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Hey Guyzz!!! I came across this stupendous work of Neha on SwaSan FF/OS page in fb and thought to share with u all.

Guys here I’m coming up With another short story.
And this is some combination of few films.. I’ve joined a little and made it into a short cute love story… I hope u guys don’t mind!!
This story contains only two episodes..
I hope you guys will like it…


Story starts with

The cell phone vibrates him awake..
His hand searching for it, and thought to set it for thirty minutes later. As he hate mornings….he suddenly remembers his coach telling everyone…
Coach: sanskar, tomorrow that is Friday… By morning at 5:00am you should come to practise. Don’t forget..

He suddenly opens his eyes and he looks at the clock on the wall..And gets shocked to see the time… It was 11:00am!!

“Oh god!! 11:00am?? Sanksar.. Ur late!! How could u be soo careless.. Today u have practice.. Did u forgot.. It’s prestige man.. We should win it.. Or else our college will be in shame.. And this alarm.. Ohh god!! It dint wake me..

He looks angrily at the cellphone.. He was again shocked.. It was not the alarm sound but it was a call from his friends!

Sanksar: ohh god!! I’m finish now.. I told that I will be at 5:00 am.. But it’s 11:00!

He tensedly picks it,

Sanky: Teja I’m sorry, actually this alarm,

Teja: sanskar r u fine?? Where did u go ?? We are searching for u since yesterday.. U should tell us na?? Thank god luckily rhema Brought u home safe..

Sanky: ?what?? Ur searching for me?? And rhema brought me home… Hahahah nice joke.. Stop it yar… I know I did wrong by not coming to practise.. Now u don’t need do a drama!!

Teja: ohh really, okay tell me this… When is our practise??

Sanskar: today.. Sir told na.. Friday morning at 5:00am

Teja: hmm Sanskar.. Today is Saturday.. Yesterday was our practise, couch had called u many times.. We all are very worried too..

Sanksar: ?what today is Saturday??

He immediately checks his calendar in the mobile and gets shocked.. He cuts the call..

Sanskar what’s going on… On Thursday we had a kabadi match.. And we are selected for pre finals.. An sir told to come for practise on next day that is on Friday.. But today is Saturday…
What’s happening to me…

He gets worried and gets ready to go to college..

On the way…
Traffic jam….

A bike stops beside him… Person looks at Sanskar and he gets shocked.. And he starts sweating! Sanskar watches him.. Seeing him watching he starts his bike and leaves hurriedly..

Sanskar doesn’t u sweat and why that person is scared seeing him..

its been 5days, since he keeps thinking that what happened that Friday?? And why that person got scared seeing him!!

Sanskar friends notice him being worried..
And they cheer him up by saying he might have slept the full day..
Sanskar gets bit relieved..

Teja: guys leave all that.. Let’s rock today.. And Sanksar ur fine now.. So don’t worry.. Let’s make fun on someone..

Sanskar: (smiles) k with whom??

Teja: with the person who comes inside this cafe..

Sanskar: ??

At that time.. They watch a car stopped near the parking..

Sanky and his friends watches the car from the glass door…A girl gets down.. She is wearing a long pink Anarkali suit.. With her long hair open!! They couldn’t see her face.. As it was covered with her fringe!!

Teja: wow I just liked her style.. I think she will be beautiful..

Sanky gets excited..

That girl looks towards the cafe and she stops.. She peeps inside the car..

Girl: anu can you plz go and get a parcel for me??

“Sure mam”..

At that time anu a 17years Girl gets down from the same car.. She forgets to ask the name of the item..

Gurl: Swara Di.. What should I bring for u??

Yes the Girl who was wearing an Anarkali suit was Swara..

Swara: ahh.. Yaa get me a cold coffee..

Girl: di.. Plz come with me inside na.. I’m so new to all this!!

Swara: okay!!

They both go inside..

Sanskar is excited to see her..
As soon as she goes inside, Swara orders what she want.. Sanskar looks at her..At that time she feels some strange!!
She looks back…

Sanksar is stunned to see her face.. She was soo beautiful!! Her dressing,her hair everything suited her..he stares at her..

Sanky: wow she is so pretty!!

At that time Swara gets her stuff and she was about to leave… But suddenly Swara watches Sanskar…
Her eyes are filled with tears.. She gets happy.. As if her life is back..

Swara shouts…”Sanskar”
She runs towards him… Sanskar is shocked!!

She all of sudden hugs him tightly.. Which shocks everyone!!

Swara: sanskar where did u go?? How can u leave me like that?? You know I was soo worried.. Ur fine na.. It’s been 5 days since I saw u.. How could u do this to me??

She cries and again hugs him…

Sanksar is shocked..he breaks the hug angrily..

Sanksar: who r u???

Swara is shocked..

Swara: (cries) Sanskar don’t u know me??
In Swara.. Ur Swara Sanskar..

Sanskar: ? what the hell?? I don’t know u.. Plz leave me..

Swara is again shocked.. Anu is shocked to see Swara with Sanksar.. She runs towards her

Anu: di.. Plz come lets go.. If sir sees you.. He will scold me.. Plzz come di..

Swara is still in shock to hear his words, anu takes Swara from that place.. But Swara still looks at sanky shockingly until the car leaves…

Swara leaves..
Teja: who is she??
Sanksar :(confused) I don’t know.. But how does she knew my name?? And she’s speaking about 5 days back.. What’s happening??
He gets worried

What happened 5 days back??
How Swara knew him??

Do u want to know their love story…
To know more… Read My next short story..



Coming soon…..

Do read Neha’s Swasan ff:From darkness to light . It’s worth to read and u r gonna love it.

Credit to: Anonymous on behalf Neha Sainani

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  1. Madhu

    Nice Concept.

  2. hey neha its like ..”sunday” the ajay-devgan starrer ..but i liked it a lot !

  3. hey neha its like ..”sunday” the ajay-devgan n ayeshya takiastarrer ..but i liked it a lot !

  4. *starrer

  5. thnks dear postng dis ff behalf of neha…actually i missed dus 1st part…i search it bt didnt got…nw i m so happy to read dis…thank u thnk u soi much…..
    dear..if u cn den post nehas othr ff here…i sure evryone will gonna lvs it espclly the revenge love stry dis is d only f whch make me cry….if u cn den post nehas princess in veil, fdtl here…pls

  6. wow awesome….. but the link is not coming yaar?

  7. RUPA


  8. Hey dr…can u plzzz give link of from darkness to light after epi 34…actually m a crazy reader of this ff…bt m not able to read it…as it says that u mst hv an fb account…so plzzz can u give…plzzz plzzzz plzzzzz…..

    1. RUPA


      Neha has only posted 34 episodes and if u want 34 epi here is the link:

      Even i’m crazy reader of Neha’s FFS.

      1. Thnxxx rupa fr giving the link…thnxx a lot.. 🙂

  9. Jwala

    waw suprb. Please post next part dear..

  10. Wow….awsum NYC….

    1. N very very thank you for saying link of neha’s ff…I only read up to 18 episodes but after that I didn’t find remaining….. Today I ll all the remaining episodes……once again thank you so much… you so much yarrr<3<3

  11. Thanx dear for posting I alrdy read dis ff in fob bt missed first part

  12. Deeksha

    nice one………………

  13. deat pls give d link of nehas page swasan ff/os…plssssss…

    1. RUPA


      This is the link of Neha’s fb page swasan ff/os:
      Have fun.

  14. Alishatani

    Yaar its so interesting..keep updating

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