One day misisng in my life (part – 3)


Hey Guyzz!!! I am back with Neha’s ONE DAY MISSING IN MY LIFE.

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Part 3

Rhema and Swara goes to have dinner..
Rhema is shocked.. She don’t know how to react.. But she gets happy seeing Swara’s love for him..
Now she has a clarity why Swara is loving Sanskar so much..

They had dinner…
Rhema: Swara I’m so excited to know what happened next. Plz tell me..

Swara smiles remembering sanskars love..
And she tells her flashback what all happened…

Swara cries hugging Rhema… I couldn’t help him Rhema.. My dad dint agree for our love.. He beated Sanskar in front of me.. He took me from that place..

Rhema hugs Swara and consoles her,
“Swara I’m with u na, so don’t worry, il help u..

Swara smiles “I know Sanskar loves me so much.. That’s why he sent u na.. I’m very happy”

Rhema feels sad seeing her trust in Sanskar..

Rhema: Yaa Swara, he sent me.. He love u too.. Now don’t worry.. Be cool.. Everything will set down.. Kk.. Call me if u need any help.. And Yaa don’t call Sanskar now.. First let things sort down..

Swara: Kk Rhema Thankyou soo much..

Rhema: k then il go now.. Il Come tomorrow to meet u..

Swara: bye Rhema…

Rhema leaves she goes to her house.. She gets sad thinking about Swara..
She gets call from Sanskar…

Rhema: sanskar…

Sanskar: Rhema did u talked to her?? Did u tell her??

Rhema: sanskar she is in love with u.. She told me what had happened that day.. I really felt sad.. Don’t miss her Sanskar.. You can’t get such girl in ur life..

Sanskar is shocked he gets angry seeing Rhema support, he cuts the call..

Rhema: Sanksar.. Hello…!!

Teja: sanskar what happened??

Sanskar:damit.. Even she’s supporting Swara.. I’m done Teja.. This is my problem let me solve my problem alone..

Teja: what are you trying to do??

Sanskar: I want to meet her alone.. Il tell her that I don’t remember anything.. Il talk to her..

Teja: Kk…

Sanskar calls Swara.. Swara gets happy seeing his call…she lifts the call..

Swara: ? sanskar…

Sanskar: (stammers) Swara Actually.. I want to speak with u.. Will u please meet me??

Swara: ?Sanskar.. Sure where shall we meet.. But my papa won’t allow.. He is very angry on u.. But Kk il manage..

Sanskar: tomorrow afternoon… At central

Swara: Kk Sanskar… And Sanskar its been many days since I talked to u.. How r u??

Sanskar feels disturbed he cuts the call..

Swara : this Sanskar na he always tease me..
She laughs and cuts the call..

Next day:

Swara is soo happy.. She gets ready.. She praises herself looking at the mirror..
She goes down..
Shekar looks at her happiness..Swara becomes silent seeing him..

Shekar: ?Swara, where r u going??

Swara: papa wo.. Haa yesterday Rhema came na, she told me to come to central.. Can I go??

Shekar looks at her and says no..

Swara is sad…

Laksh: dad come on.. She’s going to shopping, let her go.. How many days will she be at home..

Shekar: Kk come soon… Take driver with u..

Swara: (excited) papa Thankyou soo much… (She kisses his cheeks )

Shekar smiles seeing her old Swara is back..
Shekar: here Swara, take this card .. And shop whatever u want..

Swara: ?thanks papa.. Love u..

She runs out…

All smiles looking at her..

She goes to central.. Some goons follows her..

Sanskar and Teja waits for Swara in the central..
Swara reaches central.. Before meeting Sanskar she goes inside a shop to buy him something,

She calls rhema…

Rhema: (smil s) hello Swara.. Whatsup??

Swara: Rhema, I want ur help.. What do Sanskar like.. Actually I came for shopping..

Rhema: Swara, why all that now..

Swara: Plzz Rhema tell me na..

Rhema: hmm.. He likes tshirts so much Swara.. But why are you buying him now?

