything turned up unexpectedly. Yesterday we got happiness as well as sadness.
Ap : What to do? Everything will be ok (She gets teary.)

Adarsh in his room is sleeping on his couch. He gets up and his head hurts really badly. He gets up and walks towards Laksh’s room and sees him sleeping on the floor. He sees Laksh’s hand is cut (He didn’t cut on purpose when he was frustrated he messed the room then it got cut by a glass piece but he doesn’t realize it as his pain in the heart is more than this cut.) Adarsh takes the first aid box and dresses Laksh’s wound. Sanskaar enter and he smiles with pain.

Sanskaar : What’s the point dressing the wound bhai when his pain in the heart won’t heal? How are you going to treat it?
Adarsh : Sanky…
Sanskaar cuts his words : It’s true bhai that I’m affected too. I started loving Swara while helping him to gain his love (points towards sleeping Laksh). It was not strong as he loved Ragini, I agree with it too. It’s just the begging of my love but his……you broke his dream, life, heart everything from one act.

Adarsh gets teary and Sanskaar leaves. Laksh slowly gets up and tries hard to get us but his body is weak.
Adarsh : Let me help you
Laksh remains quiet while Adarsh helps him and makes him sit in the bed. Ap enters with a cup of coffee. She gets teary seeing Laksh’s state he goes towards him and caresses his head.
Ap : Laksh are you having fever?
Adarsh : Are you ok Lucky?
Ap : Adarsh I want you to leave the room right now. Please, stop giving him pain.
Adarsh : Ma…
Ap : I said leave
Adarsh quietly leave.
Ap : Beta you rest. I’ll get your breakfast here.
Laksh remains lifeless. Ap makes him drink the coffee and leaves.

Scene at GM
Swara is coming down stairs. Her face and eyes are puffed up; she has worn a denim trouser and kurti.
Swara : Daadi, where is Laado?
Preeti : She went to jogging.
Swara : Tell her I’m leaving to college as I have some notes to complete.
Preeti looks shocked.
Preeti thinks : They are trying to hide their pain. What I did was wrong. I will somehow find a way to make them together.

Ragini is sitting on a bench and she is looking lifeless.
A voice : Laksh, Laksh…
She looks here and there and finds a small boy running at and a man chasing him. She starts crying. Her face has gone pale. She remembers all her moments with Laksh. She gets up and goes towards the little boy and gives a peck on his cheeks.
Ragini : What is your name beta? (She wants to hear it)
The boy : Laksh (She closes her eyes and a drop of tear role from her eyes)
Ragini : Nice name.

Scene shifts to college. Swara is walking lost in her thoughts and collides with a girl. Swara is looking at her with no expression.
The girl : Hey Swara, are you ok?
Swara : Haan Meghna
Meghna : Where is Ragini? Will she be coming to college today? (Tensed)
Swara : Yeah, why?
Meghna : Laksh didn’t come for practices. I called him and he didn’t answer. Hope he is fine.
A voice from behind: He is not fine Meghna, and he won’t come.
Meghna : What happened to him Sanskaar?
Swara turns and looks at Sanskaar with teary eyes.
Sanskaar : He got high fever and he is not well so he won’t be able to come.

Scene at park
Ragini phone rings
Ragini : Haan Shona tell
Swara : Laado, Laksh is not well and he has got fever.
Ragini : What are you telling Shona?
Swara : He has not being speaking from the morning with anyone. He is not able to even walk itseems.
Ragini : Who told you?
Swara : In college they were speaking
Ragini : Ok fine

Ragini hangs up and goes to her house. She goes to her room and gets changed. She comes down and switches the T.V on and watches cartoon.
Daadi : What’s wrong with this child? When she has a T.V in her room why is she watching here? Doesn’t she have college today? I have no idea what are these girls doing. Bhaghawan ji please help them

Time passes and Ragini gets restless. Though she was watching T.V her thoughts were only about Laksh. She thinks to dial but thinks that it would create more problems. Until now her tears are not stopped flowing. She can’t bear it anymore she takes her car keys and goes to MM. She goes inside. She sees Ap taking soup upstairs.
Ragini : Ma…
Ap turns and sees Ragini.
Ap : Come beta come inside. Did you come to see whether Laksh is alive or…
Ragini cuts her words : Ma…please. Ma once let me meet my Laksh. I won’t go near him. I will just look at him from the door and leave. Please once.
Ap : I’m sorry Ragini, I don’t want to see him in more pain. Can you see how much he loves you that he fell sick?.
Ragini : Whatever I did is it wrong? My didi loves us a lot. She took care of me from small days. She is my ma and pa both. If someone is hurting your Ma and pa, how will you react Ma? Di never let me miss my mama. She never let me miss mothers love (Saying this she falls on down.) One last time let me meet him.

Ap makes her stand and hugs her. She takes Ragini holding her hand and makes her stand near Laksh’s room. Laksh is sleeping, in sleep his tears are flowing from his eyes. He is continuously repeating Ragini’s name. Suddenly Sujatha screams.
Sujatha : Jiiiiiijiiiiiiii…….Bhaisaaaaa………Everyone come down.

