One day misisng in my life (part – 4)


Hey Guyzz!!! I am back with Neha’s ONE DAY MISSING IN MY LIFE. This is the final part of this SS.

Part 4

Sanskar cries hearing her words… He don’t know why, but he feels pain in his heart listening her words…

Rhema: Swara I can understand.. But don’t forget me? this friend okay??

Swara: (smiles) sure.. U will be my best friend..

Rhema smiles and hugs her..
Rhema : k Swara I need to go.. Take care darling..

Swara: Thankyou for coming..

Rhema leaves..

Sanskar reaches his home.. He remembers Swaras words and gets sad..
He takes his mobile and looks at the video..
He watches her smile how happy she was, and how he kissed her cheeks..

He feels sad..

Teja: sanskar, forget all that.. Next week we have finals.. Let’s prepare for it…

Sanskar: Kk.. Come lets go for practise.. They leave…

It’s been 3 days..
Sanskar coming out from what all happened..
Now his only concentration is to win the cup

Same happened with Swara:..
She’s trying to forget Sanskar.. Now she only wants her family happiness..

Shekar: Swara.. How r u feeling now??

Swara: I’m good dad..

Shekar:(caresses her hair) come lets go out somewhere u might feel bored

Swara: no papa.. I’m fine here.. I don’t want to go anywhere out.. Plz sit with me papa.. Talk to me na..

Shekar smiles and gets happy…he hugs Swara as his old Swara is back..

Everything is fine in shekars house!!

After 1 week…

It was kabaddi final match..

Sanskar starts playing… He looks at the ground while everyone shouting his name.. Suddenly he remembers Rhema telling flashback.. Where Swara had seen him playing..

He feels disturbed.. He looks for Swara, but he doesn’t find her.. He gets disturbed.. He remembers the video and their pics… And how Swara said that she hates him… He gets sad hearing his words..

All shouts calling Sanskar.. He come back to his senses…

He again stars playing… With lot of struggle finally they won the match

All gets happy…

Sanskar reaches home.. He calls Swaras mobile but it was switched off.. He feels restless when she said the word, “I hate him”

He gets disturbed and tells his friend to meet in they meeting place..

Gadodia house:

Ragini: come lets go out somewhere.. I’m feeling bored..

Swara: where Bhabi..

Aswi: hmm will go to ice cream parlour.. ?

Swara and Ragini smiles looking at her..

Swara: Kk I’m coming…

They leave…

At Ice cream parlour outside, Sanskar and his friends are sitting..
They all watch Sanskar being upset..

Teja: Sanky what happened?

Sanskar: I’m feeling disturbed.. I don’t know but once I want to speak with Swara..

Teja: ?Swara.. Sanskar plz don’t start that again..

Sanskar: I feel responsible for everything.. I cant see her hating me.. I just want to see her once..

Suddenly Teja…”she came dude”

Sanksar: what??

He turns back and watches Swara and Aswi..He gets happy.. He hides and watches them..

They sit beside them.. Swara feels some happiness.. She looks here and there thinking Sanskar might be here…But she doesn’t watch them

Ragini: swara Kya hua??

Swara: nothing Bhabi..
Aswi: I think maasi is searching for Sanskar uncle.. Hehehe??

Sanskar hears them and smiles

Swara: Noo Aswi.. Plz don’t talk to me about him.. All boys are same, I know he excused himself with a new drama of drug.. How can someone forgot what happened in their life.. That too recent incidents.. He could have tell me directly that I don’t love u.. Why these dramas and all.. I hate him.. I don’t want to see his face in my life..

(She wipes her tear)

Sanskar is shocked.. He can understand how much she loved him..

Ragini: hmm Swara leave all that.. Now I have a surprise for u..

Swara: what’s that??

Ragini: ur best friend is coming to meet u..

Swara: who?

At that time someone comes from back and closes her eyes..

Swara: ?who is this??

She turns back it was Sahil.. Ragini brother..

Swara: (smiles) hi Sahil.. How r u?

Sahil: hello Swara.. I’m good darling. He hugs her..

Sanskar gets angry.. He feels like slapping him..