Swara: I came to meet him Rhema.. He asked me to meet..

Rhema is shocked… What???

Swara: Yaa Rhema… Kk il talk to u later.. Bye!!

She cut the call.. Rhema is tensed..
“Oh god, what if Sanskar tells her the truth.. Noo Sanskar Plzz don’t hurt her.. She is so happy after many days.. Plzz!!!

Meanwhile she buys few shirts.. And she looks at cell cases.. She buys some cell cases remembering flashback, where his cell is full of scratches..
She buys so many gifts..

She comes out she again gets call from Sanskar..

Sanskar: Swara I’m waiting for u.. Where r u??

Swara: (smiles) arey wait na.. I’m coming.. Just 2mins..

She watches Sanskar and his friend sitting in a cafe.. She smiles and walks towards them..

Teja watches Swara..
Teja: hmm dude look at her, we are waiting here and she did many shopping.. These girls are soo difficult…

Sanskar: Yess ur right Teja… These girls are very difficult to understand….

Swara gets excited seeing him..
Swara: ?Sanskar..
Sanskar: hello.. Plz sit..
Swara: (confused) seeing his strange behaviour.. I’m not new Sanskar.. Plz don’t see me like a new person..

Sanskar is shocked seeing her freeness

Sanskar: wanna eat anything??
Swara: Noo..

At that time Sanskar gets call from Rhema..he signals teja to lift the cal..
Teja takes the phone and goes to corner to talk to her..

Teja: Yaa Rhema…
Rhema: Teja, plz tell Sanksar not to ask Swara anything.. She’s in love with him.. Plz don’t hurt her..

Teja: but already Sanksar is talking to her..

Rhema:: ?what?? I’m coming…

She cuts the call..


Sanksar: Swara this is very important matter..
Swara: ?Haa Sanskar what’s that..
Sanskar: I know you love me so much, but that day what had happened.. I..I’m not remembering anything Swara.. It’s all new to me..

Swara burst out laughing…
Swara: again fun?? Sanskar, why do u always try to tease me.. That day also.. U scared me saying a snake back of me.. U know I was soo scared.. Next time don’t tease me like that..

Sanskar: ?Swara plz I’m serious.. Why ru not understanding that.. Damit!!!!

Swara is shocked to see his anger…

Sanskar: ?I’m serious Swara.. I don’t know u.. I don’t remember anything.. All my friends are saying that I was on drug that’s why I’m not remembering anything..
I don’t know u Swara.. Please leave me.. This is what I want to tell u… Nd how can u love me Swara, what do u know about me?? How can u love this much in one day?? Plzz stop all this its soo itritating… I don’t love u Swara..

Swara is shocked, her eyes are filled with tears, Sanksar looks at her tears and gets sad..

Sanskar: Swara I’m sorry..I know I hurted u so much.. But what I said is truth.. I don’t remember anything Swara.. Just please think it’s a dream and leave me plz.. I don’t know why ur dad is angry on me, I don’t know why u love me, I don’t know why that small girl is trusting me.. But I can only tell that I don’t know u all..
I’m dying inside.. If I did any wrong plz forgive me.. I promise I will never disturb u in my life.. Plz let me live my life… Plz stop loving me Swara..

Swara is speechless.. She don’t know what to speak..

Rhema reaches… She gets sad seeing Swaras expressions..

Rhema: Swaraa…

Swara: (cries) he is again teasing me Rhema.. Plz tell him that it is for fun..

Sanskar stood up angrily..

Rhema: Swara, what all he said is true.. Because of drug he forgot what happened that day.. I came to tell u this.. But seeing ur love I couldn’t tell that Swara.. I’m sorry…

She remembers how Sanskar is drunk..

Swara: (cries) she simply walks out.. Without telling anything…

Rhema: swaraaa Plzz listen…

She leaves from there crying..

The goons inform someone about Swaras leaving…

Teja: arey she forgot these packets..

Rhema: ?Sanskar what did u do?? How can you hurt her..

