One of the days in swasan life……. OS


One of the days in swasan life……
Sanskar came home hurriedly with a lot of tension, worry and fear in his face as his 7 year old daughter Anjali called him and said that her mummy, his wife swara fainted. He reached the room and saw that swara was lying on the bed, while a doctor was checking her and ragini was also there standing beside the doctor with a worried face. Maybe Anjali called ragini and ragini called the Doctor, he thought and entered the room. Anjali saw him and ran to him and hugged his legs, after all a kid would be definitely scared if she saw her mother fainting. Sanskar picked her up and went towards the bed.
Doctor said, “its because of weakness, maybe she did’nt had food from morning”. Oh shit! It was then when sanskar realised, it was karwachauth today and swara informed him to come early, but he forgot because of work pressure, not that he actually forgot, even he has kept fast for her today, but he was so much indulged in his work that he forgot his hunger and also his wife’s.

Soon the doctor went and Ragini was seeing sanskar as if he was some criminal, after all it was her sister who was suffering, the same thing was happening in her house too. Her husband laksh also did’nt turn up till now as she was waiting for him in her house, her doll Anjali called her and said about swara and she came running to her sister whose house was just a walkable distance from her house. And being a little feminist she shouted at sanskar for coming late and also scolded his brother, her husband laksh that always ladies will suffer, this husbands can only understand the pain if they fast for a whole day like them. She warned sanskar to take care of her sister and walked out of the house angrily still scolding laksh. Sanskar immediately called his brother and informed that a volcano was waiting for him in his house and asked him to go house fast.

Sanskar sighed after cutting the call and went and sat beside swara waiting for her to get up. Anjali came and sat beside him and said, “papa, here after don’t scold mumma for me. U know mumma cried yesterday night, I thought to talk to u in the morning, but u went to office before I could wake up”. Sanskar remembered the last night, when Anjali informed that her school has organised a tour and she wanted to go for it. Swara at first denied her politely, but as Anjali was so adamant and kept on asking, swara shouted at her to stop and sanskar while defending his daughter shouted at swara. It was a very small fight and swara cried for that. “I did’nt scold that much”, sanskar said more like to himself which Anjali did’nt fail to hear.” Those who scold, they don’t know how much they shout, only those who listen na, they will know. And u scolded mumma very badly”. Anjali said crossing her arms, sanskar frowned, he supported his daughter and she was taking her mumma’s side now, he understood that here after he should not go in between this mother and daughter.

Soon swara woke up and saw sanskar and Anjali sitting beside her. Anjali hugged her mumma and said, “I got scared”. Swara rubbed her back assuring that she was fine now. Sanskar asked, “are u okay? Swara”. Swara said looking down, “I’m hungry”. She was angry at him and did’nt looked at him. Sanskar understood her anger and said, “ok come. Lets go”. Anjali said, “papa, mumma is tired na, u pick her and go to terrace”. Swara widened her eyes looking at her daughter, and before she could deny. She was in the place where she will lose herself, where she will feel safe, blissful……. in his embrace, in his arms. Sanskar had lifted her in bridal style and was walking towards terrace, while Anjali was following them.

They reached the terrace and did all the rituals. After swara’s fast was broken, she took a piece and kept it near his mouth. It had become a habit now, it had been since eight years of their marriage and every year they both kept fast for each other. So swara does’nt need to ask him, after sanskar broke her fast, she would break his fast and as she was habituated to this, she did the same. But sanskar turned his face and said, “I did’nt fast this year”. LIE, A LAME LIE. Sanskar was also angry at her, she could have just called him and reminded him, he was concerned for her, and the anger which he had for her now can be called as CONCERNED ANGER. But he know that swara understands him more than anyone in this world, so he expected her to caught his lie and tries to feed him again. Well, it was true that swara understood him, she knows that sanskar was lieing and also knew what he was expecting, but she thought to tease him and said, “ok.

Come anju we will have our dinner”. and she holded her tiny hands and took her down for a mouth watering dinner leaving a shocked sanskar behind. Now that was unexpected. He went down and saw his wife and daughter having delicious aloo parathas. He gulped, it was his favourite. Anjali saw him and called, “papa, come have dinner”. sanskar was just standing there helplessly, how will he eat if his fast is not broken. Swara after eating said looking at the empty vessel, “everything is finished”. “mumma, it was so yummy” Anjali said to swara making sanskar more angry and jealous. “ok. Mumma I will go to sleep”. She said but swara said, “anju, go and sit on sofa, I’ll come in one minute” and she went inside the kitchen. Anjali went and sat on the sofa confusingly. But soon she squealed in excitement seeing her mumma bringing a bowl full of ice cream.

Swara smiled at her and went and sat beside her and took her daughter in her lap and started, “you are angry that I did’nt send you for the tour na?” Anjali looked at her sadly, she do wanted to go for a tour as all her friends were going there. “ok, now tell me. How many can go to that tour?” swara asked. “40 students” Anjali replied. Swara took the ice cream and started feeding her and asked, “how many teachers are going to come with u?” “2 teachers” Anjali replied confusingly while eating the tasty ice cream fed by her mother. Swara said, “ok. See now 40 students are going there, and only 2 teachers are going to come with you. Will that two teachers can take special care and fulfil all demands asked by 40 students.

