She is the One (Episode 1)


I’m really over whelmed with your comments……I’m so happy right now,, I’ll try to give a good story line, I might not also reach up to you expectations and when it comes to pairs I have decided it already and will reveal it very soon…Thank you a lot for encouraging me and I need your fullest support to continue…Special thanks for my besties Emily and Ashley (This fanfiction is dedicated to them) …A writer’s strength are the reader, so hope you’ll will help me, please do comment with suggestions…… Btw I’m a great big fan of both Swaragini and Beintehaa which I chose Adarsh’s and Preeti’s main character the leads of the show Beintehaa (My first north Indian favourite show)…Hope you guys enjoy!!!

She is the One Episode 1

It is a fine morning, the morning was very warm than the other days and seemed fresh. The whole Kolkata has woken and started their daily chores. A girl is seen standing with a black and pink track suit (long track pants and long sleeved jerseys) and high pony tail tied, she is standing in a beautiful park entrance her face in not revealed. In a distance there are people who are exercising and jogging. She is continuously looking at her watch.
A big mansion is shown out of the masion its written ‘Maheshwari Mansion’; the sun rays are falling on it. The beauty of the mansion is doubled because the sun rays. A woman comes to the house mandir with an arti thaal to do the morning puja. All the family members gather in mandir to start the puja.
The girl with the track suit enters the mansion. She comes inside the house and stands out of the house mandir and starts singing bhajan. Her voice is so sweet like honey. Everyone turns and look at her and is shocked to see a girl with such an attire singing bhajan so beautifully (Still her face is not shown). Once the puja is over she takes blessing from the elders, it makes them shock and she marches near the stair case while the others are looking at her with amazement.

She suddenly yells: SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI!!!!!!!!!!
A boy who was sleeping peacefully all of a sudden jumps out of the bed.
Sanskaar: Oh! No, today two people are gonna kill me. One is my papa and the other one is she.
Sanskaar runs downstairs and stand on top of the stairs with a shocked face. The rest of the family members are still in the shock.
The girl: You!! Sanskaar Maheshwari, while the whole India is awake you are still sleeping having no idea what is going on, on the earth. How peacefully are you sleeping while your promise is still not done?

Another Mansion is shown; it had carving ‘Gadodia Sisters’ Mansion’. A girl is shown awaking from her bed. She has a cute smile on his face. She looks at the clock and thinks in his mind: She is still hasn’t returned. (Her face is not shown)
In a college a girl is walking out from the library, her face is not shown. She is wearing black belled trouser with red three quarter sleeved t shirt and black shawl with her hair is plaited in a French braid and left it to a side. She is walking very fast. She takes a left turn and stops. She marches to the auditorium where students were practicing for drama contest.
She suddenly yells: LAKSH MAHESHWARI!!!!!!!!!!
A boy who was holding a girls hand which was happened to be a part of the drama comes running to her.
Laksh in his mind: I didn’t do anything right? Then what is she up to?
He comes and stands a few feet away from her.
The girl: You Laksh Maheshwari, you have no idea what is a girls feeling called and you playing a role on a character which explains about a girls feelings. I have no idea how you forget important things in your life.
Scene at GM (Gadodia Mansion)

She goes towards the washroom. She comes out wearing a yellow anarkali and her hair is left open. She gets down the stairs; an old lady in her 60s comes out of the kitchen.
Old lady: Preeti, have your breakfast and leave.
Preeti: No daadi, it is already late for the meeting, and I have to go to mandir too.
Daadi: Preeti beta…..
Before she could finish her line Preeti leaves the house in her car.

The screen freezes on shocked face of Laksh, Sanskaar the rest of the family members.

Precap: Introduction of the girls. A new entry.

Credit to: Dafsi

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