Sanskar: Rhema, I just told the truth.. Now I’m happy.. Now she won’t disturb me.. And this love is attraction Rhema.. See I can bet she will easily forget me..

Rhema: never Sanskar.. She will never forget.. Because in one day you both became one souls.. This may be easy for ur boys to forget.. But not for girls that too for a girl like Swara.. U may forget her.. But she will never forget it.. And Yaa these packets.. These are gifts she bought for u.. I’m ashamed of u Sanskar.. All boys are same.. U proved that even u are in it.. I hate u too.. Don’t talk to me ever in my life.. And u don’t deserve a girl like Swara.. Just go to hell…

She leaves with anger… Sanskar is shocked…

Swara cries remembering sanskars words..
While she was about to get in her car.. A persons smiles evilly and He drives his car with high speed and dashes Swara..

Swara: ahhhhh!!! She falls down with a pool of blood..

Driver gets tensed.. He immediately takes Swara to hospital and calls Shekar and informs..

Shekar gets tensed and he leaves to hospital..


Sanskar is shocked…
He calls Rhema but she doesn’t lift his calls..

Sanskar : (thinks) what did she said just now?? We become one souls?? I should clarify this.

He leaves to rhemas house..

Ok the way:
Teja: sanskar these girls are overacting too much..

Sanskar: yes, ur right.. And Rhema, even she’s behaving like Swara..

At that time Sanskar notice someone following him.. And taking photos…

Sanskar: Teja someone is following us..

Teja: who??

Sanskar: don’t know.. Let’s check..

They keep going different direction.. Same person follows them wherever they go..

Sanskar is angry..
“Now who the hell is he?? He is over in my hands.. He stops the car.. And walks towards that car..

Those goons are shocked..

Sanskar: ?why r u following me??

Goon: no sir, ur mistaken..

Sanskar gives a slap to him.. He takes Camera from his hand and checks the pics..
It was all snskars pic.. Sanskar looks at him angrily.. While he keeps seeing the pics he is shocked to see Swaras pics..
He gets more angry..

Sanskar: ?why r u taking our pics?? And why Swaras pics are here?? Tell me
(He shouts)

Person: sir told us to follow..

Sanskar: who is he??? Why do he need me??

Person: don’t know sir..

Sanskar: oof.. Stop following me.. Here is my number give this to ur sir.. Tell him to talk to me.. Kk.. Don’t forget.. Stop following me..

He leaves angrily… And reaches rhemas house..

Rhema is busy calling Swara, but she doesn’t lift her calls

Rhema: sanskar why did u come here?? Plz go Sanskar..

Sanskar: Rhema, why r u angry.. Plz talk to me once..

Rhema: sanskar what should I talk?? I never expected u will do this.. How can u hurt her Sanskar.. It’s you who was drunk, u may forgot everything easily, but she is not drunk Sanskar how can u tell her to forget??

Sanskar: ?what r u talking Rhema.. I don’t love her, that’s why I said her to forgot me.. That’s not wrong thing right? And what was that ur telling.. We became one soul?? I dint understood that explain me??

Rhema: yes sanskar.. What I told is right.. U both became one physically, that’s why Swara loves u so much.. It’s a girls life Sanskar..

Sanskar is shocked.. ??

Sanskar: what?? Is that true??

Rhema: yes Sanskar.. And do u know why her father hates you soo much?? Because he saw you both kissing.. Ur not in ur sense Sanskar.. But whatever happened is truth.. She may be nothing to u.. But u became her world Sanskar…she can’t forget u Sanskar..

Sanskar: ? Noo Rhema.. This is not true.. There is something going on.. This may be a trap.. I can never do that Rhema..

Rhema: Sanksar if u don’t believe.. Check ur phone gallery.. Swara said u both have taken many selfiees.. If u don’t have that photos..then I will trust u..