Swara: what a sudden surprise?? What r u doing here? When did u come?
Sahil: Swara Di told me.. Ur soo moody these days.. So I thought to surprise u..
Now see..from tomorrow.. I won’t let u sty at home.. Will roam.. Will just rock it..

Swara: haha very funny!!

They keep talking.. Suddenly Aswi watches Sanskar.. She gets happy.. And shouts

Aswi: sanskar uncle..

Swara is shocked.. She turns Back immediately..
Both Swasan look at each other

Swara gets tears.. She runs and sit inside her car.. Sanskar is shocked to see her hatred…Ragini Nd Aswi gets sad..

They leave..

Sanskar is still disturbed..

Night 12:00am

It was Rhema birthday.. Sanskar and his friends wishes her by surprising her

Rhema: sanskar, tell me where should I give the party..

Teja: ur wish Rhema.. But invite all ur friends?? in ur gang one girl will be soo hot..

Rhema: ?haha very funny.. I’m inviting girls and aswell as boys too.. U just tell me the place it’s enough..

Sanskar: (thinks about something) why can’t u call Swara??

Rhema is shocked…

Sanskar: I mean.. It’s been many days….

Rhema: Yaa Sanskar, definitely, but she hates u na Sanskar.. Again she will get disturbed..

Sanskar: hmm ya ur right… But I don’t know why but I want to see her once.. Il do onething il see her from distance

Rhema : (teases) hmm Kk.. Il call her..

Next day:

Rhema calls Swara.. Seeing her call Swara gets happy..

Rhema: hi Swara…
Swara: hi Rhema… How r u??

Rhema: today is my birthday.. U should come for the party..Plzz

Swara: happy birthday Rhema…and I’m sorry Rhema, my dad won’t allow me.. I don’t want to make him sad..

Rhema: Plzz Swara.. Atleast just for 1 hour..

Swara: hmm Kk… I will try but not sure..

Rhema: Thankyou Swara..

(She cuts the call)

Shekar listens to her conversation..
He gets happy and goes inside

Shekar: Swara, today Rhema birthday na.. Go to the party..

Swara: but dad

Shekar: I want my old naughty Swara.. Don’t be like this sitting inthis 4 room wall

Swara : Kk..


All are in party..
Sanskar: Rhema, Swara coming??

Rhema: yes she told she will come..

At that time Swara comes.. She wears simple churidhar.. Sanskar is stunned to see her..Rhema looks at her and gets happy…

Rhema: Thankyou for coming Swara..

Swara: (smiles) happy birthday and small gift from my side..

Rhema: Thankyou.. Come plz join us..

Swara: Noo Rhema.. Il leave.. I don’t now anyone here..

Rhema: no problem come.. I won’t send u soon.. Come sit..
Swara feels uncomfortable as she knows Sanskar is watching her..

She sits calmly in one corner.. And listen songs..

Sanskar gets angry.. He goes towards her and sits beside her..

Swara is shocked to see him… She tries to leave but he stops her

Sanskr: Swara listen to me..

Swara gets angry and goes from there.. And stands near Rhema

Rhema: Swara.. She is my friend Sonali..

Sonali: hi Swara

Swara: hello…

They keep talking.. While Rhema Receives her friend

Swara and Sonali keep taking.. Sonali gets call..

Sonali: excuse me Swara il come just now..

Swara: (smiles) sure take ur time..

Swara looks at everyone Nd just enjoys herself
Suddenly she feels someone pulling her..

It was Sanskar.. He takes her out to a lonely place..

Swara: ?sanskar leave me..
Sanskar: Swara.. Why r u ignoring me?
Swara: I told I won’t disturb u na Sanskar.. Leave me

Sanskar: Swara.. Plz.. I know I may responsible for ur sadness.. U may think I’m doing a drama.. But I’m serious swaara.. I don’t remember anything.. I’m feeling so guilt.. Atleast try to make me remember anything..
I’ve seen our videos Swara, I’m feeling restless

Swara: sanskar leave it.. Don’t feel responsible..

He don’t know why, but he hugs her tightly..

