ONE DAY (os)

This is one shot(os) story…

Frnds iam new to here. My English is not that much good plz adjust it.

This story started by the time of tanu’s miscarriege and blame pragya for that and finally abhi said to pragya don’t see my face and i also don’t want to see ur face. After that pragya gave abhi’s property to him and leave the mehra mansion. So my story start from here.


Pragya took her bag and come out of MM continuously think about abhi and her memories. Tears roll on from her eyes.. She even could not take a taxi or auto. She only came to arora house by walk & with her memories.


Abhi goes to his room and think of his words to pragya and how hardly he told that to her and her property return all came in front of his eyes.. even abhi also cried for pragya. He sit floor and cries badly.


pragya entered the home. Sarala ma see her and gets happy firstly but the next second her happy smile gone. She rushed to pragya bcos pragya is not in her sense she only think about abhi totally even could not know how she came home correctly but after sarala ma touch pragya came out of her think and see her mas with too much of sad eyes. Sarala ma ask pragya what happen? Just that one question pragya hugs her mom and cried very hardly. Rockstar dadi and janakima also get tears. Sarala ma heart broken of pragya state.


ABHI cries badly in his room. But there was a girl (devil) who is very happy even she is not bothered for her miscarriage. She is happy bcos pragya leaves mm. She is happy bcos the property is transfer to abhi name. She is happy bcos of her miscarriage. She is happy bcos she going to get back her old figure. She is happy finally she going to get abhi’s name and fame. She smiles victoriously on that time dadi cross her room to see abhi and pragya.


Pragya told everything to her family. And goes to her room. And cries badly. But here there is a lady(sarala ma) who is more worried bcos she already gives her second child (bulbul) to God now that God again takes her first child happyNow she silently gives her angry words to God with the tears. rsdadi and janaki both are also join with her.


dadi sees tanu’s happy and get into her room and ask why u smile now even after your miscarriage. Tanu said i don’t have any attachment to that baby so iam not sad. And she tells that is not the reason for my happy and explain everything to dadi. Dadi gets shock. Tanu said Iam the winner and leave the room. dadi goes to abhi room but it was locked inside and also dadi hear abhi’s sobbed. So dadi thinks to call purab and goes to her room. Call purab and tell him to come home.


pragya is crying badly and thinks how abhi tells her to don’t show ur face in front of me . And she thinks how they both happy in fuggy time and how abhi proposed her and all her and abhi’s happy moments came in front of her. She broke down totally she could not bear the feelings. She thought to herself ” abhi I love you without u iam not live in this world. I only came back ur life for saving u but how u think I killed a child y u could not see my pain and truthness. Y abhi .. y if that baby is most important than me abhi. I know bcos of me only u love that child. I do a very big mistake. . Iam sorry abhi… I am sry… but for real I could not live without u suniyea. . I love u ” and cried badly of thinking something.


Abhi cried of thinking pragya but suddenly abhi mind goes to the nikil birthday party how pragya try to prove dna test. And even abhi thinks how fuggy gives her life to tanu. Abhi gets confused of how a girl do like this. I know pragya will not try kill tanu baby. But y tanu tells pragya name. Then abhi think how pragya take care of tanu even after changing herself to mohamboo.

In other room purab came to mm and goes to dadi room. And dadi explain everything to purab. And finally they both are ready to tell all truth to abhi.

But abhi continuously think of pragya. Suddenly abhi think how Pragya try to tell me something but I stop her. I do this same mistake on campak case also bcos of that campak take advantage of pragya. If i do the same mistake again. Y my heart tells Pragay is in very big problem. If pragya is true means. I want to know everything y pragya do like this even if true or wrong I want to know the reason. I hurt pragya too much. I know she loves me. I could not allow her to go out of my house. Even in dna report there are too much of confusion. Dr. She la, nikil etc… but before that I want to know of pragya is ok bcos my heart tell something think is wrong. I want to go pragya house and abhi get up and take his car key and open the door of his room.


pragya took a knife and see that of thinking what she going to do. She knows very well this is not a good decision. She know very well it will hurt everyone. She know very well her abhi love her too much. But she could not bear this pain anymore of leaving him. She know abhi will hurt her bcos of this step. She want do that. She is not that much week girl. But she want do that. Bcos she could not see the pain in abhi’s eyes anymore. She thinks she is the only problem of abhi and if she left means abhi will at least be relax. Thinking of abhi hardly pragya cut her right hand and with that pain she change knife to her right hand and cut her lft hand also. then drop the knife and try took abhigya marriage pick and held it her hand tightly and said I love u abhishek. I like call u by ful name suniyea and smiles litly and said I love u abhishek prem mehra then her balance skip so she dropout the floor. Blood are spreading in floor. After 10
Mins she can fell her conscientiousness go out.. but her lips continuously tell the abhi’s name.