Sanksar immediately takes his mobile.. He checks his gallery.. He is shocked to see their selfiees.. He opens a video..
It’s a video of Swara.. How she is telling about Sanskar.. And how they both enjoyed teasing each other..
His eyes are filled with tears..

Rhema: I told u na Sanskar.. What all happened is true.. Swara might feel so sad.. I’m calling her but she’s not lifting…

Snskar: I’m not understanding anything.. I don’t know what to do Rhema.. How can I do this?? I want to speak with Swara..

He tries her number but she doesn’t lift..

Sanskar: let’s go to her house.. I need to talk to her…

They both reaches Swara house..

He stops the car near to her house.. He watches Shomi, Shekar and Ragini coming out crying.. Ragini makes Shomi sit in the car.. Shekar and Shomi leaves..
Ragini goes inside the house..

Rhema: something had happened Sanskar..

Sanksar: let’s find out..

They both go inside… And knocks the door

Ragini opens it..

Ragini: Yess…

Aswi looks at Sanskar and smiles calling Sanskar uncle…

Ragini is shocked…

Ragini: (she looks at Sanskar and gets angry) ur Sanskar ?? Why did u come here??

Sanskar: I want to talk to Swara..

Ragini: ?go out Sanskar, let her live her life peacefully.. Plz don’t disturb can u tell u don’t know her?? U know how much she cried?? Plz leave her..

Sanskar: Di… Plzz.. Once let me meet her..

Ragini: she met with an accident snskar.. She is in city hospital.. Plz go from here if her Dad comes he will get angry..

(She closes the door)

Sanksar and Rhema are shocked..

Sanksar: accident??

At that time he gets a call from an unknown number..

Person: finally I got u Sanskar.. How dare you kill my brother.. And that girl, because of her.. U killed my bro.. I won’t leave u Sanskar…Hahahahah that’s why I’ve killed that girl.. Next target is u Sanskar.. ?
Saying This he cuts the call…

Snskar is shocked

Sanskar: omg!! This is not accident.. Someone did it purposely.. Rhema lets go to city hospital..

They reach hospital…
Rhema watches Shekar talking to doctor..

Rhema: sanskar he is Swara dad.. He is talking, now we can go inside..

They go to Swara room number..

They look at Swara, her hand is fractured, and she has some wounds…

Rhema and Sanskar gets sad seeing her.. Rhema watches Shekar coming..

Rhema: sanskar lets go…Plzz!!

Shomi: (cries) Swara.. What is this?? You should be careful na??

Swara cries hugging Shomi..
Swara: I’m sorry Ma.. I’m very sorry… Because of me ur worrying so much.. I promise u Ma.. Next time I won’t make u sad.. Plz forgive me..

Swara hugs her and cries..

Shekar comes

Shekar: Swara No need to worry at all.. Doctor said I can take u home..

Swara smiles and hugs Shekar..

They take Swara home…

Rhema house:

Sanskar: this is because of me?? Why are those goons following me??

Rhema: ?it’s that jhon brother who did this?

Sanskar: ?who is this jhon Rhema??

Rhema: he is ur enemy Sanskar.. Swara told me that.. U beated him so hardly and he is dead..

Sanskar: what??? Tell me clearly.. What happened that day..

Rhema starts flashback to Sanksar…


Swara and Sanskar in they dream world.. holding each other tightly…

Swara smiles remembering her lovely time and plays with sanskars hand..
Suddenly she feels sun rays hitting her face…

Swara: (smiles) Sanskar.. It’s morning.. Time is soo fast na…

.. He doesn’t respond… As he is in drowsy state

Swara looks at him sleeping..
Swara: sanskar… Sanskar get up na..(she jerks him)

Sanskar suddenly wakes up..
Swara: (pout face) Sanskar u feeling sleepy??

Sanskar: Haa Swara… I feel so sleep for sometime okay??
(Saying this he again hugs her from back taking her in his embrace,)

Swara: ?Sanskar… Get up… It’s morning.. We need to go to city.. And I’m so hungry and thirsty…And by d way snskar.. Don’t u have manners?? How can u sleep early morning?now come get up.. Will walk in search of food

Sanskar: Swaraa.. Plzz just 1 hour..

