She is the One (Episode 10) (SwaSan, RagLak, Adeerti [ZaYa])


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She is the One Episode 10 (RagLak, SwaSan , Adeerti [ZaYa])

Recap : Maheshweri’s come to GM asking their daughters hand in marriage for their sons

The episode starts with Sanskaar entering MM.
Sanskaar : Swara…

Swara : Ragini, come let’s go.
Ragini : Wait a minute.
She goes towards Laksh and removes the ring which he gave with a great difficulty. Laksh is looking at her with tear drenched face. All their happy moments come in to his mind. Ragini has cried not less to Laksh it can clearly been seen. Ragini hold his hands place the ring on his palm and closes it with his fingers and presses his hand to comfort him. She badly wanna give him a comfy hug but controls herself.
Laksh : Jaan… please don’t leave me (He kneels down and cries badly)
Ap shakes her head and hold Gp and squeezes it…She could not bear to see him in this condition. Sujatha was crying hugging Rp
Ragini : Ask you bhai Laksh, he will surely tell.

Swara and Ragini turns to leave. Sanskaar who still can’t understand what’s going on, but only thing he can see that for some reason his Swara is going to leave. While they move towards the entrance Sanskaar hold Swara’s hand.
Sanskaar : Are you going to leave me?
Swara looks away and holds his hand and removes his hand from hers. Both Swara and Ragini leave.

Ap : Adarsh what is going on?

Scene at GM.
Daadi : Preeti, where is Laado and Shona?
Preeti : Voh…Daadi
Ragini and Swara enters.
Ragini : We went out to get some fresh air.
Daadi : Fresh air? What fresh air at this time? Both of you are proposed now. Roaming in the night is not good.
Swara : When wedding is not going to happen who cares about roaming? (She runs toward her room)
Daadi : Laado, did Shona knock her head somewhere? What is she telling?
Ragini : There was no mistake in what she told.
Daadi : What do you mean?

Ragini walks toward Preeti.
Ragini : Why di? Why di dint’t you tell about this earlier? We wouldn’t have hurt them so much right? My Laksh……(She is sobbing, her face has gone red…she finds hard to breath)……My Laksh broke di, he broke in to pieces…He kneeled down like this (She shows the same way how Laksh kneeled down)…and said “Jaan please don’t leave” He was lifeless di…My Laksh was lifeless…if you would have told me before I would have left him and the pain would be less

Preeti couldn’t look at Ragini she makes her stand and hugs her and Ragini hugs her back.
Preeti : I’m sorry Laado, I’m sorry…I will make you marry to Laksh at any cost..Please Laado, agree it for me…please
Ragini breaks the hug.
Ragini : No di, never mind…This pain heal with time but I don’t want to see you in pain for life time, you were my mama and papa both. You raised me up. I can never see you in pain..I know Laksh is very strong…He will move on and Sanskaar is also matured he will to move on..Its better in this way..

Telling this she run’s to her room and closes door. She cries falling on the floor remembering all her time with Laksh. She looks at the frame he gave, then the panda with a hart and ‘RagLak’ stitched on it he gave when he first proposed her. She hugs it and cries her heart out.

Scene shifts to Swara’s room.
She takes the bag which Sanskaar gave, hugs it and cries. She remembers what he told when they last met (When Swara went to pack her things)

Swara : Sanskaar take those boxes and give.
Sanskaar : I didn’t come all way to take boxes.
Swara : Then what did you come for? To stare at me?
Sankskaar : Hahaha, exactly. What else?
Swara : You can stare at me later. Please take and give me…Right now.
Sanskaar : Ok ok
Swara : Good boy.

After few while Swara comes with two cans of soft drink.
Swara : Here drink, may be you are tired.
Sanskaar : Of course, but with the soft drink I want something else
Swara : What do you want? All the snacks are over.
Sanskaar : Who will ask for snacks?
Swara : Then?
Sanskaar : I want a kiss
Swara blushes : Aha, Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari you have this kind of dreams also? Getting kiss from me is not a that easy thing, you should impress me more
Sanskaar : Achcha, I love hard tasks.
Swara : No no no Sanskaar not so early. After marriage you can do anything you want.
Sanskaar : Ok, then I’m waiting. For now I want a peck on my cheek.
Swara thinks for a while, she gives a peck and runs away.
Flashback ends.

