One of the days in raglak life……. OS

To understand this OS, you all must read my previous OS “one of the days in swasan life…..” those who have not read it, a small recap.
Swara and ragini are sisters who are married to the brothers sanskar and laksh respectively. Swasan are married before eight years and they have a 7 year old kid anjali and raglak are married before few months. It was karwachauth, and ragini was waiting for laksh in her house, it was too late but he did’nt turn up and she was very angry on him. Anjali calls ragini and informs that swara fainted because of weakness as she also kept fast for sanskar but he did’nt come home till now. Though swara and ragini live in different houses, their houses are just a walkable distance that’s why Anjali called ragini. Soon ragini will go there with the doctor and after she goes there only sanskar will come from office (Anjali called him also) there she will scold sanskar for coming late and will also scold laksh. After she goes from there, sanskar will call and inform laksh that ragini is very angry. Now see how laksh is convincing ragini, to see what happened in swasan side, you should read my previous os.
One of the days in raglak life…….
Laksh was standing at the entrance of his house keeping his index finger on the calling bell, still not ringing it. He remembered his bhai’s words, “lucky, go to ur house fast. Today is karwachauth na, ragini is waiting for u, not actually ragini, a volcano is waiting for you”. He gulped and finally rang the bell, after some time he received a message, “you have the spare key na? then what, come by yourself you idiot”. God! She was so angry. Laksh again gulped and went inside the house by using the key. He searched for her in the hall, she was not there, he went to kitchen and saw her dressed in a beautiful heavy pink sari, she was cutting the apples angrily. He slowly moved towards her, as soon as she felt him. She turned towards him very fastly and showed him the knife, laksh raised both of his hands to protect himself.
Ragini: were you planning to kill me? *asked him by showing the knife*
Laksh: no ragini….(interrupted)

Ragini: I don’t want to listen anything.
And before laksh could say anything, ragini threw the knife, and it fall on a steel vessel making a loud noise, laksh closed his eyes tightly hearing such a noise, while she angrily walked out of the kitchen taking the apples she cutted and moved towards the terrace angrily, while laksh followed her shouting her name. after reaching the terrace, she said, “look I’m very angry. Break my fast soon”. “listen ragini…..”laksh started but he was cutted by ragini, “what listen? This is our first karwachauth, and you don’t even care about me. Leave it, you boys can never understand our pain”. “ragini we boys can also understand” laksh said defending himself. “what you boys can understand?” she asked crossing her arms.

“I also kept fast for you” laksh said turning the other side. Ragini’s jaw dropped and her eyes grew wide, though she was feminist she never expected laksh to keep fast for her, suddenly from no where tears came in her eyes. She was so moved by this gesture of him. Laksh turned on getting no response from her but was shocked seeing her crying, “are you okay ragini?” he rushed toward her and cupped her face. “I’m sorry, I thought you forgot today’s occasion, that’s why I got angry. I’m really sorry” she said holding her ears. Laksh just smiled at her, one second she can be a lioness and the very next second she will be so much innocent. Laksh said taking the hands from her ears, “I’m not angry on you anyways, and one more thing never say that I don’t care about you. I love you so much and I will never let you die till I’m alive. You have to be with me till my last breathe”. Ragini smiled at his words and said,”I love you too” they both stared at each other’s eyes with love.

After some time, “ I’m very hungry. Please break my fast”. He said with puppy eyes, ragini smiled and nodded. They both broke their fast and after having a tasty dinner, laksh said, “ragini, I have some thing for you”. Ragini looked at him confusingly while he took a ring from his pocket and made her wear it. It was tiny but its glow expressed its value. “laksh….” Ragini said surprisingly. Laksh smiled and wrapped his arms around her waist from back and rested his chin on her shoulder and said, “I just thought of getting it for you. Do you like it?” “I love it” saying this she turned and hugged him. For a few days laksh has been very busy with the schedule that he could’nt spend quality time with his wife. And now they both did’nt let this chance go off and hugged each other more tightly and closed their eyes feeling their closeness.

After some time laksh said, “ragini?” “hmm?” ragini replied still enjoying the hug. “when swara fainted, Anjali called sanskar and informed him na. I mean if you faint also there must be someone to inform me, right? So why don’t we also make one baby?” laksh said naughtily while ragini blushed and then she broke the hug and asked him.
Ragini: that means next year also you will make me wait for a very long time that I will faint. Right?
Laksh: no ragini (interrupted)
Ragini: (cutting off laksh) and by the way, how do you know that swara fainted? I did’nt tell you about that till now.
Laksh: sanskar informed me
Ragini: oh! So your bhai would have already informed you that I’m angry, so you brought this ring to convince me, right?

Laksh gulped, while ragini could’nt control her laughter any more and burst out in laughing. Laksh looked at her confused, ragini pinched his cheeks and said, “laksh, you look very cute when you get scared”. Laksh by showing fake anger said, “you are teasing me na ragini, wait now….” Saying this he picked her in bridal style and started walking towards their bed room. Ragini giggled and tried to get down but he did’nt leave her, they both spent some romantic time with each other which they were not able to do for the past few days because of laksh’s hectic schedule. They both dozed off in each other’s embrace peacefully.

One day was finished. One happy day was finished. It was filled with happiness because they both were with their love, their life partner, their soul mate. They both drifted to sleep happily hoping for one more happy day, one more new sunrise………..
sorry if it is boring


    • Raina



      thank you and i will love to write, but my exams are going to start. so will try to come with some new story in my holidays. and about smiling, i will laugh heartily and be very happy once my exams are finished

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    Awesome dear…Sry for the late comment actually I thought I commented but in reality I forgot yesterday even i did the same thing so sry but both the os r really awesome dear…Even ur ff

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    Great OS. Aww, RagLak were the cutest. I loved how they kept on teasing one another. Thank you for writing this OS. I had a nice time reading it 💕

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