Abhi open his room door and see dadi and purab be outside. And they both are try tell something to abhi. Before that abhi stops them and tell I can listen both of u later now I want to go to see pragya and goes very fastly.

On the same time tanu called aliya and tell Everything of pragya. Aliya gets happy and ask tanu to join the party bcos already nikil is with her. So tanu said ok and come out with happy smile face. And she said god thank you soo much after too much of trouble now my life change to too much of happy. Now iam going to get everything. Now pragya also not in my life thank you so much god saying of this see just turn around and get shock.

Abhi came out of mm parking and seen tanu be there talking to phone abhi just think Wat tanu doing here and she is very happy now and goes near her. On that time tanu cut call and pray to god abhi heard everything.

After see abhi tanu get shock and tell abhi ii u here. But abhi cutoff tanu words and ask wat u doing here? Tanu said Iam going out with happy face and thinking abhi not hear anything. Abhi see tanu happy face and ask going out means where even u be very happy. Tanu said ha abhi iam going to party. My frnd call me to attend party even I also think that if i going out will give some fresh mind so only abhi. Abhi don’t know wat to do but suddenly his thought going to pragya so he said k u leave tanu iam also going out saying of this he goes fast to car and get out of mm. Tanu thinks where abhi going on now. And get into the car and goes to aliya place. In room dadi and purab also so confused. Purab said I just go to pragya Di home and leaves. On the time he come to take his car he see tanu going and thinking of follow tanu. So he follow tanu now.

In road (abhi car)

Abhi continuously thinking of something is wrong. His heard beat raising heavily. He took his phone and call pragya num but pragya not attend the call. He gets more fear now.

Purab follow tanu and reached a place . Tanu get out of car and goes inside. Purab see that and Wat tanu doing here y she be here. If nikil be here. Thinking of that he goes inside and hide to a place and see the place of tanu. Tanu goes to a person and hugs her happily and break the hug. Now purab see face clearly on see the aliya Be there he get shock. Even nikil also there. They all are celebrate there victory. Purab took his phone and shot that. They three are happily share every bad think they done. (Champak ,miscarriage, pari kidnap , shela treadinhg, try to accident pragya, sarala ma accident, pragya fake divorce paper sign everything) purab shot everything in his mob and leave that place. and he go to his car suddenly his phone rang so he took his phone and see abhi calling. He atten the call and talk to abhi but after hearing abhi purab get shock.


abhi come to pragya home and goes inside. Sarala ma see abhi and gets angry so she shout on him. Sarala said y u came here now. U not belive my child anymore but u came here now go out. Here after my pragya want some peace so u go out. But rsdadi control sarala and ask abhi wat happened?. Abhi just simply said i want to see pragya plz dadi i know i done mistake but now i want to see pragya dadi plz. Saying this he hold his hand in front of dadi with tears. Rsdadi feel his pain and said go and see her abhi. Abhi so only rushed to pragya room. But pragya room door is locked so he hit door but pragya not open the door. After trying several times abhi get panic now so he forcefully hit door in his arms. Finally doors opened abhi goes inside and see prgaya be in floor with full of blood flood. Abhi just shot pragya in high tone hearing this everyone came inside and get shock. Abhi come near pragya and try to wake her but she is full of unconscious now. She hold there Mrg photo in her hand and continously Balaber abhi.