Now you are having ice cream, If you want ice cream there, will the teachers buy and give for you. If you want to see tom and jerry, how will you see there? And most importantly….” She finished feeding her the ice cream and kept the empty bowl on the table and completed, “I can’t live without my anju for two days. Can you?” Anjali hugged her tightly and said, “no mumma, I also cannot be without you” and she kissed her cheeks and both of them rubbed their noses and laughed and hugged each other. “mumma, I want one more bowl of ice cream” Anjali said with puppy eyes. Swara said, “its too late now. I will give you tomorrow”. “really?” swara nodded her head and said “pakka”. Anjali said “heyy! Love u mumma” and turned to go to her room and saw sanskar standing there and admiring them. Anjali ran towards him and said,”love u papa” and gestured him to bend and when he did, she kissed his cheeks and ran towards her room shouting in excitement that she will have another ice cream tomorrow.
Swara was setting the bed in her room in a blue nightwear changed from her heavy red sari which she wore because of the occasion.

Sanskar entered and sat on the couch and said, “if Anjali gets angry with u, you are doing so many things to convince her. But if I’m angry with u, you don’t even care. You don’t love me anymore.” He pouted and turned his face. Swara smiled and said, “seriously sanskar, you are getting jealous of a 7 year old kid”. Sanskar still did not looked at her and remained quiet. Swara went and sat on his lap. Sanskar looked at her shocked. “what? I can’t take you in my lap like I did for Anjali na?” swara said and then hugged him tightly and said, “I care for Anjali that’s why I shouted on her like you are angry on me now because I did’nt take care of myself.” “you could have called me” sanskar complained. “I thought to not disturb you, but if it is wrong, then here after I will first care about myself. I will not care if I’m disturbing you. Ok? Atleast now stop showing ur attitude” she said. “I will get convinced if u give me one kiss” saying this he leaned towards her. Swara understood his motives and got nervous, then she got one idea and she started tickling him, making him laugh loudly.

Anjali who came there to listen bed time story from her dad like every other day saw this and went and she also started tickling her father. Both the mother and daughter left sanskar after a long time. The trio were laughing heartily and shared a family hug. Sanskar took Anjali in his arms and started telling the bed time story, while swara went down. After telling the story for sometime, sanskar realised that Anjali fall asleep in his arms. He smiled and thought that she can sleep in their room itself today. He made her lie on the bed and covered her with the comforter, and went down to see what swara was doing. Sanskar came in hall and saw that she was not there but he heard sound from kitchen and before he could go there, swara came out with a plate. After keeping it on the dining table, she looked at him angrily and went towards him and dragged him to the dining table and scolded him, “you are so adamant na sanskar, I thought of teasing you, but you will not admit that you kept fast na. come sit here” with that she made him sit and fed him.

Sanskar smiled, she never fails to understand him. He asked, “but you said that everything is finished?” “I lied” she said angrily and fed him. Sanskar was controlling his laughter seeing her anger, she looked so cute when she was angry. After feeding him, she went and brought the ice cream and was about to feed him when he said, “I don’t want it, you have it”. Swara nodded and sat on the chair and started having ice cream like a kid enjoying it to the fullest. Sanskar smiled at her innocence and said, “sometimes I wonder, who is kid in our house. You or Anjali?” “obviously Anjali. I think you should check ur eyes mr. hubby” she said completing her ice cream. Sanskar nodded his head unbelievably and started going. Swara stopped him by holding his wrist and pulled him toward her and kissed his lips, sanskar was shocked but he too reciprocated. After some time they broke the kiss. Its been so many days since they kissed and now they felt so happy, they actually blushed seeing each other. Swara said, “it was to show you that I will always love you, you said na that I don’t love u anymore.

Its not like that, I will always love you with all my heart”.
She was still the same innocent kid, her deep black eyes were still making him crazy, she was still the same sensitive girl that his few harsh words can make her cry. She still loved him the same. Everything was still and it would be always. Their love for each other will never fade away. They both joined their foreheads and rubbed their noses and hugged each other tightly and made their way to their room. They saw their angel sleeping and went kissed on her cheeks while she smiled in her sleep.
One day was finished. One happy day was finished. It was filled with happiness because they both were with their love, their life partner, their soul mate. They both drifted to sleep happily hoping for one more happy day, one more new sunrise………..
Hi friends, it Raina, hope no one forgot me. Thanks to all those who supported in my previous ff.
here is the link to my previous ff

This is my first ever os, hope its not boring.
Well friends, what will happen in raglak side? How will laksh convince ragini, she is also very angry na. so for that I’m soon posting another OS named “one of the days in raglak life…..” if you do not find this boring, read that one too.

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