Swara: sanskar u can’t sleep for 1 hour.. That 1 hour turns into 8 hours.. Just control ur sleep plz!!

Sanskar: (drowsy)Swaraa ur too much!! ? ur not allowing ur boyfriend to sleep..all girls are same.. They won’t sleep and they won’t allow boys to sleep.. Oh god! Why did u show such differences for boys Nd girls.. All should have one rule na.. This is cheating ?These girls na..
(He keeps on talking.. As he is not in his senses saying this He stood up… Swara smiles looking at him)

Swara: (caresses his hair) snskar ur Soo sweet… I love u Sanskar.. (She hugs him)

Sanskar: (smiles and stares at her lovingly) love u too..

They both look at each other and smile..

Sanskar: come lets search for water..

They both keep walking..suddenly they watch a small waterfall….Swara looks at the place.. It was wonderful… She gets so excited…

She runs towards the water fall… And she starts playing with water…

Swara: sanskar… Omg this is awesome… We dint know this place beauty at night, but now.. Wowww… I love this water falls…

Sanskar stares at her lovingly… The way she is playing..

Sanksar: (with lots of love) Swara..
Swara: Haa Sanksar

Sanskar: what do u do Swara??

Swara: (confused) what??

Sanskar: I mean… U told me about ur family.. But u dint tell me about ur self..

Swara: ..hmm Kk let me tell about me..
I’m Swara I’m doing my BTech in MGR college… What about u??

Sanskar: hmm even I’m BTech from INT college And (he thinks and suddenly shouts) Yesss swaraaaa… U know I’m a champion in my college.. I’m a kabaddi player… Hahahahaha u know I won with ur MGR college.. That is Sanskar!!! Yes we won!! Ur a looser..
Looser looser…..(he teases her)

Swara is stunned… She remembers kabaddi match between MGR college and INT college… How they colz lose the game.. And all INT college students shouting sanskars name…
Swara gets happy.. She runs and hugs him…

Swara: I’ve seen u before Sanskar, in college play ground.. All shouted ur name.. I’ve seen u.. That time I dint bother much.. But now u became my life.. It’s so good to think about it na…
Thankyou Sanskar…
(She hugs him tightly)

Sanskar is shocked but happy…
Sanskar: (happy) Swara u saw my game??
Swara: yes Sanskar ?
Sanskar: I played well na ?
Swara: very well.. ?

Sanskar: Kk u play with water hmmm il take video for u..

Swara: ?Sanskar u have phone na.. Once give il call my papa.. I forgot about it..

Sanskar: hmm.. Kk..

She tries calling but no signal..

Swara: ?Sanskar no signal..

Sanskar: don’t worry Swara.. Let’s take photos, so Swara tell me how was ur experience with Sanskar..

Swara: (smiles) achaa.. Kk listen, this is my best journey so far with Mr.sanskr.. He is sweet.. And my cutest…I love u Sanskar…

(Sanskar smiles while he is taking video) he turns the video towards him, and he starts talking

Sanskar: I’m soo happy to meet Swara in my life..she’s the beautiful girl I ever seen in my life.. And she is very caring.. I love her soo much…
He goes towards her and kisses her cheeks..
Swara smiles and hugs him..

They both Spend some time taking selfies

They both laugh looking at each other.
After sometime they again started searching for food

Sanskar: Swara.. This is not right.. Searching for food in middle of the jungle.. We wont get anything
But first lets search for way to go out from this place.. Then we can hav anything in any dhaba.. What u say..

Swara: Haaa Sanskar… Ur right!!

From a distance Sanskar watches a bus passing.. He gets excited..

Sanskar: Swara there is a bus.. That means it’s a main road.. Woww we reached Swara.. Come..

Swara: (excited) that means we can reach city.. That means I can eat something…

Sanskar: Yaaa Swara… That means I can sleep in the bus??