Abhi’s life is stop one second of seeing pragya be this stage . But suddenly he come sense and took some clothes and tie it to her hands and took her in his arms runs to car. And took her to hospital with full of tears. But he hear her blabbering clearly. Even sarala ma , rsdadi, janaki ma also get panic and goes to hospital following abhi.


abhi admit pragya.Sarala ma , rs dadi, janaki ma also there Abhi sitting in a chair and thinking of pragya. He totally out of mind. Suddenly doctor came out and tell over blood lost so we want A+ blood soon. But abhi is full of lost in mind he even could not see doctor. Saying of this doctor goes inside again. Rsdadi get fear and come to abhi and ask abhi where u lost? See pragya want blood immediately after hearing pragya name he came to sense. He again ask wat dadi said. After hearing A+ he rushed to icu where he see pragya be life less body. Doctor ask y u came inside he said my blood is also A+. Doctor gets happy. And a nurse took him to room. After blood donating he came out and see prgaya be in icu glass. Sarala maa came to him and said don’t worry nothing will happen to my pragya. Hearing this he gets tears and hugs sarala ma ans cried. He even said Iam the reason for this. But sarala ma console him. After that abhi call purab and tell everything and also called dadi .

Dadi and purab reached hospital. After seeing dadi abhi runs and hug dadi and cry. But dadi console him. Even every mm members all are in hospital. Then abhi hug purab and cry and he said bcos of me only pragya be this stage and cry.

Purab said yes abhi bcos of u only pragya di be here. Everyone shocking see him. Purab continued not only u abhi. Bcos of ur dadi bcos of bulbul bcos of me bcos of sarala ma bcos of everyone pragya Di be here. Abhi ask wat u telling purab. Purab said Mey such bolring abhi. Then purab took his phone see the video to abhi. Abhi get shock. After watching everything abhi blood rushed. But purab stop him. Abhi don’t think they three only the mistake we all are done mistake. U know only think abhi, me dadi bulbul sarala ma rs dadi janaki ma everyone know this truth already. Now abhi is too much shock. Then purab tell after pragya accident to tanu miscarriage. Abhi get tears in his eyes. And feel the pain of pragya. sit in a chair and cries badly. Dadi came to abhi and said sry abhi bcos of me only pragya do everything iam Really sry abhi. And hugs abhi. Abhi also hugs her and cried. Seeing his feel everyone get tears.

Suddenly abhi think of that three and stand angrily in chair and try to go but purab stop abhi. And tell I know where u want go. But abhi they are already catches by police. Abhi see purab dout purab said I already send this video to commissioner ans give complaint so now they get arrested. Plz abhi u don’t go anywhere. If pragya Di open eyes means definitely want to meet u. Abhi also agree him and control his angry. But he personally called commissioner and talked.

After some time doctor came out and said now she is out of danger u go and see her one by one. Everyone one look at abhi even abhi also want see pragya first. So he go to room.

In room abhi see pragya with pale face. Automatically tears toll down. Abhi goes near her and touch her hand and took her hand in his and kissed it. Tears wet her hands bcis of that wet Pragya sightly open her eyes. See abhi be near her call him suniyea. Abhi see pragya with full of love and pain. Give a week smile to her. Abhi then hugs her. Pragya gets tears . She also hugs him. Abhi said y pragya y u do this to me. Without u how I will live. Iam sry for everything pragya. Iam a fool. Iam an idiot. I always belive tanu but belive u. Really sry pragya. Pragya now get to know about abhi knows every truth now. And try to said something but abhi touch her nose and tell don’t talk. And hugs her plz don’t do this again to me fuggi. After hearing fuggi name she gets happy and hugs him tightly. Then abhi slowly kissed her in lips she is also repeat that. Then give break for air. And smile with eachother. Happy ending.

I know there too much to they want to face but this pragnancy drama gave them too much power so they rock there life in future.

Now u can kill me for this os.

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  1. U r not gonna be killed by anyone dear ! I guess u r writing for the first tme . so welcome to this ff writings. Good try and u had written it well . And we are not teachers to see the grammar and mistakes in your writing frnd . We only enjoy the writings abt AbhiGya and for that it is more than enough if it is understandable . U r writing nice . And the os was soo good . I mean u started it from that track and ended it well. Hope to see your writings more .

  2. Prathi

    Hey don’t worry as my Doll said we are here to enjoy your story and not to point out any mistakes!! And I wish something like this happened in real KKB dear!! Nice storyline! Keep writing no worries

  3. Ohhhhh God wat an OS yaar really by tz way writers end tat tanu character yaar really more than aaliya I’m just fed up of tat tanu’s act yaar really while ckng her face I want to stab tanu 1000 times… Really I hate tat tanu character 4m core of my heart…

  4. awesome os yaaaaaaaaa

  5. Super Dr awesome os ???

  6. Suprrr…

  7. Shruthiaswin

    Thank you for all ur love… thank you soo much

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