Sanskar: Swara I’m sorry.. Plz don’t hate me Swara..
(He cups her face)
I’m so confused.. Plz try to make remember anything.. Only u can do it.. Something special.. Our fight.. Our any situation.. May be I can remember anything.. Swara.. Plz..

Swara looks at him with teary eye.. And kisses on his lips making sanskar shocked

Swara: Only this is left Sanksar to make u remember past.. (She cries) how can u forgot Sanskar??
She hugs him and cries.. Don’t u remember anything..

Sanskar is shocked.. Swara breaks the hug and leaves crying…

Sanskar smiles.. He gets so happy in his heart remembering her kiss..

He goes home..
And thinks about her.. Her kiss her hug..
Swara there is something in u.. Ur making me fall for u..

He takes out Swaras gift.. He watches everything very lovingly.. He smiles looking at her photos.. Their funny videos..

He calls her but she cuts his call..

Sanskar: (smile) Swara…
He gets an idea…

Next day:

Sanskar gets up.. He calls his friends
Sanskar: guys wish me all the best..

Teja: ?why??

Sanskar: (smiles), and he tells his plan

Teja: ?all d best dude

Sanskar goes to Swaras home.. He goes inside

Shekar is shocked to see Sanskar..Swara is also shocked

Sanskar: uncle.. I’m sorry.. I know what I did is wrong.. But I love ur daughter so much.. Plz give her to me.. Il give lotssssss of happiness to her.. I know that day I shouldn’t kiss ur daughter without ur owrsmission, Plzz uncle..

Shekar: sanskar go out from here..

Sanskar: Swara..I love u Swara… I remembered everything… Ur kiss has some magic.. I love u Swara.. How can u leave me that day in hospital Swara?? U know how much I cries for u.. ?

Swara feels sad..

Shekar: sanskar ?

Sanskar: uncle.. Why r u angry.. We love each other so much.. Plzz uncle.. Talk to my parents.. Plzz

Shekar gets angry and when he was about to slap
Swara cries and stops Shekar..

Shekar feels sad seeing Swara..

He thinks..

Laksh: dad they love each other.. Accept them na..

Ragini: yes uncle…

Shekar: Kk Sanskar.. Bring ur parents.. Il talk to them.. I’m accepting only because of Swara..

Sanksar and Swara gets happy…
Sanskar hugs Swara..
“Thankyou Swara”!! Come lets go now..

Shekar: where?

Sanskar: I should show Swara to my parents na uncle.. My mom will be very happy…

Shekar rejects,
Laksh: (smiles) Sanskar take her..

Sanskar thanks dude… Come Swara..

Swara is confused…
Swara: sanskar… Where??

Sanskar: Swara come…

He takes to his house.. As soon as their enter.. Swara is shocked to see so many balloons… Decorations.. And all his friends clapping

Swara: sanskar what is this?? ?

Sanskar: I love u Swara… Will u be with me forever..

Swara is so happy.. She gets tears..

Sanskr cups her face…
Swara enough of crying.. Plzz smile ?

Swara: sanskar how do U remember everything suddenly

Sanskar: (burst out laughing) Noo Swara.. I don’t remember anything.. But.. I felt happy when ur around me.. I want ur happiness.. I may be the reason for ur sorrows but now I want hapiness.. Arey Pagal… It took these many days for me to realise ur love.. U could have kiss me before..?

Swara: ?that means if any girl kisses u will fall in love with her??

Sanskar: ?Noo Swara.. I dint mean that… Kk leave all that.. Will u love me??

Swara: Yess… Sanskar.. How do u think il forget u??

Sanskar smiles and hugs her..
Sanskar: Swaraa I want that kiss again ?

Swara: ?Sanskar.. Ur shameless…
(She starts beating him)

Sanskar: Hahahah lol.. I’m not asking stranger.. Kk leave it.. But I want tight vala hug…

Swara smiles and hugs him…
They both hug each other… While all friends welcomes the new love birds..

Episode ends



Do read Neha’s Swasan ff:From darkness to light . It’s worth to read and u r gonna love it.

Credit to: Anonymous on behalf Neha Sainani

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