Swara: ?il kill u if u sleep…

Sanskar: ?this is too much Swara… U know Neeti is better than u.. If at all I sleep she won’t tell anything to me.. That’s why I like her..

Swara: ?Neeti?? Who is she??

Sanskar: she is my 2nd standard teacher… U know Swara, I daily used to sleep in her class.. But she never noticed me.. Hahahaha soo good teacher na.. I love her class soo much!!

Swara: ? Sanskar… (She starts beating him)

Sanskar: (cute face) ?Swaraa what did I do?? ? did I speak anything wrong??

Swara looks at his cute face and stares at him…
Swara: sanskar.. U know I hate people who are drunk… But you are cute.. Though ur drunk… U never irritated me.. Soo cute!!
(She laughs and pulls his cheeks)

Sanskar: Swaraa first come lets go.. We should catch that bus.. Hurry up..

They both started running.. But due to their bad luck.. They miss the bus..

Swara: ohh no! What should we do now??

Sanskar: let’s wait for another vehicle Swara..


Swara’s house:

Shekar is worried for Swara, he keeps trying her call..
Laksh: dad Plz don’t worry.. I told my friends who stay near that place.. They r searching for her too.. She will be fine..

Aswi: Dada Sanskar uncle is with maasi so don’t worry.. He will bring maasi home

Shekar : how can I be normal.. Who is that Sanskar.. We can’t trust anyone!! Laksh we can’t depend on anyone, let’s go to that place.. Let’s search for her ..

Laksh: Kk papa…

Here on the main road..

It was soo hot.. Swara and Sanskar becoming weak.. No food no water, swara is more effected, Sanskar has some energy because of that drug..

At that time they watch a car and gets happy.. Car stops seeing them.. As soon as Swara watches the driver, she gets tensed and hides back of Sanskar..

Sanskar: Swara Kya hua?

Swara: he is the main one.. Who tried to tease me in the party

2 persons gets down…

Driver: ?where r u going swara…Because of u I was insulted in the party.. How dare u slap me?? And you (pointing towards Sanskar) how dare you beat my gang.. Now show ur guts to my brother..

Swara is tensed seeing his bro.. He is one of the biggest goon..

Bro: (smiles evilly) John, u want Swara right then take take care of this fellow..

Swara is tensed and hugs Sanskar tightly..

John smiles and he goes near Swara..
Sanskar holds her hands tightly..

John goes near Swara
John goes near Swara and holds her hands, Sanskar gets angry when he was about to beat her, someone from back hits Sanskar on his head

Snskar: ahh…

Swara is shocked.. And shouts “Sanskar”!!! She tries to run towards Sanskar…

But John holds her hands tightly..

Swara: ?sanskar….

Sanskar: swaraaa!!!!

John drags Swara near his car.. He tells his bro to kill Sanskar..
Swara is shocked and angry… She slaps John on his face..

John: ?how dare you…. I will kill u Swara!!!! (He slaps Swara)

Seeing him slapping Sanskar gets angry..and shouts Swara…

He gets up with lot of energy and he starts beating that John,
“How dare you beat my Swara?? How dare you… He starts beating him hard..

All his goons tries to stop him but he keeps beating him..

Swara: sanskar.. Plzz stop beating him..

He pushes John towards the tree with force.. He gets hurt on his head and falls down..

John bro is shocked.. He run towards him and calls him…

He doesn’t get up..

Sanksar and Swara are shocked..
Sanskar holds Swaras hand and they run without anyone notice..

Swara cries..

Sanksar: Swara plz don’t cry.. Nothing happened we are safe Swara..

Swara: sanskar, look at ur wounds.. I’m so sorry.. Because of me.. Ur getting into this problem..
(She hugs him and cries.. She faints with lack of energy)
Sanksar is shocked…

Shekar passes in that road.. He looks for Swara.. And suddenly he finds 2 persons standing.. He is shocked to see Swara.. He gets worried..

Sanskar watches a man coming towards him..