Scene shifts to MM.
Adarsh : Ma nothing happened. Whatever has happened is for a good.
Ap : Good? For whom is it good? Look at your brothers how they have shattered.
Adarsh : Ma, I knew from the beginning those girls are like that only.
Laksh : No Adarsh My Ragini would never leave me. I know she is short tempered but she won’t dare to take a step like this. Fault might totally be in you.
Adarsh : Laksh you are taking the side of the person who came yesterday by going against me? knew that they would leave our Lucky and Sanky just the way their sister left me.

Adarsh narrates something which is muted
Everyone was shell shocked to hear it.

Laksh : It doesn’t matter how long we met, it only matters hhow much we know the person. There might be fault in you or Preeti. Why did you bring it in to our lives? Why did you want to involve your problem in ours? Revange or whatever, why?
Telling this he went upstairs to his room and with frustration turns his room upside down. He takes the photo frame of Ragini, he hugs it and cries.
Laksh’s Monologue : Why Ragini? Why did you do this with me? Whatever it was we could have spoken and solve it. I need you. Raaaaaaagini (He screams and cries and he dozes off on the floor)

4 years back
A mall is shown; all the people are gathered in a circle. A is a boy is shown kneeling down in front of a girl. The girl’s back is only shown. She has worn a white leggings with a black top, her hair is left open to a side. The people are cheering “Say yes, say yes, say yes, say yes.”
The girl : Yes Mr Adarsh Maheshwari. I accept it.
Adarsh : Thanks Ms. Preeti Gadodia. I love you
Preeti : I

Adarsh stands up and hugs Preeti and Preeti hus him back.
Adarsh : I love you
Preeti : I love you too

Preeti used to work as a cashier in a super market while going to College. She had no parents as they are dead in an accident. She has been living with her younger sister Ragini in an orphanage for nearly 8 years. Until now she has never let Ragini know the meaning of pain. She gave both the love of mother and father and it was more than that. Preeti and Ragini met Swara in that orphanage and became more like sister. For college she got sponsor’s help but for small expenses she worked as a cashier. All three of them also had an amount of money in the bank, which will be an open account once they get a guardian. An old couple in 60’s adopts them. They were not very reach but a middle class couple who didn’t have children. They adopted them as there should be a generation to inherit the properties. These were attracted by them

Adarsh was someone totally different from Preeti. He was really really rich, that he doesn’t know the meaning of money. He was young easy going boy, very friendly and flirty. He meets Preeti in a mall and gets slapped. He falls in love with her at that time itself as she was the first girl to go against him. Adarsh tried his best to impress Preeti but every time he fails. But eventually succeeds on a surprise proposal on the place where they first met. She falls for it.

Months past like days, everything was ok until that day.
Adarsh : Pretty (He use to call Preeti as Pretty)
Preeti : Amm,
Adarsh : Why don’t you leave you cashier job?
Preeti : Why suddenly?
Adarsh : No how can I go and say my parents that I……
Preeti : Stop, what did you say? The job I’m doing is it a shame for you?
Adarsh : Arey baaba it’s not like that. We have enough money. I will make you study and we will send money to you sister and Daadi……
Preeti : Repeat what you said… (Really angry)
Adarsh : We have enough money. I will make you study and we will send money to you sister and Daadi……
Preeti gives a tight slap on Adarsh face.
Preeti : You are asking me to leave my lives and come. I thought you will love my family along with me. I never want a person like that into my life. Just go away.
Adarsh : Preeti……
Preeti : I said just go. Did you think that I’m selfish like you that I will leave my siblings and come with you? Then you are wrong Mr. Adarsh Maheshwari. Thank you for everything.
Preeti leaves while Adarsh is still shocked. They aparted in the same place where Adarsh proposed Preeti and in the same way people were surrounded.
Flashback ends
(Note* The flashback is not narrated by anyone or not thought by anyone. I’m showing it to the reader what happened)

The screen freezes on the crying face of all six (RagLak, SwaSan, Adeerti)

Precap : Adarsh fill’s Preeti’s maang…Laksh slaps Ragini…Swara and Sanskaar hugs each other…

Credit to: Dafsi

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