Laksh awakes up for the noise but is unable to get up he sees Ragini.
Laksh : Ragini……

Ap and Ragini comes down, they didn’t see Laksh getting up. Ap and Ragini are shell shocked.
Dp : Adarsh?
Ragini : Di?
Sujatha : What is this Adarsh? Mangalsutra? Sindoor on her maang? And garlands?

Adarsh and Preeti looks at each other and remembers what happened.
Peeti’s phone rings the displays as ‘Adarsh’. She answers it
Adarsh : I want to meet you at mandir.
Preeti : What do you have any more to do?
Adarsh : Meet you at 3.30 p.m.

Scene at mandir, Adarh is standing near the temple. Preeti arrives.
Preeti : What do you have to speak?
Adarsh : What I did was wrong only. I’m not here to ask sorry. Because of my doings my brother are suffering. I want make everything ok and I’m here to ask your help.
Preeti : Ohh, look who is asking help. Listen I’m not ready to do anything for you.
Adarsh : In hurry you make decision and don’t repent later. From this your sisters are also going to get healed. All this happened because of your quick decisions.
Preeti : I’m in this level because that one quick decision or I would have been you slave forever.
Adarsh : Come on Preeti, I don’t have time to your dramatic talks
Preeit : You…
Adarsh cuts her words : Going to help or not?

Preeti : What should I do?
Adarsh : Marry me.
Preeti gets shocked and thinks for a while.
Preeti thinks : I have to do this for my sisters, I have no any other option.
Preeti : I’m ready.
Adarsh takes Preeri holding her hand. Preeti looks on.
Adarsh : Pandit ji, we want to get married.
Pandit ji : You need a mangalsutra.
Adarsh : Everything is ready. Let’s begin the rituals.

Pandit ji recites the mantra. Adarsh and Preeti do some rituals. They take the seven vows.
Adarsh : Tie the mangalsutra
Adarsh ties and Preeti is having tears.
Pandit ji : Fill her maang.
Adarsh fills her maang. Preeti cries very hard.
Pandit ji : Now both of your official husband and wife. Live a happy life.

Adarsh thinks : The word ‘happy’ is erased from my dictionary. It’s going to be sorrow, misery, sadness, anger and revenge only.
Preet : I hardly got happiness in to my life now I’m sacrificing it for my sisters. I know I’m going to live in a hell but that pain is not new so I’m ready to bear anything.

Adarsh and Preeti come out. Preeti goes near her car.
Adarsh : You suppose to get in to my car. We are going to my house.
Preeti : Why should I?
Adarsh : Because you are my wife so get in.

Preeti has no choice so she gets in and calls her driver and asks him to take the car to house which is in the mandir.
Flashback ends…

Scene at college Sanskaar and Swara both of them comes out of their respective classes at the same time. Swara tried to ignore him and go but Snaskaar drags her out of the corridor and pins her to the wall.
Sanskaar : Why are scared to face me if you don’t want me?
Swara : I’m not scared of anything or anyone. Please Sanskaar leave me.
Sanskaar hugs her tightly and Swara is shocked.
Sanskaar : Can you feel my pain? Can you feel how much hurt I am? Like bhai gave up on bhabhi I’m not ready to give you up Swara. He is half dead but I’m stronger as I grew up on my own in hostel and it’s the same with Adarsh bhai. But lucky bhai he can’t bear this he is weak as he is having homesick Ma and Pa didn’t want leave him alone in hostel. Ragini was the first person bhai loved as a woman after Ma.

Swara feels the tears in her shoulder. Sanskaar broke down and Swara couldn’t bear to see him. Swara hugged him back to console him.
Sanskaar : I need you to patch Ragini and Laksh together. You are my strength, please Swara don’t leave me.
Swara : Bhuddu, where will I leave you and go? I love you too. I promise that we will unite Laado and Lucky jeth together.
Both of them smile.

Scene at MM
Everyone is shocked to see them.
Dp : What have you done Adarsh?
Ap : Answer your papa
Ragini : What have you done di?
Sujatha : Arey chore, what have you done? Do you think marriage is a game to play like this?
Adarsh : This is my and Preeti is own decision.
Preeti : This is to settle everything.

A voice : Wah, what a decision…I’m impressed Adarsh. And Preeti…Oops sorry Bhabhi.
Everyone turns and finds Lakhs on top of the stairs standing holding the railing.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh hardly walks toward Ragini and looks at her with teary eyes.
Ragini : La…..
She tried to speak before that Laksh gives a tight slap on Ragini’s cheek with all his strength he has. Ragini looks at him shockingly and the rest are too shocked.

Screen freezes on shocking face of Ragini.

Precap : Laksh behaves rude with everyone including Ragini. SwaSan and Adeerti try to patch up RagLak. Ragini cries hugging Laksh

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