Sanskar: sir, plz help us.. She fainted.. Plz give us lift..

Shekar: swaa… (He is shocked to see Swara in such state) come lets go first..

Before he lifts Swara, Sanskar lifts Swara and takes her towards the car..
He makes her sleep and he sits beside her making her sleep on his sleep)

Shekar is shocked

They start…

Sanskar keep caressing Swara..

Shekar: what do u do??
Sanskar: hmm is this time to ask these questions?? Plzz be quiet uncle

Shekar is angry at Sanskar.. After 3 hours they reach hospital..
It was afternoon…

They stopped in the hospital.. Sanskar takes her inside and he keeps telling doctor what had happened..

Doctor understoods that he is drunk and not in his senses..

He treats Swara.. Swara wakes up and she searches for Sanskar.. She gets happy seeing Sanskar beside her..
She caresses his hair..

Sanksar gets up..

Sanskar: Swara.. I’m not sleeping.. Don’t scold me okay?

Swara: (smiles) I will kill u if u sleep..?

Sanskar looks at her lovingly and hugs her.. “You know I was so scared, how can u scare me like that Swara, never do that again.. ”

Swara eyes are filled with tears..
She stares at him with lots of love.. And captures his lips..
They kiss each other passionately

At that time Shekar comes and he is shocked to see them..

Shekar: ?swaraaa

Swara looks at Shekar and is shocked..

Swara: papa..

Shekar: what r u doing Swara?? And this guy, (he holds his collar and drags him out)

Swara: dad plz leave him.. I love him dad..

Shekar: shut up!! I don’t agree..

Sanskar: uncle leave me..

Shekar holds Swaras hand and he takes her..

Swara: dad plz don’t leave Sanskar alone.. Plz dad..

Shekar: just shutup Swara… Come with me..

Swara: sanskar….

She. Holds his hands and cries

Sanskar: Swara don’t worry about me.. U goo Swara..

Swara: dad he is so gud, I can’t leave him alone dad..

Shekar: Swara this is city.. And time is 4:00pm… Don’t worry.. He can go to his home..

Saying this He starts his car and leaves…

Swara looks at Sanskar.. She cries
Even Sanksar looks at Swara and cries.. He feels bad while she is leaving…

Flash back ends:

Sanskar eyes are filled with tears.. To know what happened, to know how Swara loves him so much… He feels guilt..

Sanskar: I want to tell her sorry.. I know what I did is wrong.. Once I want to meet her…and because of me she is suffering..

Rhema: sanskar il talk to her, don’t worry. Nd ur not responsible but plz take care of urself.. He may harm u..

Sanskar: Nd ya when u go to Swaras home u keep the phone in call.. I want to listen..

Rhema: Kk

Rhema goes to Swaras house..

Swara gets happy seeing her..

Swara: ? Rhema when did u come??

Rhema: just now.. How r u feeling now??

Swara: I’m good..

Rhema: I’m sorry Swara.. I know ur hurted.

Sanskar hears their conversation..

Swara: ur talking about snskar?? Don’t worry.. I’m fine.. He don’t remember my love Rhema.. I can’t force him to love me.. I can understand his position.. Don’t worry, I won’t disturb him..

Rhema is shocked..

Rhema: ur forgived him??

Swara: yes.. I want to live for my parents.. Why should they suffer because of me??

Rhema: r u sure??

Swara: Yess.. He said he don’t know me.
(Cries) I can’t tell him to remember me.. It’s over..

Sanskar gets sad hearing her cry…

Rhema: sorry Swara

Swara: it’s Kk… Tell him to be happy.. And I won’t disturb him at all.. And tell him not to come infront of me anytime.. I hate him.. I don’t want him…

Sanskar cries hearing her words… He don’t know why, but he feels pain in his heart listening her words…

Episode ends..

How will they unite??
Final part…

Coming soon..


Do read Neha’s Swasan ff:From darkness to light . It’s worth to read and u r gonna love it.

Credit to: Anonymous on behalf Neha Sainani

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